nook with a view

No One Needs to Know

Summary: CS EF AU,  Captain/Duckling 

Emma hears a noise in the middle of the night.

word count: 1083

For @thenthereshope Happy late birthday, babe! This isn’t the greatest, but I just love you so darn much. <3

She readjusts herself on the bench, stretching her legs out in front of her. The light of her candle illuminates the little corner of the library she’s sitting in quite nicely. Along with the full moon and the cloudless sky, there was actually quite a lot of light.

She loved this little nook. It had a wonderful view of the sea, and it didn’t have much foot traffic. Unfortunately, she hadn’t been able to spend much time here lately. Her parents had been very busy preparing for the big 25th-anniversary celebration of their rule.

The party had been wonderful. With delicious food and dancing, and lots of laughter.

Once it was over, Emma felt like she needed time to herself.  So, even though it was very late, she came here.


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anonymous asked:

A room with a view?? *please be the breakfast nook/Perthshire/seychelles* I know it won't be but we gotta dream!!

Hi Anon!

Yes, we can all take 10 seconds and enjoy the thought that “A Room with a View” is something happy and fluffy.

But I’m leaning more towards it being the return of the Helicarrier

  • The Superior/AIDA’s Lair
  • Something to do with the Darkhold
  • Something that gives glimpses into other dimensions
  • Perhaps a place on the Zephyr where someone is looking out/being kept. A cell.