unepint asked:

Hi technicolor-ponies! I wanted to ask about what you think of my post /post/51121522951. I'd really like your opinion on it. Also, what program do you use to make your gifs? Thank you!

Hello! I like it~ Is it your first graphic? I use Photoshop CS6 for everything c:

unepint asked:

Hi technicolor-ponies, if I may ask, what program do you use to make your gif sets and how did you learn? Thank you :)

Hello dear! I use Photoshop CS6, & I taught myself everything I know c: it was all about practice & trial & error for me.

unepint asked:

Hi Soryuha! I love your blog so much. Can I make a request if you can make a gif post with the character 'Miroku' from the anime series 'InuYasha'? Thanks anyways >u< follow back?

Hello! Thank you so much! I will totally make you a Miroku gif set! I’m sorry but I only follow blogs that are anime/manga only.