When you are patiently waiting for the new episode to come after the lunar new year break, and Monday is just several days away.

But then you realize…It will be just another 3 Monday left (6 episodes left), the withdrawal is just around the corner, and am having a slight nervous breakdown.



UPDATE: TFOU has posted something new on their facebook:

Vous l’avez tant attendu, le voilà enfin ! Découvrez un nouvel épisode INEDIT de Miraculous dimanche vers 9h40!

Comment ‪LadyBug‬ et ‪‎ChatNoir‬ en arriveront-ils à se battre l’un contre l’autre ? On attend vos suppositions !


You’ve been highly anticipating it, it’s finally here! Discover a new episode of Miraculous on Sunday morning at 9:40!

How did Ladybug and Chat Noir come to fight each other? We welcome your guesses!

Since Capcom already gave us the “Oops, I forgot my pants! alternative Cammy outfit”, I was wondering if they’ll remember that she has a cool red coat with a hoodie? Y’know, like in the movie? And maybe it’ll be cool to rock it with the sweet SFV physics engine? Maybe even with pants?

Whatever. A quick one with what I would like to see in SFV Cammy.

Adrien's Obsession

Alya: Hey Adrien, what do you think of Ladybug?

Marinette: *hiding behind Alya*

Adrien: L-Ladybug? Oh, she’s p-pretty cool. Not like I’m obsessed with her or anything. *sweating*

Adrien: I-I need to go home now. *opens locker* *thousands of pictures of Ladybug fall out* Shit!

Adrien: *leans down and picks them up frantically* *more pictures of Ladybug fall out of his pockets* I-I swear these aren’t mine! *more Ladybug pictures fall out from under his shirt*

Adrien: Fuck! Noooooooo! *furiously picking the pictures up*

Marinette: …

Alya: This is too sad to watch anymore.

Marinette: Agreed.

Adrien: i’m nOT OBSESSED I SWEAR! *practically in tears and shrieking*

went to pick up my sister from her night class and she told me something real cute

her: my guy friend in that car (car ahead of us) and my girl friend are so funny today! my guy friend asked her to be his valentine!

me: awwww that’s so cuuuute! 

her: yeahh! i had to tell her to say yes to him, because he really likes her.

me: awwww!! that’s really nice of you. so what about you? anybody ask you?

her: are you kidding me? i already have Jin, Jinhwan, Shownu, and Mark.


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