kaneki kens ranked by their ability to kick ur ass

a basic ken. smol with powerless noodle arms. ur ass has nothing to fear, unless u trip while he attempts to dodge one of ur punches. 2/10. 

an upgraded ken in a constant state of rage, due to his shitty hair dye job. he can beat ur ass if he’s focused, but if u bring up his loved ones he’ll probs start crying and be unable to finish the fight bc he can’t see through the tears or the gaping holes where his eyes formerly were. a worthy asskicker, but u can fight back. (15-7)/10.

a pure ken, not constantly filled with burning protective violence nor crippling self-hatred. motherly instincts means he will gladly kick ur ass if ur fucking w his kids. but also he doesn’t want to seem like. too into it. so he’ll hold off on murdering ur ass. not to mention that he’s under constant threat of getting his own ass kicked by ya boi arima so he can’t get that #wild but. i digress. 5/10.

holy fuck. hol y  fu cking s h i t. this ken straight up doesn’t give any fucks. he’ll throw ur ass off the side of a building. he’ll break into ur apartment in a relentless quest to kick ur ass. he’ll lie to u and pretend to be ur friend for multiple months, only to turn around and punt ur ass into the void. shit. shit. 100/10. 

a majestic and seasoned ken, with many an ass-kick under his belt. ya he can fight but also his ass-kicking ability is partially a rumor perpetuated by his dad so like. whether or not he’d annihilate ur ass effortlessly is an enigma. a lot of his tactic is for show tho; he’ll whip off his jacket and pray for u to get distracted by his sleeveless tank top and make his ass-kicking life easier. but also he has cronies that can kick ur ass for him. ~9/10.

lance has killer upper arm strength u guys. think about it. that big ass gun bayard?? it’s gotta be heavy. not as heavy as hunks but heavy nonetheless. lance may not work out as much as shiro but the boy is strong!!! He could benchpress Keith and keith wouldn’t be surprised!!! he knows his boyf is strong!!!

Exhibit A: Danny with his weak ass pathetic lookin chicken noodle ass legs. look at those knees.. pitiful. 

buT then he Buffed tf UP look at those pecs! His legs aint noodles anymore even his aRMS are thicker??

getting your ass kicked on a daily basis really pays off huh 

Mabel saying “Up top!” and putting her hand in the air for a high-five, and Ford being confused as to what she meant before Mabel sighs with over exaggeration, motioning and saying “Hand up, Grunkle Ford!” and dragging his hand up to meet hers in a quick clap before dropping their hands and grinning at him.

Ford finally gets that she was after a high-five, and whether by being sensitive to his polydactyly, or if that was just the lingo of today, she managed to avoid a sore point for him. Ford smiled and raised both of his hands. “Double up top?” he asked her, and she squealed, launching herself in the air to double high-five him. The both laughed, Ford rubbing one of his hands and telling Mabel she didn’t know her own strength.

Mabel laughs harder and tells him that noodle arms are Dipper’s thing. If he doesn’t want a red mark, he needs to go clap hands with her brother.


((Welp, I drew a thing about a lame little headcanon I have about Underswap :’) and I’m too lazy to log out and switch to my art blog to post this

I haven’t seen much of Napstaton in box form, so why not-

Basically it’s that when Napstaton was getting used to that box form and stuff, they really liked spinning around on that wheel- And kind of rolled all around the lab, making Undyne chase them and stuff))