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Agh, 8 and 22 and why is everything super angsty?! I will also surprise you and choose Taeyong from NCT and make it hawt *cough cough* ^_^ love youuuu

I don’t know! I guess my readers wanna have some angst xD

*coughs nervously* Taeyong you say…? hmmm I-I’ll see what I can do! lord help

Bias: Taeyong from NCT

Prompt: #8 “Why are you so jealous?” + #22 “Choose me.”

Genre: Angsty/Fluff/Smutty (kinda, not much)

Words: 1.5k

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Don’t Cry Over Spilled Milk

Note: Cat!Hybrid Yoongi 💕 😼 You can read the first part HERE and the second part HERE. Thank you for being so patient with me posting all those tiny spoilers ages ago which weren’t really spoilers but just me getting ideas out. POV shifting, clichés, and ridiculous, unrealistic word porn ahoy. I’m guilty of doing that thing where I neglect exposition in favor of smut because I’m tired and this has been SITTING in a drafted state since literally 2016 while it’s fkcinf August 2017. Also I typed this 99% on mobile so I’ll edit formatting later. 

The specialiest thanks to @joondaily and @94hixtape for reading through everything and giving me amazing feedback. 

Pairing: Yoongi x Reader
Genre: smut, hybrid au
Warnings: graphic sexual content (fantasizing, masturbation, oral, penetrative - dear lord holy hell), hybrid smut
Word Count: 10k (over ten thousand fucking words) 
Rating: X, for eXtra graphic (MA/NC-17) 


Yoongi doesn’t get to finish his sentence or his thought because you tilt your head up to lick at the thin stream of milk that runs down his neck. Your tongue meets the soft skin covering his adams apple, and you move up towards his chin. You have officially lost your goddamn mind.


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Bound (Master List)

In a world where marriage isn’t by choice and love isn’t an option – will you ever find happiness? Or just continue to search? 

An arranged marriage world by @underthejoon and @kpopfanfictrash . Moodboards by @moonmangyu and @m00nk1ld.

  • Status: Complete

Kim Namjoon. Married by obligation, weighed down by circumstance. Except for those nights when you’re both drunk, falling into bed with one another and realizing you’re human. Occasionally this happens, occasionally you fuck. Until your life changes and you realize Namjoon, the very man you’re obligated to, might just be the very man that you crave.

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Kim Taehyung. You hate him. He hates you. It’s a fine line though, isn’t it  – between love and hate?

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Kim Seokjin. It’s no surprise when you learn you’ll soon be engaged to one of the Kim brothers. What does come as a shock, is just how determined Seokjin is to make sure that person is him. 

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Jeon Jungkook. To be perfectly honest, you’ve never seen Jeon Jungkook as anything but that annoying brat who followed you around on the playground. Until the day he shows up, asking for your hand in marriage. Then you start seeing him differently. 

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Min Yoongi. Your fates were sealed long before your paths crossed. Get your diploma and get married. You were similar in that way – both bound by outdated customs. Falling in love was never something either of you dared to dream about. Until it happened.

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Park Jimin. You’ve been engaged to Park Jimin since birth. The two of you destined for one another, meant to be married despite neither of you wanting to be. You needed travel, wanted to see the world. When that very same world comes crashing down around you, though – who is the one who saves you? Jimin.

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Jung Hosek. Boring. That’s the only word to descibe the list of potential suitors picked out by your parents. Boring, sturdy, economical. As you meet them one by one, you politely entertain their intentions - until the night you meet a stranger at a party, and everything you know about life is thrown into disarray. 

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