I didn’t think I could ever be so proud of someone, but these four incredible boys proved that thought wrong. For only being their first world tour they did absolutely amazing things and made the lives of so many of their fans. I got to see them when they came to Lexington, Kentucky and I can easily say it was the best concert of my life. I just can’t express how proud I am of how far they’ve come. Congratulations 5sos-official you did it, guys.

You know big buff cheeto puff,
You’ve seen ultra power lemon sour-

But are you ready for super brutal spaghetti noodle?

/high fives self forever for that

I don’t like this expression “First World problems.” It is false and it is condescending. Yes, Nigerians struggle with floods or infant mortality. But these same Nigerians also deal with mundane and seemingly luxurious hassles. Connectivity issues on your BlackBerry, cost of car repair, how to sync your iPad, what brand of noodles to buy: Third World problems. All the silly stuff of life doesn’t disappear just because you’re black and live in a poorer country. People in the richer nations need a more robust sense of the lives being lived in the darker nations. Here’s a First World problem: the inability to see that others are as fully complex and as keen on technology and pleasure as you are.

One event that illustrated the gap between the Africa of conjecture and the real Africa was the BlackBerry outage of a few weeks ago. Who would have thought Research In Motion’s technical issues would cause so much annoyance and inconvenience in a place like Lagos? But of course it did, because people don’t wake up with “poor African” pasted on their foreheads. They live as citizens of the modern world. None of this is to deny the existence of social stratification and elite structures here. There are lifestyles of the rich and famous, sure. But the interesting thing about modern technology is how socially mobile it is—quite literally. Everyone in Lagos has a phone.

—  Teju Cole

We’re fading fast, I miss missing you now and then …

Lyrics: Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
Characters: Gorillaz
Art by: McKellsen/We-Are-The-Dury/Lfsn

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