I am tired.
Not for the lack of rest –
No, I slept quite well last night,
And I’ve had my coffee.

It’s something deeper, something
Inherently present, in the
Fibers of my skin,
In my tendons, in my eyes.

I am exhausted,
Fatigued by life,
By the noise and the silence,
The people, and
The empty rooms,
The light and dark;
By hope and

So worn down by the world
That nothing in it can
Refresh my mind from the
Constant buzzing.

I am tired, and there are not
Enough hours in the night
For the type of rest I need.

give me a toxic plot between muse a and muse b. they love each other unconditionally, would do anything for each other but they just ARE NOT MEANT TO BE. MAYBE THEY’RE COMPLETELY OPPOSITE. MAYBE THERE’S TOO MUCH BAGGAE IDK BUT THERE IS JUST SOMETHING ABOUT THEM THAT WONT EVER MAKE IT WORK. THEY ARGUE. ALL THE FUCKING TIME. THEY FIGHT PHYSCIALLY PROBABLY. THEY SCREAM, THEY CHEAT. it’s horrible and there’s always a fight and muse a just feels so broken and alone and doesn’t know what to do, but loves them too much and muse a knows he’s hurting them and ruining them apart, but can’t make themselves leave because they really do love him. and they get into fights and somehow it leads to sad sex like sex is the only way they really know how to make up to each other. and then the next day they try to be cuddly and cute but it’s just wrong and then there’s more arguments and more fighting. 

and one day muse a is just like “I CAN’T FUCKING TAKE THIS SHIT ANYMORE.” and packs up their shit and gets the fuuuuck outta there and muse b is like “AIGHT THEN BITCH BYE BYE HAVE A GOOD LIFE BYE.” and a few weeks go by and they’re both completely miserable. more miserable than before. and they’re trying to avoid each other and muse a find someone else. doesn’t like them at all, just needs someone to fill the hold. and muse b just drinks more and does a little bit more drugs and fucks around a lot more. and one day they both see each other on a date and they’re both kinda pissed but muse b is like LMFAO NOT TODAY BITCH and somehow they run into each other that night and muse b grabs them, throws them into this room and just starts kissing them and they make out and end up fucking against a wall or a sink ( idk they’re in some public place ) and they’re like wow we need each other. i miss you so much. love me. i love you. all that bullshit and they get back to being together and everything’s fine for the first week, but then the cycle starts again. 

and some other angst shit happens that is discussed between the muns 


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Can you do a fluffy Steve x Reader where the reader and Steve are married and they're trying to get their kid (baby boy Joseph James (Joey)) to say his first word and when he finally says it, it's like 'Murica or shield or cap or something hilarious? Maybe poptarts or Clint? XD

OMG THIS IS PERFECT okay so i tweaked his first word because i thought it would be cute asf 


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It was 9 in the evening, and oh boy, were you and Steve tired.

Joey was a babbling toddler, of course he would become restless sometimes! 


You didn’t know a child could be so energetic 3 hours after their bed time, a week in a row, almost at the age of 2. 

As yourself and Steve sat on the sofa of your apartment, you just watched Joey run around in circles, blond curly hair bouncing behind him as he giggled away. Steve had gotten a tiny bit fed up of your child not behaving.

“C’mon buddy, isn’t it your bed time?” Steve asked, and Joey babbled in response to his dad’s interrogation. “Should I try and wear him out, babe?”Steve mumbled with a smile. You nodded frantically in plea. 

Steve rolled onto the carpet and caught Joey by the tummy, lifting him into the air and pulling faces. 

“Who’s that? 1…2…3! It’s the tickle monster!”  You watched as your husband plopped your baby boy on the couch next to you and tickled his sides and beneath his chin. 

“Hear the trumpets hear the pipers! A hundred million angels singing!” You listened to Steve sing to Joey.

“Nooooow. Can you say ‘mama’?” Steve asked him, and Joey said nothing.

“Hm… Baby, can you say ‘daddy’?” Still nothing.

You heard Joey mumble something inaudible.

“What was that bubba? Did you say something?” You turned to look at your child sitting in Steve’s lap. 

“C’mon Jojo, what did ya say?” Steve tickled him again, sending the little boy into a giggling fit again. 

“Unca buck!!!” You heard his high pitched voice say. 

Uncle Buck. Uncle Bucky.

“Unca Buck!! Unca Buck-yee!!” 

You watched as Steve gaped it his son, then looked at you, then looked back at the little bundle of joy. 

You whipped your phone out and started recording, “Joey, baby, could you say that again! Uncle Bucky?” 

“Unca Buck-yee!” 

You laughed at his way of his way of words, and sent the video to Bucky.

You: Congrats, Buck, our son has said his first words. 

Bucky: Oh neat! Well, at least I now have a first in command!

You looked up from your phone to see Joey sparko in Steve’s arms. You placed a light kiss upon his curls, as your husband of 3 years set him down in his cot. As Steve walked out of the nursery, you weren’t there, so he assumed you went to the kitchen.

You came up from your crouched position behind the crouch and placed your hands over Steve’s eye, whispering a ‘boo!’

“Who knew our kid’s first word would be his uncle’s name,” You came to sit next to your lover, “I’m just glad it wasn’t ‘Cap!’ or ‘Shield!’” You giggled as Steve tapped your thigh, you placed a kiss to his lips.

“Not as bad as it being ‘doll’, he’d become a heart-breaker, next thing you know he’d be picking up ladies from the local park.”

You chuckled quietly as your love turned around to face you. 

“I’m glad I married you,” You confessed, “I wouldn’t be able to manage this little trouble maker without you, I love you.” 

“I love you too, Y/N.” 

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(*Crosses Kaitou Joker over with The Cat Returns*)


1) My first concepts (The Joker talking about claws was the first-firstest. Also he was kidnapped while preparing for bed and was half dressed and is sleep deprived for a long time. it’s great.)

2-4) Joker needs to take a chill pill but telling him to do so ensures he absolutely will not because LOOK AT HIM HE IS A SMOL C A T

5) Joker tries to convince the Cat Kingdom royals he isn’t suited for the cat life, but for someone who hates cats as much as he does… (Joker didn’t even go into the part about how they deal with signs of affection!)

6) Princess Petunia of The Cat Kingdom who is the sole source of Joker’s grief (and she totally does not have a thing for explosives; what are you talking about)

aaaaand, that’s all I currently really have

later everybuddy~ (*Sinks into the abyss*)