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Bill and Stan's first kiss vs Eddie and Richie's first kiss? Can we get some HC's????


- it is very random and unplanned. 

- Stan and Bill are lying on Stan’s bed at his house after school one day before his mom and dad get home.

- Bill kicked his shoes off and lays across the bed on his side, one leg straight out and the other best at the knee, putting his weight on his elbow to hold himself up. A textbook rests in front of him, open to a chapter regarding calorimetry. 

- Stan lays on his back with his head of curls resting by Bill’s open textbook. His fingers folded across his stomach, occasionally adjusting the material of his shirt as Bill reads off the page.

- Bill constantly apologizes for his stutter, but Stan tells him each time that he doesn’t need to apologize for it because he likes it. Stan really does like it. It’s almost soothing, calming, familiar.

- Subconsciously, Bill’s hand combs through Stan’s hair, winding his curls around his fingers, while he reads. Stan shuts his eyes and takes in Bill’s broken words and the fuzzy feeling of Bill’s fingers.

- Bill licks his fingers and flips the page, and instead of returning it to Stan’s head, Stan takes it with his own and holds it against his chest, over his heart. That’s when Bill first gets the idea to kiss Stan, the boy who he blatantly likes, and who blatantly likes him in return. 

- Bill fiddles with the corner of the textbook page and scoots closer to Stan’s resting head, eyes still closed in bliss. Bill stares at Stan’s mouth in the wonder of how he would even go about kissing Stanley Uris. 

- Stan’s eyelids begin to twitch and Bill kisses him then. The bridge of Stan’s nose bumps Bill’s chin, and Bill smiles. 

- Stan didn’t expect it at all. It was sudden and random, breaking his thought process of creating an excuse for not doing his human geography homework for class tomorrow. Stan certainly didn’t expect it, but he liked it. Because that’s Bill. The unexpected. 


- it’s messy. 

- like almost every day, Richie climbed the side of Eddie’s house and up to Eddie’s bedroom window and knocked until Eddie let him in. This day, he knocked loudly to the beat of “Cherry Pie”  and screaming the lyrics. He knew Eddie’s mom wouldn’t be home and he knew Eddie hated “Cherry Pie.”

- Eddie reluctantly let Richie in, but not without a grin he tried to keep hidden, and Richie tossed his backpack in after him, filled to the brim with junk foods Eddie’s mother would not approve of. Not that she approved of Richie in the slightest. 

- Richie set up camp while Eddie made sure his mom wouldn’t come home. He tossed all of Eddie’s bed sheets on the floor, making somewhat of a nook for them to sit in. Eddie comes back and sighs at the mess Richie has already made of his bedroom. Eddie really didn’t mind at all. Richie was over enough that Eddie had grown used to the messes.

“Look what I made for us. Just us, these CD’s, and all of these Pop Rocks. What else could you ever need in life, Eddie-o?”

- Richie blares The Cure on Eddie’s player, and they curl up into the nook against Eddie’s bed. Richie throws an arm over Eddie’s shoulders as they yell over the music, telling each other their opinions on the B-52′s and their fashion choices. 

- Richie tosses back a whole pack of Pop Rocks and shoves his open mouth against Eddie’s ear so he hears the popping noise, and Eddie shoves him away and loudly complains while Richie laughs his ass off.

“You are actually so gross.”

“But wasn’t that cool?”

- convinces Eddie to try the pop rocks and Eddie literally spits them all out onto the floor and wipes his tongue off. 

- Richie tosses back a whole other packet of them and shakes his head from side to side, his curls moving wildly. 

“Eds,” Richie manages, a smiling mouth full of pop rocks, “If you didn’t like those then you really aren’t going to like this.”

“I swear to G-”

- Richie kisses Eddie, Pop Rocks and all.

- Richie is surprised when Eddie doesn’t bat him away by slapping his arms and shoulders, so Richie manages to swallow the sugary lump of pop rocks and kiss Eddie. For real

Ocean Tides Emotional Balance Spell

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A sea-witchery themed spell for all my witches out there who find their emotions sometimes hard to control; like the waves of an angry sea, you shall find peace after the storm

By Rainy-Day-Witchcraft


  • 2 concave seashells (clam/clam-shaped shells work best)
  • 2 quartz crystals 
  • 1 White Candle
  • Sea salt
  • Coriander
  • Lavender

Tip: Good stones for tranquility include lapis lazuli, amethyst, moonstone, sodalite, topaz, celestite, amber, and aquamarine. If you have two of these stones and prefer to swap them with the quartz, feel free!

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With Phil's tweet about him turning the light off, idk what thought is more amusing, dan asking him what the fuck he's doing with turning the light on and off or dan being in such a deep sleep the whole night he doesn't even notice phil doing that. I love both those ideas very much and I'm disappointed that we'll never know which one was the right idea but it's just fun to imagine honestly.

It’s so cute, isn’t it? Also completely confirms to me that they shared PJ’s nook/loft bed, because in his nook tour video (link) at 40 seconds in he shows that the surge protector is plugged in at the head of the bed in the perfect position to be jostled by a pillow.

and look if you don’t understand why it’s just vitally important for me to imagine them cuddling high up in a fairy light draped loft bed with a view of the sea then idk what to tell you 

Finally finished this painting! 

The last assignment of my Photoshop course was to draw our ‘safe space’, a fictional location where we would feel at home. Of course, mine was inspired by Hogwarts ♡

A video posted by Susanne (@susanne_draws) on Jul 5, 2016 at 11:41am PDT