TPCi has announced that Hoopa will be distributed in North America at McDonalds from November 27th to December 23rd! You’ll be able to download it to X, Y, Omega Ruby, and Alpha Sapphire via Mystery Gift.Hoopa comes at Level 50, is holding a Focus Sash, and knows Hyperspace Hole, Astonish, Psychic, and Nasty Plot.

Hoopa can change from its Confined form to its Unbound form if you have the Prison Bottle. To get it, you simply enter a Poke Mart in OR/AS with Hoopa in your party and a worker will give it to you. It’ll keep Hoopa in its Unbound form for three days.Hoopa can also learn its signature move, Hyperspace Fury, starting at Level 85 while in its Unbound form. The move can also be taught to Hoopa via the Pokemon Move Maniac in exchange for Heart Scales.If you have Hoopa in your party and take it to the Parfum Palace Library in X/Y, a man will tell you about Hoopa’s lore.

This will be the first time McDonalds has hosted a Pokemon distribution in the United States.

Source: Pokebeach | Official Video | For more info