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Ignoring the heteronormativity of “Cinderella”, Yuuri reminded me of Prince Charming for a bit in Episode 9

Looking for the perfect fit for the hug that got away, like



Uh… no.

Yuuri, NO!

The king be like “wut”


“I guess I should give up”

And then, the perfect fit:


Clear | Josh Dun |

A\N: Sorry, I haven"t proofread this yet, so know that there probably will be typos etc!

Plot: omg hello so would you be able to write an imagine with josh about how you have really bad anxiety and you just come home every night for a few weeks really drunk and he tries to help you??

Imagine: Josh Dun x Y/N
Words: 1.320
Warnings: Alcohol, anxiety


Last time you checked the clock, which was a long time ago by now, it said 11 PM. After that you’d lost not only track of the passing hours, but also yourself. Your mind had starter buzzing some time ago, which meant: GET OUT OF HERE!

But your feelings gotten the best of you. Your mind was a blur, and the feeling of anxiety made your senseless and vulnerable to anyone or anything around you.

It had all started earlier that night, when you and your best friend Josh had fought. You’d told him about the party you’d been invited to.


“Sorry, I can’t hang tonight,J,” you passed around your room, phone in hand, while waiting for him to respond. “I- uh have plans.”

You knew very well, how Josh felt about you and parties. He didn’t like it. Josh wasn’t an ass, but just overprotective, because he knew about me and my anxiety attacks. We had those in common.

“You sound like someone who’s up to no good. Mind sharing?”

I sighed. Busted.

“Oh, it’s nothing. Just Jenna throwing a little party tonight.”

A sigh travelled it’s way into my ear.

“You know what I think about those… You can’t handle them, Y/N… You get anxious, panic and then in an attempt to blend in and comfort yourself; You drink your brains out. It has happened before, and it could totally happen again.”

“I know, but I can’t just stay at home and do nothing forever, Josh!”

“I agree, but you could go with me to the movies instead! That way you get to leave the house, without getting hurt.”

I felt myself getting annoyed with his statements. He might be my best friend, but right then, he was just acting like my dad or something.

“Oh stop it! I can’t stand you, when you’re like this!”

“Excuse me?”

I could easily tell that he was confused, shocked even.

“Don’t act like you don’t want me to go with you instead of attending Jenna’s party.”

“I’m not… What’s your point here?”

“You’re just pissed, because I’m gonna spend time with other people.”

Silence. I had to check that neither of us had hung up. Nope. Still on.

“I can’t believe you. You make me sick right now, Y/N.”

Hearing those words coming from him really hit me. Hard. My chest suddenly felt tight, and it was like someone had placed tons of bricks on my shoulder.

“I can’t do this. If you can’t realize that I’m only trying to look out for you and your wellbeing, then there’s no good reason for me to stick around. Bye, Y/N.”

Beep, beep, beep.

I looked at my phone and saw that the call had indeed been ended. The sadness from hurting and doubting my best friend was so strong, that it took over and turned into mad anger. So much that my brain twisted the whole situation, instead of letting me come back to my senses. For some reason I was persuaded: I was going out tonight, and not even Josh was gonna hold me back.


I should’ve listened to him. Why am I so stupid? What time is it? I can’t even remember how many drinks I’ve had by now. I was fumbling around the crowded room, when suddenly a blonde walked up to me.

“Hey, Y/N. You okay?”


“Yeahhhhhhh, turtally fine. Have we met?” My words were as clear as my vision.

“Eh- It’s me. Jenna?”

“Oh, nice to meet you, Jenny. I have a friend with that exact same name.” I paused in my drunkness. “I think?”

Without giving it a second thought, I felt my body, which was out of my control, push past the blonde and continue further into the crowd. Everything was so loud, and the lights and colors all mixed in some annoying kind of blurred rainbow. Make. It. Stop.

By then I must’ve reached some kind of dance floor, because people started crowding around me and I felt my the air get thicker. So thick that I felt it get stuck in my throat, making it impossible for it to get to my head.

“Oh man.”

My already heavy breathing hitched. I needed to get out of hear. Sweat formed on my forehead, but I wasn’t sure if it was caused by the heat or my body freaking out. All I knew was that I needed air. Fresh air. Now!

I stumbled all around the room for what seemed like forever, not being offered any help, before I reached a door. I didn’t know where it’d lead me, but I stopped thinking twice about 3 drinks ago. I opened the door, while holding onto what felt like my last breath, when I suddenly fell through the door and was hit by not only what seemed to be the sidewalk, but also the cool air of the night. Or morning… Whatever time it was. So I just laid there for a while, breathing heavily, trying to even out my breathing. That’s when I started crying, for what I thought was no reason.

“I need hrome,” I choked out.

And with that mindset, I got off the ground and started walking. I didn’t really know where my almost blown out brain was making me go, but I trusted it. Don’t ask me why. You’d think people would stop and help, when they saw a crying girl stumbling through the streets, but no one did…

After a walk that seemed to last forever, even though I don’t seem to remember much of it, I finally found myself standing in front of a door. My brain automatically made me knock, not even knowing who lived behind it.

I knocked and knocked and knocked. No one. So I let my tired legs crumble under me, as the tears spilled on my red cheeks and I surrendered to the weakness of my body. I felt myself falling asleep against the cold door. That was until it suddenly disappeared and I fell against two, soft poles.


I heard a warm voice. It felt like home, which made my cry. Again.

I suddenly felt two arms wrap around me, and my body was now resting against someone instead of something. The firm chest felt familiar.


“Yeah, it’s Joshy,” His chuckling lips were pressed to the top of my head.

“How come I’m hrere and not there?” I pointed at nothing, before my arm fell back against my body. It was too weak.

Sigh. “I really don’t know, but I’m glad you are.” Silence fell over us, as I felt his strong arms hug me closer, before he started stroking mine. “God, you’re so stupid, Y/N… And God I love you anyways.”

I was still crying, but his kind words made me cry even harder.

“I lurv you too, Jish.”

“Uhumm… You better, because you’re coming inside with me.”

“Cool,” I croaked out tiredly.

Next thing I knew, he lifted my limp body and carried me inside, where he placed me in his warm bed. Then he left.

“Nooooo,” I cried out. “Come back, I’m so sryyyyyyy. I won’t party evr again.”

“Don’t you worry your little, drunk head too much. I was just grabbing you a clean shirt.”

I felt him take off my sweaty shirt, before sliding a fresh, soft one on me, before pulling off my uncomfortably tight skirt.

“There you go. Feel better?” He hovered over me, and his beautiful, brown eyes seemed to be the first clear image that night. I nodded, which made him send me that stupid smile of his.

“Good. Now sleep. See you tomorrow for a rough round of hangovers,” he chuckled before placing the covers over my body and dumping his body next to mine. Even when my brain was nowhere near clear, he still seemed to be. I loved clear.

I hate being sick - Dan Howell Imagine

Request from Anonymous: “Could you do a story where Dan or Phil (ur choice) and the reader are in bed just looking at each other all lovingly just saying sweet things to each other, then the reader accidently sneezes on them?”

I sniffled and coughed before I peeked over the dark duvet to see Dan scrolling on Tumblr at his desk.

“Babe… it’s late.. can you join me in bed?” I said in my scratchy voice.

I hate being sick.

“Yeah! Yeah.. Sorry, I ignored you” Dan quickly turned around and hopped into bed.

He got under the blanket and I quickly snuggled up to him. “It’s okay,” I mumbled.

Dan ran his fingers through my hair. “How have you been feelin-?”

“ACHOO!” Followed by a groan. “Sorry…” I whispered.

Dan looked at me for a second and had a smile growing on his face. Once I looked back , he burst into laughter.

As he was laughing hysterically, he wiped his face on the duvet.

I furrowed my brow. “Dan! This isn’t funny! I literally just sneezed in your face!” I yelled raspily.

Once Dan caught his breath he wheezed and rolled over. “It’s alright love!” He smiled. “As long as I don’t get your plague, ”  Dan said under his breath.  

“Wo, I’m glad to see you care about me being sick!” I said in a sarcastic tone while rolling my eyes and rolling to the other side of the bed.

“Nooooo babe come back to me…” Dan whined as he tried to pull me back.

I pulled the blanket closer to me, selfishly, and burrito-ed myself.

As Dan attempted to unravel me he complained, “C’mon. First, you sneeze in my face and now you take the duvet away?”

“Yes, because I need to keep myself in quarantine so I don’t get you sick, and I’m freezing!” I said, muffled under the blanket burrito, followed by another sneeze.

He chuckled “Babe, I had pneumonia a while back, I can get through anything now.” Dan pulled the duvet to expose my face.

“Ha sure you can, now can I get some sleep please?” I begged, followed by a violent sneeze.

Dan unraveled me. “You can get some sleep and a ‘bless you’, as long as I can get some of the blanket back.” He sassed.

I rolled my eyes and handed parts of the blanket back to Dan and snuggled up to him, with a sneeze to follow.

I hate being sick.

I am so sorry it took me literally months to post anything, but I’m back! I have a short Phil smut and a longer Dan story in the works. No worries, I’m working on them! Let us know if you’d want this “longer Dan story” to be multi parted!

Much love, L

Jeonghan as your boyfriend:
  • He’s so loyal and down for you it makes you think where tf has this boy been all my life
  • He’s always playing with your hair braiding it and trying different hair styles out on you 
  • You guys get bored of movies hella fast
  • Once he loses interest he’ll just turn off the tv and get up 
  • “c’mon we’re going out”
  • and you’ll just sit there like ???? bitch where
  • Y’all are hella sassy to each other
  • When he’s sarcastic to you he wouldn’t expect you to snap back and once you did he’d just stand there smirking at you surprised
  • “yah i didn’t know you had that in you”
  • You guys are always pulling pranks on each other you guys have a lowkey war going on and when the other members see you guys messing around and chasing each other during their down time at practice they’ll all be like wtf i wanna join
  • You both are always too lazy to cook and spend majority of your day playing around or going to the park and running around the playground so you guys usually end up eating like ramen almost every night
  • He’s always tryna feed you, even ramen when it’s super hot he’s there shoving it front of your face and you’re just like chill
  • Whenever you guys go shopping lord it takes forever for you guys to leave just one store
  • You spend half an hour alone just trying on sunglasses
  • “no u try these on and give me those wyd”
  • “yah this is so much better those were awful”
  • “so you’re saying they look awful on me?”
  • “jagi don’t start”
  • You’re always teasing each other most of the time in public
  • “whose baby are you?”
  • “DON’T EVEN”
  • He’s sooooOOOOooo into pda and kisses you infront of the other members and they’re all just like gross can yall not
  • He loves that shit bc he loves attention and he knows they’re all highkey jealous of your relationship
  • Whenever you’ve had a long day he’s right there to talk and he’ll just sit there and listen to your rants and he’ll be so understanding and he’ll just pull you into his chest and run his fingers through your hair
  • When he’s had a long day he just lays his head on your lap and naps bc you’re playing with his hair and it relaxes him so much so he gets super comfy and just falls asleep within like 5 minutes
  • You take pictures of him sleeping bc you think he looks rlly cute and if he finds out about them he’ll tease you 25/8 about it
  • “im going to bed now get your camera ready”
  • “Oh my god you’re so annoying it was only one time!!!!”
  • “one time really?”
  • “ok a few times bye”
  • He loves making you laugh all the time
  • He serenades around the house following you everywhere purposely trying to annoy you
  • You’ll get fed up and throw a pillow at his head
  • “yah that’s the last time you’ll get to hear me sing for you”
  • “nooooo come back pls”
  • He’s super protective always looking to make sure everyone treats you with the respect you deserve and if anyone is shitty to you he won’t hold back from speaking his mind
  • He’s just everything you’ve wanted in a boyfriend and your relationship is so lit 
If the Gotei-13's zanpakuto were randomly swapped...

As requested by duende71. :) And also bigotaku2118. ;)

It time to pretend that everybody’s zapakuto power has been randomly swapped with that of another soul reaper. And yes, I have done the swapping using a random number generator. Let’s see how everyone reacts!

1. Gin & Tosen

Gin: I, ah, certainly hope that I myself will be immune to the effects of the bankai.

Gin: Otherwise there will be a lot of - groping around.

Tosen: A super fast zanpakuto, huh?

Tosen: That’d be great if I could aim.

2. Ikkaku & Matsumoto

Matsumoto: A Squad 11 sword, huh? Great if I just want to whack my enemies to death.

Ikkaku: ASH?!


3. Sasakibe & Yachiru

Yachiru: Oooh, a lightning zanpakuto! Cool!

Sasakibe: …it’s like I’m in a gang now.

Sasakibe: A super adorable gang.

4. Hitsugaya & Kyoraku

Kyoraku: Well! Aren’t I lucky? Hitsugaya’s zanpakuto powers are extraordinary.

Hitsugaya: What the -

Hitsugaya: The power keeps changing??


5. Byakuya & Hisagi

Byakuya: I wonder why the lieutenant found these so hard to control.



6. Hinamori & Kenpachi

Hinamori: …

Hinamori: Oh dear. How, um, not subtle.

Kenpachi: …

Kenpachi: Flinging fire is dull as shit.

7.  Aizen & Yamamoto

Yamamoto: Controlling perception. How - uncouth.

Aizen: Now I can kill my enemies in a dumb way, just as I’ve always dreamed.

8. Rose & Hanataro

Hanataro: I-I can’t heal people with this!

Rose: I’m all for a slow buildup.

Rose: But healing a bunch of people *before* you can make any attacks? 

Rose: That’s so counterproductive.

9. Omaeda & Rukia

Rukia: I-I miss Sode no Shirayuki! This is not elegant at all!

Omaeda: Ice feels like such a non-sturdy and lame power!

10. Ukitake & Shinji

Ukitake: Nooooo! Dual swords, come back!!

Shinji: Well.

Shinji: Time to work on my rendition of “Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better.”

11. Soi Fon & Yumichika

Yumichika: Two blows is all, now? 

Yumichika: I will never be able to enjoy my fights like this.

Soi Fon: …

Soi Fon: It seems that Yumichika is very good at keeping secrets.

12. Renji & Kurotsuchi

Renji: …

Renji: Um I don’t think this power suits me much. At all.

Kurotsuchi: Well maybe if I add some poison I can make this something other than totally useless.

13. Kira & Kensei

Kensei: Yes, because whoever has the heavier sword will certainly lose.

Kira: Well at least I can still punch people to their knees.

14. Unohana & Komamura

Unohana: All of the damage, none of the actual fun.

Unohana: What a sad zanpakuto ability.



Komamura: I-I’m flying!

Komamura: I’m flying!!

Komamura: BEST. DAY. EVER!

  • Doctor Who: *aggressively sobbing rolling back and forth* nooOOO RAGGEDY MAN COME BACK DON'T GO PLEASE OH NO HE TOOK OF THE BOW TIE
  • Harry Potter: Oh god! Regeneration! Sherlock, quickly, the shock blankets! Supernatural, help me make the tea!
  • Harry Potter: Hello? Someone? For Merlin's beard, I need help here!
  • Harry Potter:
  • Harry Potter: Fine, I'll just... wait what? WE'RE GETTING A STAGE PLAY AND A NEW MOVIE
  • All the fandoms: *running around screaming*
  • Tumblr: *grabs megaphone* Alert! Alert! All the fandoms are in crisis! They are all insane, I repeat, THEY ARE ALL INSANE!
  • Merlin: I hate you all. *hides on a corner*