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2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

Bonnie & Clyde

Summary: You’re the daughter of a notorious mobster, and Yoongi is the bodyguard that he hired against your wishes.

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“Why didn’t you fire them?” He asked like it was the simplest thing to do.

“Dad. We’ve gone through so many housekeepers. There’s no reason to fire them for one mistake.” You told him.

“Y/N, if they can’t do their job correctly then that’s not your problem. We’ll keep firing them until we find someone who can do the job right. It’s that simple.” He argued.

“They’re people dad.” You sighed feeling aggravated by his lack of understanding.

"Jesus, Y/N. Focus on yourself and stop worrying about others. Go study, I don’t want to hear you complain anymore.” He said turning his attention back to the laptop.

You rolled your eyes and stormed off upstairs to your room.

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||❥ wrong number (m)

h o s h i ! s c e n a r i o

words: 6.5k

genre: ye old smut + sexting and shit 

synopsis: you are dragged to dance class by your friend, but don’t realize the guy she practices with is the same dude you walked in on with another girl at the frat party (yikes)

You shouldn’t have let Mina drag you to her dance studio, instant regret seeping like thick tar through your bones and clumping your insecurities in one erratic bunch. The floors appeared so smooth and polished, the fluorescent lighting casting bright scars to litter the wood and bubble an unwavering taunt about how slippery the surface could be. Mirrors were plastered to the front wall, all spiffy and spotless while intimidatingly large speakers pumped melodies of music into open air.

The principal reason for you winding up in a place like this was because you uttered one mindless sentence, “I mean, I wouldn’t mind learning to dance,” to Mina one afternoon, and since then she’d been dead set about hauling you to the studio she practiced at. It was just after four o'clock as Mina’s grip on your fingers slithered away, leaving you to stand in an empty dressing room while she shed her attire for something more suitable. You had a change of clothes in your bag too, but you were hesitant to slip them on, mostly because one simpering thought was staining the corners of your mind and gnawing at your flesh.

Mina really should have told you earlier she practiced dance with, Kwon Soonyoung, the attractive blonde that you accidentally stumbled in on screwing some girl at a frat party. The memory cut through your brain in a spastic flash, until the only depiction blotching across your eyelids was the girl propped against the bathroom sink, wisps of hair dancing before her face and the obscurities she relentlessly keened. 

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Ship challenge: one Phryne/Jack gifset per episode
↳  Season 1, Episode 4: Death at Victoria Dock.

- You’d almost think someone twisted Waddington’s arm, you know, in a charming way.

Please just stop already

I wish people would stop being annoying and obnoxious about having BTS at literally every single freaking American award show. It’s annoying really it is when all you see on social media is spams of people begging to get them there. If BTS wants to be on the award show THEY THEMSELVES WILL GET THEM THERE! You don’t need to be annoying enough that the award show says okay. That is not BTS getting it that is you being annoying. Just stop. Especially the MTV Video Music Awards. FUCK NO I don’t want BTS there. That award show is shit and means crap. Its always a train wreck of embarrassment during the show and the award means nothing to be honest. Lets not have them there. I truly feel that the people that want BTS at every single American award show are just doing it to be annoying and have BTS in everyone’s face so they can brag about BTS and start the “my group is better than your group” bullshit that happens in the kpop fandom. Just please stop with this and let the boys do what they want. Like my god I am so done with a good portion of this fandom right now. 

So I took my McCree and Pharah sibling bonding time picture and inked it. 

I have a copy saved in photoshop and I want to digitally ink and color it at some point this summer. But for now, have some clean lines done by shaky hands!

Also, bonus “siblings that shit talk about everyone, silently judging you from a distance” doodle~

Having a celebrity boyfriend has its advantages and disadvantages. One of the disadvantages are namely missing out on special occasions like your birthday, but even so, Jimin still manages to take his time to call, messages and Facetime you throughout the day to greet you and ask about your day. Unfortunately, this year, Jimin won’t be next to you when you wake up on your special day because they’re currently in LA for another KCON event. 

You woke up to the sound of your alarm blaring throughout the room, you groaned, switching it off. You frowned at the thought of not having Jimin wake you up instead but quickly replaced it with a smile at the thought of him calling in 3 - 2 - 1 *RIIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNNNNGGGGGG* You smirked as your phone started ringing indicating someone was facetiming you. 

You pressed accept and Jimin’s face whose currently getting makeup appears on the screen. “Happy Birthday, beautiful” Jimin greeted you with a big smile on his face. 

“Aw, thank you baby” You replied back suddenly feeling shy. 

His phone was snatched off his hands when suddenly, a grinning V appeared on the screen, “HAPPY BIRTHDAY (Y/N)” he exclaimed cheerfully. 

“Thanks boo!” You giggled. Everyone took turn greeting you and you just felt blessed to have friends like them and for a moment you completely forgot that they’re 12734987529 miles away from you. 

Eventually, Jimin’s face, once again appeared on your screen. “Well, that was quick” Jimin sarcastically said, you laughed and thought of Jin who had quite a bunch of things to say. 

“I miss you babe, I wish you were here next to me” You said, letting the sadness of your voice be known as you lay back down on your bed feeling comfortable. 

Jimin sighed, “I know baby and I miss you too. I’ll be back in a week and today’s your special day! Go have some fun with your friends but not too much fun okay?” The playful tone on his was evident, you closed your eyes and just thought of the things that you both would do today instead. 

Eventually, you fell asleep on call and woke up again around noon. Like an instinct, you checked your phone and saw that he messaged, “You fell asleep on call, jagi. I didn’t wanna wake you up! Have fun today baby! Happy Birthday again and I love you so much!” you smiled and got into shower to start your day. 

You went to your family’s place and ate lunch there, met up with a couple of friends and just had fun with them. You were enjoying a peaceful walk by the sea, the sun setting down and all it was just a perfect moment perhaps, which was rudely interrupted when your phone buzzed in your back pocket. 

Kookie sent you a video with the caption, “Jimin was feeling down before the show because he couldnt be with you today. So, Yoongi gave him a match box and told him to light one and pretend that he’s gonna blow the candles with you. It was hilarious and gross omg you guys r goals bye luv u and happy birthday!” 

You laughed at his messaged and played the video, Jimin held a matchstick and mouthed, “Happy Birthday baby” and blew it off with a smile. You can also hear Jin yelling in the background to get ready as they were to get on stage in 5. It was cute and funny and you just can’t help but blush a the thought of Jimin blowing a candle. 

You sent him a message, “You’re such a dork and I love you so much. Facetime when you’re free okay?” you hit the send button and continued walking, feeling low-key excited for the Facetime later on.

// CL 

I dont understand why people are so comically antagonist towards sculpts and companies they dont like.Just calm down barbara, have some of tea. Its not that big a deal that you dont like minifee chloe, she’s not a ‘stupid ugly whore bitch’, I know you dont like iplehouse, you dont have to rant about how they’re 'grotesque barbie sex dolls’, have a lie down. Noones forcing you to like DDs, we dont need about how the fans are all 'perverted neckbeard manchildren’ , get some sunshine. Breathe.



Hermione Granger x Viktor Krum

Jobs AU

Your love of strawberry shortcake really doesn’t match your appearance but I still think that’s really cute.


Successful was always the word Hermione used to describe her future when asked. Business school seemed the best way to go about making sure she was. She always figured she’d be some kind of accountant, or manager. She hadn’t even considered the idea that she would inherit her cousin’s bakery. She hadn’t even considered that she would be thrown into someone else’s dream and that she would have to work so hard to learn the trade herself and…well…after all these years she’d really grown to love it.

Her friends had thought she was crazy when she first started but they knew if anyone could do it, it was her. And she did. She’d taken night classes and learned to bake and had kept her cousin’s dream alive long after she had passed unexpectedly.

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Things Felt But Unsaid

This is my little gift for @stoptryingtomakethingshappen for the Secret Santa event, hosted by @drarryexchange . It’s the first time I’ve written for the Drarry fandom and the first time I have written anything as fluffy as this, but I hope you’ll like it!

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

This warmth, those arms around his body, that messy dark hair tickling his neck.

Why, Potter? thought Draco as he watched with foggy, still tired eyes, the peaceful form laid in his bed.

Certain rays of sun were decorating their faces through the curtains, leaving small dots of light across pillow-patterned cheeks and closed eyelids.

The whole thing felt like some sort of dream to Draco. Too surreal, too good to be true after so many years of anger and self-destruction.

He turned his head a little to have a better look of the man still asleep behind him. Barely resisted the urge to extend his hand, to touch with pale fingers the warm skin pressed so beautifully against his.

Years before, every time the image of the familiar boy - now man - entered his field of vision, all he used to feel was rage and disappointment. And hatred, so much hatred… Sometimes he couldn’t even think because of it.

Things changed to such an extent that the past now seemed like an alternative existence, not part of the same life, full of anguish.

After all of that…How could you chose me?’

Harry’s breathing was caressing Draco’s neck while his chest moved with every puff that escaped past his parted lips. He’s always been a late sleeper and secretly, of course, Draco liked this. It gave him time to think, to appreciate better just how lucky he ended up.

After his sixth year, the only ending he visioned for himself was the cold, empty space of an Askaban cell. Or being Voldemort’s lap dog for the rest of eternity.

Not this. Not this closeness. Not so much forgiveness.

And especially not so much love.

Despite his earlier - better - judgement, Draco’s hand found itself buried in dark hair, too tangled for its own good and not soft enough. However, Draco felt a strange sort of affection every time his fingers moved across Harry’s unkempt locks, and the last thing he wanted was to stop.

“Malfoy” a morning voice echoed suddenly.

Draco stopped his movement, focusing his attention instead on green eyes, now open, gazing back at him.

“Morning, princess,” he said, his tone full of fondness. “Slept well?”

Harry blinked twice, trying process everything at once.

“Draco” he called out once again, a bit confused still. “Why are you up so early?”

Draco smiled.

“Not everybody can sleep until noon with no remorse like you, Potter,” he said, no bite in his words. “Most people have responsibilities, you know? We don’t have the luxury of taking a nap whenever we  want just because we defeated a wizard years ago.”

As usual, when confronted this way, Harry rolled his eyes.

“If I’m not wrong, Malfoy, you - as in, the responsible one out of the two of us, according to your words - are also still on bed. So, instead of throwing around baseless accusations, why don’t you keep messing with my hair since you like it and start telling me about what you seemed to be so conflicted about.”

Draco would’ve done anything to wipe the smirk out of his face. He should’ve known better than to bring up any sort of competition whenever it involved Harry. That bastard always had some sort of witty answer up his sleeve, no matter the time of the day of night.

“You know what, Potter?” he said. “I think I liked you better asleep. Why don’t you go back to it?”

Harry eyes sparkled at that. Draco didn’t apreciate that look.

“Neah,” said Harry in mocking laziness, perfectly aware of how much Draco hated when he did that. “I think getting on your nerves for a bit longer will be more entertaining.”

“Oh, shut it already,” said Draco, rolling over, having his back facing Harry once again.

Harry only laughed at how silly Draco was behaving.

“I see someone woke up quite cranky today,” he said.

“I’m not ‘cranky’. I’m just tired of you,” remarked Draco.

“Please, you’ll never get tired of me,” laughed Harry, poking Draco in the ribs to play around some more.

“Yes, I am. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’d like to make me some breakfast. I can’t stand being hungry,” he said, rolling out of bed.

Harry raised his hand, gently touching Draco’s arm.

“You mean making us breakfast, right? he grinned, trying to make his voice sound sweet.

“As if you still deserve something after the trick you pulled last night. I won’t be able to sit for a whole week thanks to your lack of patience.” he mumbled hoping to come out as angry, but failing miserably. He couldn’t fool Harry so easily.

Of course, he still freed his arm and moved towards the door, his stepping as lazy as possible.

“Like you didn’t enjoy it,” Harry said, a bit frustrated by Draco’s pride and stubbornness.

The blond ignored him and left the room, leaving Harry behind without a care.

“Cranky indeed,” said Harry to himself, throwing the covers away from his body, with a trace of regret of abandoning the warmth of the bed. He searched in a hurry for a pair of trousers and a clean shirt before following Draco in the kitchen, a discreet smell already filling his senses.

Once entering the room, his eyes fell immediately on the shirtless form standing in front of the fridge, wand in hand, a frown painted on his features. It seemed like he was in the middle of warming up a piece of bread - “Again?” Harry noted, not knowing how to react anymore to Draco’s wierd antics. But no matter how hard he tried, Draco simply refused to touch anything that had to do with technology.

“I might hurt myself, Potter!” he shouted once, after a whole hour of washing the clothes - the muggle way. It had been a disaster, without any exaggerations. After ruining two perfect sweaters and a pair of boxers Harry gave up, leaving Draco to do things as he pleased.

Even if it wasn’t extremely practical.

“How much longer or you going to incendio that poor bread?” Harry asked, getting closer to the blond and observing his every move.

“Don’t disturb my concentration. I don’t want to burn it too much and deal with ashes.”

“Draco… That’s why we have the toaster,” sighed Harry.

“I’m not going to touch that machine. Ever. End of story,” said Draco, finally lowering his wand, deciding that it was enough. “Besides, it’s a good exercise of control.”

Harry decided not to comment. Instead, he positioned himself behind Draco and embraced him from behind, resting his chin on his shoulder.

“You are out of hope, you know?” said Harry, leaving a small kiss on Draco’s naked skin.

“And you are sweaty and in desperate need of a shower. You stink. But do you see me complaining?” said Draco as he placed the now slightly burned slice of bread on a plate, not impressed by Harry’s antics.

The other boy flinched at the words of the blond.

“For real?” he asked ashamed, lowering his arms.

“Yes, Potter. Now go throw some water and soap on yourself and come back looking acceptable for once. I’ll also dress accordingly to a kitchen when you are done and then we’ll finally eat as two normal human beings.”

“Fine,” he accepted the first part without a second thought. “But, for the record, I don’t mind seeing you shirtless at all times”.

“Noted. Now go. I’ll finish with the rest of the toast and deal with the eggs while you’re in there.”

Harry did as told and, with one last look at Draco, he left the room, almost running all the way to the shower. He turned on the water and walked inside after leaving his clothes nest to the sink, and allowed the cold liquid to touch furiously his heated skin.

On the other side of the house, Draco was preparing everything just as he promised, but no matter what his hands were doing or what words left his mouth with every textbook incantation, his thoughts were far from those actions.

He was taking in the last words words exchanged, replaying them over and over again, as well as the feeling of having Harry’s front pressed to his back. The dialogue, no matter how embarrassing and awkward it had been, was just another proof of their closeness, of how much they have evolved over the years to finally reach the point of talking about anything without fearing a thing from the other. That domesticity brought a soft smile to Draco’s face.

They were far from perfect. Both made mistakes that couldn’t ever be erased, but they learned. They have grown up together, step by step, curse after curse and now, with each caress of the other’s skin.

The sound of the shower stopping could be heard even from where Draco was standing, but somehow, in the hurricane that had taken over his mind, it ended up being missed. He heard, however, Harry’s steps as he got back, hair still dump and clothes fitting him a bit awkwardly.

“Good, you’re done,” said Draco, turning around as soon as Harry came back. “You can start eating if you want, I’ll be back in a second.”

Five minutes later they were both seated on each side of the table, eating in silence. Harry was enjoying a glass of orange juice while Draco was more than pleased with his water, taking a mouthful every few bites.

It was peaceful. Calming. Familiar. Precious.

“Harry, could you please give me the salt from over there?”

“Sure, but don’t you think it’s salty enough?”

“It needs a little bit more.”

It wasn’t supposed to be like this.

It wasn’t what he expected, but it was better that everything Draco believed he deserved.

He might never be able to say out lout exactly what he felt. He might never leave his insecurities in the open so easily. But, with Harry, he wanted to at least try.

He was stubborn. Full of pride. A coward in every sense of the word.

It wasn’t like him to be so open.

One day, Harry, I will tell you everything I can’t say right now. I don’t know why you chose me, but I swear, on Merlin’s beard, that I’ll prove to you that giving me this wasn’t a mistake.

And it will never be.

Another book i really LOVE (and always forget about when i list my favourite books) is Elizabeth Kostova’s “The Historian” because i am actually (currently studying to be) a historian and this book combines my love for the original Dracula and gothic novels with my interest in history! Even though this book is a bit cheesy and highly romanticizes a historians work and is kinda weird in the end i really love the atmosphere Kostova’s writing creates and the way she describes all these places and the libraries and aah 😍 i basically love this book except for the end 😅

So: go read the historian if you’re into Dracula and/or libraries and history and don’t mind some cheesyness!

Secret Idol Relationship With Jaeyoon

-You guys make it super obvious like super. (More like you’re trying to save both his and your lives and does at the end but it’s always dangerous in any situation cuz he just can’t control himself when you’re around). Forgets people are around when he sees you-you could be walking across the music building to the bathroom and he’ll just yell out in the open, “oh! Yah! Over here! It’s me!” And you’re there walking with your head down like IGNORE IGNORE and fans are just like “Who’s he calling to? Definitely not y/n she’s not even looking at him” And at that point he’ll get really upset and pouty because ‘why is she pretending she doesn’t see me :(’ until he finally realizes ‘ohhhh im in public i forgot, the secret thing’

- Even though ya’ll have a secret relationship, he really hates it when alot of idol guys like you and was cool about letting it go at first but once two or more male idols were like ‘my ideal type is y/n’ or ‘y/n’s really pretty, I’m a fan.’ he also went ahead one day and said ‘OH y/n is my ideal type 100% I’M A HUGE FAN OF HER’ on a radio show even tho like jaeyoon noone asked you. Would be really obvious in being your fanboy though. Purposely move himself to stand next to you at a music show ending, or sing along to your part in his sf9′s behind the stage video. He’s such a fanboy, fantasies are so used to it and they’re not even fazed anymore as long as it’s just a fanboy thing and he legit know all of your group dances.

- But one day he messed up really badly where you looked extra beautiful one day during MAMA Awards, and he legit could not peel his away off of you and when you were walking past him in the hallways of the building’s waiting rooms, in the midst of walking past him without making eye contact, he grabbed your wrist suddenly and pulled you back onto him for a hug and U LEGIT HAD TO THROW HIM OFF U like ‘homeboy u serious this is a public hallway! even if there isn’t anyone there could ALWAYS be somebody you feel’ and he’s like not taking it seriously and laughing while  whining really cutely like ‘but you look so beautiful and i miss you so much’ but like you still walked past him because you’re not trying to end your career that day and he will understand.

-Days where you both have days off and are able to see eachother, you guys loveee to go to a cat cafe or any cafe that is dimmed super dark inside where there is a upstairs that is even more darkly lit with like a cute lamp or something to read books and drink coffee on the table. Lays his head on your lap while coddling a baby kitten as he looks up at you, babbling on and on about how one day he will take you out in the actual daytime and do many fun things and you smile rolling your eyes but inside you know he really means it and your lucky to have such a sweet boyfriend, hoping one day you guys actually do get to do those things because even though it’s hard dating, you don’t want to leave him at all. ‘the first place I’m taking you is to an zoo/aquarium, we can look at Inseong’s family, the foxes!’ 

-Sf9 had to go on the asia fanmeeting tour and he was devastated because that means no more cat cafe for a while, so every night he would face call you on the phone even when the time zone is different so you legit get a call during practice and everyone like ‘whos that? pick up your phone’ and you awkwardly and nervously laugh like ‘its ok its noone- i gotta go to the bathroom’ and would scold him saying how he can’t call you without warning, and you could hear him pout over the phone but you sigh and tell him you love and miss him alot, which makes him suddenly happy again and he’ll go over his day with you on the phone happily and you can’t help but laugh because you can hear the joy in his voice.’

-After the tour which lasted for weeks, he finally text you to come to the cafe again at 1am so you make your way there. You head upstairs to the room you always go to with him and you see him there silent. Once you make yourself known in the room, he will look at you and smile, slowly getting up. You smile back and you both just stand there apart from each other, exchanging looks until he breaks out into a teethy grin with a ‘did you miss me?’  and you can’t help but start crying but also laughing cuz you look silly right now being so emotional and he’ll just dash to hold you and he does-really really tight.

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