Can we talk Yuri! on Ice? Part 3

Or about how Georgi looked like he was on a date and moving on?

Or about how Sala texted Seung-gil?

Or about how she apparently texts so often Seung-gil doesn’t feel like answering?

Or about how Emil is still trying to hang out with Mickey?

Or about Yuuri and Chris poll dancing together?

Or about the people in the background of the banquet photos?

Does anyone know if bacta actually helps broken bones heal faster, or if it’s just skin and muscles and stuff? Is that addressed anywhere in the EU or the new canon?

And how long does someone even need to be in a bacta tank for *cough*severe injuries*cough*?

  • bruce: *puts his children through grueling training, takes them into battle, allows them to run around fighting completely unsupervised, gets a few of them killed*
  • comic fans: this is fine
  • talia: *raises her son based on her background & beliefs, teaches him to fight (like she learned)*
  • comic fans: M O N S T E R

Ah, yes. Even better. Take ONE HUNDRED pictures. Decide which THREE to use after you’ve deleted the first SIXTY of the SAME camera angle moved by [__] much


What if Victor choreographed Eros and Agape thinking about Yuuri? What if he was his inspiration for the two short programs? 

Yuuri gets drunk at the party after the Grand Prix Final. He flirts with Victor to no end, and surprise, surprise, Victor finds himself very comfortable with the drunk Japanese boy, who’s also a flawless pole dancer. And oh my god, can you see how fucking beautiful he looks on that pole?

Because Victor sees it. Then Yuuri just humps into him and his drunk ass asks him to be his coach, to visit him at Hasetsu. In front of everyone, including Yurio’s innocent soul. 

And Victor falls in love with this adorable boy, who’s a hot mess, and a really hot mess. He sees Yuuri’s Eros that night while dancing Flamenco, while pole dancing with Chris.

What if it began as simple sexual attraction, but in the meantime, Victor developed real feelings for Yuuri? What if Agape comes from that too? If Victor fell in love that night after the Grand Prix Final, he would’ve been able to see both sides of love, something he (and I quote) “neglicted for twenty years” (aaand I’m sorry if the quote isn’t on point, I watched the Spanish subs because I speak English but I’m not that rad lmao). 

The story about the Playboy who makes the most beautiful woman in town fall in love with him. What if Victor isn’t the playboy? What if it’s Yuuri? And Victor feels rejected after that scene when he offers Yuuri a picture and he just walks away. Breaking his heart without knowing it. 

And then Agape would show everything he has been feeling after that. The desire to protect, to cherish, to love. To let go of everything just to have the chance to be close to the one that he loves. 

Cue to the video. Bam! Victor watches Yuuri skate to his free program, Victor discovers Yuuri feels some sort of admiration for him, and he thinks «boy, this is my chance». He has no idea Yuuri can’t remember that night because he was too drunk to even think, so he just pack his bags, grabs Maccachin and goodbye Russia. 

What does he find at Hasetsu? A cute, shy little boy who’s very scared of failure, whose self steem isn’t that great, whose love for skating kinda faded away. And he runs away from his touching, even when that night there was no personal space whatsoever. 

That’s why he looks so surprised when Yuuri crawls away from him. But it doesn’t matter, because Yuuri falls for Victor anyway, and the rejected woman whose heart had been broken by the playboy gets her happy ending with him. A playboy that didn’t want to break anybody’s heart, a playboy who didn’t even know how freaking sexy he was. He discovered the story wasn’t how he thought at first. 

And hey, why would he complain now? He’s getting married with the person who was all over is dreams for a year. He’s getting married with that incidental playboy, but also the one he wants to cherish and protect. 

So yeah. I think Victor choreographed Eros and Agape thinking about Yuuri. Difference now is, however, that Victor didn’t know the entire story. Eros isn’t about a playboy anymore; it’s about a drunk Japanese boy who didn’t have any friends at a party and drank his weight in alcohol because he was lonely. 

Boyfriend just discovered that one of the few theatres in Germany that is showing Moana before its official release date is in his area because of the proximity to the airforce base (because Americans are really impatient – Hello!!) 

So we will go see it on Saturday night and I can’t stop grinning