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Nicotinc Appreciation Week || Part 1 || Memories 

 For my one and only @nicotinc. Your kindness and overwhelming empathy shines bright in this small community. I can’t say how much I appreciate your overall support and tolerance for my noob ass. I’m forever sending lots of love to you. Please remain as happy, and as radiant, and as lovely as you are now. 

After all, the world only has one Asia. 

I don’t have a title for this. I had to draw something fairly quickly because I had forgotten to work on this week’s finished piece earlier ^^; But at least I got it done haha No WIPs since I did get it done fast

I’ve been doing a lot of Draw The Squad/OTP stuff lately haha So this one is by @snuffysbox (I’m forever a noob so if I’m tagging this all wrong, I’m sorry!)

-June 15, 2017

f o l l o w   f o r e v e r

So I’ve just hit my 250th follower, and since I freaking love each and every one of you, I decided to make this even though I have no idea what I’m doing ^_^ I don’t know how to do fancy fonts and pictures and shit and I don’t have Photoshop or even freakin’ Paint on this laptop so I can’t do much, but that doesn’t mean that I mean this any less. I have no idea why you all follow me because I’m a weird piece of shit but yeah I’m so grateful for you guys so thank you<3 (I’m so sorry for making you all scroll past this omfg)

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Anyway, I reached 500 followers a few days ago (thank you so much for all the people who have stuck and are sticking by me), and to celebrate, I’m doing a follow forever! These blogs are totally rad and fill my dash with awesome stuff all the time, and my tumblr experience just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Special shoutout to alaburn89, who was my first-ever follower, as well as one of my first people to ever review my fics when I started out on Also to secretsecrettunnel because if she hadn’t organized Kataang Week, I wouldn’t even have had this blog in the first place and my life would be totally different.

Of course,

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vvivaa whitejadeflower

Being the incredibly faill/clumsy person I am, I most likely accidentally missed someone. I’m really sorry about that, if ever, but don’t worry because you’re totally rad, too!

Hope you all have a nice day/night! ^_^

Hello, I’ve hit 700 followers and have officially been on tumblr 3-4 months. Thank you all for making my tumblr experience so wonderful~ This is my first follow forever and also my first edit. *cries* But yes, since I actually haven’t been here this long, the blogs I put on my ‘follow forever’ are the blogs I regularly stalk. I probably have never talked to you, but I really want to show my appreciation for you being here. ouo

Italics are my kawaii tomadachi *weebface*

agapi-san . aimaisaakiiseru . astroemia . baka-satan . b0wl of-rice . boxneko . chunchuun . contracttodevil . dai-suki-da-yo . d-delusions . delicate-marionette . derikisu . dissembled-dreams . docilona . fallen-kira . hanae-ichihara . k-eikou . kinkeu . kono-yaro-baka-yaro . kuronanashi . lonachu . mangasenpai . morino-ryoushi . nephilium . oarou .   paralian-s . peeeeeeeeeeh . phoeix . planetary–suicide . psycho-chi . relcreatesrue .  s-eramic . shoujuu . sketchdream . steamed-bun . tamaeki . tsubasafairy . urayamashii-princess . yamaken-chi

All these blogs are gorgeous~ all the best for 2014 <3

1.3K Follow Forever.

Gosh darn damn like how the hell did I even manage this many followers? I’d like to sincerely thank each and every one of you for always dealing with everything I post - all my rants, my crazy fangirling, my emotions, everything. The past four months have been amazing and the family I found on here has grown so much. I can’t stop saying thank you to each and every one of you. I only just started learning how to do the graphics thing, and I write a scarce drabble every now and then so I seriously have no clue why so many follow me - but the love I’ve recieved from you all is more than incredible. To show my gratitude - I put together a list of the blogs and the munchkins I love beyond life - because they truly place a smile on my face and are so important to me. Thank you so much for the past year. (if I forgot anyone come and kick my face and tell me and I will add you im really tired so I’m sorry ;w;) 
- nami x

shiikadai,| onemerryjester,| chissa-chan,| m-mimima,| shinamatsuoka,| fuon-yuuki,| raspberrynilla,| nuschan,| mine-is-elend,| whispersofdementia,| 21minja,| seekingordinary,| cherrylovesichi,| lachymose,| marileibis,| kippyheart,| niji-o,| nikko-dattebayo,| astro-nomer,| syntonic-s,| fault-in-our-anime,| tio-sempaii,| deelann,| hahakomorii,| ghirabae,| meiji-chan,| cact-ll,| kayla-jean,| alishawashere,| cutie-bum,| art-science-and-rock,| hit-by-reducio,| livefreendrinktea,| cesalbino,| shuuheis,| evanslily, ohsomedayitsquel,| aubbii,| kuruizaki–hime,| uglwhy,| luhan-del-rey,| omgallwaswell,| ben-dy-straw,| hundredsofrandom,| fuujjang,| catshooter,| helioshellquest,| 

[amazing spectacular people who do amazing things and that still made a huge part of my happiness this year]

amitds,| peachberrylove,| mrsjblack,| sexsuke,| sasusakurules,| sasusakuhappenedbiatches,| rawrrsakura,| sasukagay,| dymx,| hinata-boobs,| jossy-chan,| yourturntowatchmyback,| sakubellies,| sasusakuparadise,| fayeharuno,| myfairytal-e,|

- again thank you all so much. x