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Boyfriend Kirameki Note Quickee Guide to Survive Hell

So I just blogged about how I started playing BF Kira Note and I’m having trouble why the hell am I not getting an S, am I stupid or is this game making me feel I’m stupid?

Anyway, I am not and I spend the entire day figuring out why I feel so stupid so I’m gonna make a memo for myself, I didn’t make it for you, and I’m no tsundere. Just in case I got amnesia all of the sudden, at least I have a guide for myself.

So this is the MENU. This guide might be inaccurate since I’m not pro or what. Anyway, correct me if I’m wrong. A better guide will be out there soon, but I’ll rather trust my own understanding since I’m stupi- I’m more confident with that.

I’ll have a speedy overview of what are those anyway.

A. You get new guys, items here. This one is important because you need those guys and tools to survive.

B. You set teams here. Only three chibified boyfriends can dance tho.

C. Main story. Everytime you level up, you unlock a story and after reading you unlock a song. The story isn’t fully voiced too bad.

D. Well, self-explanatory.

E. You customize the background/room, and the guys in the room. Limit is 4, you can even change the poster.

D. Prizes/Rewards. Again, self-explanatory.

E. You feed guys food you get as rewards in each song to unlock expressions.

H. It’s like an album of guys, you also unlock side stories in which you can fangurl by using keys you earn.

I. Your profile. Your ID is here too.

J. Updates blah blah and stuff abt the game

K. You add your friends here. You can use their id’s and you can add them here too.

L. Kirameki related sites like their official website and twitter.

M. Settings where you can adjust the sound and the timing etc.

This guide is how to survive that tricky gameplay where they make you feel stupid. I mean they combo chain gets broken if you get a GOOD. There’s this BAD even if you clicked that nigguh. But we can all surpass that. I did. I think I should’ve known since I’m playing rhythm games like forever.

CLICK FORMATION from the menu:


If you have done those sh>t but still having a hard time, you might want to go back to the MENU then go to SETTINGS.


I guess you’re almost ready, except for few reminders.

It’s nothing serious just remember that wingey we set before.

I’m still frustrated I can’t get a perfect combo because GOOD notes are breaking it.

anonymous asked:

Hey John I was wondering if you could tell me about quantum fluctuation?

“Geez, ah, that’s a bit of a big field of condense into any kind of concise explanation.” John ponders, wondering vaguely why this person even wants to know about such a thing. Maybe it’s a budding astronaut? Maybe he should send them his textbooks.

“Lets see,” John brings a hand up to his chin as he thinks, “Putting it simply, in quantum physics, a quantum fluctuation is what we call any temporary change in the amount of energy in a given point in space. This change in energy is measurable by looking at the changes to the charges of existing particles… To fluctuate does just mean to change.” The spaceman re-iterates just in case.

“Quantum fluctuations may have been very important in the origin of the structure of the universe. The big bang and the universe expanding and all. Lots of little fluctuations and then boom.” He makes hand gestures to go along with it. “Galaxies.”

OK BUT WAIT: let’s just say, for the sake of this post only, that Luke Skywalker actually DID die in the ST (which I didn’t even like typing out, but here we are.) You know how I always joke that I want Obi-Wan and Anakin’s force ghosts to be a hilarious burden to Luke who don’t even actually help him with squat because they’re too busy napping and bickering and sending anonymous hate to Kylo Ren’s tumblr inbox? 

I’m suddenly getting images of Luke Skywalker’s Force Ghost reaching the other side, and then realizing he’s stuck with those two forever now and I am dying. “Yay, Luke, you’re a ghost now too! Now you can ALWAYS hang out with us and settle our old married couple arguments! And also you get to help guide Force noobs from beyond the grave for all eternity just like we do!” “Oh…good. I’m…glad.” 




The noob's guide to the Lorien Legacies: Characters

John Smith/Four: the main character who everyone denied would be Pittacus Lore no matter how fucking obvious it was
Sarah Hart: John’s love interest that half the fandom adored and the other half could care less about, but we all agree that she didn’t deserve it
Sam Goode: the Simon Lewis of the series
Six: badass warrior you don’t want to mess with
Marina/Seven: sweet and relatively useless in combat until her boyfriend dies and she develops an ice legacy
Ella: adorable innocent little girl who is actually quite a badass
Nine: extremely sexy badass who is also very snarky and likes to walk around shirtless which is more than okay with the fans
Eight: hilarious nightcrawler-like character who everyone loved and all the fandom agrees did not not deserve to die
Setrakus Ra: the dickhead alien with a massive ego trying to take over earth
Five: we don’t like to talk about it
Adam: sassy-as-fuck, magically-hair-flipping, get-ready-for-an-obsession, traitor mogadorian that you should absolutely adore and fucking bow down to

How To Train Invention: The Noob Guide

Hi my name is Abi and I have trained invention. I have 100 on my main and 81 on my alt, and I’ve got augmenters to 120 banked on Artemis and 99 banked on Artemiske. I’ve been training it quite a few ways - and here’s what I’m gonna tell ya. Please note, I’m not in efficiency experts so if this isnt the most efficient method, don’t shoot me bro. 


This will be either the most expensive or most cheapest part of getting invention. First of all, to calculate how many augmentors you will need you need to do: Set the level target on your skills to a level you want, and do this calculation:

                                XP Remaining / (Divided by) 540,000 = 

If you get a calculation that has a decimal point, round to the nearest number. So for example I have 10,000,000 xp left until 99. I divide that by 540,000 and get 18.5 - I round it up to 19. I will need 19 augmentors to level 99.

To make Augmentors you will need: 

45 Base Parts - Ascension bolts, White Knight Armoury, Warriors Guild shop in Burthorpe. 

45 Flexible Parts - Maple/Yew Shieldbows/shortbows

45 Tensile Parts -  Maple/Yew Shieldbows/shortbows 

8 Enhancing Components - Fletching/Hunter potion (4), slayer rings

7 Powerful Components - Dagganoth/Yak/Unicorn pouches

225 Incandescent Energy - …..grand exchange

To figure out how many parts and components you need, you have to multiply the number required by the augmentors required. Calculating the exact products you need for these parts is more complicated, but you can get a basic clue if you write down how many components/parts you get per 1000 items dissembled. Dissembling all these items and making augmentors will hopefully get you to level 27 invention - the level you need for level 10 weapons.

So once you get the amount of augmentors you need, here comes the costly part: Augmented weapons and armour. 

Do you have GP to waste, and want it as fast as possible? If yes -

  • Ganodermic Leggings, poncho & crystal/ahrims staff. 

Are you poor, and dont mind just slowly training this skill up?

  • Black salamanders. 

Remember you need divine charges - you need more for the expensive option and less for the slow option. Now comes onto the part of where to train it, and here are some good spots:

  • Ganodermic creatures (You get some money back)
  • Waterfiends (Quite fast 2-3 hours to level weapon and armour to 10)
  • Muspahs
  • Dark Beasts
  • Abyssal Demons
  • Your normal slayer task if you still need to level slayer. 

With this, and time, you’ll be 99/120 invention in no time! good luck :D 





The Noob Guide

(Warning: Very Long Post ahead!!)

Uh huh. You weren’t talking to yourself when I walked in. Riiiiight.

I agree, it’s pretty fun! Almost like a video game or somethin’

HAHAHAHA! Look at this loser, trying to learn things and better herself! What a scrub! LMAO

…Let’s try that one again.

> Want me to teach you?

Ok well first of all you have to feed your animals every day or else they’ll die,

Oh my.