PIP: you’re home! what were you up to last night, hmmm? *eyebrow wiggle*

SULO: arghhh… i may of drank too many of those human potions that Mei likes so much and… got a bit frisky with a vampire………… regret…..

PIP: dang it, i never get to have fun like that anymore!

MEI: first of all, ew. secondly, please take a long and scalding hot shower before you interact with our child.

“Yes,” Samantha replies with a nod. “I do.”

The look in Celia’s eyes suddenly goes from playful to curious as she tilts her head. “Have you figured out what you want to do with Caleb? What you want from and with him? I mean, Sam, it’s pretty obvious that you’re doubting your relationship with Johnathan. So, maybe you should just… let him go? Put it behind you and run away with your butler?”

“You make it sound so easy,” Samantha says as she gives Celia a weak smile. “It’s just a lot more complicated than that. If Johnathan’s the father, I can’t just leave him and take the baby with me? That wouldn’t be fair no matter what.” She lets out a sigh, suddenly overwhelmed by the many things in her life that she has yet to figure out. “I wouldn’t mind being with Caleb, though…”

things I love about the 1 Year ddoca present:

  • Eunwoo asking Bin how he looked while taking pictures, and Binnie reassuring him that he looked good 
  • “I’ve got a rat”
  • Myungha’s getting rid of cologne dance
  • Sanha’s little wink when Jinjin said he smelled good
  • Moonrock roleplaying Goblin with Bin as the grim reaper and Rocky as the goblin also these nerds singing the goblin underwear song
  • MJ fixing Jinjin’s pants and then slapping his butt
  • the entire lie detector segment (special mention for Bin calling Eunwoo cute bec I’m Binu trash)
  • the way the boys wouldn’t let go of their snacks even while dancing
  • B I N U K Y 
  • everything about the boy group covers
  • Rocky fitting a whole chocopie in his mouth