Lilipinso Kids Bedroom Set (new meshes)

This set includes:

  • Övrigt balloon ceiling lights glossy L
  • Övrigt balloon ceiling lights matte L
  • Övrigt balloon ceiling lights glossy
  • Övrigt balloon ceiling lights matte
  • Lilipinso room bed
  • Lilipinso room little chair
  • Book stack
  • Canopy floor cushion (is an actual chair, so kids and adults can sit in it)
  • Square cushion
  • Square fat pillow
  • Lilipinso room star pillow
  • Cube side table
  • Deco box
  • Floor art
  • Kitty planter
  • Lighted canopy (is an actual light, footprint has been removed so it doesn’t interfere with sims interactions)
  • Long pillow
  • Noodoll do bird plush
  • Noodoll ricecarrot plush
  • Noodoll ricechawking plush
  • Noodoll ricecracker plush
  • Noodoll ricemimi luxe plush
  • Noodoll riceouch plush
  • Noodoll ricestorm plush
  • Lilipinso room rug
  • Lilipinso room wall art
  • Lilipinso sheepskin rug
  • Lilipinso wallpaper

There are 28 files in total. There are more swatches that were not pictured due to this post being very image heavy. I’ve added a separate link (ad-free) for recolouring resources as well.

CC used:
Pocci sheer curtain conversion left and right by coolpanther
Mi hublo window by souris
Fenetre hublo window by souris
Grayson string light by simman_123
Short glass panel by nullspace
Nanu herka books 2 by MTQ
Pastel backpack by simforadream
CGS mensure petunia pot by (me)
Brached succulent by Teanmoon
Magazine rack recolour by ichosim
Knitted cloud pillow by Mxims
Awesims hls rafter by (me)



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Illustration highlights from Top Drawer & Home

External image

We spent our Sunday having a mosey around Top Drawer and Home (two trade shows currently on at Earls Court) - keeping our eye’s peeled for exciting illustration-based products that our readers might enjoy hearing about…so here’s a look at a few things we spotted!

External image

Top & above: notebook and plush gadget holders by the super character brand Noodoll, which can be found on Turnaround Publishing’s stand P30 (Top Drawer)

External image

Above: Monster Riot gift card, and below: wrapping paper by illustrator Naomi Wilkinson - both for the excellent Lagom Design, stand E26 (Top Drawer)

External image

External image

Above: we loved these extra wide varieties of mt tape, branded as mt Casai.e. for your home!

External image

Above & below: fun cards and birthday packages by new Taiwanese brand Seeya, on stand H6 (Top Drawer)

External image

External image

And last but not least, one of our favourite Nordic brands - Kauniste, who we first spotted on our trip to Helsinki last year. Their range of beautifully illustrated and printed textile products (below) can be found at stand A44 (Home)

External image

Top Drawer and Home run until 15th January, at Earls Court, London.



Trouvés au centre Pompidou, 2 carnets dont les couvertures colorées et joyeuses ont une bonne proportion (7x12 cm) et les pages intérieures blanches permettent de l'utiliser pour des notes rapides (listes de courses par exemple).

Harriet Russell recently collaborated with Noodoll on a series of stationery designs for their ‘friends’ range.  Born to celebrate friendship and creativity together they created two double sided journals featuring animal characters from the 'Zany zoo’ and 4 notebooks. The journals feature two zany zoo postcards that you can cut out and keep or send, and notebooks have a cloth binding and tactile embossed details!

Noodoll is the brainchild of designer and author YiYing Wang, who created the World of Noodoll as part of her MA course in Communication Design at Central Saint Martin’s, London (also where we met!). For more info or to buy the products visit here!

We absolutely love these