noooo thea ; ;

DM: Your blade is locked in a guarded cathedral. Because you are techniqually a demon, you cannot enter.

Thea: send in my bafoons.

DM: Richard Nixon, Gerard, Tin Man, how do you enter?

RN: (is a giant man bird) can I fly through the window?

DM: you crash through the window and now are hovering just over an enemy.

RN: ..can… Can I paint brush him?

Thea: no.

DM: *sighs* roll a D20

RN: *Rolls a 13*

DM: ….. You successfully paintbrush him in the most graceful way possible-


DM: BUT. But, as you do so, at the last moment, the enemy nips at your dick. You lose an inch.


Thea: well, there goes his entire penis.

Arrow - Speculations | Spoilers

These are some interesting screencaps from various Arrow trailers and promos

[Spoilers  ep 4x02, 40x03, 4x04, 4x05, 4x06?]

We know this political rally is not going to end well…
[The Candidate ep 4x02]

It seems here that Oliver is offering his help to the candidate during the Rally

A “little” stunt  in the street outside the rally venue 


Candidate’s daughter in chains kidnapped by Anarky …And HIVE?

After this scare…Will the Mayor candidate pass the baton to Oliver?

Also, crazy Thea fights Oliver…Must see!


Who is this hostage? From 4x02?

The Arrow chained!…Wait what? 

Damien unmasking Oliver?! Noooo!

Damien and Thea?

Damien and villain Doubledown …One of his associates? 

Doubledown confronts Team Arrow [Ep 4x03]

Damien shows a molar to Anarky? #gofigure [Ep 4x03]

Nyssa (Oliver’s wife) fights the new Ra’s… [Ep 4x02]

New Olicity spiderman’s kiss…

One of the most anticipated sequence #BadassFelicity [Ep 4x03?]

Is tiny Ray lurking in the Palmer Tech Applied Sciences building trying to connect with Felicity?

Most anticipated meeting #MrTerrific {Ep 4x02]

Is this Anarky in the picture?

Evil Quentin…WTF?

Canary x 2 + Speedy

Greatest news in the Trailer #welcomebackcanary

Thank you Constantine…