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I was wondering if you knew any cool fanfics that don't have any real sort of shipping (or shipping mainly being hinted or background?)

You came to the right place.  Even though I deeply love certain ships, I am primarily a gen writer, and I seek out and cherish the little bit of genfic I find.  It’s few and far between in this fandom, unfortunately, and most of them are short, which is reflected in this rec list.

Another Brother by AvocadoLove: It was a mission of revenge. There weren’t supposed to be any survivors, but Chief Hakoda couldn’t bring himself to kill the Fire Nation boy. Against his better judgment, he brought him home. A Zuko joins the Water Tribe story. 224,540 words, WIP []

This is one of the best fics in the fandom, bar none.  It’s long, plotty, and character driven, full of family politics and family bonds.  Just an amazing fic.

Aftermath by @somariel: Iroh receives word of the Gaang’s victories and gives someone a well-earned tongue-lashing.  2661 words [AO3]

Iroh visits Ozai in prison and gives him a piece of his mind.

The Airbending Master by Lizbee: Teaching airbenders is not the same as restoring the Air Nomads. 354 words [AO3]

Short and sweet pre-comics fic about Aang teaching airbending Ty Lee.

Gilded Green by Caelum Blue: At the end of Iroh’s Siege, the Dai Li decide to test their brainwashing abilities on a Fire Nation soldier. They don’t know that their guinea pig-rat happens to be a supposedly-dead prince. First in a series. AU, DaiLi!LuTen.  96,189 words, WIP [AO3]

A long, plotty take on one of my favorite nightmare AU scenarios. Full of well developed and interesting OCs, overtly creepy and unsettlingly domestic by turns. Great fic.

Tea with Destiny by AvocadoLove: After the shock of Lu Ten’s death, Iroh makes a fateful journey into the Spirit World. The tea there is exquisite, but the company may give Iroh a run for his money. 2,659 words []

Beautiful fic, just read.

Lessons in Thin Air by Lisse: What Zuko learns at the Western Air Temple, whether he wants to or not. 1,293  words []

This short character study about Zuko and the gaang packs a real punch.

Five Generations of Facepalms by Lazy8: It’s a curse every generation wishes on the next one at some point in their lives. The Fire Nation royal family is no exception. 2859 words [AO3]

Fire Nation Royal Family comedy about the ways the children manage to appall their parents.  Al kinds of fun.

The Dragon Incident by Wrongfun: Everytime Aang, Katara and Toph had some business to do, they dumped their kids in Zuko’s court. Cue, chaos. 4638 words [AO3]

Very very funny look at Zuko attempting to babysit the gaang’s offspring.  Suyin wants a dragon.  Druk, Zuko, and the architecture of the palace suffer.

Five Ways Toph Created Her Own Family (Whether She Liked It or Not) by lady ganesh: [Dreamwidth]

Wonderful Toph character study about building a family of choice and becoming an adult.

Eight Principals of Yong by psocoptera: The pen is mightier than the sword, or how Zuko saves the day via the power of good penmanship. 3686 words  [AO3]

Amazing post Last Agni Kai Zuko character study about Zuko and Katara figuring out what to o next with the Fire Nation.

Red is the Color of the End of the World by @sholiofic: Post-series, Katara is adjusting to the new shape of the world. They all are. 4241 words [AO3]

Immediately post-canon Katara character study, lush, beautiful, and a touching exploration of friendship.

The Ember Island Portraits: Katara offers Zuko friendship by repeatedly doing something that annoys him. 1666 words [AO3]

I am such an enormous sucker for Katara and Zuko friendship fics, and this is one of the very best.

svt as pasta n noodle dishes
  • s.coups: ultra meat sauce w/ meatballs
  • jeonghan: angel hair pasta in rosa sauce
  • joshua: alfredo with bow tie pasta
  • jun: fire ramen noodle challenge
  • hoshi: smh ofc spaghetti-o's
  • wonwoo: grilled veggies n linguini
  • woozi: layers n layers of lasagna
  • dk: ravioli, ravioli, give me the formuoli
  • mingyu: tries to be creamy mushroom but drops the mushrooms
  • the8: fiery shrimp scampi
  • seungkwan: tomato sauce extra salt
  • vernon: zesty pesto penne
  • dino: baby mac and cheese
  • --------
  • thanks to my lovely daphne @jeongjarsofhannie for bringing up that svt are noodles and coming up with sc, jh, js, t8, vn, and dn <3 i just filled in the rest

Hey everyone I have two services I run now the Witchery Cafe && My New Plant Shop. I will put both options in this post. They will be separated by a dotted line. Which ever one interests you just message me and let me know. Or if both interest you. PLEASE Read the rules for both services thank you !

Picture is mine for attention.
My New Plant Shop 🌱

Hey everyone my plant shop is now in its pre-opening stage if you would like to order any color hybrid, Jacobs ladders, or any type of mushroom just let me know and I will get them for you💕🌱🍃✨

🌱🍃 You can order up to a pocket full of flowers or mushrooms at once ! :) Yes I have every type of hybrid and mushroom !

Types of mushrooms 

Flat Mushroom
Skinny Mushroom
Round Mushroom
Elegant Mushroom
Rare Mushroom
Famous Mushroom


Please do not run or steal anything if you are in my town <3
Please have your pockets completely empty
Please do not venture off on your own

FC: 4012-6994-4313
The Witchery Cafe ✨

This is free 💚😄

✨ Welcome to The Witchery Cafe ✨

Where you can order all of your food/sweets needs. -still partly under construction but allowing visitors for pre opening- adding more soon.

FC- 4012-6994-4313

This is how it works
I’ll post a menu of what you can order if anything interests you just comment/message what you want and your friend code (unless I already have you added) I will get it ready for you. May take me a few minutes to get it ready but you must pick up the item or items on the same day you comment/message.

🌟⭐️🌟You may order two or three items at a time.🌟🌟🌟

If you would like to come inside and eat basically just explore or chill or check out the witchery you may. Or if you wanna just pick up your food and leave you may as well.

❤️Please do not run or steal anything !

New Items added to the menu please take a look <3
New And Updated Menu <3


- Tonkotsu Ramen
- Tantan-men Ramen

- Carbonara
- Peperonico
- Cod Roe
- Pesto genovese
- Squid Ink
- Regular pasta ( spaghetti ) 🍝

Whole pizza’s
- Margherita
- Seafood
- Olive
- Mixed
- Regular pepperoni

- Chocolate
- Colorful pop
- Colorful cream
- Flower
- Animal (it has a panda face)
-Regular Vanilla Cupcake With Strawberry and white frosting

Fruit drinks
Different kinds you can get
- green-apple soda
- iced coffee
- iced tea
- milk

Ice creams
- matcha soft serve
- swirl soft serve
- strawberry ice cream
- vanilla ice cream
- vanilla soft serve
- Choco soft serve
- lemon double scoop

Extra Goodies You Can Get
- Good luck Rolls
- ChoColate heart boxes
- Sparkling cider
- kerokerokeroppi cake
- pumpkin pie
- Lon lon milk
- lollipop

Types of Tarts:
- Apple Tart
- Choco Tart
- Lemon Tart
- Berry Tart
- Matcha Tart

Shaved Ice
Types of shaved ice:
- Stawberry
- Blue Raspberry
- Lemon
- Sweet-bean green tea

Cups Of Tea
- Types Of Tea’s:
- Mint Tea
- Jasmine Tea
- Mallow-blue tea
- Lavender Tea

More new items
Popcorn 🍿
Types you can get
- Berry Popcorn
- Chocolate popcorn
- caramel popcorn
Or regular with butter :)

Kiddie Meal(s)
- kiddie meal lunch combo a (salad, eggs, flan)

- Kiddie meal lunch combo b (veggie rice, jello, smiley face french fry with ketchup ) I think thats what it is lol I don’t really know if its a french fry or not but it looks like one. or you could say its a yellow blob with a smiley face thats written in ketchup on it lmao.

- Kiddie meal lunch combo c (pink jello, potatoes and gravy, lettuce (There’s also different lunch combos for kiddie meal)^

More items on the menu :)

Set lunch
two different set lunches you can get
- Fried fish meal
- Fried egg meal

Imperial pot
different imperial pots you can get
- Fried egg and crab
- Fried Rice
- Sweet and Sour
- Chop Suey

Curry Plate
Different types you can get
- Dal Curry
- Vegetable korma
- Saag Murgh

Hot plate
different hot plates you can get
- Pancake
- Omelet
- Pizza

Milk Carton
- Coffee milk
- Orange Juice
- Vegetable Juice
- Tomato Juice


You can order
- Milk
- Butter
- Flour
- Sugar
- Vinegar

More extra stuff
- cheese
- ramen cup(ramen and ramen cup are different)
- burger meal
- donburi
- donut box
- fish and chips
- hearty breakfast
- light breakfast
- lunch pack
- pancakes
- potato gratin
- rice balls
- sausage
- lobster
- tacos
- udon soup
- watermelon
- veggie basket
- rice cake

More new items on the menu for ordering 🙂

Different types of drinks you can get inside the mug
- hot chocolate
- latte art
- soup

Bread box
Types of bread you can get
- raisin bread
- cheese bread
- cocoa marble bread

New items on the menu for ordering <3 Just ask me if you wanna order <3

~Blowfish sashimi
~Bread making set
~Cinnamoroll tray
~Coconut Juice
~Cutting board set
~Egg Basket

~Frying Pan
Different ones you can get
- Burnt Food
- Empty

Different types you can get
- Pepper
- Zucchini
- Carrot
- Asparagus


Different types you can get
- Curry
- Consomme
- Borscht


Types you can get
- Caprese
- Fruit
- Croquette
- Loaf

熊本名物 熊本ラーメン // Kumamoto Series: Kumamoto Ramen
Kumamoto’s been in the news this week for earthquakes, and all the sadness made me want to point out some nice things and lovely local foods. The Kumamoto touch comes from garlic: garlic chips, deep-fried garlic bits, or browned garlic (the oil from frying garlic). The savory richness of the garlic cuts some of the greasiness of the tonkotsu pork bone broth, and creates a more refreshing flavor.

Cold Banishing Potion

This is my go to “Cold Banishing” potion - used in soups or marinades or dressings

*Garlic - 1 large clove garlic or 1 tablespoon minced garlic or 1 tsp garlic powder - to cleanse and banish the sickness
* Ginger - 1 tsp ground ginger, 1 thumb sized piece of fresh ginger grated - to speed up and power the magical working, for healing as well
* Vinegar - any on hand, I use Citrus Rice Wine Vinegar a lot - cleansing
* Sesame oil - to taste - for the “prosperity” of the spell, a little insurance so the spell works
* Salt or Soy Sauce - to taste - cleansing/protection from reinfection
* Hot spice of some sort - chili oil, chili powder, cayenne pepper, etc to cleanse and protect with the property of fire, to “burn out the sickness”

I use this combo regularly in my Cold Banishing Soup. I recently used it in a marinade for meat as well!

Use this as a sauce, flavoring or marinade for the rest of your meal. I like to add this to soup with lots of veggies, so that I get lots of vitamins as well to help fight off the sickness. Also, adding this to chicken broth includes the “healing chicken soup” vibe as well, that we use so much for colds and flus! Don’t forget your noodles and meat. A well balanced meal helps heal tremendously and gets you the nutrients you need to heal, as well!

Happy Cooking!

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Hey Sam, Ihave been noticing that you perhaps cook a lot during the weekend. Do you box stiff up for the week? Do you plan meals ahead of time? I am trying to make sure I have some homemade food for the week so I'm not inevitably hitting the deli for a lunch sandwich on a weekday trying to live on a budget. Any advice please?

I do cook primarily on the weekends and box stuff up for the week, yes, but I don’t really plan meals ahead of time. What I do instead is cook three to four dishes that can be portioned out into tupperware, and then I just eat on that all week, with occasional cooked meals for dinners and such. Realistically that usually stretches them out to two weeks. 

Basically I cook a lot of food that can be separated out into meal-sized tupperware and reheated easily. Stuff like noodles and meat in sauce (stroganoff, meatballs in red sauce, Japanese curry chicken udon) reheats well in the microwave because all the “solids” like noodles and veg and such are suspended in a sauce, which steams them and keeps them from drying out or turning chewy. Also stuff like casseroles, enchiladas, risotto. 

So I make a crapload of this stuff, and I measure out five lunch’s worth (or in my case, really, ten smaller packets, since I eat two small meals at work instead of one lunch – I have “lunch” at 10:30 and “tea” at 2). I often take more than one day’s food at a time, just so I don’t have to remember to pack lunch in every day, then when I’m at work I can choose what I’m in the mood for. 

The rest of the food, the food that doesn’t fit into that week’s meal plan, I throw in the freezer. I think really that’s the key: leftovers go in the freezer for a bit so by the time I take them out they’re something I want to eat again. And I make sure there’s a variety, like I always have at least three different dishes to choose from. Plus I pack little treats like mini cheeses or hardboiled eggs in case I don’t want something hot. 

I also kind of started listening to my cravings and compensating for them. Like, I really like getting a meatball sandwich sometimes, so I brought meatballs-and-pasta into my rotation – I just make a crapload of meatballs over the weekend (which you can make yourself, or buy freezer meatballs), cook them in spaghetti sauce so that they’ve got that nice “braised in tomato” flavor that meatballs at the sandwich shop have, and stir them into a pot of macaroni, then dish that up for lunches. In the winter I tend to want french fries all the time, but mashed potatoes are a good substitute, so I would make a bunch of tupperwares that were chicken in a sauce on the bottom, topped with mashed potatoes. 

We tend to think of lunch as a light meal, a salad or a sandwich, but I almost never eat either – I always have a hot meal that sounds more like it would be suited to a dinner, I just eat a smaller portion than I would at dinner. Reframing how I thought of lunch in that way really helped me to get onboard with the “cook on the weekend, eat it all week” idea. 

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What if sarumi?

If Sarumi, post-ROK Fushimi and Yata actually sit down and have a proper talk about why Fushimi left and what he was feeling. Fushimi keeps trying to evade Yata’s questions at first, trying to boil everything down to a simple ‘I didn’t belong,’ but Yata hasn’t been trying this hard to understand Fushimi just to let him get away with half truths. They talk for hours instead, Fushimi haltingly putting his feelings into words in a way he hasn’t for almost his entire life, and maybe he doesn’t say everything – he can’t yet, can’t talk about the hallucinations of that man and about anthills set on fire, but he can talk about how it felt setting fire to his own skin and why he felt he had to do it, reasons and reasons and the more he talks the more Yata wants to punch him and then hug him because you stupid idiot I was never going to leave you behind. In the end they talk and they yell and they cry and they hug, and if they’re both trembling in each other’s arms neither one mentions it.

If Sarumi, they move in together afterward. Fushimi’s still got his room in the Scepter 4 dorms, of course, but he’s spending less and less time there – Munakata makes little comments about it here and there, that there’s not as much for Scepter 4 to do nowadays and Fushimi doesn’t need to overwork himself, he can have half days and short days and a commute would be easy. The more Yata meets Fushimi for drinks after work and afternoons at the game center like old times, evenings at Yata’s cramped apartment for one with Yata making Fushimi healthy dinners and all but forcing the vegetables down his stupid stubborn throat because you need to eat healthier you stupid monkey, look at you, you’re even skinnier than you used to be, the more Yata’s apartment seems too cramped and Fushimi’s dorm too empty. Yata tries to sound cool and casual as he suggests it again, a new apartment together. He fails at the cool and casual and ends up sounding nervous and awkward instead. Fushimi nods anyway without even thinking about it, and the way Yata’s face lights up is enough to keep him from regretting it.

If Sarumi, they move in together and for weeks there are boxes in the living room because Fushimi’s still overworking himself and comes home too tired to open them, and is too lazy on days off to bother. Yata refuses to open Fushimi’s boxes and put stuff away because he knows how picky Fushimi is about his things and I’m not putting your shit away just so you can complain about where I put it Saruhiko. One Saturday Yata finally grabs Fushimi by the shirt collar and says we are getting rid of these boxes Saruhiko even if I have to throw them the fuck away. They end up finding a box of Yata’s that was overlooked, a bunch of memories from middle school – pictures and little keepsakes, a seashell Fushimi found that time Yata took him to the beach and a torn ticket for an amusement park the day they went together and it rained, and they both got soaked but had fun anyway, until Fushimi got a cold the next day and Yata skipped school to keep an eye on him. Yata laughs at some old story and spots Fushimi looking at him with this soft smile and a fond look in his eyes that Yata can’t ever remember seeing before. When he looks up to meet Fushimi’s eyes Fushimi immediately clicks his tongue and looks away, but Yata doesn’t forget that smile.

If Sarumi, their first kiss is over cheap takeout one night when it’s storming and the power is out and Fushimi is complaining because his PDA is out of charge and who knows what work he could be getting done if only he could use his laptop. Yata lights candles with his powers and Fushimi considers jumpstarting his PDA with his Green powers until Yata convinces him to please not start an electrical fire just so you can stare at your stupid PDA all night Saruhiko. They share an order of takeout, greasy noodles with meat, unhealthy in just the way Fushimi likes, and Yata slips him vegetables hoping Fushimi will mistake them for meat in the poor lighting. Fushimi doesn’t, and pushes them back onto Yata’s plate when Yata’s not looking. They talk and tease each other and Yata jumps at the sound of a particularly loud crack of thunder and then denies is afterward, and neither one can say who was the first one to move in for the kiss but neither one complains about it either.

If Sarumi, sometimes things are good and sometimes things aren’t but they’ve figured out how to navigate it by now, Fushimi’s moods and Yata’s temper and the gaps of communication between them that are ever narrowing. Fushimi still lives on half truths and tongue clicks and a hovering uncertainty that he can’t entirely throw away, Yata still has moments of frustration and depression and wondering what an amazing guy like Fushimi sees in an idiot like him. They still work, even so, through anger and fights and then apologies and yelling at each other through tears, laughing at their own stupidity, Fushimi looking annoyed and averting his eyes while Yata just smiles and shakes his head and leans against him. Fushimi’s burn heals and scars properly, and it almost doesn’t hurt either of them to look at it now. They work out an understanding of things that have happened and things that still happen, they learn to deal with each other’s moments of weakness and they still have each other’s backs, still fight in perfect sync even after all this time, and there’s no one either of them would rather have at their back. It’s comfortable and it’s close and it’s good – not a small world but a larger one, stitched together from broken parts, and it’s better than either one of them ever thought things would be, once upon a time on that day when everything broke, and they fixed it together.