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Hinata for ask meme, if you're still doing it?

first impression: woah hottie alert

impression now: he’s still hot but now I know he’s also a complete sweetheart who’s a ray of sunshine and I love him.

favorite moment: His last stand and eventual death in Conquest. He was legit going to protect all of Hoshido all on his own and this was his moment of glory. Hits all the harder when he’s dying he’s more concerned about Takumi knowing his greatest moment of pride was receiving his sword from him. 10/10 death.

idea for a story: mmmm nothing’s really coming to mind… Oh! How about a story of him entering that fighting competition that he and Takumi were talking about in their support? That’d be cool!

unpopular opinion: I definitely don’t think he likes Takumi in a romantic way.

favorite relationship: That being said, I’m torn between his friendship with Takumi and my own otp of him and Kagero haha. I like his friendship with Takumi because retainers aren’t really supposed to be friends and yet he’s so close to Takumi all the same. It’s obvious he really wants to be best friends with him and to act like an older brother, but he’s barely containing himself from giving him noogies at any time. But I also like his relationship with Kagero because honestly they’re such a good match?? He’s such a pure flirt and she gets flustered so easily, and he actually likes her paintings cause they’re so cool looking! I also think they’re personalities just mesh perfectly. They also look adorable together and I love them so much-

favorite headcanon: He’d totally give Takumi girl advice even though he’s just as clueless about women as his liege is. Those two dorks would just come up with increasingly worse advice until one of them scares off the girl Takumi was interested in. Hinata would be banned from giving advice, but he’d still try to be Takumi’s wingman in the future lol. even better if Takumi’s like ‘how the heck did he marry Kagero of all people if he’s this bad at this???’ and Hinata’s just like. offended.

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I’m giving you a noogie next time I see you.

Jack dropping koz off after another attempted full moon jacknapping and he’s at the front door scratching koz under the chin all “WHOSA GOOD DOGE? SUCH FLUFF MUCH FEROCIOUS WOW”

And koz is being a big dumb fucking wolf wagging his tail happily like YES I AM THE BEST THIS MEANS YOULL STAY THIS TIME RIGHT??

sera stands in the door watching this and trying not to cry as she feels herself dying inside

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Ruby walked around the house with a bored and slightly sad look. She let out a deep sigh as she passed her beloved older sister. The 10 year old continued to wonder never straying to far from Yang as so she could hear the sighs.

Watching Ruby pace around, the fluffy-haired girl  was growing steadily agitated at her little sister’s behavior. Waiting for Ruby to go past her again, Yang suddenly reached out and pulled her sister into a bear hug, giving her a gentle noogie at the same time. “Wassmatter, li’l sis? You’re acting all grumpy.”

Dropping In

Man, he loved solo nights.

Going topside with his brothers, whether they were off to fight or just going for a run, was always a blast and Mikey relished the time he had with his siblings. Some of the best times he’d ever had were when he was racing his bros all across the city, laughing as they excused him of using his rocket board to cheat, ducking noogies from Raph every time he won. He lived for the adrenaline rush and the unison shouts as they all lived in the moment, enjoyed a side of NYC that the humans on the streets below never could, letting the rush of wind and wildness keep him from thinking of the longing he felt to just board across the sidewalks.

Sometimes, though, they all just wanted a little time alone. Most guys his age had a roommate maybe or lived alone, but he and his brothers didn’t have the sort of circumstances that allowed for having their own places. They were close knit not only because it was familiar, but because it was safer for them all to be close when they had the Foot to deal with and a whole society of people who’d probably think they were monsters. Having to stay in one place with a large family meant that sometimes they all just irritated the hell out of each other, nights where they craved a little time alone fairly common. After they’d left their teens behind, it’d become a bit more typical for Mikey and his brothers to take to the city by themselves every so often, have a little time to just do their own thing. Much as he liked his brothers being around to cringe at his jokes, Mikey definitely had a blast just doing some free-running and some boarding with only his own voice and the traffic far below to keep him company. Especially on a nice night.

He’d been going for about an hour, scaling buildings and doing flips from one roof to the next, kicking off from cranes and spires to sail across bigger gaps with the aid of his board. He had boundless energy and a long run was one of the best ways to help him mellow out, the thrill of it making him feel incredibly alive.


Mikey let out a loud shout, throwing down his board and planting his feet just before he kicked off from the top of a building, feeling the immediate propulsion shooting him forward, across an empty lot that stood between two structures. Halfway through his flight, his board began to sputter, his momentum slowing well before he’d reached his destination, a gleeful grin turning to a look of fearful surprise as he began to plummet to the ground.

“Oh craaaap!”

He reached out his hand to grab the edge of the building, fingers brushing the stone as he fell. Mikey felt the wall scrap across the outside of his forearm before he rolled during his descent, feet touching the edge of a rickety old fire escape. He bounded off from it, slowing his initial plunge slightly and allowing him to land on his feet in the building’s shadow, lowering himself to a crouch as he caught his breath from the brief scare.

“Aw man. That suuuucked.”

He looked at the roughed up state of his arm, scraped and slightly bloody, tucking his malfunctioning board underneath it as he looked around, spying a manhole cover in the alley across the street. He glanced about, trying to see if anyone was nearby, and quietly began to creep his way towards the entrance to the sewers, where home and bandages awaited.