We’re fading fast, I miss missing you now and then …

Lyrics: Miss Missing You - Fall Out Boy
Characters: Gorillaz
Art by: McKellsen/We-Are-The-Dury/Lfsn

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You know big buff cheeto puff,
You’ve seen ultra power lemon sour-

But are you ready for super brutal spaghetti noodle?

/high fives self forever for that

But i really live for their looks, noodle is lookin adorable, i like that shes dressed in her phase 2-3 style like the girl fking loves her black and white stripes man, russel looking DAPPER AF. The man has such fkin style this phase! He looks like he smells of expensive Cologne. YES. Murdoc is his usual old goth self and i want him to do bad things to me and im ashamed of myself. I feel bad for 2D he looks so uncomfy hes like why cant i sit next to russel, murdoc smells. But i love 2Ds squishy thighs. Im sorry. They look so squishable. He looks a lot better thicc i approve of this chubbier design. My poor blue boy we need to get him away from the pickle man. Im ranting so much but they look awesome and i love gorillaz so much.

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