nook life

I’ve spent all day reading and watching YouTube videos in my room. I have eaten one bag of pistachios today. I have also had a metric shit ton of coffee. My life is organized chaos and I love it.

New post on my instagram about Penguin Random House’s conference this week where I got to exclusively see all the books they’re publishing this year! ~

The story of how I’m receiving books for Christmas...again

Mum: Do you really want more books for Christmas??
Me: Yes.
Dad: What for? You already have piles of them!
Me: I’m only getting a few. (*cough* lie *cough*)
Mum: You got loads last year!
Dad: Why don’t you get a kindle?
Me: I don’t want a-
Dad: You can fit loads on there and then they won’t be everywhere.
Me: I don’t want a kindle.
Dad: But you’ve got books everywhere!

At this point I felt like screaming ‘you don’t understand me’ and running upstairs, but remembered I’m in my early twenties and that would be highly inappropriate…

Me: Where can you see books right now, apart from those two there?
Dad: There’s loads in that drawer there and boxes filling up the shed. (I have to keep loads of my books in boxes since I came back from uni. It pains me everyday.)
Me: You can’t see those though.
Me: So I’m getting a few books, byeeee.

And that’s the story of how I’m getting books for Christmas this year 😄 I guess there’s some perks to having my books hidden away like they disgust me, but really I want them on display so I can admire them 😭