Feminism is awesome and the latest addition to the Archie McPhee Library is Crafting with Feminism: 25 Girl-Powered Projects to Smash the Patriarchy [Buy on Amazon], a brand new book by Bonnie Burton, one of our favorite awesome people (previously featured here).

The book contains 25 thoughtful yet cheeky craft projects that celebrate womanhood and feminism with sassy flair. From DIY Power Panties, feminist hero finger puppets (such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Frida Kahlo), and planters made of high heel shoes to the Nope Necklace (“which you can point to whenever someone tells you to smile.”), the “Pizza Not Patriarchy” resuable lunch bag, and this irresistible Huggable Uerus Body Pillow:

“…as an adult, I find myself wanting to create craft projects that celebrate groundbreaking women who inspire today’s feminists to keep fighting the good fight. I also like making crafts that get people talking, and I guarantee the crafts in this book are both thought-provoking and giggle-inducing depending on who buys it. I want people to have fun with these crafts and realise that feminism can mean many different things to all kinds of people.”

Click here to pre-order Crafting with Feminism, which come out on October 18, 2016.

[via Bonnie Burton and The Huffington Post UK@bonniegrrl

Selfie King John.

Let’s just be blunt here: the hotter the guy, the more you’re probably willing to tolerate. But no man is hot enough to be needy or so self involved.

Exhibit A: I’ll call him John. After the approximate 45 minutes we spent talking, I already had a list of why I hated this guy. I won’t bore you with the list. Instead I’ll just let you in on some things I didn’t even realize were deal breakers.

Aside from being horrendously bland, he was big on sending a “??” or a lingering comment if I didn’t respond within 2-5 minutes.
When I caved and gave him my number, I let him know that I was tired (it was 2 30am) and about to knock out, yet he kept texting me. Told me how bored he was, and then sent me three shirtless mirror pictures and said, “what do you think?” Three. All in a row.
Still undecided on if I wanted to pursue this or not, I responded and told him he was a good looking dude. Which, shallow as it may be, he was a very good looking fella. That was the only reason I had let it go on for this long. As soon as I said that, he sent me two more (one including his butt) and says, “lol thanks i work out”.

… … …That’s 5 mirror pictures within 2 minutes. five. two. …NO.

I then took the opportunity to crack some jokes about that fact, and he thought it would be a good idea to tell me that he took those a few weeks ago. I fell asleep right after that, and then got three more texts within a span of 7 minutes. “so what’s up,” “??”, and then a creepy ass audio message that went something along the lines of “Hey. It’s John. Just wanted to chat. So what’s up? What’s on your mind? Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao.”

Tips on how to not be John:
1. Give a person time to respond, regardless of how bored you may be.
2. Don’t send selfies. Let alone so many in a short period of time.
3. Don’t send an audio message. It’s really weird.

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