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The thing is with BPD, is when something changes for over 2 days we assume it’ll be like that forever, and that it’s not just a temporary change/alteration. Havnt spoken to your friend in 2 days? You’ll never speak again and they hate you. Got less notes on your blog lately? You’ve lost popularity and noone likes it any more. You’ve lost your shirt and havn’t found it? Gone forever. 

uuuuuuuuhhhhhh, i made a thing

and im not happy with it, haha, but whatever :D

anyway! color!Sans belongs to @superyoumna!

So I took my McCree and Pharah sibling bonding time picture and inked it. 

I have a copy saved in photoshop and I want to digitally ink and color it at some point this summer. But for now, have some clean lines done by shaky hands!

Also, bonus “siblings that shit talk about everyone, silently judging you from a distance” doodle~

my school has done a number of stupid things, to name a few:

implemented passes to the toilet at lunch. except noone knew who had them because the teachers were constantly swapping between themselves and random children. this was eventually stopped.

ban people with lunches from home putting their stuff in the bin, even things like banana peels and apple cores. this was a few days ago, and noone’s said a peep about stopping it yet.

stopped letting people bring their own snack for break and instead made everyone eat fruit, instead of milk, toast and crumpets that they usually offered.

lunchtime groups. this wouldn’t be too bad if every group was a disorganised mess and half the people didn’t know what group they were in. plus, you had to sit at a set table and was never able to sit near your friends. again, this stopped after a while because noone liked it.

you had to be escorted to the toilets by another pupil if you went during class- this made sense slightly, because at the time there had been boys flooding the toilets and shitting in the sinks. another rule that was eventually stopped.

for every school play, they do auditions two weeks before the actual play at most. then, they pressure you by telling you just how many parents are going to be there and if you messed up once then you’d ruined it for everyone. they also made the shy kids stay up on stage for far too long, resulting in one having to be taken out of the hall because she’d started crying from being nervous. 

tldr; teachers are stupid and apparently don’t know how to run a school properly.

Gather round children! Let me tell you the tail of how I was stuck in Cowboy Hell!

So the other day I was playing Arcade mode in Overwatch, specifically the Mystery Brawl one. While in skirmish (it’s very very important that I mention that it was the High Noon brawl), my connection to the server was disrupted. Many of you know that when it’s disrupted there’s a chance you can still log back on and just pop right back into a game. 

Well, it threw be back into the High Noon skirmish I was in.

But it wouldn’t let me leave…

No joke! As people kept popping in and out of the skirmish, I was stuck in a permanent queue as McCree. A sort of online video game, wild western limbo if you will. I spent most of it messing around, sitting randomly in front of large groups of hostile McCrees, using my ult about 4 or 5 times, making friends, making enemies, and dying to other McCrees… a lot. Because sometimes people in skirmish are assholes…

Eventually I just started talking to other people, trying to voice my predicament, get some shred of help, until someone told me I was paying for my sins. Which tbh sounds about right. Naughty cowboys will be put into the Deadlock Sin Bin I suppose. Others replied, trying to show support in my time of need…

(Sorry about the chat misspelling, I was still in a state of disbelief.)

Some people tried to meet up with my while I just sat on top of the enemy team’s spawn, waiting for a huge drove of other McCrees to roll out so I could use my Deadeye. Because I had fallen to the madness and needed to purge the earth of McCrees.

But wait, it’s get’s worse.

The skirmish was coming to an end, so I took a seat and gazed out into Deadlock Gorge, realizing that it was actually really pretty. Seriously people, you should take the time to look! It’s really beautiful. I even told people there, and one guy agreed.

Anyway, the skirmish finally ends. I think, “Yes this is it, I can finally leave.” The clock reaches zero and…

I’m still there.

I was stuck, alone, in my own personal Cowboy Hell, paying for my sins. What those sins were I can only guess…

I wandered around a bit, “All By Myself” by Eric Carmen playing in my head as I had no use for the Deadeye now, and screaming into Discord to my friends as I sat around in limbo.


A miracle. 

As if the benevolent cowboy gods of old had answered my prayers, or Blizzard just got fed up with my singing…

I was set free!

So go forth children, tell the tale of Cowboy Hell and heed those who disrupt team comp, those Symmetras that place a teleporter at the edge of a map, those Hanzo mains who think it’s funny to teabag because lets be honest why would you be that gross asshole, those Reinhartds who charge right into enemy lines with absolutely no plan and think that their healers will follow them. Tell them if they do not repent, they’ll likely end up as I did…

And perhaps they will not be so favored by the Wild Western Gods. 

Go! Repent! And tell them of Cowboy Hell.


Ship challenge: one Phryne/Jack gifset per episode
↳  Season 1, Episode 4: Death at Victoria Dock.

- You’d almost think someone twisted Waddington’s arm, you know, in a charming way.

A thought:

Maybe Yuri’s grandpa doesn’t immediately fall in love with Otabek (I mean, of course he does, but) Maybe he keeps interrupting their dates and alone time, always one-upping Otabek’s gifts and suggestions.

For example:

Otabek: Yura, there’s a carnival in town. I thought we could-
Nikokai: *bursts in* The carnival’s back, Yuratchka! I’ve already bought us tickets and my friend Vlad got us backstage passes to pet the tigers from the side show!


Otabek: It’s nearly noon. Would you like to get a bite to-
Nikolai: *kicks the door in* I brought over my homemade pirozhki fresh from the oven!

Of course, in the end, his grandpa accepts Otabek, because who wouldn’t fall for the mature, responsible, caring gentleman? But, just for a moment, think of Nikolai using his meddling powers for evil.
Where did you think Yuri got his competitive nature from?

What Your Favorite UD Character Says About You

Sam: You take hour-long showers. You get annoyed very easily at the stupid mistakes people in horror movies make.

Josh: You enjoy feeling bitter and screwed over by endings to things. You probably have at least one other fave whom you passionately believe deserved better.

Mike: At some point in your life you have looked in a mirror and gone “dayyyyyum”. You love dogs more than life itself.

Jess: You’re often upset by how female characters are treated by writers and fandoms. Your insults are very cutting and extremely creative.

Matt: You find yourself overlooked and under-appreciated a lot. You’ve watched Grease Live at least seventeen times.

Emily: A righteous anger hotter than a thousand suns burns in your soul. Dragging people is what you live for.

Chris: Puns are the highest, purest form of humor. You romantically call people “bro” or “dude”.

Ashley: You sleep in until noon like every day. You scream when a phone rings in a quiet room.

Hannah: You love death and dying and being dead. You have bad luck with your crushes.

Beth: You have an extremely low bullshit tolerance. You want to date someone who could kick your ass.

  • Hook: get your affairs in order, dearie, for we duel at noon on my ship!
  • Rumple: dawn
  • Hook: what?
  • Rumple: it's supposed to be dawn
  • Rumple: super dramatic duels happen at dawn
  • Rumple: it's more dramatic
  • Hook:
  • Hook: no it's not
  • Rumple: yes it is, everyone knows that
  • Hook: no they don't
  • Rumple: yeah, dawn, you know, start of the day, end of your life, it's a poetic juxtaposition
  • Hook: YOU'RE a poetic juxtaposition
  • Rumple: noon just makes it sound like you stayed in bed till eleven
  • Hook: maybe I DID, I have an evil girlfriend you know
  • Rumple:
  • Rumple: look at the very least you could've said HIGH noon, you know, like in the Westerns?
  • Hook: what the bloody hell is a Western
  • Rumple: oh good grief
  • Hook: SHUT UP it's my first day on the job don't be mean

Benedict Cumberbatch, HB pencil in my ‘sketchbook of lopping off the top of Ben’s head’. i’ve been having such a hard time drawing anything lately, and several projects pending, posting this can only be motivational i hope! <3 

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I got a bullet for you
I want to make your heart stop
I want to make your heart stop for me
Look at me, look in my eyes
I got a bullet for you