Thanks! I already googled some stuff and some gave as a tip to actually drink stuff with caffeine in it which seemed really illogical to me ‘cause caffeine isn’t really healthy. I’m already drinking lots of water so I won’t get dehydrated. What’s Gatorade or Powerade? Is that like a sports drink? And yeah definitely no more alcohol for me. 

noodles84 asked:

I read your comment on the Firefly Festival's screencap post, I am just the opposite problem. I would like to Animal Parade again but I lend out my copy like ... six months ago and still have gotten it back. So ... Tree of Tranquility for me.

I’d lend you mine if you lived closer and I wasn’t crazy overprotective of it lol.
But yeah, I like them both for different reasons and it is suffering.

Like I like the Animal Parade kids so much but my kid in ToT was more realistic and believable BECAUSE she wasn’t a perfect child that’s always hardworking (SERIOUSLY, no matter which personality I give my AP kids they’re so perfect and hardworking, I miss Liz, she always dun fucked up putting away the eggs) and I miss part-time jobs and having all the animals at the same time.

And then there’s AP where the graphics are the same but a little brighter and I love Molly’s design and the pet system isn’t broken and the bells aren’t as ass-gratingly hard as the rainbows.

Also ToT has Elli in it and I love Elli omfg.