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i remember someone saying that sonic characters are weak because they got noodle arms and no definite muscle ¿what do you think about that? i personally think its bull because characters like shadow,knuckles,etc showed great stregth feats and they got noodle arms like the others

Like you said, it is bull. Because a lot of characters with those features have displayed impressive fets of strength given their size and girth.

Sonic is strong enough to carry Elise easily.

Shadow can flip slabs of concrete and buses with ease.

Knuckles is a powerhouse, can lift boulders.

lance has killer upper arm strength u guys. think about it. that big ass gun bayard?? it’s gotta be heavy. not as heavy as hunks but heavy nonetheless. lance may not work out as much as shiro but the boy is strong!!! He could benchpress Keith and keith wouldn’t be surprised!!! he knows his boyf is strong!!!