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AAAOOoooow AOOOOOooooow YEHEHehe𝖊𝖊𝖊𝖊    ssoosseessuccssoos and his ḋïċḳ was right there in front of me so i leaned over and i fúćḱéd him
and i dont kiss like elleleeleelel i kiss like a belelelleel̶͞ę̸l͟e͡l͢͠èl̵͝͠e͝l̷è̸
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FOR TILL COCK À͏À̴̶͟͝A͢A̸͜A͡҉A̵̡ ̵͟

how old were you when you started  ꜱᴜᴄᴋɪɴɢ ᴅɪᴄᴋ

that is not the issue that is the issue
the issue is your tissue 

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OOoOoOoooAo  𝕤𝕒𝕒𝕤𝕚𝕘𝕙𝕕𝕘𝕦𝕘𝕙𝕘𝕒𝕙𝕒𝕙𝕘𝕒𝕘𝕘𝕘 sams just j jus bein a bitch duu duus dooooh d̷͡ò̧o̷̧ǫ͢͜҉ờ͘o͠o̸͢͏̶͜ḩ҉ ̷̛͝
HEY H͞Ę̵̴̷͜Y̴̡ ara thoughtchu my chush oh my go –̧͏-̵͜-́͘    what are you do –̧͏-̵͜-́͘ noone will notice me    𝗵𝗼𝘄𝗱𝘆      𝐡𝐞𝐲𝐡𝐞𝐲𝐧𝐨𝐰𝐬𝐭𝐚a̸̷͟͟͜a̶͟  𝐬𝐭𝐨𝐩

i may be an idiot   but im  an idiot    but im stupid    st
you guys have fun.


N͏̛O͘T ̵̧͠SO̷̷̕ ͘M̡͏Ų̴͏C͠҉H̨́ ͏̵F͏̴U͟N̵ 


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Guys, we could’ve figured out Allura had magic before it was revealed in S2. Remember the scene where she and Hunk had to save Shiro from Haggar?

She knew exactly where Haggar was, how? I’m guessing it’s because she has the same magic Haggar has. It’s little details like this that we seem to sleep on but it foreshadowed Allura’s magic, so I think we should really focus on these little hints in the show.


8.3.17 hello everyone! I’m feeling really weird today like I’m not really connecting to my surroundings as much as I usually do? I had a little bit of a wobble with eating early this week and found myself watching some videos that were not helping at all and doing my thing where on the outside and when I sit down I’m really really sad, but when someone talks to me I’m unusually cheerful just so noone notices. But I laugh while I say “I’m in a really bad mindset! How funny right!?” So I went and did some work at the student union.
I’m going back to London next weekend to see my family and friends for a couple days because I don’t have any assignments for a little while. How I miss the skyscrapers! xxx emily


Lady Caine

”you’re a lot stronger than you look”

“I’m a lot of things!”


Don’t let me down, Jo.

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DID NOONE NOTICE that when Dan and Phil play Google Feud one of the sentences they have to guess is "How to look __", Dan types in "how to look sexy" and Phil says "Is that what you search every day?" Because he said that.

i watched the video this morning and cried

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Lol i love your gifs & writing ofc! So much andreil angst i read today, and i need fluffy fluff.. something with the other foxes? Or it can be just normal domestic fluff where they're still in college. Thank you! ❤️😊

Thank you for the prompt <3 I’m always a slut for fluff :D 

Prompt me aftg stuff! :) Andreil, Jerejean, other pairings…! sfw and nsfw will be written (but please only prompt smut if you’re of age.)

Andrew and Neil are good with each other, and good for each other. 

At first, everyone is a little concerned, because Neil… and Andrew?! How is that supposed to work?

But, turns out, it does.

They fit, and one after the other, the Foxes realize that.


Kevin is the first to see it. 

He doesn’t say anything, of course, because as long as it stays off the court, it’s nothing to bother with.

He can see how they share glances, how Neil takes Andrew seriously and sees through his hard facade.

He can see how Andrew looks at Neil when he thinks noone is watching.


Renee notices shortly after.

She smiles and listens and nods when Andrew talks about Neil. It’s never much, it’s just little mentions or something Neil said or did.

Renee lets them figure it out for themselves, but secretly, she prays every night that the two of them find what they need in each other.


After it’s obvious, the other Foxes notice as well.

Matt watches Neil and Andrew communicate without words so much that he starts asking himself if the two of them have mastered the art of reading each other’s minds. Neil nods to Andrew’s pockets with a questioning look, and Andrew hands him the pack of cigarettes, and then points upwards with his thumb, and Neil nods and they’re off, and Matt stares after them, a smile slowly spreading on his lips. 


Dan snaps pictures when she can. She always shows them to Neil afterwards and asks him if she can hang them up on their wall. There is one of Andrew and Neil on the bus, taken from behind, Andrew with his arm over the backrest of Neil’s seat, Neil leaning his head against Andrew’s shoulders. Dan smiles at it for a long time when she prints it out, and gives Neil a copy for himself.


Allison watches Andrew pick a little stray piece of yarn off Neil’s suit jacket right before the winter banquet, and straighten his tie. 

She grabs Renee’s hand and squeezes so she doesn’t squeal because that’s the cutest thing she’s ever seen.


Nicky finds them curled into the beanbags one morning, and he grins so hard that his jaw starts hurting while he tiptoes through the room to the kitching, trying hard not to wake them. 

Andrew is splayed out on his back, Neil is curled into himself like a cat, and they are holding hands. 


Aaron doesn’t understand why the others think it’s cute. 

But when he walks in on Andrew hugging Josten from behind, he can’t help but notice how relaxed his brother looks right before he sees him and tenses up. 

He turns on his heels and leaves them alone. 

Katelyn later tells him to be happy for Andrew, because, apparently, she thinks Josten is a decent person. 

Aaron doesn’t know.

But seeing Andrew being less miserable around him is an okay feeling. 

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Swim team au But bitty dosnt know how to swim. He thought the tryouts were lessons and somehow made the team. >badbob is an olympian? >Noone notices but jack and he gets mad and thats why he dosnt like bitty. >"HE LITERALLY CANT SWIM HE HAS FLOATIES ON" nah man hes just bein cute >swim lesson every day at 6 am >"what kind of sweet souther boy dosnt like to swim on a hot day" literally every pool he has been in he can touch the bottom >idk man this was funny in my head but now i want a fic 😧😧

jack gets to the top of his game and races a shark. an ACTUAL shark

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I think Kala is vastly under-appreciated. All the posts on tumblr, even some of your analysis (I love reading those btw) shower all the praise on Wolfgang & how he is so in love with her but noone notices how much Kala loves Wolfgang & the extent to which she is willing to go to protect him & take care of him. I mean she was jealous of Wolfie and Lila & probs knew about their sexy shenanigans, still went to help him & wasn't mad at him at the rooftop in ep 10. Also lectures him about choices lol

Touche. I admit, I was often fangirling about Wolfgang and his love for Kala in my posts. I guess it’s because Wolfgang’s transition before-and-after he meets Kala is more visible and dramatic (couldn’t come up with better word). We see this dark and lonely bad boy who doesn’t seem to believe in anything being all happy, in love, and vulnerable when he’s with this girl. But I don’t want to say it necessarily means Kala’s love towards Wolfgang is under-appreciated.

I mean we appreciate how smart, strong, independent, and brave she is as a person – and that’s even when she’s not with Wolfgang. I would say that her actions of protecting or simply showing love for Wolfgang seems more slow-burning and subtle. It also might look static (I mean he literally shoots to protect). But the way she listens to his story, shares emotional pain with him, talks about life and beliefs, and let’s not forget Kala blows things up for him…just all these things she does, we know they prove how much Kala loves Wolfgang. And I don’t think any of us would have an intention to under-appreciate or even doubt Kala’s love.

Saturn Venus: Do it yourself

Saturn Venus (note: when I say Saturn Venus, I mean Saturn connected to Venus in all forms: Venus in Capricorn, Saturn conjunct Venus, Saturn opposite Venus, Saturn square Venus* and Venus in 10th house) won’t take your bullshit, simply because they are dealing with their own bullshit hard enough.
You must do it yourself. You must show competence to do well, by yourself. That if left alone, you can be trusted, without their supervision.

If you have trouble understanding Saturn and Capricorn, just imagine a professor.
 A good old professor, the one you just couldn’t win with. The one that kicked you out of the class for giggling, or the one that didn’t show any reaction to your giggling, but at the exam would just blank cold pour all the hardest questions on you. The professor that didn’t give a fuck about your «family obligation» or «personal issues».
The professor that wouldn’t let you pass your summer exam, and deep down you couldn’t blame him for being unfair.

Now that’s Saturn. In real life. Now if you have to deal with a person with strong Saturn, it’s good for you to know how they’re wired. They’re wired by the principle of Karma. You will reap what you sow. What goes around comes around. And no, it’s not cruel, cold, unfair, or whatever the little story you tell yourself after they tell you to deal with you bullshit.

Cause if you want a Saturn Venus by your side, you better get to work. Work on yourself. Cause they did. And they know how that it made them strong. They don’t want to drag you out from your shit, or better said, they don’t want to be dragged into your shit, cause they have better things to do. They worked and worked and worked, to make themselves lovable (by their standards, and they are pretty high). They didn’t whip themselves in the dark their whole life for your little spoiled ass to come with your superficial love and just judge them when they look away when you tell them you love them after two days. No, no. You get to work, and you wait. You wait for them to evaluate your hard work and you wait for them to accept you. They will come, eventually. Don’t be scared of being cold and slow with a Saturn Venus. They love it. Show them your love through seriousness, integrity and bold little details. The things noone else notices, Saturn Venus will.

If you thought someone liked you, and then suddenly started to ignore you, you know it’s a Saturn Venus person, in love with you. Cause they know right away, but they get scared, cause they know what real love is, and what kind of sacrifice it demands. So they retreat.
And when they retreat, you stay calm. And you work. You show them you’re here, seriously here, no matter how long it takes.

Why are Capricorn and Aries square? Cause Aries gets bored easily. If the battle can’t be won in a no time, Aries moves on. Why bother? And that makes Capricorn mad. Cause Cap wants things to endure. If you win something easily, you lose it easily. If you build a straw house in a day, oh cool, but huh huh, it’s a storm coming. Now what? Cap builds a concrete house, in a year, so he can be sure it will endure.

The same goes for relationships. It takes time for them, but when it’s done, it’s done. And it’s beautiful.
So yeah, you work and you wait, while your dear Saturnian watches you from his safe place. Then, you have a test. Like a professor, when he sees you worked hard through the year, he asks the question.
Like a professor, your Saturn Venus will test you. And you can whine how that’s not nice and fair and healthy, but you Saturn Venus won’t give a fuck, cause it’s just the way it is. Either you pass or you fail.

The best part is, you don’t even have to brilliantly solve that test, if you worked hard long enough. They will forgive little mistakes. If they see you are ready to learn from them.

* -  it’s a bit harder with a square cause they up in solving their shit so much they can’t even see yours

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How would Hanzo react to seeing Jesse without his arm for the first time(say its undergoing maintenance)? What if Jesse felt embarrassed by it or tried to hide it from Hanzo?

this one hurt my heart but in the best way possible :, ) thank you anon!! Enjoy c: -KC

When Angela asked Jesse to come in for a check up on his prosthetic, he didn’t know she needed to keep it for at least a week.

“Now hold on ‘ere Ang, I can’t go around without an arm for a week.” Jesse was pleading, but trying not to show it.

“Jesse, I’m afraid your arm suffered more damage than I thought after the last mission.”

Jesse walked out of the doctors office, head down, and running straight for his room.


Hanzo hadn’t seen or heard from Jesse all day today, which is weird. He checked all of his usual spots; the kitchen, the TV room, gun range, and their secret spot on the roof. Still no Jesse. To say he was worried was an understatement.

It was noon when Hanzo noticed Jesse’s room door was closed and locked. He did some laundry and 'accidentally’ had one of Jesse’s shirts in the wash. When he tried to go in his room to drop it off, the door was locked. Hanzo pressed his ear against the door, wait, was someone crying in there?

Hanzo debated knocking for a few minutes, but he did anyway. He waited for a response, and when one didn’t come, he knocked again.

“Ang if you’re here with something other than my arm I swear t go-” When Jesse opened the door and saw his boyfriend, he stopped dead in his tracks.

Had Hanzo heard him right? He didn’t want to glance where Jesse’s arm was.

“Oh. Han. Hey.” Jesse wouldn’t look him in the eye and started moving to the side. Hanzo stepped in the room.

“Jesse, you worried me sick.”

He heard a sharp inhale as Jesse closed the door.

“Yeah, sorry 'bout that.” He heard the bed creak and McCree sat down. He had his back to hanzo, and he could see the limp sleeve on his body. His heart burned.

Hanzo climbed onto the bed and loosely wrapped his arms around his boyfriend.

Jesse laid a hand on Hanzo’s arm, and started crying once again.

“I didn’t want you to see me like this. I’m sorry if I worried ya.” He said through sobs.

Hanzo kissed his temple.

“Jesse, I love you for you. All of you. What you might not want me to see, I want you to know that I will accept it whenever you’re ready to show me. Please, don’t think I wouldn’t.” Hanzo said the last part as a whisper.

“It’s just, you don’t understand what it’s like to be useless without-” McCree sniffled.

“Jesse. There’s something I have to show you.”

Jesse turned around and stared as Hanzo sat back and lifted up the legs of his pants. Jesse sucked in a breath.

“You didn’t tell me you-” Hanzo cut him off with a kiss.

“I should’ve told you sooner. Please forgive me.”

Jesse returned the kiss.

“Don’t worry about it darlin’. I gotta show you something too.”

Jesse started removing his shirt. Slowly.

There, in front of Hanzo was a shirtless Jesse McCree. His skin was so tan, and scars lingered around his chest. Hanzo took his time in admiring Jesse. His eyes trailed up to his collarbones and down to his arm-oh.

Jesse’s arm stopped a little less than half from where his elbow used to be. The skin there looked rough. Hanzo swallowed.

It was a bold move to lean forward and kiss Jesse’s body everywhere, but he did it anyway.

“I love you Jesse McCree. For all of you.”

“I love you too, Han.”

Friends Like These (4)

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 1651

Summary: You and Bucky are more than friends and less than lovers, due to both of you not having the courage to take things further. But thanks to your friends and conveniently coincidental experiences, some things might just meant to be.

Author’s Note: Hey there! Wow, this took me like 5 months!! I’m truly sorry, I’ve been occupied with things (also procrastination) and the next thing I know, it’s been months…geez. Regardless, thank you for still sticking with me and rest assured, there will be a final part after this so I’ll try to finish it as soon as possible! 

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

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If you're accepting writing prompts, then maybe a scenario where Sportacus got himself hurt but powered through the day anyway and Robbie found him later, pale and shaking from the worsen injury. Takes back to the lair to get it checked out. Maybe some you don't have to pretend you're strong all the time from Robbie. Thanks a lot in advance!

It’s a little bit intense, blood warning!!

Sportacus dashed through the town, his breath quickly flowing in and out of his lungs. He was almost on his tenth lap, just before the sun went up. He came up to one of the half-walls, preparing to vault it once again. As he did, his foot caught on the bench just behind it, and he tumbled and fell to the ground. He grumbled, attempting to sit up, when a sharp pain in his left side shocked him back down to the ground.

He reached his hand to the spot just inside his vest, and withdrew it to see his fingers covered in blood. He gasped, pulling his vest back farther to see a tear in his shirt, where a raw wound bled just below. He stood up, applying pressure to it.  He attempted to lift his left arm, but shuddered in pain. “Today’s gonna be a long day… he sighed as he saw the children approaching.

Robbie had been watching through his periscope. He hadn’t woken up until around noon, but he had noticed immediately something wasn’t right about Sportacus. His movements and expressions were strained. As a master actor himself, he knew right away Sportacus was putting up a facade. For what, he didn’t know. But he kept an eye on him.

When the kids went inside for the day, he immediately saw Sportacus sigh in relief. He watched in shock as Sportacus limped to just out of sight of his periscope. Without thinking, he immediately ran outside, already out of breath when he emerged from the bunker.

He ran to where he had last seen Sportacus, and panicked when he was nowhere to be seen. His stomach dropped when he hard a familiar voice wheezing, “Ladder…” The rope ladder fell down, and Sportacus attempted to climb it. The second he pulled on his left arm, he shouted and crumpled on the ground.

Robbie rushed over, kneeling beside him. Sportacus’ body trembled, his clothing damp with sweat. Robbie pulled his hat off, pushing his curls back and gripping either side of his face. His skin was pale and burning to the touch. “Sportacus, what happened?” he asked, his voice trembling. “R-Robbie..?” Sportacus barely whispered. He rolled Sportacus on his back, and saw his hand clutching his side. He grabbed his wrist, and upon seeing the blood on his fingers, pulled his shirt up. The cloth was coated in dried blood and  platelets, and scraps of blood clots that couldn’t stop the flow. Right by his ribs was a large gash, with red blood smeared all around it, with streams of crimson beginning to travel down his side.

With all of his strength, he hauled Sportacus to his feet, taking special care not to put him in any unnecessary pain. After what felt like forever, he had Sportacus on the floor of his lair.

He straddled him, carefully unbuckling the clasp on his vest and pulling his shirt off. He balled up the shirt and pushed on the wound, looking around frantically. “Hold that there,” he said, placing Sportacus’ hand over the cloth, though he was barely conscious. He ran around his lair, opening boxes and drawers and finally coming back with his sewing kit, some stretchy cloth, and a toolbox.

He covered his fluffy chair in a bedsheet, afraid the fluff would get in the way, and hoisted Sportacus onto it. He was completely out of breath, but didn’t waste a single second. He dragged a chair right next to him and looked at the wound. There were a few pebbles lodged inside of it, but he couldn’t count them before the wound filled with blood again. He looked up to Sportacus, whose eyes were half open. “Sportacus, when did this happen? You should’ve gotten this patched up! You only made it worse,” he tried to scold, but he choked on his tongue. He pressed hard on it for awhile, but it just wouldn’t stop bleeding. He bit his lip, knowing what he would have to do.

Out of his toolbox, he grabbed a pair of pliers, a screw, and his blowtorch. He held the pointed edge of the screw in the pliers, and heated up the flat end in the flame. He furrowed his brow as it became red hot. “Okay Sportacus… hold still..” he said softly, dabbing the wound one last time and locating where the vessel was located before pressing the screw to it. It made a horrible sound upon contact, and Sportacus screamed and jolted. “I’m sorry, Sportacus, I’m sorry!” Robbie wailed, withdrawing the hot screw when the bleeding stopped. Hot tears streamed down both of their faces, and Robbie quickly cleaned out his wound. When it was finally cleared, he could see why Sportacus had such a fever.

“Sportacus.. This is getting infected! Why didn’t you treat this??” Robbie asked frantically. Sportacus shook his head slowly. “This happened before the kids came outside, didn’t it? Sportacus, you have to take care of yourself, especially if you want to be a role model for these kids! This is serious! You can’t just do this to me!” At his last statement, Robbie stopped himself, choking on the lump in his throat. He aggressively dabbed the wound with disinfectant, stopping when Sportacus tried to speak, but he could only wheeze. He took in a breath through his mouth and opened his sewing box, grabbing his smallest curved quilting needle and his nylon thread. He quickly stitched the wound, only handling the needle with the pliers. Every time the needle pierced his skin, Sportacus’ breath would hitch, but he would try to hide it. Robbie twisted the thread around the pliers, pulled the other end through, and repeated until he had a tight knot, and snipped it with his thread scissors. When he was done, he wrapped the stretchy cloth around Sportacus, making it snug but not too tight.

He hadn’t realized he was leaning over Sportacus when he spoke. “I’m sorry, Robbie,” he said, and Robbie realized that was what he was trying to say earlier. Tears were still streaming down his face, and Robbie cupped his cheeks with both hands, resting his forehead against Sportacus’.

“You scared me… don’t do that again,” Robbie whispered. He delicately kissed Sportacus’ lips, and rested his forehead against his again. “I love you.”

Lab teamwork with Holtzmann

holtzmann x reader where the reader has a sleeve of tattoos and in general just really badass and holtzmann thinks that she’s hates her cause she doesn’t talk as much around her and holtzmann confronts her one day and the reader tells her it’s bc she thinks she’s cute, and has anxiety and had no idea if she liked girls & holtzmann just kisses her?? sorry if this doesn’t make sense 😬

This was super awesome and inspiring so props to whoever sent this in! Been thinking a lot about education and stuff lately so that’s the direction this went in. Hope it works :) (for the record, I have never caused a fire at school… :P) ((it may have happened one time))

You flick strands of hair behind your ears as you try to focus your attention on the professor, who stands at the front of the lab trying desperately to explain safety procedures and group-work to the less cooperative members of your class. She waves her hands in exasperation, stressing that “if we only have one fire in class today, it’ll be a goddamn miracle”.

This draws a slight chuckle out of the entire class, but your attention is elsewhere, on the woman sitting at a bench a row in front and to the right, with blonde hair, eclectic fashion sense. She keeps looking at you and you make an effort not to meet her gaze. She’s probably the most intelligent person in this class, which is really saying something about her, seeing as this is a fairly select group of the best and brightest science students at your university. 

You see her eye your bare arms, turning around in a sly attempt to appear as if she is stretching. You cannot quite read her eyes, and in this attempt to gauge her emotions, your eyes meet. You’re unsure of what she’s thinking, as she presses her lips together and raises her eyebrows slightly at you. You attempt to give her a friendly half-smile in return, but before you can really do anything, your lab partner elbows you impatiently, handing you some paper to write on as she dictates your lab report.

Too distracted to resist her bossiness, you comply and begin scrawling down her words, trying to pry your thoughts from the pretty and intriguing woman in your class. You wonder what she’s thinking when she looks at you. How was she looking at you? Might she like you? Or perhaps she just doesn’t really care. Just being friendly. Your lab partner drags you into conversation and soon you are chatting animatedly about the experiment, your weekends and other trivial matters in your life, you thoughts not quite leaving the girl as, from the corner of your eye you see her head turn as if she’s waiting for something. When it seems as if she too is absorbed in the exercise and ceases to grant any attention to you, you feel your heart sink a little for the rest of the class.

The next week there’s talk of some group work. A thesis, combining the research of two groups, four people, and your lab partner is already gesturing to the blonde girl and her partner to join the two of you. You’re familiar with the boy who partner’s the blonde woman, though introductions had never been made between you and the blonde woman. She walks over confidently, stretching out a hand to you in a way which seems oddly familiar for a ‘formal’ greeting.

“Call me Holtzmann,” she says with a grin, energy bubbling off of her. “Or you can just call me.”

You feel heat rise to your face but noone seems to notice, as instead you let the other two take charge of the assignment, only speaking to correct them on some incorrect information. Several time you catch Holtzmann eyeing you, yet you say nothing, do nothing, as her very gaze makes you feel as if you’re at the apex of a roller coaster, about to go over the edge. You’re not quite sure whether you like roller coasters but you definitely know that roller coasters and Bunsen burners have no business associating with one another. So you attempt to ignore her, only stealing quick glances at the slight furrow between her eyebrows as she thinks, the messy scrawl she uses in her brilliant calculations and the deftness of her fingers as she turns pages or gestures wildly with her hands as she explains new concepts to your teammates. (You fail miserably at ignoring her, instead basically dismissing the task at hand as you become increasingly smitten with Holtzmann.)

The two weeks allocated to finish the assignment go by, the four of you meeting up in the library, or for milkshakes, to finish work and discuss theories, all the while you manage to barely say two words to Holtzmann, though your eyes are familiar with every curve and angle of her face. One day she’s late to class and as the rest of the three of your group set about finalizing and editing your paper, you take charge for the first time, standing over the two of them as they edit out commas and polish grammar on the final copy, ready to hand in the next day to your professor. It has to be perfect, much of your grade is relying on it to be so, and as Holtzmann is not here right at this moment, your entire attention is focused upon getting it just right. Slight nods are the main communication you get from the pair as you polish it and the next thing you know, a hand is on your shoulder. Holtzmann stands next to you, reaching out to make contact with your bare shoulder as she scans the writing on a computer before your lab partner. You can feel the heat radiating off of her, smell the faint seductive smoky scent of her, combined with a light citrus that must be her shampoo and this consumes you. She opens her mouth to speak and your gaze has narrowed to only encompass her in the world around you. 

“It’s per -“ All of a sudden you are aware of this effect she is having on you and you step away, her hand dropping to her side mid-sentence.

“-fect. It’s perfect,” she says, her brow furrowing as she obviously notices your sudden withdrawal from her touch.

“Well you did most of the calculations and [Y/N] is an absolute whiz with the report, so I dare say we’ll be getting a brilliant mark on this!” your ab partner says with a grin, and a slight knowing glance between you and Holtzmann.

“Yeah it’s pretty darn good, if I do say so myself,” says your other friend, reaching out to give the whole group a light high-five. You dodge this, slinging your bag over your shoulder and taking the computer from the desk, calling behind you that you’ll bring in a hard copy to the professor tomorrow morning. Only one person has to be there to hand this in and you volunteer to do this tedious job just so you can leave and catch your breath.

“Hey, [Y/N]!” you hear as your exit the door and round the corner. You do not stop. You do not pass go, nor collect $200. You head straight home, trapped in the prison of your mind, obsessing over your interactions between yourself and Holtzmann, and why the hell you’ve been acting this way. How can one person, who you’re not even sure is interested in you, have this much of an effect over you?

Barely rested from obsessing ost of the night, like the adult you are, you turn up a minute before class ends, presentation neatly displayed in a clear folder and perfectly printed up. You hand it to the professor, flustered, who confirms she received your digital copy and thanks you, commenting that the brief glance she gave it looked highly promising. You smile faintly in response, and having collected everyone else’s work, she slips it into her briefcase and exits the room, saying a quick goodbye to you, and Holtzmann. Holtzmann? You hadn’t even noticed her when you walked in.

She stands leaning against of the benches, arms folded and lips pursed. The usual aura of energy which surrounds her is absent, as she purses her lips and looks at you expectantly. You give her a small awkward wave, suddenly keenly aware of how you’re dressed and how you didn’t brush your hair this morning. You see her eyes graze up and down your body and she runs a tongue over her lips, seemingly thoughtful.

“Holtzmann,” you say with a nod in way of greeting.

“[Y/N],” she responds, mimicking your nods before standing up straight and fixing you with her gaze. You feel that roller coaster tumble in your stomach at this and wait for her to say something else.

“What’s your deal?” she asks, walking over to you. “I’ve been getting this weird vibe off of you the entire time.”

She’s studying you as if you’re some curious experiment or specimen which she doesn’t understand, but maybe she wants to. “You’re smart, you have ideas. You’re not exactly shy from what I’ve seen. But it seems as if you hate me.”

At this you can feel the anxiety in her and what it takes for her to be able to say this to you. All of a sudden you feel completely guilty but she has advanced towards you with each word and is now so close you can hardly think.

“You’re cute,” you manage to get out, but you say this as if the words are poison on your tongue. You can see that she doesn’t receive this sentiment as it’s intended, in her body language and how she backs away slightly.

“I- I like you?” you say, furrowing your eyebrows and not meeting her eyes.

“Is that a question?” she says, a touch of humour breaking through the confusion in her voice.

“No, no. It’s a fact,” you say, trying to express yourself with at least a smidge of eloquence, and failing. “You make me nervous and I like you. Obviously this isn’t something I’m good at dealing with.”

“No kidding,” she says, reaching out a hand to linger lightly upon your forearm, tracing the intricate patterns of your tattoo. She does this instead of meeting your gaze, perhaps giving you a little space within your head to straighten (A/N: HA!) your thoughts out.

“I’m just a really anxious person and have a massive crush on you. There, I said it. And I’m really sorry if that makes you uncomfortable or anything, I don’t know if you’re into girls, or me or-”

All of a sudden she cuts off your rambling by standing toe-to-toe with you, hands placed lightly on your arms and planting the sweetest of kisses on your mouth. Legs turning to jelly, you reach one hand out to hold onto her, yet this turns into a deeper embrace, and the other to brace yourself against the bench behind you.

She deepens the kiss and you involuntarily let out a soft moan, which sends a smile to her lips. Your shoulders relax and all of a sudden your book bag crashes to the floor with a loud bang. She pulls away, leaving you feeling a little disappointed. She sees this look on your face, more able to read you now and smirks.

“You know, I do think that this goes against the lab safety procedures, in some way. It’s getting hot in here, we don’t want to start a fire,” she says with a wink, reaching down to pick up your bag and handing it to you. You accept it and return her smile, accompanied by a blush.

“Yeah I guess you’re right. How about we go someplace else?” you suggest.

“My apartment is a ten minute walk from here,” she says heading towards the door. You take her offered and follow her out of the room, unafraid of getting burnt by the flame that has sparked between the two of you. Perhaps you do like roller coasters…

TBB: You can clearly see Johns pin-number is also “Sher-locked”

Some people: This is just dump conspiracy bullshit. The numbers could mean everything else

TFP: Sherlock finally finds the distress call from his 7 years old sister, literally 30 later, when he decipher the fake death-dates on the 200 years old gravestones in the yard of his parents house.

Some people: Oh, this is so brillant. So clever. Sherlock is amazing. And those little details. Never expected that!

… Tell me again: How was a 7 year old girl able to engrave fake-death dates in hundred years old gravestones? And why noone notice it?

Summer Storm - Chapter 17 Healing and Bonding

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It’s super late and i’m super tired, please forgive any mistakes lol this chapter took me forever!


Betty woke around noon and noticed that Jughead was restless.  He kept moving around and a small groan would escape his lips every now and then.  She moved the blanket and saw that his wound was bleeding through the bandage and got up to go get some clean ones.  He didn’t wake fully as she carefully cleaned it.  It still looked ok, no infection that she could see and she bandaged it up again.  She noticed his side was quite bruised and she wondered if he had broken ribs.  She couldn’t decide what to do.  He had been adamant about not calling for an ambulance or going to the hospital.  She grabbed Jugheads phone and shot Jellybean a text.

B: What time you figure you’ll be by?  I’m a little worried.  I think he might have broken ribs.  They really did a number on him :(

JB: We’ll come right away!

Betty wondered if that meant her boyfriend was coming with her.  It had to be because Jellybean wouldn’t bring anyone else.  As she was wondering, Jughead woke.  He groaned and pressed a hand to his abdomen.  She rushed over and sat beside him.

“Do you need some meds?” she asked, brushing his hair back.  

“Yeah…” he croaked out, sounding like he had sandpaper in his throat.  She got him some water and painkillers and he winced as he pulled himself up on the pillows behind him.  He swallowed the pills and leaned back.  “Jesus, I feel like a truck hit me,” he muttered.  His eye wasn’t as swollen but his face was littered with bruises and cuts and his shoulder had a fair bruise on it as well.  She was surprised it wasn’t dislocated.

“Worse than when you crashed your bike?” she asked.

“Yeah.  That was mostly a horrifying headache and my ankle if I stepped on it.  This is fucking all over.”

“You have bruises all up your side where you have the ‘JONES’ tattoo, I think you may have some broken ribs.  I hope not, but I’m not sure.  Did you take any hits there?”

“Some punches and I fell over pretty hard on that side.  There may have been a kick at one point, I don’t even know.”  Betty got angry again.  He noticed and cupped her chin in his hand, stroking his thumb across her lips.  She kissed it and leaned into his touch.

“I’m sorry you have to see me like this, that you have to do this,” he said quietly.

“I’m here for you Jughead, I always will be.  And I don’t have to do this, I want to do it,” she said with a gentle smile.  Jughead pulled her close and gave her a soft kiss.  She wanted nothing more than to throw herself in his arms but knew he’d be in too much pain.  

“I love you,” he said against her lips.

“I love you Juggie,” she whispered.  He smiled.  He loved it when she called him that.  He loved everything about her.  He pulled away and sat up with a wince.

“I need to go to the washroom and I really need to eat,”  he said, struggling to stand up.  She helped him and he straightened up with a groan but managed to stand on his own.

“Ok?” she asked and he nodded and walked slowly to the washroom.

“What do you want to eat?” she asked, reaching for the room service menu.

“Food.”  She smiled and got ready to order them some burgers and fries.

“Cake or pie?”

“Cake, chocolate….and pie.”  Betty chuckled and called in the order.  Jughead came back out of the bathroom and grabbed his pajama pants from the bags and she helped him get into them, as bending over too far was painful for him.  He went back to the bed and sat down, leaning back against the head board.  

“Food should be here soon enough,” she said as she shimmied out of her, or rather, his clothes and pulled on a dress.  He smiled as he watched her and she blushed under his heated gaze.  “Stop looking at me like that,” she muttered.

“How am I looking at you?”

“Like you want to drag me to bed.”

“Well, you got me there,” he said with a twinkle in his eye.  She was about to reply when there was a loud knock at the door.

“Food’s here already?” he asked, surprised.  Betty went to look out the peep hole and took a deep breath.  She opened the door and smiled at Jellybean and what appeared to be her boyfriend. Betty wondered at the black bag he was carrying.  Jughead’s sister gave her a quick hug and they walked into the room and Betty closed the door behind them.  Jellybean stopped and gasped when she saw him.

“What in the ever loving fuck!” she exclaimed, her hand over her mouth, her eyes filling with tears.  She rushed over and sat beside Jughead on the bed, touching a hand to his hair.  “I’m going to kill them, I swear to God, Jughead!”  Jughead shook his head and took her hand.

“I’ll be ok,” he said softly.  His eyes moved to the man standing at the foot of the bed.  “Hey, Noah.”  

Betty noticed the man looked furious and she took a step closer to Jughead, which he noticed and he bit back a smile.  She was fiercely protective and he loved her for it.

“Oh, Betty, this is my boyfriend, Noah.  Noah, meet Miss Betty Cooper, only the best author ever, and my brothers girlfriend.”

“Future wife,” Jughead corrected.  Betty smiled and Jellybean raised an eyebrow.  

“He’s weird about the word girlfriend,” she explained to Noah.  She turned back to Jughead and stood up.  “He’s going to check you out and make sure you’re ok.”

“Excuse me?”

“Noah is a med student, he knows enough to let you know if you need to get your stubborn ass to the hospital,” she explained.

“He doesn’t need…..”

“Jughead.”  Betty said his name softly but firmly and Jughead stopped protesting.  If Jellybean hadn’t witnessed it, she wouldn’t have believed it.  

“Wow,” she said with a laugh.  “Betty is definitely the one for you.”  Jughead glared and Betty smiled.  He turned to Noah and let out a sigh.

“Before you begin whatever it is that you’re going to be doing, I just want to say that I’m sorry.  For everything I’ve done to make JB cry and for trying to keep you guys apart when you started dating,” he said. “And congrats on the med student thing, I didn’t know you were doing that.”

“Well, you haven’t exactly been around to know,” Noah said.  Jellybean cleared her throat and Noah sighed and walked over the side of the bed.  He pulled up a chair and set his bag on it and opened it.  

Betty stood back with Jellybean and watched him work.  

“Does it hurt when you breathe?” He asked, holding a stethoscope to Jughead’s chest.  

“A little.”  He got him to pull forward a bit and pressed it to his back, listening intently.

“Well, your lungs seem clear so we don’t have to worry about fluid.”  He examined Jughead’s eyes with a light and smiled ruefully.  “You’re lucky that you have a hard head, you escaped a concussion this time.  What’s this about?” Noah asked, motioning to the bandage.  

“He ummm…..they cut him,” Betty said haltingly.  Noah carefully removed the bandage and Jellybean gasped again.

“Jesus,” she breathed, her tears spilling over.  “What the hell?”  

“Cutter’s way of killing a snake,” Jughead said.  

“I don’t understand,” JB said, crying softly as Noah pulled off the stitch bandages.  The cuts stayed together and Noah smiled at Betty.

“You did a good job.  The cuts are also really clean, whoever this Cutter is, he knows how to use a knife.  Honestly, I don’t think there will that much damage once it’s healed.  Will probably just look like the snake got into a bad fight, which is ironic, considering what actually happened,” he said wryly.   Jughead explained to them what had all happened and Cutter’s warnings and Jellybean looked furious after.

“You’re going to let him get away with this?” she fumed.

“Jellybean, yesterday you were screaming at me about all the shit and joining the gang, and now you’re suggesting revenge?” he asked.

“Well that was before he freaking tortured you!” she snapped.

“He didn’t torture me, not really.”  She gave him a look that suggested he was being an idiot.  “Look, I don’t want any part of this anymore.  He won’t bother me or you anymore if I leave town and honestly, that’s all I want to do.”

“And what about me?  I don’t feel safe and I don’t care what he promised.  I don’t believe him!”

“Well, actually….,” Noah began.  “I’ve been waiting for the right time to tell you, but I’ve been offered a residency in Miami and I didn’t want to say yes unless you were on board and willing to go with me.  We could move…..if you want.”  Jellybean stared at him in shock.

“We’ll talk about this later,” she finally managed.  “Finish up with him, the cuts are making me queasy.”  Noah added some suture glue to the cuts and re-bandaged him and moved to his side.  He pressed gently on each rib and took note when Jughead winced or gasped in pain.

“Well, I don’t think you have any ribs that are broken out right.  You may have cracked or fractured a couple and it may just be a deep bone bruise.  There really is no way to know without an x-ray.  If it starts feeling better by the end of the week without pain meds, it’s probably just a bone bruise.  A fracture might also feel better by then.  We’ll wrap you up tight and it should help.  Make sure not to do too much.  That includes sex, for at least a week.”

“Are you being honest now, or are you saying that because you’re still pissed off at me and want to be an asshole?” Jughead asked, glaring.  Noah’s mouth twitched with what may have been a smile.

“No, I’m being honest, although I can’t say I’m not enjoying it.”

“Seriously Jughead?” Betty exclaimed, rolling her eyes.  “You can barely fucking move and you’re mad cause you can’t have sex?”

“Hey, where there’s a will, there’s a way,” he said with a wink at her.  She flushed and Jellybean plugged her ears.

“La la la la la la la…..” she sang out.  “I don’t want to hear my brother and his girlfriend talking about sex.”

“Future wife,” Jughead corrected again.

“Jesus, Jughead, shut the hell up, she’s your girlfriend,” JB said with a roll of her eyes.  Betty bit back a laugh as Jughead glared at his sister.  Noah pulled a tenser bandage from his bag and wrapped it around Jughead’s middle a couple times over the ribs that hurt.  He stood when he was done and packed up his things.  

“That should do.  How long will you be in the city?”

“At least another week.  I need to talk to some of my former gang and I’m determined to take Betty on a New York date, so Cutter can just fucking wait.  He said I can take some time and I’m taking it.”

“You think he’s watching?” JB asked.

“I doubt it.  He knows I took him seriously and I’m going to do what he said.  I don’t think he will bother us.”

“Can I take Betty shopping then?” JB asked, chewing nervously on her lip.  

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” Noah said hesitantly.  

“You’re not going anywhere,” Jughead said sharply and Jellybean stood with her hands on her hips.

“You said that Cutter told you that eyes were off me.  That he wouldn’t hurt me or Betty.  I want to go shopping with her.  He said we could have some time and I’m fucking taking some time!” she yelled.  Jughead slowly got to his feet and grabbed his phone.  He found a number and hit send.

“Sam, meet me at the hotel I told you I was staying at, bring two guys.”  He hung up the phone and tossed it on the bed.

“Are you seriously going to assign some gang bangers to bodyguard us? For shit’s sake Jughead!  I’m not walking around with those guys trailing after me,” Jellybean yelled again.

“You’ll do as you’re fucking told!”

“EXCUSE ME?”  JB looked furious enough to kill him.

“Don’t talk to her like that,” Noah said angrily.

“Oh my God! Everybody just stop!” Betty yelled.  They all fell silent and looked at her.  “Jughead, stop being rude and stop talking to your sister like she’s a kid.  She can make her own damn decisions.  Noah, Jughead is just over protective and bossy and he likes to use the word ‘fuck’.  And Jellybean, I would love to go shopping with you, even with some hideous looking bikers trailing us and if I’m going to be honest, I’d feel better.  I don’t want to leave Jughead today, but you can come by first thing tomorrow and we’ll go all day.  How about that?”  Jellybean quickly nodded and smiled.  Noah still looked angry and Jughead was glaring at her.

“I don’t want you to go anywhere,” he said, his voice sounding a little terrified.  She walked over and touched his face, smiling at him.

“We’ll take your bodyguards and we’ll always make sure we’re vigilent. Ok?  Now call them back and tell them to come tomorrow.”  Jughead sighed and did as she asked.

“I’m seriously never going to get over this,” Jellybean said with a smirk.  “He is like putty in your hands.  Let’s see what else you can get him to do.”  Betty burst out laughing and Jughead sent his sister a scathing look.  There was another knock at the door and Betty went to see who it was.  She opened it and smiled at the room service delivery man.

“What took so long?” she asked with a smile.  He gave her a nervous laugh and wheeled the cart in.  She tipped him and sent him on his way.  Jellybean and Noah stayed for the afternoon and by the time they left, Noah and Jughead were acting like old friends and Jellybean had laid out the plan for the next day’s shopping.  Betty had to admit, she was excited.  They left after they ordered dinner and Jughead looked exhausted and Betty ordered him into bed.

“I want to take a shower,” he said firmly.  Noah had left some large water proof bandages to fit over the one on his stomach and Betty get in with him, insisting on helping him.

“This isn’t a good idea,” Jughead said gruffly as she gently washed him.  She smiled coyly at him and giggled when she brushed against him and he groaned.

“Well,” she breathed into his ear, as she wrapped her hand around his arousal.  “He never said I couldn’t help you out.”  Jughead lowered his head and took her mouth, his hand wrapping around the back of her neck.  She moved her hand on him, absorbing his gasps with her mouth and tongue.  He pulled away and rested his forehead on hers, his eyes burning into hers.

“I don’t know if this will help,” he muttered.  “I’m still going to want your legs wrapped around me.”  

“What if my mouth was wrapped around you,” she whispered and slowly dropped to her knees.  Jughead watched as she did exactly that and had to brace his hand on the tile to keep his knees from giving out.  She worked him slowly, moving her hand and mouth on him, wrapping her tongue around him, dragging it up his length and then taking him in again.  

“Betty, I’m….” He didn’t finish his thought as she pulled him deep and his body tightened as his release ripped through him.  She worked him through it and slowly kissed her way up his body.  He was wincing when she looked at him.  

“Oh shit, Juggie!”  she gasped, noticing his eyes filled with both pleasure and pain.  

“I’m ok,” he groaned, pulling her to him with his hand and kissing her hard, pulling her tongue into his mouth with his.  She moaned and was about to sag against him and then caught herself.  She was trembling by the time he let her go and his eyes no longer had any pain in them.  

“That hurt, huh?” she asked with a sigh.

“Yeah, but I’d do it again in a heartbeat,” he said with a smile.  She shook her head with a smile and helped him out of the shower.  She took off the water proof bandage and got him into his pajama pants and a tshirt and got him into bed.

“I hate feeling so helpless,” he muttered.  Betty snuggled up next to him and rested her head on his shoulder.

“And I love taking care of you, so you just shush and let me,” she said, kissing his chin.  

“I want to touch you,” he said softly.  He tried to roll to his side and fell back with a groan.  “God dammit!”

“It’s ok,” Betty said smiling at him.  “I can wait.”

“No, get on the other side of me,” he insisted.

“Jughead, no,” she protested.

“Please,” he said, his voice sounding strained with want.  She carefully climbed over him and there wasn’t much room and he managed to slide over a little so she fit.  He slowly rolled onto his good side and pulled her to her side so they faced each other on the pillow.

“Hi,” she whispered with a smile. He smiled and kissed her, his hand slowly brushing down her side.  She had climbed into bed in just a tank top and panties and when his hand brushed down her leg she was happy she hadn’t put on pajamas.  His tongue flicked against her lips and she opened her mouth with a sigh and sank into the kiss.   His hand brushed against her stomach and moved up under the shirt.  When he cupped her breast and ran his thumb over her nipple she whimpered and arched into his touch.
He moved his hand down again, brushing against the lace covering her.  She whimpered and moved her hips, feeling the heat bursting to flame inside her.  He slipped his hand under it and brushed his fingers over her folds and groaned into her mouth. She was hot and wet for him.

“Still want to wait?” he teased against her ear as his fingers dipped inside her.  

“No,” she gasped as he slid a finger, then two inside her. He shifted so he was leaning more over her and she lay on her back.  Her legs fell apart and her hips lifted to his hand.  He moved slowly, his thumb brushing over her clit, circling, teasing and she moaned into his mouth.  He applied more pressure and her hips bucked off the bed, his fingers sliding deeper.  

“Pull up your shirt,” he breathed and she hurried to do what he asked, pulling it up above her breasts.  He shifted slightly until he could drag his tongue over a nipple, before taking it in his mouth and sucking.  She felt herself begin to tighten at the action and her breathing got choppy.

“Jug….” She gasped, feeling her body begin to spiral.  He nipped with his teeth and curled his fingers inside her, his thumb pressing hard and she splintered apart, a soft cry falling from her lips.  Betty gasped, her hips writhing as he worked her through her orgasm.  When she calmed she realized she had a death grip on his shoulders and quickly let go.  He shifted back and he tried unsuccessfully to hide his wince.

“Dammit,” she muttered, her eyes filling with tears.  “I’m sorry.”

“No, stop,” Jughead said quickly, pulling her close to his side.  “I don’t care if it hurts, every second was worth it.”  He kissed her again and when he pulled away she sighed.

“No more till date night, and that’s final!” she said firmly.  

“Yes, ma’am,” he said with a smile.  His satisfied arrogant smirk was going to be the death of her.  She rolled her eyes and pulled the sheets over them.  They fell asleep with smiles on their faces.

The next morning, after some more protesting from Jughead, who still couldn’t do much except sit around eating pain killers, and making Betty promise to text every half hour, she and Jellybean, along with three scary looking bikers, headed out into the city.  The first place they went was JB’s favorite vintage shop.  Betty was overwhelmed by the noise and bustle of the city.  It was larger than life and she felt small and insignificant.  Jellybean didn’t let her dwell on it and in no time, she fell in love with it all.  

“This would look great on you,” JB said, holding up a gypsy style skirt in front on Betty.  She tried it on and agreed and found a pretty blouse that went great with it.  “Put that on with some flowers in your hair and my brother would probably have a stroke,” she said with a giggle.  Betty flushed and made a mental note to do just that.  They found some cute hats and after giggling over most of them, they each bought one and Betty took a selfie of them and sent it to Jughead.  He replied immediately.

J: You look so beautiful.

B: So does your sister!

J: I see only you.

“Jesus, he’s so gone for you,” JB said with a roll of her eyes as she read the text.  Betty blushed and they headed to the next stop.  

“So this date night that he’s planning to take you on, we need to find you something sexy to wear,” JB said, pulling Betty into another clothing boutique.

“Well, I was thinking of wearing a dress, he really likes my dresses,” she said with a laugh.

“No girl, we need something sexy, something warm evening New York, and shoes.  We definitely need shoes.  I have a picture in my head; let’s see if we can put this together.”  Betty offered no protest and was more than happy to have Jellybean dress her.  Her style was stuck with jeans and tshirts and sundresses and she wanted something with some heat.  Jellybean picked out an outfit and Betty stared at herself in the mirror.

“I don’t know,” she said slowly, almost not recognizing the woman staring back at her.  This was definitely not small town farm girl.  

“Yes, Betty.  Although it’s totally weird to talk about my brother this way, but you need to knock him off his feet.  This is so hot.  Oh my God, I wish I had your legs.”

“I feel under dressed,” she admitted, biting her lip.

“All that’s showing is leg and arm,” JB said with a laugh.  “You never show legs in a dress?”

“Not this much,” Betty laughed, starting to like the outfit.  She turned and looked at herself.  She felt sexy and confident and she had no doubt Jughead wouldn’t be able to keep his hands to himself.

“It’s sexy but not slutty, that’s the key,” JB explained with a smile.  “Now girl, we need to get you some sexy heels.”

“You know, I’ve never seen my brother this happy before in my life,” Jellybean said softly as they sat at a small café on a lovely tree lines street.  

“I’ve never been this happy either,” Betty said with a smile.  “I love him so much.”

“What made you fall in love with him?  I only ask because he hasn’t shown any soft or vulnerable side of himself in so many years.  I doubt you fell in love with the hard biker side of him.”

“He is so kind and gentle.  The way he looked at me, the way he protected me, the way he smiled at me.  I realized very quickly that the façade he put out wasn’t the real man.  The first time we….” Betty trailed off, suddenly embarrassed.  “Sorry, I forget you’re his sister.”

“It’s ok,” JB said laughing.  "Just don’t give me any details.”  Betty told her about her life before Jughead and JB had tears in her eyes when she told it.  “Oh Betty, I’m so sorry.”

“He showed me that not all men were assholes.  Even when we….i mean, when we umm…..well you know……he was so careful and made sure I was safe and comfortable….sigh sorry….im embarrassed now and you’re his sister,” Betty said with a nervous laugh.  Jellybean waved it off as nothing.

“That’s how he’s always been, before my mom and the gang fucked him up.  He was the best brother and had such a sweet gentle way about him.  He took really good care of me and the night after he found our mom, I saw something different in his eyes.  It kind of scared me.  Of course he still took good care of me, but his softness was gone and I’m so glad you pulled it back out of him.  I missed him.”

“Yeah…” Betty said softly, sipping on her drink.

“Was it hard, when he left?”

“God, I was so angry at him!  I knew he loved me and shit, it took him so long to figure it out.  Being away from me finally did it, I guess,” she said laughing.

“You knew he loved you?”

Betty told the story of the night Paul attacked her and Jellybean looked furious when she was done.  “Holy shit, Jughead should have killed him!”

“That’s the night I realized he loved me,” Betty said smiling.  “He took such good care of me, I don’t know what would have happened if he hadn’t been there,” she said, feeling tears sting her eyes.  Jellybean covered her hand.

“Well he was and now look at you!  Sitting in New York City with your biggest fan!” she giggled.  Betty smiled and giggled with her.  

“Did you and Noah talk about Miami?” she asked curiously.

“Yeah we did and I told him I would love to go!  I’m actually so excited.  I’m ready for a change and I don’t want to be here anymore.  I love this city but it has a scary undertone for me and I’d rather just start fresh.  That way you guys can come visit without worrying about dying!”  As serious as that was, both girls burst into fits of laughter.  

They spent more time shopping and as they were deciding if they should head back or continue Betty suddenly had an idea.  

“Do you know any really good tattoo shops?” she asked, biting her lip nervously.

“Seriously?”  JB asked in surprise.  

“I’ve been looking at the couple you have peeking out from your shirt all day and I just had this fun idea and I’d really like to do a little something,” Betty admitted.

“I know just the place!” JB said with a grin.  Betty’s phone buzzed and she looked down and smiled.

J: I miss you.

B: be back soon!! :)

She tucked the phone away and followed Jellybean down the street.

The week went fairly quickly.  She spent a lot of time with Jellybean and Jughead had talks and meetings with the few serpents that were still around.  There wasn’t a gang left and they all had no interest in getting on Cutter’s bad side.  They simply ran their bike shop and stayed out of his way.  Jughead found it ironic that the very thing he had wanted when he had run the gang was now how it was since he was no longer a part of it.  He was starting to feel a lot better and Noah, who came to check on him at the end of the week determined he just had deep tissue and bone bruising and possibly a hairline fracture to a rib but Jughead seemed to be recovering nicely.

He went out one evening with Jellybean because she insisted he get something proper to wear for their date and his jeans and leather simply wouldn’t do.  He didn’t argue and Betty spent the time in the hotel spa to relax.  She had been firm with him all week about not doing anything sexual and as much as he pouted, he didn’t argue much.  She also stayed out of his showers and locked the door when she went in for her own.  He seemed confused but she just smiled and told him the wait would be worth it.  She was glad he seemed to agree, as she didn’t want to reveal to him just yet, what she had on her skin.

Jughead stood while Jellybean fussed with the jacket she insisted he wear and laughed at her fierce frown.  

“You need to look good for her, Jughead, cause I picked out a killer outfit for her to wear and you can’t look like a bum!”

“Do I ever look like a bum?” he asked with an eye roll.  JB laughed and then nodded.  

“This is perfect.  She will love it!”

“How do you know?” he asked.

“The same way I know you will love her outfit,” JB said with a smirk.  Jughead smiled and pulled her in for a hug.  He was about to release her and she didn’t let him go and he hugged her again.

“I’m so happy for you Jay.  I’m so happy she brought the real Jughead back to me,” she whispered, her voice sounding like she was going to cry.

“I’m sorry hon,” he said, hugging her close.  “For everything.”

“I know,” she sniffled and pulled away.  “She really loves you.  So don’t fuck it up!”  He laughed.

“Trust me, I will spend my life making sure I don’t!”

On Friday morning, Jughead made a call to Sam, asking him for a favor, which was quickly granted.  It was date night and he felt like he was going on a first date, which in a way, he kind of was.  Despite everything, him and Betty had never had an actual date and he was looking forward to showing her some of his favorite spots.  He had told her he would be waiting for her in front of the hotel when she was ready and had left her to get ready with Jellybean.

“Oh, I don’t know why I’m so nervous!” Betty exclaimed, looking in the mirror.  “We’re practically freaking married already and this is our first actual date.  How funny is that?”  Jellybean just smiled and started spraying her hair again.

“Ok, I think that’s enough product.  Its great by the way, no matter what you do to your hair tonight, it will bounce right back after and it doesn’t even feel like you have anything in it.”

“What could I possibly do with my hair that would require bouncing back?”  Betty wondered out loud.  “Besides the end of date activities,” she added with a giggle.  JB rolled her eyes and just smiled.  She stepped back and nodded.

“You’re ready and your prince is waiting downstairs,” she said giving Betty a quick hug.  Betty took a deep breath and headed down to meet Jughead.

Betty walked out of the hotel and stopped short.  Jughead was perched on the edge of the seat of a brand new Harley, one leg pulled up on the foot rest and lighting a cigarette.  Her stomach began to flutter as she looked at him.  He was wearing black pants and a white shirt, covered by a black blazer type jacket.  He had tried to tame his unruly hair but some strands were already falling across his forehead, making him look even hotter.  He was just about to light it when he glanced up and saw her and promptly forgot what he was doing.

Jughead forgot to breathe.  His eyes slowly raked her from top to bottom, taking in the blonde curls that fell around her shoulders, the sleeveless tight white shirt that looked molded to her skin, the short black dress shorts that stopped at the top of her thighs and down her impossibly long legs to her feet that she had slipped into red heels.  She looked dam near naked and at the same time, not naked enough.  He stood slowly and she walked over to him.  She stopped just a breath away from him and smiled up into his eyes.  The glazed look of desire made her giggle.

“I think we need to go back upstairs,” he said, hoarsely.  She shook her head and brushed his hair back.

“You promised me a date, Jughead Jones, and I intend to collect on that promise.”

“Then maybe you shouldn’t be wearing that,” he whispered gruffly, his hand brushing her bare leg.  “I’m going to want to kill every guy that looks at you all evening,” he said with a sigh.

“If you see someone looking, just remember, I’m with you and you get to take me home,” she whispered into his ear as he pulled her closer.  He growled softly when she nipped his ear.  She stepped back suddenly and grinned at him.

“Fuck,” he muttered, his body starting to react.  “You did that on purpose.”

“I would never!” she said in mock surprise.  She laughed at his frustrated glare and looked at the bike.  “Well, now I see why Jellybean was determined to make my hair damage proof.  You’re going to give me helmet hair for our date?  And do you see these heels?  I’ve been practicing all week so I don’t fall flat on my face,” she said with a frown.  He grinned and handed her a small helmet and she sighed and put it on.  It wasn’t so bad and he straddled the bike and gave her his hand for balance as she got on behind him, suddenly thankful she wasn’t wearing a dress.

“Ready to see my New York?” he asked when her arms went around his waist.

“Absolutely!” she said, giving him a gentle squeeze.  He started the bike and headed out into the city lights.


Jughead and Betty take the city by storm on their date…….