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I thought this post was really cute so here’s datekou

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James: "Okay Harry, I'm sorry to do this but, you have to read the last message that you got" Harry: "Oh nooo... come on James, we're pals, don't make me do this" James: "I don't make the rules, now hurry up and read it or I'm just gonna steal your phone and read it myself" Harry: "Okay... okay... lord have mercy" (1)

James: “And it has to be the last message that you got, I trust you” *Harry pretending to be annoyed*: “Ugh.. okay” and then Harry opens his phone, and checks his iMessage and… Harry: “Oh! I haven’t read this one yet so let’s hope it’s not inappropriate!” *crowd laughs* James: “Don’t keep us waiting, lad.” Harry: “Okay! Okay… so… the message says…” (2)

Harry: “Good luck tonight, baby! I’m so proud of you. I know that you’re gonna smash it! And I’m sorry I won’t be there.. but you know that I’d sit in the front row if I could! But we don’t want that now, do we? I mean, can you imagine how loud I’d be screaming and cheering? It’d be embarrassing! *crowd laughs* (3)

And then, Harry reads the next few lines in his head… and he can feel his eyes welling up with tears. Harry: ”…But I just want you to know that, I love you more than anything in the world, and I’m so, so, so proud of you…“ his voice cracks at the end, he’s not going to cry, he’s not going to cry… "You’re my baby, and I’m so proud of you. You’ll always be my baby. I love you, babycakes. Now go and show them who’s boss!” (4)

The crowd is quiet… and he’s afraid to look at their faces, so he just locks his phone and tries not to burst into tears… James: “Oh, wow… that was such a sweet message, mind if I ask who was the sender?” Harry, with his eyes still wet but with a little smile on his lips: “Let’s just call them a Sweet Creature.” (5)

yeah, i’ve got some questions:

  1. how dare you
Me at family gatherings
  • Aunt i only see during special occasions: Oh, you've gained weight!
  • Me: (all smiles while returning her hug) i know! So did you!
  • Homophobic, sexist uncle: what, you still don't have a boyfriend?
  • Me: boyfriend no, girlfriend yes. (Laughs in his face)

“I’ll be with you forever now.”

so.. this is a continuation of @evanescent-epiphanies angst artwork, and i’m not the best at coloring with colored pencils, but i tried :D

(ily chirstina :3 )

Regarding FFXV Boys.

Me: I am not thirsty for him too. I am not. No. Nope. I do not want him. Do. Not. Want. Definitely not. Nuh-uh. No way.

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Will x-hand be continued? Just curious

Yess!! I’m currently working on it xD

Problem is I’m usually busy with my actual job, so I don’t have much free time for drawing or do anything else (adult life is not easy u-u) Actually, I’ve been working on the script these days. But next week I’ll have much free time, so I’ll be posting again really soon :D Luckily, I’ll finish the first part on december.

I know it’s has been a while since the last update, but don’t worry, I decided to draw this story as a personal challenge and I’m determinated to continue until the end ;)

And to thank you all for your patience, here’s a sketch with Cross saying something really interesting and disturbing to Gaster :D (the text is hiden to avoid spoilers… obsviously)

Love you guys!! <3

Since the trauma of The Extensions has long passed, I thought it would be safe to ask if anyone is actually going to go see Flatliners?

Introverts At Parties (Social Anxiey)
  • Friend Billy: Hey, wanna come to a friend’s party? It’s gonna be really cooool!
  • Introvert (in head) : I’d rather be at home just eating a bag of chips and watching netflix but since you’re my friend and I don't want you to think I am an anti-social weirdo I'll act like I want to go....
  • Introvert: yeah sure :)
  • *goes to party*
  • Introvert, in head: nonononono.. why did i come to this? I don't know anyone here. *anxiety* ok, ok. just calm down. Let's just find a space were no one will talk to me and just chill there. Ok? OK.... THERE'S SOMEONE COMING. OH NOOO. WHAT DO I DO? HE LOOKES INTIMIDATING, I DON'T KNOW HIMMMMMMMM HE--
  • Extrovert: Hey, so are you new here? I haven't seen you before...
  • Introvert: Yeah. Billy's my friend, he invited me here.
  • Extrovert: Oh cool, Billy is so nice. Well, nice talking to you, cya :)
  • Introvert: bye...
  • Introvert in head: Ok that wasn't that bad. I'm overreacting, parties are cool, I really just need to calm dow- THERE'S SOMEONE COMING HELP!!!!!1!
  • *cycle repeats infinitely*

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Do u ever feel self conscious about how u dress/how do you get over it? Sometimes i want to wear certain things but don't have the confidence to do it

nooo lmao im in class wearing fishnets rn!!! i dont give a fuq!!! I used to care a lot but its just something you have to get comfortable with over time. Early teens is the worst

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so what about themes then?


This question is a little vague, nonnie. Do you mean if I take themes into account when choosing a blog to follow? 

Answer is; nah. XD 

Unless, of course, I can’t read anything on the blog. Because then I can’t really check to see if I like their writing or not LOL. 
If it takes me more than a minute or so to navigate the blog and find a post section, rules, about, etc, I’ll probably skip out.

That’s happened once or twice, where it’s an already established blog yet the content box was so tiny it only had two posts on it, and I couldn’t even find the “next” button to check out more stuff! If I can’t read your stuff, I can’t make an opinion on whether I want it on my dash or not. 

But other than that, I really don’t care.
Some of my partners have themes that would make an RPer drool.
Some are a chaotic splash of color and pictures.
Some have simple, clean stuff.
Some have tumblr defaults.
Some aren’t even an official RP blog, but we talked out plots and what not and said “Heck The Rules! Let’s do some writin’!” 

I’m just here for them sweet words, nonnie. In that sense, I’m a cheap date. ;) 

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Tip: go a shade darker on the eyebrows, and make your eyelashes present too otherwise the eyeliner doesn't look right, maybe contour a little- DONT POWDER, try to find a lotion to give your skin some glow, and don't be getting a look from Disney😭noo nooo nooo. AND MOST IMPORTANT don't do that dumb open mouth thing you look like a twelve year old fucking prostitute. Work on your selfies hon, up your game. Don't settle for "Wendy", be a baddie. 👌no hate it just pains me to see you like this

This is the most embarrassing ask I’ve ever read imagine sitting down and typing this out

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For the anon that was wondering about attraction to a certain race. The true definition on fetish: A FETISH IS something over feet, whips & chains, shoes, materialistic, ass, elbows, a certain PART OF THE BODY!. Domination and Submission mostly and so many materialistic things. Just because some one is attracted to a certain race, and respects them and wants to learn their language etc. or only want to be with a certain race , DOES NOT MEAN THAT YOU HAVE A “FETISH”. So don't worry.

Oh honey nooo… . . Tip doing research isn’t going out and googling reasons to prove your right (which from your rather uneducated response is very clear thats what you did) doing research is checking both sides of the argument and then coming to a logical conclution like I did and many other before me have. Pulling up the websters dictionary defenition of a fetish isnt doing research honey I’m sorry to break it to you… .also a word has deeper meaning and more meanings then it text book definition. Also lol thats not the defenition what dictionary are you reading lol?? Racial fetishes are a thing please ACTUALLY do research and educate yourself cause you sound foolish. Like your only argument is the defenition ndjsbdjd. Now no appreciating a culture and respecting and learning about it no that’s not a fetish nor is dating another race or being open to dating other race and finding a veriaty of ppl attractive you are right and ppl do throw that word around ALOT more then it should be calling ppl who like kpop and or kculture ppl who have a fetish or saying anyone who dates outside their race has a fetish that’s wrong yes but fam that wasnt what we were talking about … . At all… .  .having a fetish over a race is a thing and a BIG problem literally Google racial fetishism you’ll find hella articles and in-depth explanations and whole psychological studies on it there is legit even a Wikipedia page on it books on it too like homie so no you didn’t do research or you did it wrong. Im not telling anyone to be ashamed I was just explaining why it is seen as wrong cause you ASKED ME. I didnt come for you at all.… . Which is why the way your trying to defend racial fetishism is even more goofy cause your just trying to deffend yourself cause I struck a cord… and look the fact that you typed ashamed before I even posted that anons ask shows you are that anon cause how did you know what she said before I even posted it👀 and that HAD to have been you who sent me that HELLA offensive and ignorant ask about Asian men early too huh. I said stop sending me foolish stuff like that. Like it makes me even more ahabdkdb about this whole thing cause your so passionate about invalidating ppl who have been fetishized and hurt by it invalidating whole races who suffer from this all to often because you cant accept that you MIGHT just be apart of the problem or that there might be an issue here. your pretending to be other ppl and acting hella goofy ignorant and rude. like I STILL CAN’T get over that other ask you sent earlier that I didn’t post it just shows your ignorant and childish and automatically voids any argument you present tbh. . It is also EXTREMELY clear that you didn’t read my first response to the first time you asked me about if you only likeing a certain race is wrong cause I never accused you of having a fetish so you coming at me like this pretending to be diffrent ppl getting defensive shows me you already knew what you were getting into and asked ready to defend when if you read my answer there was no need for you to cause I said there’s only an issue if the shoe fits and thats basically in this case the shoe always usually fits even if just a little bit and if it didnt somehow for you cool then you Gucci I guess like if your just open-minded to the idea of dating outside your race and not only attracted to one race or prefer one race over others then yeah homie that’s not a fetish and i wasn’t coming for you… but I can see the shoe does indeed fit and its fits very well and you do probably have a fetish then cause only a hit dog barks….okay and like MAYBE the attraction to only one race shouldn’t be labeled as a fetish I’ll humor you on that BUT it doesn’t mean it’s not an issue and rooted fetish like thing like I can go on about this all day but it’s clear your not trying to learn anything so imma just let this go cause I DO NOT have the time and I don’t know you so I TRULY do not care what you do and or think not enough to waste my sweet time arguing with you like thid. 

Please educate yourself it take no time at all and Google is free. Here’s a  link to google I even typed it in for you already…0…

Heres the Wikipedia page too please go to town my dear and learn something new and better yourself

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Nooo don't apologize for anything! You do so much for us with the reccing and helping people find lost fics and you're always so nice even when people are rude. I'm so happy I found your blog, you always make me feel better when I'm down. Seriously, thank you so much for everything you do. (and I hope you feel better soon!)

Thank you so much 💙

Steven Universe Episodes
  • When a lighthearted episode focussed on character development is released: "That was cute but I hope they advance the plot soon"
  • When an intense plot episode is released: "NOOO!!! DON'T DO THIS TO MY BABIES JUST LET THEM BE HAPPY!!!!!"

Key Frames from the scene where Satsuki donned Junketsu for the first time, taken from the KlK Key Art Collection Vol 2.

I never really realized just how much pain she suffered there… though pain is probably an understatement, she is in agony here, the only time in the entire series as far as I can remember.