my part of a trade with alexart-nopal!  got to draw something cute and i thought a flower crown exchange between two dudebro heroguys would be perfect. i don’t care what genos’ hair does in the manga, undercut genos is the best genos.  thanks for trading with me, i miss art trades.  (’:

Our day with Blue Bottle. 

Today, for about three hours, we had the great pleasure of sharing coffee and conversation with Blue Bottle owners James and Caitlin Freeman. The afternoon was spent in their insanely charming and sparse Alamo Square living room. The act of watching Mr. Freeman prepare coffee for himself (and his guests) was every bit as entertaining as you’d imagine. 

For instance, you make a coffee at home, first step for you, grab the beans, first step for him, grab the scale. At one point in the process he likens the act of making coffee to that of baking- both require precision.

A fragile light shone through the kitchen window. Once in the dining room, we sat at a long wooden table that was reflected perfectly by the floors and benches of the same hue. It was all very Zen-very Japanese actually, which we learn has heavily influenced him as an enthusiast and entrepreneur.  

For two hours, we listened intently as the Freemans re-told the days of roasting coffee beans in their home kitchen and serving in Farmer’s Markets. They remain humble about their success, yet speak with  surprising candor. They will let you know exactly what they think of something (like their decision to sell significant equity in the company), because they are thoughtful people and their words are always well considered. Not to mention those words make delightful conversation. What is also clear is that this man loves his coffee, and that is an incredibly reassuring thing to say about the owner of a company, that they really do love and respect whatever their “thing” is. Again, it’s just as you would hope and imagine from the people behind one of the most revered in the “3rd Wave” coffee companies. 

This very special afternoon was documented with audio and video.  We will soon release the podcast and video series on Blue Bottle Coffee. We look forward to sharing with you.