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  • I Switched My Robot Off/Ascension: Russel
  • Strobelite: Noodle and 2-D
  • Saturnz Bars: Noodle and Russel
  • Momentz: Noodle
  • The Non-Conformist Oath/Submission: Noodle and Murdoc
  • Charger: 2-D
  • Elevator Going Up/Andromeda: 2-D
  • Busted and Blue: 2-D and Murdoc
  • Talk Radio/Carnival: Murdoc and Russel
  • Let Me Out: Russel
  • Penthouse/Sex Murder Party: Murdoc
  • She's My Collar: Murdoc and 2-D
  • The Elephant/Hallelujah Money: Russel and 2-D
  • We Got The Power: Murdoc and Noodle
  • New World/The Apprentice: 2-D
  • Halfway to the Halfway House: Murdoc
  • Out Of Body: Noodle
  • Ticker Tape: 2-D
  • Circle of Friendz: Noodle and 2-D
Lazy tips for Tofu

Tofu gets a bad rap, and really it’s undeserved. 

Yes, tofu tastes bad when you cook it badly, but then so does just about anything else. It’s just that we’re much more conditioned to be forgiving of bad chicken, bad cheese, etc. And at least tofu is unlikely to give you food poisoning if it’s under cooked.

Yes tofu takes some prep. But then, so do a lot of other foods. You pay more for convenience foods of many kinds because some of the work is done for you. But as far as a ‘raw ingredient’ goes, tofu is cheaper than many animal products, and when you compare it to the work involved with preparing any ‘raw ingredient’ it’s really not much different.

That being said, here’s a few ways to make dealing with tofu less effort


Pressing tofu is kind of an art - convincing the water to come out of the soy sponge without mushing it. This is an art I refuse to master. It’s up there with the art of eating gracefully, and ironing collars.

So I just freeze the tofu I buy. If I’m planning on using it in the next two days, I move it to the fridge. Somehow, some weird magical thing happens that makes recently defrosted tofu stronger, so you can basically squeeze out almost all the water in your hands without mushing it. This doesn’t work for silken tofu though - seriously. Don’t make the same mistake I did.

Another option, if you don’t care about the tofu being mushed up, is a clean tea towel, stick the tofu in there, wrap it up, and squeeze it that way.

Or don’t press it at all. This makes it less likely to absorb other flavours, but so long as you cook it enough it still tastes good.


To be honest, I almost never bother marinating tofu for any length of time. My idea of a marinade is to throw random stuff in a bowl, then stir in some cubes of tofu. If I’m really patient, I might last a couple of hours. Usually it’s a couple of minutes.

If you want to marinate tofu to make it taste like something specific, like the ham component of a hawaiian pizza, you can make the flavours soak in a lot faster by immersing the cubes/chunks/whatever in the marinate and baking it for about ten minutes. Shallow frying with about 1cm of oil in a pot also works (avoid marinades that have a strong powder component).

Super easy marinades

  • Vinegar, Salt, Soy sauce
  • Brewers yeast (sometimes called nutritional yeast), salt, tumeric, garlic, cumin, lemon juice, oil (if you’re feeling like reaching for the spice rack)
  • Mustard, Soy sauce, Sugar, Sesame seed oil or tahini (optional, because expensive)
  • Veggie stock
  • Basically any stir fry or pasta sauce you have lying around will do


The ways to cook tofu are pretty much endless. You can even have it raw if it works with the recipes. My favourite quick ways are;

Deep frying - It’s not really deep frying since you only need about a cm of oil in a pot. You want it to be pretty hot (but not smoking). You don’t even really need to press tofu if you’re cooking it like this, just squeeze it a bit over the sink. It’ll be crispier if you go hotter, softer if you go cooler. I often don’t flavour tofu before frying like this, I just have it with salt and maybe a little vinegar (seriously, it’s good) after. I’ve found it takes less than ten minutes to cook a bowl of nommy tofu bites. Probably not so healthy, but I’m prone to the odd treat now and then. I’ve found this also is a fast way to cook tofu that’s going to go in other things - like curries and stirfries.

Baking - If you don’t mind waiting for noms to cook (I go surf the net while I wait), you can just put whatever flavourings you want on the tofu (immersing it in veggie broth and baking is awesome too - thank you @theveganzombie), and throw it in the oven.

Shallow frying - I’ve found this takes a bit longer than I personally like, but it has its uses. If you’re frying tofu to go with other stuff, put it in first, even ahead of onions, and don’t be afraid to let it sit in the pan without being turned constantly, it’ll cook quicker if you only turn it every so often. If you want the tofu to still be crispy when you eat and you’re using a sauce, cook the tofu separately and add it at the end.


If you want nommy soy goodness straight from the fridge for sandwiches, salads, world domination, noodles, whatever, then you can make it up ahead of time, and see how long it lasts. 

I pretty much never bother to do this. The last time I made tofu bites to go on a pizza, it took all my willpower to allow even two thirds of them to actually make it to the pizza. Cooked tofu does not last long when it’s within my reach.

But if you have more self control than me it’s a good way to have teh noms on hand.


Fridge - Tofu has a long shelf life, it usually comes sealed. You can keep it in the fridge for a few days after opening so long as you immerse it in fresh water and keep it sealed. For tofu that’s been cooked, just keep it sealed.

Freezer - Unless I have reason to want the tofu soft and mushy, I tend to just freeze it, and take it out when I need it. If I need to defrost it fast I just stick it in a bowl of hot water, then add more hot water when it starts to cool. This is enough to get it to the point where I can cut it without any trouble.

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How would Noodle and 2D react if their s/o wrote a song about them?

2D: His heart flutters a bit when you tell him about your song, asking if you’d let him read the lyrics or if you’d perform it for him. Hearing the words and loving phrases that are strung together and inspired by him makes his heart swell with happiness, and he’s positive it’s now his favorite song in the world. 

Noodle: She had done the same for you a few times, not that she’d told you about it, and she bargains with you to tell her about your song and she’ll show you one of hers. She bobs her head along with the tune while you sing to her, giving you a gentle smile and telling you she loves it. 

HMS:a summary
  • Urushihara: *is on the internet*
  • *buys things online*
  • Sadao: *is a flawless MgRonalds emplyee*
  • *is clueless about Chi's feelings*
  • Ashiya: *is stingy with money*
  • *arrives late to a battle because he forgot his cape*
  • Emi: *stalks everyone*
  • Chiho: *obsesses over Sadao*
  • Suzuno: *is clueless about the modern world*
  • *cooks noodles*
Gladiolus Headcanons:

Originally posted by ffxvcaps

  • Definitely a big time snorer. Seriously, it’s like sleeping next to a goddamn bear #Gladdy Bear. How it is he still manages to get a good nights sleep half the time is beyond the rest of the guys. 
  • Will actually live off of nothing but cup noodles if you do not stop him otherwise. Ignis found this out the hard way after stopping by Gladio’s one day and offered to cook. Although he was more than aware of his friend’s strong love for cup noodles, it was obvious after opening the third and fourth kitchen cabinet that he had highly underestimated it. Gladdy, pls, a man cannot simply live off of cup noodles and beer alone. 
  • Despite being the big bad badass that he is, the moment allergies hit, this man is  d o w n. The man can take on a giant ass behemoth and magiket soldiers with no problem. At first it can seem like this guy is unstoppable. That is until allergy season roles around. Afterwards this unstoppable force is reduced to a sniffling, congested and sneezing mess of a man. Because of this, he’s always sure to stock up on allergy meds and kleenexes. He also knows what meds actually work and actually help relieve symptoms. He’ll usually recommend the behind the counter stuff, mostly since it’s usually the only good stuff that actually works.
  • He got stung by a wasp once and was down for the count. It didn’t take long for this mountain of a man to come crumbling down.
  • “Tell Iris I love her.”  “Gladio pls it was just one little sting.” “Remember me, Iggy.” “For the love of Shiva, Gladio, just get up and let me treat it, you over grown man-child.”  
  • Is secretly a big fan of romance novels. Especially the cheesy ones with Fabio on the cover. Yeah, those ones. Though he’ll typically cover them up with fake covers to avoid getting any odd looks. Guy’s gotta keep up some level of reputation. 
  • Two favorite things in the world: cup noodles and camping. Combine the two together and you have one happy ass Gladio. Should his s/o be there with him, the two sharing noodles while being alone together under the stars, and he wouldn’t think of place he’d rather be at that moment. He has his three favorite things all in one, how can he not be happy? 
  • Lowkey likes to sing in the shower. What he sings will depend mostly on his mood, whether it’s some form of rock, country or a song from a musical…
  • Also secretly has a love for plays and musicals. Being a big book worm, he really likes watching some of the plot and character development, and the music accompaniment only makes it better. Secretly buys himself the soundtracks and merchandise. He’d take Iris to a few every now and again, stating it was purely for Iris and to make her happy because she wanted to go see it, and totally for no other reason.  And he totally wasn’t humming the main overture on the drive home. Call him out, and he’ll just say he has it stuck in his head. Yup, sure, whatever you say Gladdy.  
  • Could definitely see him being a fan of Hamilton or Rock of Ages. Just saying.  
  • Definitely a dog person. Loves their loyalty and their overall affectionate nature. Plus they’re great for morning walks and exercise. If they’re able to be trained to fight alongside in battle, even better. Though they’ll definitely either have to be of the short haired or hypoallergenic variety because allergies.

Originally posted by imagine-ffxv

( I’m on Mobile so no read more…sorry!)

Oh look who I’m revamping….it’s Bee 🐝 Ms. Bee Rachel Pot. (I changed her name up).
I missed her honestly and I’ve decided to just like…screw the haters. She my baby.

I have changed some of her info though. She may or may not, haven’t decided, get adopted (in sorts) by Russel (so hints of that sweet 2Russ), though she’s 2-D’s kid. The chief reason Russel takes interest is because he actually knew her mum, and knew what a piece of trash she was (she told ’D she couldn’t get pregnant lol), so he decided to keep an eye on her. She was born post phase 1 and is about 11 in phase 4. She really likes the visuals and instrumentals of Gorillaz because she herself is a mute, so she likes the idea of communication without words. Her favorite person in the world is Noodle, and she wants to be like her. Badass, that is. Her favorite color is orange and she’s into masks (probably bc of phase 3 Noodle) and robotics (she’s suuuuper into Cyborg Noodle). Mother’s wherabouts are unknown.

not be sentimental but honestly namjoon is the softest sweetest tall noodle in the world like he never loses an opportunity to do more and do better even when things are hard for him and he never forgets to appreciate anyone for the things he has or forgets where he started like he’s always thanking fans for being by his side and acknowledges how important they are to him and is constantly ???? praising n loving n supporting every single member ??????? not to mention that he keeps re-evaluating both himself and his life decisions and what path he’s on and whether he’s happy with life and he fucks up a lot and he learns from it and acknowledges his mistakes n grows and he’s dorky n tall n soft n smart n ethereal n beautiful n sometimes when he’s shy the tips of his ears get red n he can’t look up n i just really really really love kim namjoon


Two women, two journeys, one goal. Two youngsters who grew up loving music and then, in all the best ways, were diverted on to a new path, and new, exciting futures.

One, a girl born in Chennai, India who relocated to Hartlepool, Britain aged 11 and ended up, via Imperial College London, at Jaguar Racing. The other born in… well, no one’s sure where… who joined a band before she was even a teenager and who we first met at around 10 years old; a Japanese guitar prodigy and martial arts expert who mysteriously arrived at Gorillaz’ Kong Studio in a FedEx crate…

[FULL ARTICLE UNDER THE CUT, it’s a really interesting read from both Charanya and Noodle]

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Dragonsgate Catering

The Dragonlore Enclave are running a booth at this years Fire Festival!

We have a lot to see so feel free to wander our way throughout the day. 


The Third Wish Bakery

The Third Wish is a sweet little magic shop with an adjoining teahouse and bakery. Our talented Baker Miss Armeria Firebloom will have lots of delicious treats to try. Pies, Cookies and Peach Turnovers. Come see Meri for your sweet tooth. 

Lotusbloom Noodle Hut

Xiao’liu Lotusbloom and her partner Rinthal run the Lotusbloom Noodle Hut in Dawnsblossom and we have them here all weekend. Find flavorful Bento Boxes, Sushi to go and of course their world famous Noodle Soup.

 Xiao is also our Master Cook judge this weekend for Saturdays Bring On The Fire Cook Off!

Dragonlore Fire Festival Fare

Miss Scarlet has been in the restaurant business for years, shes trained under the Masters in Pandaria and worked as a teacher before coming back to the Enclave. This weekend she has concocted some traditional faire food items with a twist. The drink menu too is sure to be exciting! 


Friday Night

Chili Dog Eating contest will be at 5 PM Friday evening. Come early to sign up. 

Saturday Night 

Cooking Contest

Hosted by Xiao’liu Lotusbloom. The Cooking Contest starts at 5PM at the Dragonlore Food Stalls. Info Here

The Amazing Vyn and Rocket Rundy the Ventriloquist Dummy will be stopping by Saturday Night. 

Other contests will be run throughout both evenings so watch out for announcements!

For more information and the menus check out


My old-ass dragon characters from childhood : Part 3

(part 1, part 2)

-Poor Draco was nothing special for a dragon. While a giant toxic serpent is intimidating to us, being a poison puking noodle in a dragon’s world is like being a professional bowler amongst Olympic athletes. Even his name Draco is the draconic equivalent of being named “Bob” or “John Smith”, making him the least remarkable drake around. Years of inadequacy and neglect really took a toll on the fella, and has turned him into what we humans call “a douchebag”.While his putrid spit might be deadly, the truly toxic thing that comes out of his mouth is his words. He just loves to find sensitive folk to verbally harass and make into self loathing wrecks. Draco just cant stand that other people arnt as miserable and spiteful as he is, ya see.

-Chips and Jed (who are based of a couple of dragons in French folklore) take their inadequacy with stride. They spend their days covered in filth, eating “food” from landfills, and hitting on any lady that comes near their huge pile of garbage that they call a “lair”. While most dragons fear or look down upon lowly humans, these losers are quite fond of us. Maybe a little too fond since they too often wander into human settlements looking for some ladies, which ends up getting them chased out of town by mobs. That’s sort of behavior will likely end up getting them slayed after all…

I also imagine Jed sounding like shaggy from scooby doo which says something about these two.

Yeah, (Yeah) Yeah, we're (Haha) gonna bring it down like this y'all. (Yep yep.) I'm gonna let my man PaRappa know (Word.) that noodles rule the world. Yeah, yeah, that lil' slippery thing tasts so good all the time. Yeah, yeah, that's right. (Aight) It goes a little something like this. Stay with me now, (Yea) here we go. (Like dis, like dis) In parenthesis, let me stress the fact clearly. No matter what the deal, I crave for this dearly. The so-called noodles you find in spaghetti, are sweeter than idols, do damage like machetes. Without a doubt, I got da flow, comin at ya live, bring the place alive, every single day I jive. With the thought, comes my direct actions. Ask my followers, they'll say it's an addiction. Slurp it, suck it, I know you all like it. (Slurp it, suck it, I know we all like it.) Smell it, taste it, pasta in a market. (Smell it, taste it, fruit in a basket.) Chinese, Italian, Thai or Jamaican. (Mexican, Egyptian, English, Korean.) Anything goes, even Hawaiian. (Anything goes, even Alaskan.) Long, and chewy (uh-huh uh-huh), occasionally gooey. The best things in life taste good with chop (chop) suey! (suey!) 8 minutes to boil, and 2 minutes to eat. (uh-huh) Admit it kid, you know noodles can't be beat. (oooooo) *PJ's DJ crashs through the wall, room darkens for a moment, everyone is asking what's going on* *As soon as light turns on, they start rapping again* Roll it on your spoon, create your own boom. (Roll it on my spoon, create my own boom.) I betcha didn't know; Noodles' the rules. (I betcha didn't know; There are no rules.) Sushi, burgers, they all taste good. (Pizza, burritos, they all taste good.) As long as they got noodles, the king of all foods. (As long as they love food, then any thing's cool.) Hip hop music (Hip hop,) with an old school (hip hop.) twist. I keep the place intact and do a rap like this. (Like this.) You can use a spoon, fork, knife or even chopsticks. Come on kid, get down with the mix. (uh.) N. double O. D. L. E. S. (C. double O. K. I. E. S.) Great tasting pasta, blow to your chest. (Great tasting sweets, blow to my chest.) Ramen, udon, soba, you name it. (Brownies, a pie, a shake, you name it.) Any type of noodles you like, yes I got it. (Any type of sweets you like, yes I got it.) Whatever your thoughts may be, I'm bound to be The king of all foods, with noodles as the key. (as the key.) Full of pride, and glory way up above, Cuz here I come y'all, full of noodles and love! Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask me why. (Noodles are the best no doubt can't deny, taste better than water, but don't ask you why.) But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries. (But then again, many things can be tasty, corn bread, potatoes, rice and even pastries.) Then why do I, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. I must've sounded real eerie. (Then why do you, love noodles so dearly? It makes no sense. You must've sounded real eerie.) Thanks brother, for lettin' me understand that a man must understand to keep his options open. (You're welcome brother, for lettin' you understand that a man must understand to keep his options open.)