noob days

@ Zarkon's throne room
  • General: Sir, we've recovered another... 'Message' from the Paladins.
  • Zarkon: Hmm. Is it in code?
  • General: Just like the others before it. Only once again, the code has appears to have been changed. Our top cryptographers have been descrambling it all morning, and part of the message has been cracked although the overall meaning is still unclear.
  • Zarkon: Read it to me.
  • General: What we received this morning was more of an image than anything. It was multiple pictures, all with the same central figure and caption. Depicted was a green... Thing.
  • Zarkon: A 'thing?'
  • General: A-apologies, sir. Allow me to be more clear. The 'thing' in question was analyzed by our cultural experts. They believe it to be a digitally rendered version of an Earth amphibian called a frog. It's riding a unicycle.
  • Zarkon: What was the caption?
  • General: It was the same statement every time: "Here comes dat boi!"
  • Zarkon: Most disturbing... Haggar, you worked with the Champion when he was with us. Did he ever utter about a 'boi?'
  • Haggar: No, my lord. He never spoke about 'dat boi.'
  • Zarkon: These Paladins grow more clever with each day. It appears the children have finally started to grow.
  • Zarkon: I want the galaxy scanned; find the planets with lifeforms that most closely resemble 'dat boi' and alert the ground troops. Perhaps the Paladins were trying to send the message that they were on their way to help.
  • General: At once, sir.

“Leave you lover, Leave her for me”
Leave your lover by Sam Smith

Its my first ever edit so please be nice to me :’(

Freshuary (Fresh meets Kid!Fresh) & Bluebrary (A Date!?) Day 7
“So, you still feel nothing older bruh?”
“Nope. Though feelings ain’t as dank as you think homey.”
“… Though it’d be dope to feel something else then fear.”

Ps. Blueberry and Fresh ain’t dating. I’m somewhere inside those grass patches.
Fresh: @loverofpiggies
Blueberry: @popcornpr1nce (?)
Kid!Fresh: @alainaprana
Freshuary: @feth
Bluebrary: @colonelsnivy

anonymous asked:

Hey! I hope you don't mind me asking this, but how many times do you review your writing before publishing? I'm working on something, & I've reviewed it less than 5 times. How do I know when it's ready to be put out there? lol I'm such a noob. Have a great day!!

there’s no set amount. i read it over and over and over again 100 times lmao like soo many times. until i can read through it multiple times without touching anything, and you just kind of know in your gut that it’s done 

with stubborn lover, the last time i finished reading it, i went “oh my god. it’s finished” to myself, like my gut just kinda knew

the morning after relapse, my first book, took forever bc i had never put a chapbook together before so i remember thinking it was ready (simply bc i was excited) and every time i gave the doc to my friend, i added another poem and sent her a new one, pretty sure i sent her 10+ different emails saying “new official document” like… obviously i wasn’t done, i just didn’t have enough experience to know that 

so with stubborn lover and red mouth, i knew that even when i felt like it was done, i didn’t allow myself to be done until i let it sit, and then i’d read over the next day, but then i’d find more things to fix. and then i’d think it’s done, so i let it sit over night, but the next morning i found more things to fix. 

it’s just a cycle you gotta do until one day you read it, it’s perfect, you read it again a day later and still feel it’s done and you just kinda know haha trust ur writer gut 

Freshuary (Wardrobe) & Bluebrary (Getting Some Strong Grillby Whiskey) Day 8

Blueberry is unaffected by the whiskey, while Fresh creates a horrific image on his head.

Fresh: @loverofpiggies

Blueberry: @popcornpr1nce (?)

Freshuary: @feth

Bluebrary: @colonelsnivy

ShyTenno’s Summary of: TennoCon 2016

- Some really neat stuff.
- Bad jokes.
- Weird as usual Con Q&A.
- $78,839 raised! :) (to be donated to Outward Bound Canada)

- I wasn’t there. :v

I don’t think I’ll need any words for these.

I lied. They talked about Desecrate being toggled.

Nova is getting a deluxe skin…

Someone mains Zenyatta at DE. I bet. :v This skin DOES have one neat and unique thing about it. 6 animated arms on one body. I know right. -mindblown-

The lil trailers aren’t up yet and I don’t feel like waiting. :c

I can still link to one thing. They partnered up with a YouTube channel called Mashed for a Warframe animated short. Basically 100 days of Warframe. From noob till… 99 days later. :v

One of the trailers showed Titania’s idles. She floats. It’s the noble one. So. Ya know. Floating Rhino. Or heck, have Zephyr float! And do a lil spin.

First power. Currently called “Fairy Dust”: It’ll levitate the enemy, disarming and basically CC’s them. Allies will also become proc immuned.

Second is “Soul Swipe”: Upon stealing the enemy’s soul, you gain a buff. Each enemy will offer a different buff. Allies could pick it up too.

Third is “Lamp Lighter”: It’s another gravity like ability. It’ll also levitate the enemy. But they will begin to glow and your razor butterfly buddies will go to it and enemies will also be attracted. Which they will be damaged by you razor butterfly buddies.

Fourth is “Shrink”: You’ll become super tiny and will be able to fly around a normal map as archwing. Yeah. Your damage is also increased greatly, but as your butterfly buddies go down so will your dps (really hope I heard that right lol).

Passive: Better bullet jump and it’ll also buff your ally’s bullet jump.

Robotic companions? Like an aardvark. -infinitely shrugs- One person did ask about Zanuka-esque pets. Now that (spoiler?) Alad V is kinda sorta an ally.

War Within, hopefully!, some time before the end of July “if it all goes according to plan”.

I think that is it. I’ll make one post of the trailers used when they post’em. But you’ll definitely see it sooner elsewhere. Maybe.

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, Tenno! :)

PS: TennoCon 2017