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Semi-old Gorillaz fandom things

- Getting severely hyped when Jamie posted a new pic.
- “The blue light shining on Russel is Del.”
- Everyone thought the Saturnz Barz worm alien was also Del.
- Short lived mini memes like Del Hell, no neck bungus and Kerdoc.
- “This picture of Noodle looks a lot like Cyborg. Maybe she’s finally back!”
- 2D ate Massive Dick.
- Everyone going crazy over Murdoc’s uncircumcised donger in The Book of Murdoc.
- Also going crazy over Cyborg being in The Book of Murdoc.
- When everyone thought the preview pic for the Noodle Jaguar commercial was gonna be her riding a mechanical bull.
- “Does the slight reddish-ness in 2D’s eyes mean he’s lustful or angry?”
- *Jamie posts that one pic of Murdoc’s ass as a teaser back in like October* “MURDOC’S SO THICK 💦💦💦”
- When people thought the teaser pics for Saturnz Barz was gonna be 5/4 finally getting animated.
- Is it “from harm” or “among”?
- Everyone thought that the new album was gonna be called Hallelujah Money (if i remember right it was before the song even came out.)
- The Happy Landfill Gorillaz Chatango (rest in peace)
- “2D’s licking a window lol”
- The “Murdoc’s gonna die” theory getting so popular Jamie himself has to confirm that it’s not true.
- March 19th.
- …September….23rd……….
- The countdowns…leading to nothing but Damon getting hacked…
- damon albatn

New Gorillaz Album Track Predictions

1. Yes the Album is actually here

2. Gonna Fuck the Ghost (ft. Del)

3. Feel Good Inc Part 2: Feel Bad Inc

4. Hallelujah Money

5. September 23 (ft. Damon Albatn)

6. Where’s Cyborg

7. Dialogue from the Jaguar Commercial (ft. Noodle)


9. mmmmmMMOTOROLA (10 hour loop)

10. Murdoc the Pickle Man Party Remix

11. In a Bag

12. Still in Denial this Album Exists after September 23


🍜Schwarzenegger in Nissin Noodle Commercial. 1990 🇯🇵

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tbh what i want more out of Gorillaz is them appearing in random commercials, like how you sometimes see a celebrity in a commercial that has no relation to them whatosever, or like how Noodle did a commercial for Jaguar

i want 2D to try and sell me a lawnmower


Noodle Time! 🍜
Arbold Schwarzenegger. Nissin Noodle Commercial. 1990 🇯🇵

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