So I was thinking a lot about the rotomdex tonight… Rotom has shown nothing but zeal for traveling, catching pokemon, meeting new people, encouraging the player to succeed. They’re so self aware, they have real human-like goals and ambitions which is incredible!! So I said to myself… what if there were a way for Rotom to experience life as a trainer… catching their own pokemon and doing their own island challenge. 

Can you imagine? I think it would be very interesting!!

I mixed the girl and boy starter clothes for now but I’m sure they’re get something for fashionable later in their journey. -w-

I called them “Rotom Ex” jokingly but,,, I really don’t have a better name for them rn so………….I’ll stick with that for tagging purposes 

lance has killer upper arm strength u guys. think about it. that big ass gun bayard?? it’s gotta be heavy. not as heavy as hunks but heavy nonetheless. lance may not work out as much as shiro but the boy is strong!!! He could benchpress Keith and keith wouldn’t be surprised!!! he knows his boyf is strong!!!