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Fun Facts I found about the lyrics of“Let Me Out” from the Gorillaz, Humanz album

Friendly reminder, 2D still believes in all of us and he is still hoping we can change the world for the greater good 😊

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Can you write scenario where boys (RFA and V + Saeran) try to kiss for the first time MC, but someone interrupt them? I love your headcannons and scenarios <3

Thanks! Hope you like these:) We made them extra fluffy~


  • You guys were on your first date
  • After having a nice dinner and a good time outside, he brings you back to his place
  • He wants to set the mood, so he brings you up to the rooftop of his apartment
  • You two are leaning against the railing and the stars are glittering above you
  • You two were standing apart, but then somehow you drifted closer
  • Zen feels goosebumps when your shoulders touch
  • His fingers brush against your hand, and you turn to face him
  • His breath is carried away in the wind when you turn to face him, your eyes reflecting the moon shining above
  • You’re just so beautiful in that moment and he finds himself inching forward in anticipating
  • He barely manages to whisper your name when you two are inches apart
  • A loud creak shatters the moment and another apartment resident seemed to have the same idea with his own girlfriend
  • With the moment already ruined, Zen just offers to walk you home since it’s getting late
  • You’re near your doorstep when you push yourself onto your toes and press a kiss to his lips
  • He’s stunned for a few minutes after–even after you retreat into your home
  • When it registers, adrenaline rushes through his veins and he just can’t stop grinning for the rest of the night


  • You two are studying for your upcoming test and Yoosung takes every opportunity to be close to you
  • Thankfully the library is mostly empty
  • He’s feeling shy, but at the same time, he’s trying to be a little bolder today
  • When you ask a question, he makes his move and gently slides his arm behind you
  • He answers, but doesn’t move his arm away
  • A few more questions later, and you finally look at him
  • Your eyes lock, and Yoosung could feel those butterflies in his stomach
  • He felt like a schoolboy really…giddy and on cloud nine
  • You were so close, your cheeks dusted pink
  • He leans just a little bit closer
  • But then the librarian walks by
  • He pulls away and pretends to look at his book, his face hot
  • He doesn’t want to give up, so once she leaves, he tries it again
  • Again, the librarian passes by
  • By the third try, Yoosung gives up and pulls his arm back to his side
  • But his attempts didn’t go unnoticed
  • You call his name gently and he turns to look at you
  • He flinches when you’re mere inches from his face
  • Your finger grazes under his chin, pulling him closer until your lips brush against his in a gentle, feather light kiss
  • It lasted less than three seconds, but small currents of energy shot through him
  • When you pulled away, you were blushing and he stared at you slack jawed
  • He gives you a small smile before interlacing his fingers with yours and returning his attention back to his studies


  • He invited you to his house for a relaxing evening
  • You had a pleasant meal and a little wine, and now you were just enjoying each other’s company in his living room
  • The conversation led to dancing and you admitted you’ve never danced before
  • He puts some soft music on and moves the furniture out of the way
  • He extends his hand to you and offers to teach you
  • He’s an excellent teacher, and you have the waltz down in no time
  • Maybe because he’s really taking the lead and your focus is more on his grey eyes that are fixated on your own
  • It’s as if time stops, and the music in the background is slowly pulling you two closer
  • After a while, the gentle steps slow to a stand still
  • His grip on your waist tightens, and his eyes trail down to your lips
  • His heart is pounding and his head feels muddled
  • For once, he doesn’t try to control himself and lets his head lean forward
  • Your foreheads touch…then your noses brush together…his eyes flutter shut…
  • Then the yelp of a woman makes you two jump three feet apart
  • One of his cleaning staff entered but quickly fled upon seeing you
  • Jumin didn’t realize it was so late…and also that he forgot to lock the door
  • He apologetically goes to lock the door
  • When he returns, there is a thick silence between you two
  • You exchange hesitant glances and mumble a few broken syllables in attempt to start a sentence
  • Finally, Jumin can’t take it anymore
  • He cups your face and captures your mouth in a searing kiss
  • For the next few moments, you are lost in a swirl of heat, then you both pull away flushed and breathless
  • After you both recover, his lips twitch upwards in a small smile before pulling you back in his arms and leading you in a dance once again


  • It was another RFA party, and the guest list was huge
  • It was near the end of the night, and Seven noticed you were getting a little overwhelmed with the guests bombarding you
  • He interjects himself in the conversation and somehow manages to pull you away from the crowd
  • He asks if you want to escape the place for a little, and you can’t refuse
  • You two go to the convenient store across the street and get one bowl of ramen and two cans of iced coffee
  • Not wanting to return into the building again, you two just sit on the street curb and eat and talk
  • You start to notice Seven watching which noodles you pick before intently choosing one of his own with his chopsticks
  • You’re starting to catch on to what he’s doing
  • Finally, he succeeds and he manages to find the same noodle you had put in your mouth
  • He’s on the other end, and he suggests you two play a little game: see how far you can eat from both ends without breaking the noodle
  • He thinks it’s a great idea until the distance between your face and his gets smaller and smaller
  • The noodle breaks when you’re only a few centimeters apart
  • But neither one of you can find the willpower to move apart
  • He keeps inching closer, his gaze flitting down to your lips before snapping back to your eyes again
  • The warmth of your nearness banishes any chill in the air, and when your foreheads touch, he’s sure he’s going to burst into flames
  • The invisible string pulling you closer snaps when a familiar voice breaks the silence
  • Seven is vaguely aware of Yoosung calling you two back into the building and mildly scolding you for leaving in the first place
  • Seven’s face floods with heat and he’s mentally slapping himself for trying to get close to you in such a devious way
  • You two both stand and make your way towards the building, but just before you go in, you grab his arm
  • You grasp his tie and yank him down so his lips finally meet yours
  • His brain short circuits upon contact, and all he registers is the taste of coffee on your lips
  • His entire body goes into paralysis, and he barely remembers to kiss back before you pull away
  • You mutter a thank you, your cheeks red and yours eyes darting to the ground  
  • He’s left outside in a daze for a little longer before following you back inside


  • It was a nice breezy day, so you two decided to take a stroll
  • You guys take a rest under a large tree in this secluded area
  • You’re feeling a bit tired, so your head ends up falling between his shoulder and chest
  • His heart starts thumping a bit harder, but he tries to stay calm as you quietly talk to him
  • The wind teases your hair onto his cheeks, carrying your distinct sweet smell to his brain
  • He’s suddenly aware of every place you’re touching him, and his senses are overloading his mind
  • Then you look up at the same moment he looks down at you
  • He bites his lips and attempts to look away, but he just can’t
  • He opens his mouth in attempts to say something, but he’s not sure what exactly to say
  • Should he confess? Should he push you away? 
  • All the while, you two are drifting closer and closer
  • Just as he resolves to just kiss you already, some kid runs over and shamelessly asks for help to retrieve his kite from the tree above them
  • At first, Saeran was a little annoyed, but he couldn’t deny the kid
  • When he gets the kite and hands it off, you turn to him and press a chaste kiss to his cheek
  • He grabs your arm before you can retreat
  • His crashes his lips against yours, somehow translating all his unspoken emotions into a single touch
  • You’re the one left a little breathless as he takes your hand and continues walking as if nothing ever happened 


  • You guys went out to get ice cream together
  • You two are just sitting by this nice closed area in this park, enjoying each other’s company
  • You notice he gets a smudge of it on his bottom lip
  • When you point it out, he asks if you can wipe it off for him since his hands are full with the ice cream and his camera
  • He leans forward, but because his sight hasn’t fully recovered so his depth perception is a bit off
  • He ends up getting really close to your face, but he doesn’t realize until his nose bumps with yours
  • Blushing a bit, he pulls a little back
  • He gets shivers when your thumb brushes against his bottom lip
  • Unknowingly, he gets closer until your noses are brushing against each other again
  • You are forced apart when a dog charges in between you
  • The owner comes by a little after and apologizes before catching his pet and returning to the trail
  • There’s a little awkward silence between you and V afterwards
  • He lets out a nervous chuckle before turning to you again
  • He asks if there’s still some ice cream on his lip, and you don’t miss the teasing interlaced in his voice
  • You take the bait and claim you would check before getting super close to his face once more
  • This time, the distance between you really does close with a delicate brush of the lips
  • It’s enough to send a thrill through your limbs
  • When you two are done eating, he lay back in the grass and you gently rest your head against his arm

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I feel like no one talks enough about how losing Noodle affected Murdoc

-Murdoc and Noodle have the video and Noodle’s escape all planned out, and it’s all perfect. Murdoc tells her, “Ignore the radio calls. Ignore the search parties. Parachute off that island, call me when you’re safe, and go take your break.” Noodle promises, and everything’s ready. 

-Russel and 2D are panicking after the crash, the support team is trying to radio her, the crew is searching through the wreckage, but Murdoc isn’t worried. He’s waiting for the call. 

-But the call doesn’t come. Murdoc waits a day. Then two days. Then a whole week. And Noodle isn’t calling. None of his calls go through. And that’s when Murdoc starts to panic. 

-It’s the way he burns through a pack a night staring out his cellphone and waiting for a text, the way he holes himself in the radio room resting his forehead on the rim of a rum bottle, hoping she’d maybe try to catch him on the waves. But he doesn’t hear anything. It’s all static. 

-One night he’s too drunk and too manic and he stumbles to the crash site and just starts digging. Pulling away the wooden slats, burned clumps of Earth, empty bullet shells, metal sheets stripped from the bombs that were dropped. It’s been hours, his hands are bloody, his shirt is soaked through in sweat, and he finds nothing. He sits there on his knees, staring at his hands, looking around him, and he feels his throat close up. He realizes he fucked up. 

-He visits that crash site every week to look again, long after Kong is burned down, long after the group is in shambles. 

-One day at the crash site, when he’s thinking about plastic pieces hiding in the sand, he finds a clump of Noodle’s hair. He sits there, runs his fingers through it, realizes he finally has a piece of her that he gets to keep, and comes up with an absurd idea. 

-He pulls out medical journals, books on coding, programming languages for robotics, and dozens and dozens of pictures of Noodle. He slaves for nights on end, so many nights he can’t remember, and he knows this idea is absurd, but what if it worked? What if he could actually do it?

-It takes him months but she’s finally ready. When he runs his fingers through her hair, it almost feels real. 

-But it’s not the same. Cyborg doesn’t remember their inside jokes from when Noodle was 10 and still using pinky promises to keep them sacred. Doesn’t remember the time Murdoc would always buy Noodle chocolate when he went out to get smokes. Doesn’t remember the smile and the pat on the head he gave her when he heard her Demon Days sketches. Cyborg kills and does what he tells her, and he knows Noodle wouldn’t have tolerated that for a second. But he needs his band. He needs her. He needs what keeps him sane. He can’t do without it. He wouldn’t survive. 

-Then there are nights he sits in Cyborg’s charging station, watching the sparks, reading her malfunction logs, looking on eBay for replacement parts, and feeling his throat close up once more. His fingers shake as he flips through pages and pages of error messages. He prays in secret that she doesn’t burn out. He can’t lose her twice. He might not survive it. 

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hi im a new shawol!! what are some shinee inside jokes? i only know onew sangtae helP i dont get milk and etc

hi bebs WELCOME TO SHINEE WORLD, i’m your mom now. this got v long with loTS of links so i put it under a read more!
disclaimer: by no means a comprehensive list, i am but one human and i do not own any of the videos, credit is where credit is due!

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(when the coffee machine broke)
  • Russel: So. Who broke it? I'm not mad, I just wanna know.
  • 2-D: ... I did. I broke it.
  • Russel: No. No you didn't. Murdoc?
  • Murdoc: Don't look at me. Look at Noodle.
  • Noodle: What?! I didn't break it.
  • Murdoc: Huh, that's weird. How'd you even know it was broken?
  • Noodle: Because it's sitting right in front of us and it's broken.

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Hi hi! Can you do the main three having a talented singer as their partner but they didn't know until they walked in on them singing??

Ohh, I’ve never had a request like this before. Hidden talents are always fun to reveal, so this was a very good idea! Thank you for the request! :3

[Viktor Nikiforov]

  • Viktor comes home after an evening out with his ice skating friends to a quiet apartment, the air still except fro Makkachin running to greet him
  • There’s no sign of you, which he finds a bit odd; you usually stay up to wait for him to come home
  • He then hears the soft running of water from the bathroom, and he allows a smirk to pull at the corners of his lips
  • “heh heh I’m gonna scare (y/n) so good lmao then we’re gonna have sex in the shower and it’s gonna be lit as fuck”
  • As he nears the bathroom, something that sounds like soft singing invades his eardrums, and he gets a bit curious
  • Without making a sound, Viktor puts his ear to the bathroom door to listen more closely, and he hears the water stop running
  • Your voice becomes more clear without the sound of the water, and Viktor’s heart flutters in his chest
  • honestly he has to stop for a moment to come back to earth bc your voice has him up in the clouds aw
  • You’re standing in front of the mirror when Viktor barges right into the bathroom, causing you to scream and cover yourself with your towel
  • He hugs you from behind in front of the mirror, admiring how perfect you look being held in his arms
  • You’ve stopped singing out of embarrassment and are trying to hide your blush, pulling your towel tighter around your body
  • Viktor squeezes your waist in encouragement before leaning down and whispering in your ear
  • “Why did you stop? Keep going, (Y/N); you sound amazing.”
  • He leaves kisses along your neck and jaw and shoulder, nuzzling his nose into your hair
  • he’s such an affectionate lil puppy lmao
  • Reluctantly, you begin singing once more, allowing Viktor to sway your bodies back and forth slowly while he relishes in your voice
  • He murmurs encouragements into your ear as you sing, telling you how beautiful you are and how much he loves you
  • Needless to say, you’re not going to be able to side your secret talent around him anymore

[Yuri Katsuki]

  • It’s date night for you and Yuri, and your plans are to meet up at a restaurant once he’s done with skating practice
  • Getting done with practice a few minutes early, Yuri figures he can head home and get ready with you, so you can go to the restaurant together
  • He comes home and finds the bathroom door closed and hears the hairdryer going, smiling at the thought of you getting all gussied up for your date
  • and honestly you could go to the restaurant in sweatpants and you’d still look incredible like you’re gorgeous without even trying
  • As approaches the bathroom to knock, but the hairdryer stops and he hears your voice, but you’re not talking to yourself; you’re singing beautifully
  • Yuri stops where he is and waits, not wanting to barge in and potentially stop your singing that he’s enjoying so much
  • He sits on the floor with his back to the closed bedroom door, just listening to your angelic voice and drowning in the warm and fuzzy feeling it gives him
  • and like he starts falling in love with you all over again ???? he feels so at ease and content at the sound of your voice
  • He’s deep in thought while being drowned in the sound of your beautiful voice, and he allowed himself to close his eyes and just focus on you and how perfect you sound
  • Yuri is startled when the door opens and he falls backwards onto the floor, the back of his skull smacking against the bathroom tile
  • He scrambles to his feet and notices you all dressed up and ready to go out, and your expression is startled and anxious
  • “Yuri?! Why are you home? I thought you were meeting me at the restaurant after practice! what the fuck I didn’t—“
  • “You have a beautiful voice, (Y/N).”
  • Your panic and embarrassment is set aside when you take a look at Yuri; his cheeks are flushed and his eyes are big and swimming with affection
  • he looks so in love with you holy shit what a cutie pie !!!!!! i love him
  • Overcome with emotion and love for you, Yuri attacks your mouth with kisses, starting to use his tongue as he pushes you towards the bedroom
  • You guys miss your reservation at the restaurant, but you have a way better date night at home wink wonk ;))))

[Yuri Plisetsky]

  • On a particularly good day of practice, Yakov allows Yuri to leave an hour or two early as a reward for working so hard throughout the day
  • He heads home without any complaint, eager to see you at the end of the long day
  • and he’s probably excited to see his cats, too lmao
  • When he approaches the door, he hears the unmistakable sound of music coming from inside; more specifically, the sound of singing
  • Curious, he puts his head against the door to listen, and it becomes clear to him that the beautiful sound of singing is your voice
  • Yuri opens the door as silently as he can, sneaking inside before closing the door without making a sound
  • He tiptoes further into the home towards the sound of the angelic singing; he figures he’s successful in sneaking in undetected, because you haven’t stopped singing yet
  • he feels his heart racing all of a sudden too ???? he can’t tell if he’s nervous to get caught, or if it’s the sound of your singing making his heart run rampant
  • Yuri makes it to the kitchen, standing in the entryway while he watches you cook dinner as you sing, moving your hips slightly to the rhythm of the song you’re signing
  • He just stands and stares at you, completely hypnotized by your fantastic singing voice and how confident you seem
  • You turn away from the counter with the bowl of noodles and face Yuri’s direction, meeting his staring eyes in the process
  • You freeze where you stand and stop singing, your eyes wide as you drop the bowl with a loud crash and a wet slap of the noodles hitting the floor
  • and you guys just stare at each other; your eyes saying ‘holy fuck you’re home early holy shit hi” and yuri’s eyes saying ‘hey what’s up babe you’re fantastic’
  • You apologize quickly and begin cleaning up your mess, and Yuri soon joins you in squatting on the floor in scooping up the now-dirty noodles; he decides to break the ice when he notices how embarrassed you look
  • “You’re an amazing singer, (Y/N). I didn’t know you could sing like that. I’d love to hear it again.”
  • You meet his eyes to find him blushing with a soft expression on his face, and you let out a laugh
  • You’re able to salvage dinner and enjoy the meal together, joking about any other hidden talents you’re hiding from each other


they’re saying it because they’re upset that 2d and murdoc are getting all the attention. they think russ and noodle should break off and start their own thing. i think it’s honestly just a petty reaction to the upcoming interview.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with 2D and Murdoc getting the attention. I mean they’re both my favorite members in the band, but I’m pretty sure Damon and Jamie has a good reason on why only Murdoc and 2D are the only members being interviewed on Thursday. My best guess is because the voice actors for Noodle and Russel are busy and they could only get Phil Cornwell (Murdoc) and Nelson De Freitas (2D) to play as their character. Plus Murdoc and 2D are pretty popular characters in the band and they are seen together most of the time. (Like as seen in phase 2 and 3 for example) They’re like a duo. You always see them together in interviews. Personally, I’m looking forward to the interview! :)