You & No one else...

Absolutely no one can pull you together like yourself. No one else’s hands are there when you need an extra pair, but your own hands will become a pair of three if they need too. No one will wipe tears away from your face while you pour your heart out in the bathroom floor curled up or when you lay down and bury your face in your pillow late at night before you go to sleep; in that moment no one will hug you tighter than your own hands and arms while you cry yourself to sleep in bed alone. NO ONE pulls you out of your darkest zone when you think you’ve given life the last best thing you had to offer to save yourself; when you’re out of options and it’s drank the last drop of hope in you…but you get up, you still get YOURSELF up… and you’re thankful for YOU. You get up and look in the mirror and still crack a smile. A smile still left behind the black stains of your messed up mascara, underneath your worn out eyes from your flow-of-river-like tears, and no one puts that smile there but you.