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[ENG] 170426 MBC FM4U Radio Kim Shinyoung’s Noon Song of Hope (Jonghyun & Key Cut)
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MAMAMOO's Moonbyul Talks About Her Squad Of '92 Liners

MAMAMOO’s Moonbyul Talks About Her Squad Of ’92 Liners

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MAMAMOO appeared as guests on the July 5 broadcast of MBC FM4U’s “Kim Shin Young’s Hope Song at Noon.”

During the braodcast, Moonbyul talked about her well-known celebrity friend group “’92 Club.”

She shared, “Our group consists of six members, including me, B1A4’s Baro and Sandeul, EXID’s Hani, BTS’s Jin, and VIXX’s Ken.”

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“We do have a group chat, but we can’t meet up these days because we’re…

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[soompi] shinee’s jonghyun talks about life after his radio show and girls’ generation’s taeyeon being his muse

source: soompi / note: “muse” is soompi’s choice of wording, not jonghyun’s.

shinee’s jonghyun made a guest appearance on mbc fm4u’s kim shin young’s noon song of hope on april 26 and opened up about being back on a mbc radio station for the first time in three weeks. 

on april 2, jonghyun said farewell to his show, blue night, after being the dj for three years and four months. regarding this, the idol said, “this is my first time back at the mbc radio center in three weeks. the first thing i did was check to see if my entrance pass still worked. i wondered if they had cut my access off as soon as i had left my show. but it still works. i got a little emotional when i saw the light turn green.”

he also added that since leaving his show, he has never left his house after midnight. jonghyun stated, “i heard that sleeping before midnight is good for your health. now that i sleep earlier, i also wake up earlier. today, i woke up at 7:30 a.m.. i’ve been meeting a specialist to better my sleeping habits.” 

jonghyun also talked about his new solo title track, “lonely,” which features girls’ generation’s taeyeon. he stated, “it was a song that was perfect for her. i wanted to take the aura that she has, where she’s a bright and happy person with a sensitive and lonely side as well, and put that in the lyrics. i thought of her while i was writing the lyrics and melody.”

he also thanked taeyeon for agreeing to feature in the song and said, “i felt bad about asking her for this big favor. her part is quite big, and it could have been a bit too much to ask for, but i’m grateful that she was more than happy to work with me.”

Triple H say they're a music group you watch

Triple H introduced their characters and group on ‘Kim Shin Young’s Noon Song of Hope’!

During the radio show, and HyunA explained that she was the team’s 'house’ and said, “I wanted to be a place the two of them could rest with, but in the end I’m just someone who stays home all day.

Hui said he was the team’s 'heart’ and explained, “HyunA and E'Dawn’s characters are very intense. They argue all the time, and I’m in the middle telling warm stories.” E'Dawn also said, “I’m the 'hurricane’. I’m a natural disaster.” DJ Kim Shin Young added, “You’re a hurricane because you say random, explosive things.

HyunA then explained Triple H as a “Music group that you watch [instead of listening to].

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