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johnkat smut (Explicit)

this art by @happyds has been going around and it looked like a perfect excuse to write some johnkat smut to me.


John laughs. It’s not entirely nice.

That utter fucker. You’re going to maul that pretty face of his as soon as-fff—as soon. God. You hate him. You hate him so fucking much. He’s not even touching you, not doing anything but standing there with his cock stuffed in your nook and enjoying the goddamn view.

In your head this had played out real fucking different. Him underneath you. Nails catching in your skin. Close. Dangerous.

Instead you’re on your hands and knees drooling on the sheets, while he won’t even put an effort into fucking you. You’re left sweating and gripping the sheets helplessly. He’s so still inside of you. And big. Doesn’t fit, with that ridiculous stiff mammal fuckstick of his and your nook is chafing itself trying to draw him further in.

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naruhina; their kisses, their love

prompt: kiss (D-11)
rating: T
a/n: this one’s a bit lengthy but had a lot of fun writing. first time writing something with uzumaki family, sort of lol. enjoy!


“The soul, the kiss, the heart; the first words of love.”


Despite his carefree nature, Boruto was actually rather observant.

Owning a trait on picking up meticulous details most may choose to ignore, even at a young age, Boruto noticed the more intricate aspects of his view – absorbing the minor nooks and crannies subconsciously. To say it was an annoyance was an exaggeration, in fact, he found much use of this hidden skill of his to hone his mischief making and conjure up ideas for pranks with a much more guaranteed rate of success.

Yet when it came to noting his parents’ romantic affairs, specifically their kissing, it became a nuisance.

To be fair, it was something he couldn’t have avoided should he even choose so, being that the hokage was known to be quite the expressive man. Naruto had always placed his emotions out on a silver platter for everyone to view without judgement, an attribute Boruto begrudgingly admitted he inherited from his father for he too failed to mask his emotions away easily.

So it was natural that Naruto would grab any opportunity he got to showcase his desires and love for his wife, which mostly meant a lot of kissing, much to Boruto’s disgust – because let’s be real, what kid wants to see their parents make gooey faces and smooch all the time.

However, being the attentive boy he was, he took notice of a few factors upon seeing his parents’ blatant public display of affection consistently. How the way they kissed varied depending on the situation and how each one taught him something new regarding his father.

The first one was when Naruto was ordered to leave for missions that had the high possibility of stretching as long as a month. Those days were some of the most despised days for Boruto, his possessive nature to keep his hero all to himself raging inside of him like a relentless whirlwind. Naruto would come into his bedroom, sit down on the edge of his bed with that genial smile and pull him into a long hug. Whispers of explanations regarding his duties as a ninja for their village as well as promises of his quick return would echo in Boruto’s ears yet his heart would clench in sadness over the thought of not having his guardian around him conveniently.

Naruto would ruffle his son’s golden tresses lightly, leaning down to kiss the top of his head before wishing him goodnight and to be a good boy while he was away protecting them. After he was left alone once more, Boruto would tiptoe cautiously towards his door, jarring it enough for him to peek at his parents as they exchanged their farewells. He watched as his father knelt down, placing his lips all over his mother’s bulging belly, bidding goodbye to his unborn sister. Naruto would then stand up to capture his wife in a sweet kiss. 

Boruto looked intently at the way his father’s arms fitted around his mother’s waist tightly like a cuff, holding her in place as the kiss seemed to never end. Boruto heard soft whispers of proclamations from his father, saying how he would miss her and the children so much, and that he’d always think about them every day without fail. He then heard murmurs from his mother reminding her husband to always stay safe and to come back soon for she will wait every day faithfully till he does. They sealed their promise with another long kiss.

Boruto never knew how loyal his father was until he saw that.

Hinata was notorious for her patient characteristic, a very strong value she held considering she had waited so long for Naruto’s reciprocating feelings. People barely saw her mood delve into anger so when it happened, most likely it was due to something rather serious. In Boruto’s eyes, his father was perfect and rarely caused anyone to feel upset, but to his astonishment, there have been a few moments where he had seen his mother feel a bit bitter by her husband.

It was during these instances where Boruto would be able to see his hero become the opposite of his usual image. His father’s movements would be hesitant, slowly approaching her with meek advances with touches so light, Hinata would shiver from just a brush of his skin against hers. The kisses Boruto saw his father place on her shoulder, her arms, her neck, were timid and soft, each one filled with apology while his blue orbs pleaded for forgiveness. His mother would eventually crumble and be swept away by him once more.

Boruto never knew how weak his father could be until he saw that.

The young boy remembered a time when he and his younger sister had spent an entire day under the care of Uncle Kakashi, a habitual occasion that arose whenever the silver-haired man wanted to shower his godchildren with endless spoils. With ice cream in each of their hands, they headed back to the Uzumaki residence, Himawari sharing her excitement over Uncle Kakashi helping her make the flower crown sitting nicely on her dark locks.

As they entered the house, Kakashi stopped his movements, blocking them from walking in further. Boruto watched as his godfather tried to avert their attention elsewhere but him being the observant child he was, saw what he wished he hadn’t. He heard his mother yelp in astonishment, quickly attempting to break apart from his father who had been biting her neck a few seconds ago. ‘Aa, dad’s doing it again,’ Boruto thought with a scowl, judging his guardian into being in one of those moods again.

Whenever Naruto was enchanted by this mood, it was like a spell had been cast where he would turn primal, rubbing his hands all over his wife in a rough nature, fingers leaving marks as though claiming Hinata for the world to see. He would kiss her until she was breathless, allowing little time for her to recover from his beastly advances before capturing her mouth aggressively again. Boruto had asked Uncle Kakashi about this, curious as to why his parents would always have red faces, covered in mild sweat and be so out of breath during these moments. His godfather had simply described it as 'Mom and Dad’s playtime’ and that it was best if he didn’t interfere. Not like he wanted to, it didn’t look fun at all.

Boruto never knew how possessive his father actually is until he saw that.

Of course, majority of the kisses he saw his father share with Hinata were more on the playful nature, considering how Naruto was actually a kid at heart. Boruto and Himawari would be eating peacefully at the table whilst their mother busied herself with washing dishes when their father would put a finger over his lips, signalling them to be quiet as he stealthily made his way over behind Hinata.

His tickle assaults always caught her off guard, her giggles filling the room along with his as he pecked her all over her face, neck and arms. His kisses during this always seemed so light and teasing, similar to feathers brushing against her fair skin and making her tingle more. Himawari would always run to join them in their little tickle fight and Boruto would somehow end up getting roped in as well, resulting in the entire household erupting with cheerful laughter. He watched as his father continued to place endless gentle kisses over his mother, grinning widely over the flushed reaction he got from her.

Boruto never knew how childish his father was until he saw that.

Though all these kisses differed in the emotions hidden behind them, what they all had in common was how his father’s eyes constantly radiated with love for his mother. It was like no other.

One night however, he saw a kiss he still couldn’t forget till today. 

It was late, the moon illuminating the dark sky showing how it was clearly past his bedtime. The only reason he was awake was to rid himself of the parched ache of his throat, eager for a nice cool glass of milk. He hadn’t expected anyone to still be awake so his eyebrows raised with curiosity as he saw the lights to the kitchen still turned on. The only assumption he could make was his father just returning from a long day of hokage duties so he scurried over to greet his guardian cheerfully.

Only to be stopped by an unexpected sight.

It was a kiss unlike anything he had ever seen before.

At first glance, he assumed his father was in one of those moods again for Naruto had lifted his mother onto the counter, her legs spread apart by his hands so he could move in closer, his hokage robes still draped over his trembling body. “Naruto-kun… the children-ah!” He heard his mother exclaim, her words dying down under the endless assaults of Naruto’s mouth over her body. He saw how his father’s lips hungrily sought for hers, his advances not slowing down as he continued kissing her passionately, his hands roaming all over her clothed body desperately.

Boruto knew he should leave them alone but he couldn’t take his eyes away.

For amidst all the kissing and touching, tears were flowing from his father’s eyes.

He watched as his mother realized it too, forcing them apart to clutch her husband’s face dearly while pouring questions hurriedly - asking if he was alright with a shaky voice filled with concern. He watched the way his father’s features start to contort and instantly break down as he sobbed into his wife’s chest, gripping her body tightly as though afraid she might disappear.

Boruto could barely make out his father’s choked mumbling but he managed to discern the faint words of ‘Don’t leave me’, ‘scared’, and a repetitive cycle of ‘I love you’. His intelligent young mind pieced the puzzle together. He knew of his father’s lonely childhood and how difficult his hero had struggled through the bleak phases of solitude life before the companionship of his mother thawed out the coldness and filled his life with the warmth of a family. Yet the scars from his fear of isolation still burned, evidently.

He watched as his mother held her husband firmly, kissing away his tears, kissing away his worries, kissing away his pain, her broken voice repeatedly reminding him she was real and further proved it by placing his hand over her beating heart. Boruto heard his mother uttering promises of her always being there and never leaving him as long as they live.

He watched as his father started tearing away from the sadness, a crack of a smile lighting up his features among those tears as he cupped her face between his hands, touching their foreheads together – the young boy saw how his father’s lips mouthed words of gratitude over and over like a mantra, hypnotized into confessing his feelings until Hinata silenced him with a finger, telling him she knows.

They then kiss again and Boruto realizes, this was what separated it from everything he’s seen before.

He had heard of this, from the fairy tales of noble princes and beautiful princesses his mother would share with his sister as bedtime stories. The talk of tales highlighting that despite any sadness or misery in the world, love will find its way.

Only this time, it was in front of his eyes.

Boruto never knew how human his father actually was until he saw that.

‘So that’s what a true love’s kiss looks like.’


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Title:  Beach Getaway (daughter of Scott! reader x Pietro)

Summary: The team heads out for a beach vacation, leaving time for the reader and Pietro to get close.

Word Count: 1209

A/N: HEY YAY PIETRO! I love Pietro omg <3 This one’s a little different than my normal style of writing but I was at the beach so I thought; hey, why not? I hope you enjoy!! 

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