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I drew this cover a while ago and I wanted to post it at the end of the current arc, but since life isn’t quite going my way at the moment, it might be a nice filler in the meantime.

This was a fun one to design, I wanted a cover art that more or less depicted a normal day in the city of Server with all the major players of the arc in view but our two favorite lunatics as the main focus.

Lalna ‘Duncan’ Jones and Kim ‘Nano’ Sounds at Nano’s Noodle Bar.

Lalna having some noodles while Nano chats about what what she’s been up to or simply the events in the news. (I was very proud of the idea of calling the local newspaper the “Server Update”.)


I’m a little bummed out. I was really looking forward to getting a kokeshi doll at the Kam Man Supermarket in Chinatown. Apparently they close at seven every night, which means it’s almost impossible for me to get there on time ever as I usually leave work a little after six thirty. However, I’ve decided to spend a weekend in the city. (I mean, I live close enough.) I’ll go to the Whitney, have lunch at Momofuku Noodle Bar, and then go to Chinatown and get my kokeshi doll. Great plan!

I have to confess: I’ve been feeling a little guilty lately because I put Tinder back on my phone and I’ve been talking to somebody who’s not a piece of garbage looking to get into my pants. For the record, I’m not exactly looking for anything ~specific~, but it’s really nice to talk to someone who’s not my mom… or one of my girlfriends… or a roommate asking for the rent. This guy I matched with, K, he’s a filmmaker, Harvard graduate, and self-proclaimed Hall & Oates enthusiast. We spent the last hour talking about music. It was great. He was at a bar, playing bad 90s music on the jukebox, on purpose, just to see how people would react. Seems like something I would do. Actually, I have done that before. “Pyramid Song” by Radiohead. It was hilariously depressing. No one was into it. Except me, of course. Anyway, we began to discuss mix tapes and that led me to say something like, “I would love to make a ‘Best’ of the 90s mix,” and he asked for a copy (jokingly, I assume). Since I can’t actually make a cassette mix, I sent him a list of songs that would be on it if it existed: 1. Two Princes - Spin Doctors 2. Butterfly - Crazy Town 3. Truly Madly Deeply - Savage Garden 4. Tubthumping - Chumbawamba 5. Summer Girls - LFO 6. I Believe I Can Fly - R. Kelly 7. Steal My Sunshine - Len 8. Thong Song - Sisqo 9. Hero - Mariah Carey Like I said, I’m not looking for anything specific. Still, I feel really guilty. But I shouldn’t, right? This is life. You breakup with your boyfriend, spend the next few weeks moving on, and when you’re finally ready to talk to someone of the opposite sex… well, you do it. Slowly. Someone please tell me I’m not a terrible person. Should I be spending my time calling L, asking him to take me back? Or is what I’m doing actually ok? At least tell me that L has moved on, that you’ve spotted him cozying up to a new lady friend, so that I’ll feel less shitty that I’m talking to someone. :Sigh:

Mother Ignis and the Healthy Food Crisis.
  • Noct: *Returning to campsite* Hey, we're back!
  • Prompto: And we bought ingredients!!!
  • Ignis: *Coming to check the bags* Ah, yes, I've been meaning to get some more- Noct.
  • Noct: Yeah?
  • Ignis: Chocolate bars, cup noodles, candies. This is not what I asked for. You're not eating these.
  • Noct: I beg to differ.
  • Ignis: Noct, this is unhealthy. You can't eat all this.
  • Noct: Says who?
  • Ignis: Says me.
  • Noct: Says the king: We're keeping it.
  • Ignis: Wh- What? How?- Gladio, please, tell them-
  • Gladio: *Looks away as he's smuggling a whole sack of Cup Noodles into camp*
  • Ignis: ...
  • Ignis: I'm going to bed.
the space between us (chapter 11)

chapter title: how dare you
words: 2k
story summary: What’s a ladybug to do when her kitten becomes a cat?

previous chapters: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10

a/n: In which there are Fab Four shenanigans, noodle puns, and lots of banter. (surprise, it’s post reveal for everyone!)

AO3 | FF

Two days after Adrien and Marinette return to Paris, they make plans to meet up with Nino for dinner at a new noodle bar that’s just opened, since he’s returned from his DJ competition.

While they’re sitting in a booth and waiting for him at the restaurant, they discover three things: a) Nino has won his competition, b) that Alya is back from Martinique earlier than planned, and c) she has discovered from an online gossip column that Adrien Agreste and Ladybug were spotted shooting a fashion editorial together in the French Alps before Marinette has had a chance to tell her anything.

Neither Adrien nor Marinette are surprised that their intrepid friend has learned about this fashion editorial, given that she’s continued to track any news articles about Ladybug and Chat Noir even after learning that the superheroes are actually her friends (she says it’s because she wants to make sure that the news outlets report the news accurately, but Marinette knows it’s because she wants to make sure that nobody gets a scoop before she does, especially now that she has a direct line to Ladybug herself)

The main problem is this: when someone does get the scoop before Alya does, shit hits the fan.

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Cashier decided to have a little fun with a line cutter.

This revenge wasn’t performed by me, but it was done for me.

the local noodle bar has an offer where you can claim a free noodle box on your birthday, and you can claim it 3 days on either side of your birthday, and me and my sister went to claim it since my birthday was 2 days ago.

we were waiting in the line for around 5-10 minutes since it was quite long and they only had 1 server, and when we were finally next up to order, some random guy (from now known as butt) just decides to barge infront of us and start ordering.

the guy starts getting his order, cashier confirming the order and making sure he got the prices right, once butt had comfirmed that he had it right, the cashier told him “Ok sir, now go to the back of the line and don’t cut in line again” and he was furious and went to the back of the line (we were the only ones in line by then, so he went behind us).
The cashier and my sister and I laughed it out, and he upgraded the free box from small to large (we tipped him still, even though the box was completely free).

While we were walking out of the store, we saw the cashier screwing with butt even more by acting as he had just met him, and was making butt say everything again.

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Citizens: Neeta & Wajii

Two friends who meet regularly at the local noodle bar.  Neeta is perpetually job hunting, and unabashedly lazy about it. She likes the noodle bar because it’s not far from where she lives and has a big screen for watching the latest episode of Kitty Danger.  

Her best friend Wajii works far too hard as an assistant sanitation technician for the megacorp Bioterra. She helps maintain the many miles of sewer pipes Bioterra has buried beneath the streets as part of the company’s permanent commission with the city.

They don’t know it but Neeta ends up causing many of the major blockages and crises that keep Wajii employed - which is a good thing, since she usually pays for their meals.

Above is the composite of the initial ideas for these two.  

The current script calls for a scene in a local dive bar, with some generic extras as regular patrons in the background.  

There are a few speaking lines which means some characters should be more considered in case they are used again.

Neeta came together quickly, but it took longer to figure out Wajii.  This is because I took a detour through inspiration by the design of the multipurpose worker penguin “prinnies” from the game Disgaea.

I got stuck there, and so I flipped the genders of the characters just to push away from the immediate references coming to mind. Then thinking more on the concept of them both being down their luck and struggling, led me to Pepe and Wojak imagery - and they finally came together as a pair (especially since Neeta already has a froggy vibe).

Casting Wajii as a Bioterra employee and giving Neeta a pair of Kitty Danger house slippers makes sense for worldbuilding.