My EXO goods giveaway has ended! The notes on the post said 5386 but when i actually went through all the “show more notes” it ended up being only 4738 likes/reblogs so I think tumblr ate some of the double reblogs, sorry!!

Anyways, the lucky winner of all 12 keychains, 2 earcaps, and 3 of my prints is NOONAVERSE! She’ll have 24 hrs to respond and if she doesn’t, then I’ll be picking a new winner. congrats! :D

In my little effort to be fancy, this is my kpap edition. Carrie counts because Sunny is her goddess e___e but yeah, this is everyone who I’ve met that I love and adore and they’re 100% wonderful! <3

noonanoodle | iobviouslyhatekpop | leaderlyn | professortreeoak | noonaverse | haescado | mumblealong | iamdaddybat | chococking | its-otae

and technically it’s 2012 but whatever, i’m a rebel.


Katie’s present got here today!! So I did an unwrapping video hahaha

i hate all my exo feelings all of them i hate that lu han is softspoken and brainy and i hate that sehun has the cutest lisp and i hate that kyungsoo helps the other members with their hair and i hate that kris wears sweaters and gets stuck in automatic gates and makes stupid posts on facebook probably with his giant mammoth hands taking up more space than the keyboard and i hate suho’s smile and his speaking voice and his kindness and i hate lay’s dimples and how sweet everyone says he is and i hate how sweet and awkward kai is and i hate xiumin and his precious face and his apparent love for food and i hate chen and his stupidly perfect bone structure and his stupidly perfect voice and i hate how chanyeol seems to be the happiest person to be in exo and i hate how baekhyun is apparently the funniest person ever and i hate tao and his muscley arms and his stupid amount of talent and his douchey face



katjijaelyn is katie calling me up one weekend where there’s a hole in everyone’s schedule and inviting me and Jaehyo to go to the beach with her and Chunji the next day, and telling Jaehyo about it only after I already agreed only to have him immediately start complaining that it’s his day off and he wanted to relax and he most definitely doesn’t want to spend it hanging out with that weird girl and that punk kid who doesn’t laugh at his jokes, but eventually he comes around and agrees to go if only to see me in a bikini - except the next morning as I’m getting ready to go he realizes that I don’t even own a bikini in the first place, and I’m going to the beach dressed in an all-black one-piece that covers up to my neck and I’m wearing board shorts on top of that and he decides to similarly wear a back t-shirt with Navy swim trunks and we look like a couple of dummies who don’t really want to go swimming at all