The remaining episode titles of season 2 of “star wars: rebels” are revealed!

  • 2 ×18 „Shroud of Darkness“ – USA: March 2 2016
  • 2×19 „The Forgotten Droid“ – USA: March 16 2016
  • 2×20 „The Mystery of Chopper Base“– USA: March 23 2016
  • 2×21 „Twilight of the Apprentice: Part I“ – USA: March 30 2016
  • 2×22 „Twilight of the Apprentice: Part II“ – USA: March 30 2016      


  • Soprano:*pushes door clearly marked "pull"*
  • Stage Manager:Just like a tenor, but female.
  • Me:Pretty sure female tenor is a different thing, not a soprano.
  • Stage Manager:No, that's an alto who just sings really low.
  • Me:(internally) NOOOOOOOO! Why? I am not an alto I am a tenor. Maybe a tenor who can reach unusually high notes, but a tenor, dammit! WHAT I HAVE IN MY PANTS DOES NOT DEFINE MY SINGING! And suddenly I'm really glad I'm on tech crew this show, not trying to sing.

UPDATE: TFOU has posted something new on their facebook:

Vous l’avez tant attendu, le voilà enfin ! Découvrez un nouvel épisode INEDIT de Miraculous dimanche vers 9h40!

Comment ‪LadyBug‬ et ‪‎ChatNoir‬ en arriveront-ils à se battre l’un contre l’autre ? On attend vos suppositions !


You’ve been highly anticipating it, it’s finally here! Discover a new episode of Miraculous on Sunday morning at 9:40!

How did Ladybug and Chat Noir come to fight each other? We welcome your guesses!

Since Capcom already gave us the “Oops, I forgot my pants! alternative Cammy outfit”, I was wondering if they’ll remember that she has a cool red coat with a hoodie? Y’know, like in the movie? And maybe it’ll be cool to rock it with the sweet SFV physics engine? Maybe even with pants?

Whatever. A quick one with what I would like to see in SFV Cammy.

Adrien's Obsession

Alya: Hey Adrien, what do you think of Ladybug?

Marinette: *hiding behind Alya*

Adrien: L-Ladybug? Oh, she’s p-pretty cool. Not like I’m obsessed with her or anything. *sweating*

Adrien: I-I need to go home now. *opens locker* *thousands of pictures of Ladybug fall out* Shit!

Adrien: *leans down and picks them up frantically* *more pictures of Ladybug fall out of his pockets* I-I swear these aren’t mine! *more Ladybug pictures fall out from under his shirt*

Adrien: Fuck! Noooooooo! *furiously picking the pictures up*

Marinette: …

Alya: This is too sad to watch anymore.

Marinette: Agreed.

Adrien: i’m nOT OBSESSED I SWEAR! *practically in tears and shrieking*