noooo i was too late

Anamnesis Bloopers

Hello Golzy^^

Thanks so much for the Feels train™ that is GZtale :’)

I made a small tribute, enjoy^^

Anamnesis (BLOOPERS)


Kid Ganz: WH-(loses voice)-Y…oh…

Gaster : …You need some water child?

Adult Ganz(offscreen): I think he needs ketchup.

Gaster: Don’t corrupt him so early, Sans.


Lab Assistant: Dr Gaster…it’s the CORE!

Gaster:…! (Runs) (trips)(falls)

Lab Assistant:(laughs ass off while Gaster gets up, looking embarrassed)

Ganz: (walks in) oh this is gold…need some help, old man?

Gaster: (facepalms) I swear on Asgore’s beard, Sans.

Undyne: (gets bridal-picked up) NGAAAAAH PAPYRUS!! (Starts laughing)

Papyruz: (Starts laughing his ass off along with Undyne as he put her down)

Ganz: I’m sending this to Alphys.

Undyne and Papyruz: NOOOO SANS

Ganz: too late, I sent it

Flowey: Howdy! I’m Flowey, Flower the Flowe-Flower the Fl-oh shit.

Luke: wow. Just wow.

(After the scene where Mettaton shoots Jean)

Golzy(offscreen): CUT! Good take!

Mettaton: OOOOH YEEEEES!! (Poses dramatically)

Golzy: Yeah…now get off the set.

Mettaton: but my show isn’t over ye-

(Mettaton is dragged off screen by Golzy to the amusement of others)

Mettaton:(flailing) NO!!! WHYYYYYY(dramatically)

me response: omg, this is goal! xD