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“For smart devices, we plan to release the game application Fire Emblem Heroes on February 2. We will also follow last December’s release of Super Mario Run for iOS with an Android version in March. To accommodate the releases and operation of these applications, we have revised the release schedule for Animal Crossing, which we had originally planned to release during this period. This title will be released during the next fiscal year.” -Nintendo

Nintendo’s next fiscal year begins on April 1, 2017.

Shop Unlocking/Upgrading Guide

I find this really useful so I know what needs to be done to upgrade and unlock new shops!

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Spent the day before my birthday walking around Downtown and dragging my oh so willing boyfriend to all the used and independent bookshops in a walking distance of us, the coziness and smells of old bookstores make me beyond happy (while my boyfriend couldn’t seem to stand them lol)

Its In The Eyes

I walked in looking for books
Nice old antique store nook
A beautiful girl stared at me
I was looking back noticeably
She smiled and I was excited
I gazed from a page provided
Its in the eyes when you know
That her inner urges shout go
I asked her why she’s so attracted
Sir theres bird shit on your jacket