The fact that Sherlock has to go outside and smoke while John forgives Mary–he can’t even be in the same fucking house with them as that happens–cracks my heart in two, smashes each half into fragments with a sledgehammer, purees those fragments in a blender with a quart of my tears and half a banana, and serves it to me as a pain smoothie.

Sorry not Sorry

But yes, I do judge people who ship Bethyl. There I said for the world to see. This isn’t one of those things you just shrug your shoulders to and accept like Furry Conventions.  This is about the sexualization of young girls and it isn’t right no matter how many different ways you try to spin it on it’s head.  I can’t be ok with it because I have daughters and if my 18 year old came home with a 42 year old, grown ass man, I would have to kill him.

And it’s happening to girls at younger and younger ages.  The clothes they have for them to wear is often very inappropriate.  I’m sorry but a 12 year old should not even have available to her a pair of daisy dukes with the word PRETTY or SEXY written across the ass.  It isn’t right.

And please I am no prude but when it comes to this, I would say I am close to militant because I was one of those girls.  I fell for it hook, line and sinker and it was one of the things I will always regret the most in my life.

So no, I can’t just respect your ship because your ship is gross, wrong, perverse and repugnant.  18 and 42…Get the NOPE out of here.



“EW was photographing Andrew Lincoln, Melissa McBride, and Norman Reedus outside the former prison yard from season 3 and 4 of The Walking Dead. Lincoln and Reedus were behind McBride and Lincoln started laughing and was unable to maintain any actor composure in front of photographer Dan Winters’ camera. Lincoln NEVER breaks character and always maintains his American accent, even on a photo shoot. So this giggle fest was so strange to witness. Lincoln yelled for Reedus to stop and Reedus shouted, ‘Why? No one’s gonna see this!’

After a little investigating, we realized Reedus had been trying to hold Lincoln’s hand in the photos behind McBride’s back. Reedus knows how to make a great picture and also likes to give great imagery to his fans, so I asked the trio if we could shoot them from behind, and then I told Melissa McBride to turn her head towards the camera. They all complied, and then Reedus and Lincoln gave us something a little extra—taking their bromance to a whole other level. I love this picture because it just happened organically. Everyone needs a cheeky Norman Reedus.”

– Dalton Ross, Entertainment Weekly


Black Widow / Natasha Romanoff Cosplay

Cosplayer: Ryan (raptorsquadleader.tumblr)

Photographer: BDP