noodle is a babe


I love how he’s like 3 and he’s talkin to em like he’s some sort of businessman.

Patater Week - Day 5

Feb. 10 - Social Media Shenanigans – Jeff kind of wishes that he didn’t know Kent and Alexei apparently sext each other through Snapchat pretty regularly. 1.3K

“What the hell are you doing?” Jeff asks, a towel over his head as he enters the locker room.

Kent doesn’t even look remotely embarrassed as he pulls his shirt down and pockets his phone. “Sexy snapchatting my boyfriend.”


Alexei Mashkov likes his men blond, shameless, and a little stupid, he supposes. There’s no helping taste.

He shouldn’t be that surprised when, that night while marathoning Game of Thrones by himself, he gets a notification that he’s received a snapchat from Kent. When he opens it, he nearly drops his phone and spills his cup noodles all over his crotch.

Miss you lots babe, when you coming to Vegas??? Providence is no fun, the caption says. The Kent in the photo is lying down on what seems to be super soft blankets, the picture taken from the up-down to showcase Kent’s exceptional abs all the way down to his low waistband. He has an actual finger in his mouth, like he’s trying to play coy. It’s clearly sent to the wrong person. 

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1334  x 750

⌦ characters: jungkook, an idol that gets jealous and insecure easily but in the cutest ways. y/n, the idol’s playful long distance girlfriend that also happens to be a heavy sleeper and his rock.

⌦ genre + plot: fluff, smut mention, angst. the long-distance couple stays in touch via daily facetime calls and the occasional visit, but even then they crave each other. the idol acts on those desires, but not without a few bumps.

⌦ wc: 3,595

muse: bts’ jeongguk

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Tbh I hate all these headcanons about how Russel, 2D, and Murdoc are over-protective father figures. Like, these guys are living the rock star lifestyle so they are not really going to be A+ parent material.

For starters, they know damn well that Noodle is perfectly capable of kicking the ass of anyone who tries to hurt her. Second, they probably would have been super liberal and encouraged her to try anything and everything because she’s got to see what the world is like for herself. 

“You wanna try smoking? Okay.”

“What does a highball taste like? Here you go.”

“What do you mean ‘what’s the sound in Left Hand Suzuki Method’? Well…here.“

“You think that person’s hot? Okay, here’s a condom.”

“We’re going to a strip joint and we don’t have a babysitter. You’re coming with.”

Considering Hewlett’s cynicism, I think this is a more accurate portrayal of how he’d have Noodle grow up. It’s more realistic if you think about the way a lot of child stars grow up.

Otherwise, how does your sweet and innocent baby doll grow up to be the snarling, smoking, machine gun-toting babe she is today?