noodly boy


So I’ve gotten to watching trollhunters, and I’m about 13 episodes in, and let me just say…so far I’ve found this infinitely better than RTTE.

I love HTTYD, and my love of HTTYD led me to watch the loopy homage to it known as RoB/DoB/RTTE, which I enjoyed (smartly keeping it at armslength), and my enjoyment of said ‘loopy homage’ led me to give Trollhunters a shot. I also heard there were little httyd shoutouts riddled about. I figured: hey, another cute, albeit trivial, show to have on in the background when I art and whatnot. Hell, I was already sorta turned off by yet another ‘noodly, kind-boy with a crush protagonist’.

Nope. A consistent, new story has arrived. Great characters. Great “villains” and I gotta put that in quotes because they’re all fleshed out, well-motivated individuals on a grey-scale. It’s an animated show with more heart, more imagination, and more character dynamic than half of what’s playing now. I am honestly impressed so far. GO WATCH.