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sorry this isn’t what I usually post, but can we talk about how cute my baby snake was while he was drinking earlier?? lil guy thinks he’s a dog..

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what kind of physical traits + characteristics do each of the band members look for in a partner? luv your blog btw, keep up the good work 👌💚

Thank you!

To be completely honest, I don’t see any of the bandmates looking for anything in particular regarding physical traits, but here are some characteristic they’d like to see in a partner! (Doesn’t mean they won’t like anyone else. They’d probably go with anyone as long as they’re not a total ass!)

•Caring person
•Great cook
•Sense of humor

•Good Listener

•Great Communicator
•More of an optimist

•Fashion lover
•Realistic, yet an imaginer

How to Eat Vegan in Oahu

Happy Wednesday! For those of you who don’t know, I took a little trip to Hawaii last month with my sister. It was the best trip I’ve ever been on, and I desperately wish I could be back on the island right now. I posted a little travel diary/vlog a few weeks ago. If you’re interested, click here to watch.

I thought I would do a quick little post sharing all the vegan friendly places we visited in Oahu. My number one tip for travelling is to always do your research. Look up vegan places, read blogs, and watch YouTube videos. Of course, always be prepared and pack  your own food. It saves a lot of money, and makes vegan travelling much easier.

If you’re in the Waikiki area, two places to check out are Banan and Marukame Udon. Banan has a location near Diamond Head, and one near Manoa falls; but they just opened a Waikiki location in early June. Most of their bowls come with honey, which I personally don’t think is vegan. So just ask for no honey, if you agree. Marukame Udon do not have any purely vegan or vegetarian options. But if you are a noodle lover like me, you have to try the Kamaage udon - plain udon in hot water, served with dipping sauce on the side. The sauce has fish, unfortunately. But the noodles are honestly so delicious on their own. Both places are relatively cheap and give generous portions! 

Most of the vegan restaurants can be found on King St in downtown Honolulu. The best place we ate at was Downbeat Diner. Their menu does have a few vegan options, but you can basically ask the server for anything on their menu to be made vegan - including Loco Moco. You MUST try Downbeat Diner! They also have a separate lounge where they host shows and parties.

Lanikai Beach is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches in the world. If you’re in the Kailua area, check out Whole Foods and Down To Earth Organics. They’re both located in the same plaza, and serve great vegan options. Down to Earth is especially awesome because they have vegan poke, vegan macaroni and mock chicken salad, and vegan desserts! 

You can’t visit Oahu and not take a drive up to the North Shore. Visiting Haleiwa was definitely one of the highlights of our trip. There are a few great places to check out in the North Shore. If you’re interested in something sweet, be sure to go to Aloha Wow Wow Lemonade for a refreshing glass of fresh lemonade. You can also buy a reusable jar - which is kinder to the environment and also makes for a great souvenir. You also can’t go to Hawaii without having an acai bowl. Stop by Haleiwa bowls for some delicious, instagram-worthy food. Again, they put honey on their acai bowls, so make sure you ask for no honey. Lastly, be sure to check out Anahulu’s Shave Ice and take a picture in front of the famous angel wings. There are other vegan options in Haleiwa that serve sandwiches and bowls, but we didn’t have time to check them out.

If any of you are planning to travel to Oahu soon, feel free to shoot me a message! I can’t wait to visit Hawaii again soon!

I really like the crack idea of Gladio and Ignis tried to keep their ‘discreet relationship’ under control but Noctis was just tired of it all because c'on it was so obvious they were a thing and Noct tried to keep his mouth shut and expected them to idk FINALLY CONFESSED TO EACH OTHER??? but no not even after 10 years and Noctis finally took the matter in hand, one day grandly announced before the boys something like “By The Power Vested In Me, Noctis Lucis Caelum, The First Of His Name, King of Lucis, The Protector Of The Crystal, The Chosen, The Reluctant Leader Of This Fieldtrip, I Hereby Marry You, Gladiolus Amicitia, The Shield Of The King, The Rare King’s Knight Character, The Cup Noodles Lover, Off To Ignis Stupeo Scientia, The Advisor Of The King, The Cook Of This Fieldtrip, The Ebony Lover, The Specs, The Elvis Hair, From This Day Until Your Last Day. Till Death Do You Part. You May Kiss The Groom.” while Prompto was snickering all the damn time in the background (and taking pictures of Noctis stomping his foot on a bench while announcing his speech).

The Chocobros and their favorite pizza

Pizza is my favorite food and I love to think the bros hang out all the time eating pizza.

Noctis: Just so long as it doesn’t have vegetables on it, any pizza is his favorite pizza. Why would someone want to ruin something so great with something so awful? If he had to choose though, pepperoni would be his pizza of choice.

Prompto: Likes cheese and pepperoni but his favorite is veggie pizza. It’s so flavorful and he LOVES peppers. He also likes to think he’s being slightly healthier by adding the veggies to his pizza order.

Ignis: Likes the fancy pizzas; margarita, feta with spinach, if it sounds fancy he probably likes it. Will never admit it but he does enjoy pineapple on his pizza every now and then; perfect blend of savory and sweet. 

Gladiolus: Is actually probably eating cup noodles. Is a meat lovers pizza kinda guy. He doesn’t like to go too overboard with the amount of meat but will usually have at least pepperoni and bacon on his pizza.

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for the number thing, noodle with 23!

(Kill of the Night - Gin Wigmore)


Noodle wasn’t a bad person.

She was a woman of refined tastes, who had high standards and refused to bow for just anyone. She knew she had a reputation in the bar she frequented, it’s the only one she liked to go to by herself without her friends surrounding her, and she was friendly with a few of the patrons. The new people, the ones who filtered in and out daily, the new faces, were the ones that intrigued her. She wanted to know their stories, who they were, what they were about, she had a lust for new information that felt uncontrollable when she spotted someone new.

She’s heard the rumors about her.

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