nooo sobs

“Don’t worry, it’s okay.”

GaaHina One Night Stand ANGTSSSSS!

All these GaaSaku in my dash is making me angsty…like I’m jealous or something….-_- I know, ridiculous right??

So imagine Gaara waking up naked beside Hinata and he’s all sorry saying it wasn’t right. Hinata, harboring feelings for him feels bad but will try to put up a face that it’s okay. 



LOOK, I don’t care if you don’t like twenty one pilots or Elvis Presley or ukulele covers or whatever but I DARE YOU to watch this from beginning till end, look me in the eyes and tell me that this is not one of the most beautiful things you’ve ever seen. I. FUCKING. DARE. YOU. 


Omg. My lil baby died noooooooo!!!!!!
I didn’t noticed of that cuz last night she was in the bedroom in 5 minutes and then when is diner time she I kept calling her but she isn’t here yet so I check everywhere at the room and I feel worried bout’ her all time I can’t sleep cuz there’s something gonna happened to her and now at the morning I was ready to go to school and my mommy was going to zumba so she go outside and she called me cuz I thought I did something wrong but she told me that my lil baby died I was shocked and sad and angry (I will murder that bitch) >:’( and my brother was an ASSHOLE he doesn’t care if my baby died so my gramdma put her in the trashbag and dump in the trashcan (that was so cold of her) and now I got two lil babies here at home and I don’t want anything happened to them to I must protect my lil baby. And pls make sure ur cats is safe

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Hi I have two thing to say One I LOVE YOUR FANFICTION! It making me love Movav more! And second A regust Movav. Little Girl still have realty magic Journal. She writing her OTP about Mogar and vav.

Thank you so much, sweetheart! :) 

I’ll get right on this request, this is too evil to pass up! >:D

Rating: T (Cursing and implied sexual situations)
Word Count: 753

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still not over anyones death
  • Person: u okay?
  • Me: N-n-nooo *sobs*
  • Person: omg whats the matter?
  • Person: that literally happened in the first episode
  • Me: *shrieks* THAT DOESNT MEAN IM OVER IT!!!!
  • Person: jesus next you'll be telling me your not over mar-
  • Person: Marco
  • Me: *screams*
  • Person: Petra
  • Me: NO
  • Person: Auruo
  • ME: STOP
  • Person: Gunther
  • Person: Erd
  • Me: EVIL
  • Person: Is-
  • Me: dont u dare!!!
  • Person: Isabel and Farlan
  • Me: *whispers* you have taken it to far

 141113 Korean Film Festival:

* They performed the songs:MOTORCYCLE ,oppa oopa,oh no,still you,hello and 1+1=love

*They are singing a bit of BONAMANA and MAMACITA

*Donghae sings a bit of Shirt xD

*Eunhyuk(in English): “ My heart is so cold”…Donghae just hugged him

Hae: our hearts are so cold we need your love

*Eunhae told people sitting at the front to stop taking pictures and enjoy the show

*Donghae is singing the “ I just wanna see you naked” loll naughty boys

*They said they just want to sit here and talk to us, crowd started screaming yes

*They asked if anyone here came with their bf or if they came to find bf hae pointed at himself

*Eunhyuk asked ELF: “Who do you want to be my boyfriend?”

Of course all ELF replied: DONGHAE

*They ask which of them we want as boyfriend and said we can’t have both of them..They are making a contest to see who we want as boyfriend xDD

Donghae : “Who do you want to be my baby?”

Donghae said he prepared a gift for us, someone shouted take it off and and Hyuk said ‘everyone take it off’ then said no no don’t

Donghae told the crowd to close their eyes and his gift was a kiss and then eunhyuk copied him and Donghae hit him

Eunhyuk" close your eyes coz my heart is so cold" he then gave us present (kiss)

*The boys are whispering to each other someone shouted kiss him to Hae

*Donghae started singing Hello acapella!! His voice is sex!!

*Eunhyuk: “ We are preparing for new album”

They promised to come back and perform it for us

*Eunhyuk" We are not sure whether there will be SS6London or not but if we want to see them they will try!“


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did you read about Rebecca interview? were she explained jasper rejection for help? (as i read i started to go "oh no...OH NOOO...NOOOOO SOBS)

After she’s defeated by Steven and Amethyst, Jasper refuses the help that Steven gave to previous adversaries like Peridot and Lapis. Why is that?

Jasper is very different than Peridot and Lapis. Unlike them, she has a deep hate for herself because of her origins on Earth. She is determined to never be weak or vulnerable. So at the point when she’s the lowest, there’s no way she’d ever accept help, because she believes she doesn’t deserve it.

Peridot and Lapis both believed they deserved better than what happened to them, but not Jasper. She went back to Earth to face her demons, and she lost. She’s consumed by her own self pity. [x]

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