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Out of the Egg. (Jungkook x Reader) Part 3

“The bird fights its way out of the egg. The egg is the world. Who would be born must first destroy a world.” – Demian by Hermann Hesse

Jungkook x Reader; (with the rest of the BTS members here and there)

Fluff, Suspense, Angst; mentions of violence, death, sexual harassment (briefly), and warfare

*Semi-smut for this part*

War/ Rebellion Au

Summary: The world you had once known is now bare and rotting with evil. Families were torn, houses were burned, and businesses were shattered by the Oppressors. In your world, there were only two possibilities – if you weren’t working with them, you were owned by them. However, a new faction arises that sings of hope and taking back the world that was once for the people, calling themselves “The Changers”. Although you tried to go unnoticed by either of them, out of fear of being killed or captured, you soon find yourself deep in the middle of the rebellion after an unexpected encounter.

Parts: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 (Finale)

A/N: Hello ~ sorry for the long wait :) I hope everyone is having a wonderful first few days of the new year !!

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           "I can’t believe you told her that my opinion was invalid, hyung!“ Jungkook hissed as he and Namjoon walked towards the training grounds.

           "She is old enough to make her own choice, Jungkook. Way older than you were when you did the same exact thing to your brother.” Namjoon raised an eyebrow sternly.

           Jungkook sighed. “But this is different! I’m built, athletic! She can’t even hurt a fly.”

           "You’d be surprised.“ Namjoon chuckled. "Just give people a bit of guidance and watch them blossom.”

           Jungkook pursed his lips. “I don’t want her to blossom in the battlefield!”

           "That isn’t your call, Jungkook. Besides, think back on what your argument was on why you wanted to fight alongside your brother.“

           Jungkook hesitated.

           "Her reasoning sounds very familiar to yours huh?” Namjoon smirked.

           Jungkook groaned, “You’re not helping!”

           "And you’re being biased.“ Namjoon pointed. "She has all her limbs. She’s healthy, energetic, and willing to fight. That makes her a perfect candidate for our ranks. You’re a leader Jungkook– first and foremost.”

           "Okay, fine. But I’m helping to oversee training. If she’s getting trained, I want her to be trained with my supervision.“

           Namjoon chuckled.

           "What?” Jungkook furrowed his brow.

           "You sure you aren’t just jealous because she is the ONLY girl in her unit?“

           "Am not, hyung!”

           "Sure.“ Namjoon sang lightly as Jungkook huffed.

           You swallowed nervously as you stepped onto the training grounds. You had practically spent most of your two days at the Underground City with Namjoon and Jungkook, so you hadn’t had time to make any new acquaintances. As you feared, everyone on the field had already grouped themselves, so you wandered, praying someone would be nice enough to allow you to merge into their group.

           "Psst.” You heard a sound coming from your right, where you spotted a brightly grinning man, probably around your age, beckoning you over to sit beside him on the ground.

           Looking around at your options, you figured he was your best bet at not looking like a loner on your first day of training. So you trudged towards him shyly.

           "Sandwich?“ the man offered lightly.

           "Um…no. I’m good. Just ate.” You hesitantly answered.

           "Oh right. I’m sorry.“ he laughed and wiped his hands on his pants. "I’m Kim Taehyung, Survivor too. I’ve been here two months already, but didn’t make my decision to join the army until yesterday.”

           You smiled and shook his hand, glad you weren’t the lone novice.

           "Y/N, a fresh Survivor, but I guess you knew that already.“

           "Oh yeah. Don’t think I’m creepy. There’s a list of Survivors posted that gets updated every time a new one arrives.”

           "There is?“

           "Yeah. Haven’t you explored the city yet?”

           "Uh…“ You hummed, ashamed that you practically spent the few days glued to who you were comfortable with, like a child afraid to leave his mother’s side.

           "Well you’ve only been here a few days.” Taehyung answered his own question. “Of course you wouldn’t go hopping around right away. That’s just me. I’m quite adventurous.”

           You smiled as you sat beside him comfortably. “So have you not met anyone else that’s training either?”

           "Oh, no. I have a couple of other people I know, but they’ve already been training for a month or two now, so they’re over there.“ Taehyung pointed at a group of three boys chatting on the other side of the ground. "We have to go through the basics course first before we can join them. I heard it was pretty intense. The taller boy made me this sandwich and I don’t quite like eating with shoes and standing so I found this spot to sit.”

           Your eyes finally drifted down to his bare feet, amused. Taehyung surely was an interesting guy.

           "Well I’m glad I won’t have to struggle alone, Taehyung.“ You took your shoes off too and stretched your legs out.

           He grinned widely at you, "Tae.”


           "Just call me Tae. My mother used to call me that when she was furious at me and it still gives me the chills.” he shivered.

           "Oh, I’m sorry.“ You frowned, picking up on the hint of sadness mixed into his humor.

           "You’re nice, Y/N.” Tae smiled brightly. “Don’t be sorry. There’s a lot to be thankful for.”

           You nodded in agreement.

           "After training, you want to come explore the city with me?“ he beamed.

           Before you could answer, a stern voice bellowed, making your body obey before your mind registered the command.

           "Everyone, ATTENTION!”

           Your body jolted up from the ground and stood up straight. Tae stuffed the rest of his sandwich into his mouth and followed.

           "FORM RANKS.“ the rough voice commanded and everyone hurriedly ran to create lines, as if their feet were on fire.

           You and Tae slipped into the very back of the block after jumping into your shoes, knowing you two were the lowest ranks. And once you were there, you curiously tiptoed to catch a glimpse, through the line of shoulders, of the person with the demanding voice. You caught sight of his fiery eyes and jet black hair, but he soon disappeared in front of the taller soldiers.

           "So we have two new recruits today from what I heard. Where are they?”

           "Here! ~“ Tae waved his hand lightly.

           Everyone began murmuring and giggling at his clearly inappropriate response.

           "What…did you say?”

           The jet black hair swiftly made his way to Tae. Although he was shorter, his aura was rather intimidating.

           "Um…here?“ Tae softened, not quite sure why his response was incorrect.

           You bit your lip and clicked your heels together to draw attention away from your new friend.   "Here, sir!”

           Your eyes darted forward and you stood up straight. You had watched enough war movies and observed enough Oppressor soldiers to pick up on what was considered courteous amongst the ranks. The black-haired man scoffed at Tae, who averted his eyes nervously.

           "Your fellow novice saved you for today. See to it you never forget your rank. If you want to address me informally, then feel free to climb up quickly.“

           Tae swallowed and nodded. "Yes, sir.”

           "Good.“ the man smirked. "The name’s Lieutenant Min Yoongi – Drill Sergeant for all of you new maggots.”

           Your eyes widened as you recalled his name from Jungkook’s story.

           "And I’m in charge of training you noobs.“ he circled around the two of them. "But seeing as how scrawny you two are, you both have your work cut out for you. I’m breeding soldiers for war here, not prissy princesses and princes, you hear me?”

           "Yes sir!“ You and Tae replied.

           "You are going to get dirty, messy, so don’t expect pampering and babying. You won’t find any here nor will you receive any sympathy from me. You are going to leak blood, sweat, and tears under my intense training regime. You two are latecomers to this unit so if you want to be battle ready as soon as possible, you need to put in the work for it. For the next few weeks, you will do nothing but eat, breathe, sleep, and THINK about your training. I will not send you out into the battlefield unless I am sure that you are capable and fit for war.”

           Yoongi stepped closer to you threateningly, “If I don’t see you fit, you will be left behind without warning, and you’ll spend the rest of your days baking cookies here.”

           You gulped and nodded.

           "Come now, Yoongi hyung. That’s a bit sexist don’t you think?“ a familiar voice echoed around the field.

           Your heart fluttered.

           "I mean, Taehyung might like baking cookies too.” Jungkook grinned as he appeared beside you. “Why’re you only addressing Y/N?”

           "I d-do. I do like baking cookies.“ Tae whispered. ”…sir.“

           Everybody giggled.

           Yoongi glared at Jungkook. "What a pleasure to see you here, Leader.”

           "Well I’m glad you feel that way because I’ll be helping you out, just like old times.“ Jungkook playfully nudged Yoongi, who hardly look thrilled.

           "I’m quite ecstatic.” Yoongi stated sarcastically, who turned on his heels to move forward to the front of the ranks.

           Jungkook winked at you cheekily and followed Yoongi. You smiled gently and you saw Tae visibly relax beside you too.

           "He’s scary…“ he commented.


           A soldier in front of you two turned and scolded him.

           "Kim Seokjin!“ Yoongi yelled.

           "Yes, sir!”

           "Wanting to take a good peek at a girl? Or is it Tae you’re trying to catch a glimpse of?“ Yoongi sneered as the others chuckled.

           Jin turned red and shook his head. "I was merely telling them to be quiet…sir.”

           "Even though they’re behind you, you’re all still novices without ranks. You have no right or authority to order them around. Bear with the distractions and pay attention.“

           "Yes sir.” Jin hung his head, embarrassed.

           "Sorry hyung.“ Tae mumbled apologetically.

           "Let’s warm up with 10 laps around the field!” Yoongi bellowed.

           You and Tae glanced at each other in horror while everyone yelled, “Yes, sir!”

           "You too newbies. Let’s go. If you can’t even survive 10 laps, you’ll never get in and out of a battlefield. Go, go, go!“ He screamed violently into your faces and your feet pushed forward.

           Jungkook watched you struggling, amused. "Come on Y/N. Is that all you got?”

           You glared at him as you passed, but you stuck close to Taehyung, who was a bit worse off than you since he had just eaten.

           "Oh gosh. I’m getting a cramp.“ he groaned as he clutched his side.

           "You think a CRAMP will stop them from shooting and chasing after your LIFE?” Yoongi appeared beside you two, still yelling. “I don’t care how long you two take. I need you to finish 10 laps!”

           With that, he ran further ahead to scream at other soldiers. You glanced at Tae worriedly.

           "Does it hurt a lot?“

           "Yeah…” he whined. “Oh man…not a good first day, huh?”

           You bit your lip, thinking. “What if I carry you?”


           "Well we’d still be getting away from the enemies right? And I’m sure people carrying their wounded comrades while trying to escape. He can’t complain about it?”

           "But won’t that slow you down?“ Tae stared at you worriedly.

           You smiled. "You can carry me when that happens.”

           Tae grinned. “Then I’ll take you up on that offer.”

           You bent down and let him climb on your back. He was much taller than you so his legs threatened to touch the ground as you straightened up. But you jogged forward nonetheless, keeping an eye on your quite verbal Lieutenant Drill Sergeant.

           Jungkook pursed his lips disapprovingly as he saw Kim Taehyung wrap his arms around your neck. His feet scurried to catch up to you two curiously.

           "What do you think you’re doing?“

           You flinched, terrified that it was Yoongi that had crept beside you.

           You exhaled as you registered his voice. "Jungkook, you scared me geez.”

           Jungkook laughed, “I’m still in charge of training. The fact you’re flinching means you’re guilty of breaking the rules.”

           "There were no rules.“ You huffed as you kept going at a slow pace. "He just said to run 10 laps.”

           Tae glanced between you and Jungkook, surprised you two were talking so casually.

           "But Taehyung technically ISN’T running 10 laps. You are.“

           "Jungkook, this isn’t the time. If you aren’t going to help, just stay on the sidelines and make fun of me silently!” You snapped.

           It was already taking a toll on you, considering you hadn’t been all too active the past few years. Now you were carrying a grown man on your back first thing in the morning while jogging laps and arguing with your best friend was using up the remnants of your energy.

           Jungkook chuckled. He always enjoyed pushing your buttons.

           "Then I guess I’ll have to help.“ He cut in front of you, running backwards smugly. "Shall I carry both of you?”

           You smacked his chest. “Stop being a show-off.”

           Jungkook grinned and tilted his head to catch Tae’s eyes. “I’ll just carry Taehyung then. Will that be okay?”

           Taehyung nodded shyly. Jungkook turned and bent down.

           "Hop on then.“

           "Um…is this okay, Leader?” Tae blushed as he stepped off of you and hesitantly stood behind Jungkook.

           "Why wouldn’t it?“ Jungkook blinked up at him.

           "Well you’re the Head and all…” he fiddled with his feet.

           "We’re all comrades on the battlefield, regardless of rank.“ Jungkook smiled. "Hop on.”

           You patted Tae’s back and nodded encouragingly. “He won’t bite. And if he does, I’ll avenge you myself.”

           "Oh?“ Jungkook smirked. "You’ll bite me?”

           You blushed and ran ahead to avoid being pulled into his playful banter. Tae slipped onto Jungkook’s back and your best friend caught up with you easily, despite the extra weight. You huffed as he grinned at you arrogantly. You could feel him mocking your slow pace without words.

           "Go away.“ You pouted.

           "I didn’t say anything.” he sang.

           "I know what you’re thinking.“

           "Oh? That’s quite dangerous.” Jungkook chuckled. “Can you read every guy’s mind? Or just mine?”

           You side-eyed him, but didn’t bother replying.

           "How’s your cramp, Taehyung?“ he questioned.

           "Y-you can just call me Tae…” Tae blushed.

           "How’s your cramp, Tae?“ Jungkook fixed.

           "It’s slowly getting better.”

           "Hopefully not too slowly.“ Jungkook laughed.


           "Y/N, TAEHYUNG!“

           You both jumped as you heard a vicious growl coming up behind you two.

           "Cause we’ve been caught.” Jungkook giggled as he slowed down to a halt.

           Tae hurriedly scrambled off of him and stepped behind you.

           "What do you think you two rascals are doing? It’s your first day and you’re making the Leader CARRY you? Have you no shame?“ Yoongi scolded.

           Tae looked down guiltily.

           "I carried him first but the Leader offered his help kindly.” You stepped forward.

           "Tsk.“ Yoongi clicked his tongue. "This is why women shouldn’t be soldiers.”

           "Excuse me?“

           "Leader, I’m going to ask you to kindly refrain from participating WITH the soldiers. They won’t learn that they don’t belong here if you keep babying them.” Yoongi glared at you maliciously.

           "What is your problem, Lieutenant?“

           Since he was around your height, you puffed out your chest defiantly.

           "You have an issue because I’m female?”

           "Yes.“ he stated curtly as his eyes bore into yours dangerously. "You don’t belong in the battlefield. Either of you. You think 10 laps is hard, Y/N? Then you’re going to have an EXTREMELY hard time with the rest of the training.”

           You inhaled, ready to argue, but Jungkook stepped between you two.

           "Now, now Lieutenant. I came of my own accord to help them and didn’t tell them to act otherwise, so the blame falls on me.“

           Yoongi’s eye twitched, knowing that he couldn’t exactly scold Jungkook. Jungkook subtly gestured for you and Taehyung to move along. You smiled slightly and grabbed Tae’s arm to drag him ahead.

           "Hey!” Yoongi called out.

           Jungkook closed the distance between him and Yoongi, whispering threateningly.

           "I’m going to ask you to kindly refrain from bullying her.“

           Yoongi smirked, "Or else what?”

           Jungkook stepped back and smugly grinned. “I’m afraid she’ll embarrass you Lieutenant.”

           Yoongi scoffed.

           Jungkook shrugged, “Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

           The rest of your first training day was spent learning and doing strengthening and endurance exercises. The Lieutenant continued to make degrading comments towards you and you tried hard to turn your anger into the fuel you needed to continue the exercises. You were going to show Min Yoongi that he wasn’t going to get to you. But your body was shaking and in throbbing pain, which hindered your strong mentality and resolve. You watched Yoongi smirk proudly as you fell to the ground, exhausted, while Tae knelt beside you worriedly.

           "See? You don’t belong here.“ Yoongi chuckled. "That’s all for today, you two.”

           You huffed as Tae helped you sit up. You caught Jungkook, who was training the rest of the unit, glancing your way. He mouthed if you were okay and you nodded with a lame smile.

           "Can you move?“ Tae questioned.

           "Yeah.” You exhaled and with his help, you got up. Your legs were extremely wobbly and your muscles shook involuntarily. Your body was in shock from the sudden burst of activity.

           "Let’s go take showers and get to lunch.“ Tae chuckled.

           You panted as you looked down at your dirt-ridden clothes and skin. You were soaked with sweat. You probably looked like a hot mess, but you hadn’t felt so fired up and alive in years.

           You grinned, "Yeah, that sounds perfect.”

           You showered to relax your body. You apologized silently to Jungkook as you placed one of his wooden chairs into the shower, because there was no way you could stay standing any longer. While you were alone, you replayed all of the exercises you just learned, and thought about what you needed to do to prove Yoongi wrong. You occupied yourself with those thoughts to avoid the temptation of curling into bed and just passing out for the rest of the day.

           Forcefully, you stepped out of the comfort of Jungkook’s room and willed yourself to head to the cafeteria. You grabbed your meal and worriedly glanced around for your new friend. As if he heard your plea for help, you spotted him jumping up and down in one of the nearby tables.

           "Y/N!“ Tae waved happily. "Come sit with us!”

           You grinned and hurried over, relieved. Namjoon and Jungkook weren’t going to eat until later, so you really didn’t want to sit alone.

           You sat beside Tae and recognized the people he was with as the other soldiers he had pointed to earlier. The man in front of you was the one that had shushed Tae and gotten in trouble instead.

           "I’m Jin.“ he smiled. "Sorry about Tae earlier.”

           "Hey!“ Tae argued.

           You giggled and shook his hand. "Y/N.”

           "I’m Jimin.“ The handsome man beside you smiled disarmingly, his eyes turning into cute crescents.

           "Nice to meet you, Jimin.”

           "Oh? Looks like we have a new pretty friend.“ Another man set his tray down beside Jin and grinned widely.

           "That’s Hoseok. He likes to be called Hobi.” Tae introduced.

           "Y/N.“ You extended your hand out and he happily shook it as he sat down in front of you.

           "So you’re pretty close with the Head honcho, huh?” Hobi questioned.

           "Uh…yeah. We go way back.“ You smiled.

           "As in just friends or…?”

           "Just friends.“ You blushed.

           Tae nudged you playfully. "I’m not so sure. It’s not every day the Leader decides to join us for training and now he’s helping soldiers out on the field? And smiling, nonetheless?”

           "He’s just always looked out for me is all.“ You chuckled. "That’s just how he is.”

           "I don’t know…things were getting pretty cozy from where I was standing.“ Tae teased. "And I was standing pretty close.”

           You blushed and nudged him back.

           "I was surprised too when I saw that on the track. The Leader’s friendly, but he’s not too good with getting close to people.“ Hoseok shook his head.

           "He’s just a bit shy.” You laughed.

           "Well Mr. Shy is consistently getting a lot of attention from the ladies.“ Jimin pointed out. "You better watch out, Y/N.”

           You turned red. “It’s not like that…”

           "Oh?“ Jimin grinned. "Then that doesn’t bother you?”

           You glanced towards the direction Jimin was pointing and found Jungkook being swarmed by giggling females.

           "This happens whenever you and Namjoon aren’t around him.“ Tae chewed.

           "But mostly, your recent presence set their love ablaze. You can sense their determination from here.” Hoseok dramatically stated.

           "Determination for what?“ You blinked.

           "To sleep with him, of course.” Tae nonchalantly blurted, and you began coughing violently.


           Jimin laughed as he handed you a napkin. "Guess you really haven’t heard much about how society works here, huh?”

           "No…not really…“ You composed yourself.

           "Well they basically want to bear his child.” Tae shrugged.

           Your eyes remained wide at the notion.

           "Why? They don’t even know him…?“

           "Well they know he’s the Leader.” Hoseok counted with his fingers. “He’s quite attractive, built, smart, and extremely healthy. He’s quite the catch if you ask me.”

           "I’d bear his child.“ Jimin giggled.

           "Me too.” Tae grinned.

           You glanced back at the scene and felt a slight compression in your chest at the thought of Jungkook sleeping with one of those girls.

           "Women are practically encouraged to sleep with others in order to produce children to increase our population. That’s why you’re the only female that decided to join the ranks and why Yoongi’s probably going to really give you a hard time, if he hasn’t already.“ Jin explained. "They discourage women from being soldiers. Most drop out because the training is too demanding and they feel devalued.”

           You clenched your fist defiantly. “Well, I’ll prove them wrong. We can be just as skilled as men.”

           "Well, we’re all rooting for you.“ Hoseok smiled. "One of the Founders of the Changers and this city was a woman. It feels only right that a woman would help take the Oppressors down too.”

           "Oh great Leader, please let us bear your sons and daughters! Let us continue your line!“

           All five of you fell silent as you heard the women’s needy pleas around Jungkook.

           "Um…not that I’m jealous or anything…” you hesitated as you scratched your cheek.

           "Yes?“ Jimin smirked.

           "Has he um…ever…you know…agreed?” You averted your gaze shyly.

           "Watch.“ Jin chuckled and pointed.

           "No, sorry.” Jungkook laughed nervously, tucked his head down, and darted through the crowd at lightning speed.

           The boys at your table cracked up while you blinked, astonished.

           "Did he just…make a run for it?“

           "Yes! It’s hysterical every time!” Jin giggled. “To think the Leader bent on rebuilding a New World runs like a terrified deer away from women practically throwing themselves at him –it’s gold!”

           You smiled gently.

           Jungkook had always been shier around girls, but he always found comfort beside you. You suddenly frowned, realizing that that meant he probably didn’t see you as anybody attractive. But you pushed the thought aside and focused on getting to know your new friends. They were all bright and easy to get along with. They informed you about how a lot of the Underground City worked. You learned that there were many different groups that made the city work like a well-oiled machine.

           You found that Namjoon was part of the Scholars and as introduced, he was widely known as Jungkook’s right hand man.

           "The Scholars are the brains of the Underground City. They helped devised battle plans, living plans, and security plans. They conduct frequent research for new weapons and machinery as well. And they all reside in Headquarters where there’s top notch security. They’re one of the most respected and revered groups in the city, because without their expertise and knowledge, nothing would have flourished as greatly as it did.“ Jimin explained.

           Working alongside the Scholars were the Creators, who were comprised of everyone who had skills to create everyday items and necessities. They were subdivided into Architects, who built the houses and rooms for Survivors, Textiles, who created clothes, blankets, towels, shoes etc., Wood & Metal workers, who built tables, utensils, jewelry, and any smaller items they could fashion, and the Chefs, who were in charge of baking, cooking, and making the rations taste edible.

           You found that Jin’s father was one of the Chefs, and Hoseok’s mother and sister were amongst the Textiles who helped create women’s shoes and clothes.

           "You should definitely visit my house one day. They probably would love to dress you up.” Hoseok grinned.

           You smiled. “I’d like that.”

           Then you learned that Jimin’s father helped out the Farmers, who worked with the Chefs and Scholars, to grow and produce the city’s own supply of food.

           "My dad used to be a Farmer too.“ Tae grinned as he swung his feet.

           You frowned.

           "But of course, crops weren’t growing super well at the time, so he went with some soldiers above to steal food and he was killed in action.” Tae smiled. “He always told me to be a soldier so I’d have a chance of defending myself. It took me awhile to decide, but eventually I listened to him. So here I am!”

           "I’m sorry Tae…“

           He chuckled and shook his head. "There’s not one person here that hasn’t lost someone. Don’t be sorry.”  

           "So the rest of the people that don’t work are?“ You questioned.

           "Well, there are a few smaller groups.” Jin explained. “Most women of birthing age and without another skill join the Hatchers.”

           Tae giggled. “The name always cracks me up.”

           "They basically get pregnant for a living.“ Jin continued.

           "Were those girls…Hatchers?” You turned to the table where the girls who had flung themselves onto Jungkook earlier were sitting.

           "Well, they’re a crazed sect of the Hatchers, but yes.“ Hoseok chuckled.

           "Crazed sect?”

           "Well most Hatchers, if single or widowed, don’t have much of a choice as to who their donor will be. Many of the guys are volunteers who have to pass a series of tests to be eligible. Once they pass, the guy chooses which of the females they find most attractive and well they go at it, until the Hatcher conceives.“ Hoseok explained. "But that specific group of girls formed a sect because they deemed themselves as the ‘chosen ones’ to procreate with the Leader.”

           Your face contorted. “So…he’s a bit more than popular?”

           "People actually revere him.“ Jimin whispered. "He saved a lot of the Survivors here and out of all the Leaders that reigned, he won the most battles and conquests, and survived the longest. He’s amazing. Everyone thinks of him as a celebrity.”

           "Wow…“ You exhaled, stunned that your best friend had garnered so many accomplishments to his name.

           "That’s why I was so shocked when you talked so candidly to him earlier.” Tae smiled meekly.

           "I really didn’t know. That’s crazy.“

           "Anyway, so after the Hatchers, there’s the class of Workers who basically help keep the city clean and educated. The first sub-group is the Cleaners. You’ve probably seen some of them sweeping the hallway in front of your room and taking out the garbage after meal times.” Jimin stated. “The second sub-group are Teachers, who teach the younger kids about the history of the current world we live in and the different classes.”

           "School, huh?“ You hummed.

           "Then the COOLEST class ever – the PEACEKEEPERS!” Tae cheered.

           "Peacekeepers?“ You glanced at him amused.

           "We belong to the Peacekeeper class.” Hoseok grinned. “It’s divided into the Council, Security, Scavengers, and Soldiers.”

           You listened intently to their explanation. Everything was awe-inspiring and you wondered how much of the system B had helped create.

           You and your four new friends were obviously, part of the Soldiers sub-group. The Soldiers were in charge of being the face of the rebellion. Lower ranks were in charge of saving Survivors from the Oppressor Guards, while higher ranks were in charge of tackling bigger missions like taking down one of the many Oppressor capitals.

           The Scavengers were the sub-group that worked alongside the Farmers. They were in charge of visiting abandoned places to collect as many useful items to bring back to the city. They scavenged for left-over food, drinks, tables, wood, metal, cloth, weapons, information etc. They were also in charge of mapping out the ground above as best as they could. They were usually amongst the swiftest and stealthiest of the entire class. Their motto was never to engage in battle but to return with as much information and goods as they could without losing men.

           The Security team was in charge of keeping the city safe inside and outside. They had to maintain a low crime rate amongst the people and keep vigilant for any possible intruders. This was the last stronghold of the Changers. If this city was breached, all hope would be lost for the future.

           Lastly, the Council was made up of the 5 highest ranking officers, which was overseen by the Scholars to maintain diplomacy and to prevent any plan of overturning the balance of things. Each class had a representative that would be called forth, should there be an emergency meeting that would affect the city and its people. The Council was in charge of making executive decisions on battles and consolidating information on the Oppressors’ movements, the Scavengers’ reconnaissance findings, and the Scholars’ advancements. They deployed who they felt was capable into battle. They were in charge of telling Scavengers to find out more information on a specific location, and a whole lot more that people weren’t aware of.

           But the person who had the last say on everything was the Leader, who presided even over the Council. The Leader – your best friend– Jeon Jungkook.

           You couldn’t wrap your head around it. The scrawny shrimp that you had grown up with was now in charge of an entire large city and all of its functions. He was in charge of the future of so many people’s lives and their hopes. Now you knew why none of the other higher ranks wanted to take on such a position. He was the face of the rebellion, the beacon of light for all of those in darkness, and the number one target of the Oppressors. You were filled with dread at the thought. How exactly could he stay so strong after having such a burden? How was he acting so normal despite having the entire world on his shoulders?

           Everything you had learned continued to swim in your mind as you wandered through the halls aimlessly. You didn’t exactly want to go back to your room, but you didn’t know where to go so you were just strolling with no destination.


           You felt arms wrap around you and relaxed at the familiar voice. Then you giggled as the image of Jungkook scurrying through the sea of women in terror popped into your head.

           "What’s funny? I want in on the joke!” Jungkook grinned.

           "I witnessed your little harem party during lunch.“ you confessed.

           Jungkook turned red and backed away a bit. "D-did you?”

           "Still as popular as ever, hm?“ You chuckled as you turned and pinched his cheeks. "And you’re probably loving it!”

           "I-I’m not!“

           You squinted at him suspiciously. "Well you sure stayed and chatted for awhile before running away.”

           Jungkook blinked and grabbed your arm, stopping you from walking any further away from him. You turned curiously and were a bit taken aback by his serious expression.

           "What is it?“ You looked around, wondering if an enemy was nearby.

           "Are you jealous?” Jungkook furrowed his brows and your body warmed.

           "What…? No…I’m not jealous.“ You laughed a little too loud. "Why would I be? If they need your assets to rebuild humanity, then by all means!”

           You pulled your arm out of his grasp and scurried from him, praying you weren’t visibly red. Jungkook grinned as he watched you stalk away hurriedly.

           "Here.“ Jungkook placed a glass of water and a white pill on his bedside table that night.

           You tilted your head, puzzled. "Are you trying to drug me?”

           He snorted. “You’re going to be super sore tomorrow. This will help you feel a bit better when you wake up.”

           You hummed and shut your book. Trying to act normally, you reached out for the glass and pill. Truthfully, you were already in so much pain. It felt like your entire body was a stiff rubber band and every movement was restrained by heavy weights. Your legs were worse off than your arms and that was why you had plastered yourself into bed before Jungkook could shamefully see you walking around like you were an old person.

           You chugged down the water with the medicine and slowly reached for your book, hoping that your awkward movements would go unnoticed. But nothing ever escaped Jungkook; he swiped the book from your reach and grinned.

           "You’re sore already, huh?“

           You huffed. "Am not.”

           "Oh yeah? Then take this book from me.“ he waved it above his head.

           "I’m not playing this game with you.” You crossed your arms, trying to save face.

           "Because you can’t.“ he teased.

           You huffed and looked away. Suddenly, the covers were pulled away from your legs, causing you to gasp. Jungkook smiled and handed you back your book as he sat beside your legs.

           "Don’t scream or make weird noises.” he blushed.


           You immediately bit your lip as his hands raked over your thighs and applied pressure. It hurt like a bitch. Your eyes watered immediately.

           "Like I thought.” he chuckled lightly as he opened his drawer to get out a cream. “I usually hate my bed smelling like this, but I’ll make an exception since you worked so hard.”

           "Wh-what is it?“ Your heart was thumping nervously at the impending pain.

           "Muscle relaxant.” Jungkook smiled as he lathered it onto his hands. “You’re going to need it.”

           You gulped. “Just…go easy on me…”

           "Hmmm…“ Jungkook hummed. "You can squeeze my arm if you need to.”


           He began massaging your legs roughly and your hand flew to his forearm, digging your nails into him in retaliation. He chuckled but didn’t let up on trying to loosen your knots, despite your eyes watering already.

           "Ah shit.” You cursed and your voice made him feel all types of ways, but he tried to suppress it, focusing on trying to ease your tightened muscles. His hands traveled from your thighs to your calves, then worked up your arm. You were feeling a lot better, and you had gotten used to the pain and pressure. Exhaustion was now washing over you, and Jungkook’s movements weren’t helping much to keep you awake anymore.

           But soon the loss of contact made you perk up.

           "Anywhere else that you’re in pain?“ he smiled as he wiggled his fingers. "I see you’re enjoying the magical Jeon massage.”

           You rolled your eyes and blushed. “Um actually, my shoulders and back…”

           Jungkook felt his body warm at your comment.

           "Would it be weird?“ You averted your eyes nervously.

           He swallowed and tried to play it off. "Those are important for training so I’ll see what I can do but umm…”

           "Hm?“ You glanced at him.
           "You’ll have to take off…your shirt…” he mumbled. “You know…so the cream works…”

           Your cheeks were on fire. “Oh yeah…right…”

           Jungkook turned away and you shyly took your shirt off and unclipped your bra before hurriedly face planting into your pillow to hide your embarrassment.

           "A-are you good?“ he muttered.

           You spoke into your pillow incoherently and he turned timidly.

           "Um okay, I’m going to sit on you.” he straddled around your waist and you were pretty sure your heart was going to explode.  

           His thumbs found its way to your shoulders and pressed into it. Then your heart danced inside your chest as he touched the sensitive part of your neck.

           Nope, just kidding. Your heart was going to explode now.

           Jungkook was sure his face was entirely beet red at seeing your bare back and grazing his fingers against your skin. You two weren’t kids anymore. You were grown man and woman, and he knew from the beginning that it was dangerous for you two to share a room…but he didn’t want you out of his sight.

           He pressed into your lower back, which was extremely tense, and a groan escaped your lips. He shut his eyes and bit his lower lip to calm himself. He was thankful that you couldn’t see how much of a mess he was and little did he know you were feeling similarly.

           You wanted to crawl into a hole after such a sound came out of you. You were well aware what it sounded like and you wanted to scream into the pillow out of embarrassment. Luckily though, his fingers never stopped massaging you so he might’ve not thought anything of it. You weren’t sure whether to be disheartened or grateful for his lack of reaction.

           But poor Jungkook was far from not having a reaction to the entire moment. You were partially naked on his bed, under him; he was touching your bare body and you had just made a breathy noise at his touch. His blood rushed down where it shouldn’t be and he had to lift himself off of you in fear that you would feel him growing the longer he massaged you. He hurried the rest of the massage and climbed off of you in hidden panic.

           "Gotta go to the bathroom, but you’re done.“ he rushed and scurried to lock himself inside.

           Once you heard the lock click, you lifted your head up. You were a shade of red as you spotted yourself in the mirror. You hurried to clip your bra and throw your shirt back on before he came out. Then you proceeded to cocoon yourself inside the blankets. You couldn’t face him after all that. You were the one who asked him to massage you there innocently. But it turned out to not be so innocent. Your suggestion had been questionably seductive when you didn’t mean it to be.

           Oh my goodness, what did he think of you? You were so embarrassed. You heard him step out from the bathroom, and you immediately shut your eyes, pretending to have fallen asleep already. The bed dipped beside you and you heard him sigh into his pillow. You smiled gently. His presence always comforted you at night and you were grateful that he took care of you despite everything he was in charge of.

           So before you could stop yourself, you whispered.

           "Thanks, Jungkook.”

           He tensed up, realizing you weren’t asleep yet, but then his lips curled up at your statement.


           You turned around to face his strong back and after taking a glimpse at it, you shut your eyes. You were so lucky to have him.

           The rest of the week was filled with harsh exercises for you and Taehyung. Your body was admittedly getting used to the intense activity, but it didn’t lessen the soreness you felt afterwards. And from quickly observing the training the more experienced soldiers in your unit were going through, you knew you wouldn’t make it there with your current condition.

           Yoongi wouldn’t give you leeway and he didn’t let up on the degrading verbal comments on both of you. But soon, even Taehyung was slowly surpassing you. Indeed, your muscles were programmed differently, but you refused to let biology determine your role. You needed to do something more if you wanted to catch up.

           On top of dealing with all that and despite having Jungkook beside you, your nightmares continued to persist. So much so that Jungkook had to hold you in his arms tightly to stop you from flailing and panicking in the darkness. His distinct smell would comfort you back into a peaceful sleep and you found that you quite enjoyed sleeping on his chest with his arms wrapped around you, not that you would admit it to him. On the rare nights you didn’t have a nightmare, you still would find yourself seeking out the comfort of his embrace.

           "Nightmare?” he would hum half asleep as he welcomed you.

           "Mhm.“ You lied.

           Jungkook, on the other hand, was having an extremely hard time with being so close to you. He hated seeing you in pain, he liked having you in his arms, but his resistance was dwindling. Your body consistently pressing up against him set his entire system on high alert. Sometimes he couldn’t sleep for hours as his heart raced. Other times when you were calmly sleeping, he would just hug you regardless. He couldn’t tell you how much he looked forward to nighttime now that you had come back into his life, because it meant getting to spend time with just you.

           At night, he wasn’t the Leader of the Changers and you weren’t a soldier. He was Jeon Jungkook, your best friend, your protector. His feelings and actions were covered by the blanket of darkness and the haziness of sleep. There were no consequences or worries, just the present, just gratefulness for another night with you.

           But suddenly, he began waking up cold and realizing that you weren’t beside him. Confused, he hurriedly changed and searched for you. He finally found you running around the track before anyone else woke up. He smiled gently as he watched your figure huffing and puffing but persevering through the laps. You were serious about staying in the army, and he respected your determination. So every morning, he trailed after to keep an eye on you. Sometimes he would find you in the gym while most days, you were on the track running. Finally, after a few days, he had enough of passive observation.

           You gasped as you felt his hand wrap around your wrist to prevent you from getting out of bed. Your eyes widened as he smiled and opened his eyes.

           "I’m going with you on the track this time.”

           "This…time?“ It dawned on you. "You knew?!”

           Jungkook chuckled. “Did you think I wouldn’t? Of course, I wake up when you’re not next to me.”

           You blushed as you fixed his bed head. “Sorry. I didn’t want to wake you. You need as much sleep as you can get.”

           He grinned. “Nah. Let’s work out together from now on, okay? I need to show you how to do it properly so you don’t hurt yourself.”

           You averted your eyes. You had been clueless as to how to work out at the gym properly but now you were even more embarrassed that he had been watching you make up circuits this whole time.

           "Okay?“ he looked up cutely, obviously trying to make you smile. "Hm?”

           Your lips curled up and you nodded. “Okay.”

           So you found yourself waking up early and exercising with Jungkook every morning. It was ten times more motivating when he encouraged you and you felt the right effects of the exercises since he was teaching you proper techniques. Not to mention, it was always more fun and exciting when you two were together.

           "So what’s the deal with you and Taehyung?“ he jogged beside you.

           "What do you mean?”

           "I mean you two are always together.“ he tightened his lips.

           "Are you jealous?” You playfully grinned.

           "No. I’m curious! There’s a difference.“

           You eyes glistened mischievously. "Well he’s pretty cute.”

           "Oh?“ Jungkook’s jaw tensed. "Okay.”

           You laughed as you nudged him. “Oh come on. You’ll always be my best friend! I can’t exactly hang out with you during training. I’m glad I have Tae or else I would’ve quit a long time ago. Tae and I suffer under Yoongi’s wrath together. That bonds people.”

           Jungkook chuckled. “That definitely does.”

           "But I’ll show him!“ You raised your fist.

           "Yeah?” Jungkook grinned as he used the length of his legs to get ahead of you. “Well you have to show ME first~”

           "Not fair! You’re taller than both me and Yoongi!“

           "He’d shoot you if he heard you say that!” Jungkook bellowed.

           "You’d save me!“ You cheekily retorted.

           Jungkook laughed as he ran faster while you chased him. After a few laps of tag, you both collapsed on the ground, panting.

           "That was fun.” he smiled.

           "Yeah.“ You lay your head on his stomach.

           Suddenly, his watch buzzed and you glanced up at him. Jungkook pressed a button and put in his ear piece.

           "Yes, Namjoon-hyung?”

           "Where are you? You’re not in your room.“

           "Yeah I’m in the field with Y/N. What’s up?”

           "We got some new intel from the Scavengers. We need you in HQ.“

           "Gotcha.” Jungkook sighed as you looked at him questioningly. “It shouldn’t take long right?”

           He ruffled your hair as you pouted.

           "No. We’ll have you back to training quickly.“

           "Good.” Jungkook grinned as he patted your head. “Cause the little tadpoles are learning to shoot today.”

           Your eyes widened and you sat up, surprised. “Really?!”

           "I can’t believe I’m trusting these weapons to you two.“ Yoongi exhaled as he handed you and Tae guns. "Watch me then you try it. I don’t have time to play and baby you two so you better keep your eyes peeled.”

           You and Tae intently watched Yoongi load the gun, hold it, aim, and shoot a couple of bullets. You two winced and covered your ears at the loudness of the gunfire. He scoffed as he saw you and Tae cowering on the side.

           "If the sounds scare you, imagine how a bullet going through your skin feels.“ he teased.

           You and Tae glanced at each other and gulped.

           "Well go on.” Yoongi urged and waved his hand nonchalantly. “I’m going back to the main unit. I’ll check up on you two in a few. Figure things out from trial and error.”

           "That’s it?“ You huffed. "He didn’t teach us anything!”

           Tae shook his head. “What did you expect? He doesn’t think we’re soldier material.”

           You growled and started loading your gun slowly. Tae watched and mirrored you.

           "So I think he held it like this.“ he pointed out and demonstrated.

           "Okay…” You observed his hand placement and aimed forward. “I’ll try shooting first.”

           Tae stepped back. You pulled the trigger and flew back from the recoil, but instead of landing on the ground, your fall was stopped by a firm body.

           "Oh thanks Tae.“ You exhaled, but suddenly tensed up when you felt hands trace down your arms.

           "Your position is all wrong.” Jungkook chuckled as he fixed your hands on the gun.

           You turned red then glanced at Tae who was grinning widely and quickly flashed you a thumbs up. You blushed harder at the implication.

           "Okay.“ You felt his breath on your cheek as he leaned his chin onto your shoulder to make sure your arms were in a proper line. "Make sure safety is off.”

           You turned the gun to check and nodded.

           "I’ll guide your first few shots so you get the hang of it.“ he mumbled as he covered your hands with his. "Relax.”

           You retorted in your mind that it was hard to relax when his muscular chest was pressed onto your back and his soft hands and toned arms were against your own. Not to mention his gentle breathing that tickled your cheek and sent shivers down your spine.

           "Your shoulders are too tense. Loosen your elbows a little so your joints don’t take the impact of the recoil. Spread your legs, keep balanced and grounded.“ he instructed seriously, which made you attuned to the target in front of you.

           This wasn’t time for your feelings. You were preparing for battle and shooting was the staple that would determine yours and someone else’s safety out in the battlefield. You needed to concentrate and get the hang of it.

           "Ready?” he whispered.

           You nodded.

           "Pull the trigger.“

           Your finger curled in and a bullet sprung out loudly. Jungkook steadied your body from the recoil, though you didn’t fly back as much as your initial fire, thanks to his instruction.

           Tae cheered excitedly. "You hit the target! Wooo!”

           You took a look and you beamed enthusiastically.

           "I did it! I shot the target!“

           Jungkook grinned proudly as you turned to face him brightly. He poked your forehead.

           "Don’t get too cocky. I helped you aim.”

           You puffed out your cheeks cutely.

           "Let’s try a couple more times.“ he guided your arms up again. "Then I’ll go help Tae.”

           "Will you be romantic with me too?“ Tae giggled.

           Jungkook wiggled his eyebrows playfully. "I don’t discriminate.”

           You and Tae laughed loudly.

           Needless to say when Yoongi returned to you two, he wasn’t pleased that you were both shooting decently. Jungkook had slipped away before he arrived so you and Tae were confused when Yoongi spoke up irritatedly.

           "What the hell is happening here?“

           "Huh?” You and Tae turned, realizing that Jungkook had disappeared.

           "Uh we’re shooting like you asked us to.“ Tae answered.

           Yoongi squinted at you both suspiciously, trying to think of all the ways you two had cheated to put those bullet holes into the target.

           "Well let me see it then.” he stated smugly. “Ladies first.”

           Tae smiled encouragingly and you nodded, positioning yourself. You breathed in and took a shot, surprising yourself that it grazed close to the middle of the target.

           "YES!“ You cheered, putting your gun on safety before hurriedly hugging Tae.

           "That was so close! Oh my goodness!” Tae jumped with you happily.

           Yoongi growled. “Beginner’s luck.”

           "I can shoot more rounds if you want.“ You challenged.

           Yoongi was about to retort when you three heard a whistle.

           "Wow, that was some shot.” Jungkook appeared. “Lieutenant, you must be teaching these two extremely~ well.”

           Yoongi tightened his lip.

           "Are you not?“ Jungkook blinked curiously.

           Yoongi mumbled something incoherent as you and Tae smiled behind him, amused.

           "Well since you’re here, you can take over them. I’ll get back to the main unit.” Yoongi grumbled and stalked off.

           "Will do ~“ Jungkook sang and winked at you two playfully. "Although you taught them so well, there’s not much left for me to do.”

           "Yeah, yeah.“ Yoongi waved his hand, already having caught onto Jungkook’s trick. "Let’s see how well they do on the run.”

           Jungkook chuckled and eased the tension easily. “Don’t worry. That won’t be until later on. You’ll have to have shooting as second nature before we get there.”

           You frowned, realizing you still had a long way to go until you were on par with the others.

           "Practice shooting with me more.“ You pouted as Jungkook arrived in the room later that night.

           "What?” he glanced at you, amused.

           "I’m still a newbie. I need more practice to improve faster.“ You stood up as tall and as confidently as you could.

           Jungkook chuckled and gently cupped your face. "You know, I still am siding with Yoongi on your decision.”

           You frowned. You knew that Jungkook still hated the thought of you being on the battlefield, despite his efforts to train you and help you.

           "But how do you think I would feel when you leave for missions?“ You argued.

           Jungkook swiped his thumb across your cheek as you stared at each other.

           "I want to fight, Jungkook.” You urged. “I NEED to.”

           He exhaled and grabbed both of your hands.

           "I really wish you didn’t have to.“

           You squeezed his hands and smiled sadly. "I need to be able to protect the people I care about this time. I’m not hiding in fear and helplessness again. I’m not losing you again.”

           Jungkook exhaled and pressed a kiss on your forehead, which warmed your entire body.

           "You won’t lose me.“

           "You can’t promise that.” You felt your voice waver at the reality.

           Jungkook smiled knowingly and lightened the mood. “Well I guess I have no choice but to take you in as my prodigy!”

           You grinned. “I’ll show you Min Yoongi!”

           Jungkook laughed. “You know, Yoongi isn’t your enemy.”

           "I know but he irritates me so I’m using him as a motivation.“

           Jungkook gasped and clutched his chest playfully. "And I thought I was your motivation!”

           You giggled.

           "I’ll help you become a good soldier.“ Jungkook took out his gun and unloaded it. "But only in the event that you need to protect yourself, okay?”

           You nodded.

           "You can’t use it to kill someone who isn’t attacking you or someone else on your team, okay?“ He placed the gun in your hand.

           You glanced up at him and nodded, knowing he was serious about this.

           "I don’t want you to be a killer, Y/N.” he frowned as he caressed your hands softly. “I’ve gotten my hands dirty enough for the both of us.”

           Your heart hurt at the expression on his face. You clutched the gun with one hand and cupped his face with your other.

           "It was to protect everybody that placed their hopes on you, Jungkook.“

           He smiled and leaned into your touch.

           "I’m so proud of you.”

           His eyes widened at your statement and you could tell that they were beginning to water. You patted his cheek and brightened up.

           "Okay, so how am I supposed to shoot an unloaded gun?“

           Jungkook chuckled as he sniffled. "We can’t shoot inside the rooms or security will arrest us. You’re just going to get used to the weight and positioning of…”

           "Alright. Sounds not too bad.“

           Jungkook laughed as he pressed a button under his bed. You gasped as one of his walls turned over to reveal an entire gun collection.

           "Of every gun I have in here.”

           Your jaw dropped in shock. “What?”

           "This is what it means to be a good soldier, Y/N. Being able to perform optimally in any given situation. The battlefield isn’t consistent. If you get used to just one gun, what will you do if it runs out of ammo? What happens if you’re disarmed and pick up a different gun that the enemy uses? You need to be good at those too.“ He knocked on his display. "You got it?”

           You swallowed but stood up confidently. “I’m ready.”

           Jungkook smiled. “Shooting will be second nature to you by the time I’m done training you.”

           You grinned excitedly then brought up. “Oh…but what about combat?”

           "Combat?“ Jungkook approached you.

           "Yoongi said we were starting combat soon and to 'prepare’ myself.” You frowned. “What should I do about that?”

           Jungkook grinned mischievously and tackled you down onto the bed so that he was on top of you. “Aim low.”

           You shoved his chest but he didn’t budge. “Come on. Be serious.”

           "I am.“ He stared at you. "You’re a woman, Y/N. The enemy will want more from you than any man in the battlefield.”

           You shivered out of fear.

           "How will you get out of this position?“ he furrowed his brows.

           You pulled your knee up harshly between his legs, and Jungkook keeled over on his back from the hit. You smirked as you climbed over him, aiming the unloaded gun at him.

           "Aim low.”

           He coughed as he writhed in pain.

           "Okay, glad you got that first combat lesson down.“ he squeaked.

           You laughed as you got off of him. You bowed triumphantly, "Thank you for your help, Leader.”

           He groaned as he threw his head back on the bed, still in pain. You panicked and sat beside him.

           "I’m sorry…my bad.“

           "No, no.” he shoved you away. “That was good. Do that to other guys. Just like that.”

           You glanced down at him amused as he crawled onto your lap and rested his head there. Mindlessly, you carded your fingers through his hair and began lulling him into slumber. You knew he really needed it.

           Your training could wait a day.

           For the next week, you slept, ate, and breathed military training. You brought different guns with you everywhere to get used to its weight and feeling. You continued running and working out in the mornings and at night, you and Jungkook would go over combat training. You were slowly breezing through warm up exercises and your shooting was steadily improving. You and Tae were slowly being integrated into the unit as well.

           But you felt like you were cheating so against Jungkook’s wishes, you added Tae into the morning workouts and you shared your teachings with him when you could. You two were in the bottom together and you didn’t want to climb up alone.

           On the other hand, Jungkook didn’t want to forfeit any quality time with you, not to Tae anyway. He saw you two were increasingly getting closer and it irked him that Tae spent almost the entire bulk of the day by your side, training. But he knew you were doing it out of kindness, so he couldn’t argue with you and he helped train your friend as well.

           Then the day for combat training began.

           "Here we go.“ You whispered to Tae.

           "Y/N!” Yoongi called out. “If you have energy to talk, why don’t come help me demonstrate some combat moves?”

           Your eyes widened. “But we haven’t learned…”

           "Don’t worry. I’ll go easy on you. Just show me what you got.“ Yoongi called you over arrogantly.

           You glanced at Jungkook behind him, who was suppressing his laughter, and you confidently stepped forward.

           "Alright then…”

           "First up, always have your hands up ready to block and swing. Stay light on your toes.“  Yoongi instructed as he got into position. "Come on, Y/N. Do what feels natural.”

           You smiled and circled defensively. You weren’t the least bit nervous. Jungkook had trained you well, and had sparred with you countless times.

           Not that Lieutenant Yoongi knew that, of course.

           Yoongi swung a quick punch towards your face. Swiftly, you blocked it then hurriedly jabbed him in return.

           "Oooo!“ the other soldiers winced as he clutched his nose, surprised.

           You shrugged, amused. "I was doing what felt natural.”

           Yoongi growled and lunged at you. Everyone gasped as you blocked and evaded his techniques. You got hit a few times but you landed blows as well. The crowd grew as other soldiers and Survivors joined in to watch the show. Yoongi grappled you down to the ground and pinned you down with a smug grin.

           "Surrender?“ he cackled.

           You smirked as you strongly pulled your knee up. All the men winced sympathetically as Yoongi rolled off of you onto his back.

           "Surrender?” You stood up and chuckled.

           "And what a wonderful lesson that was!“ Jungkook stepped forward, figuring it was a good time to intervene, and clapped. "Lieutenant was just demonstrating the effects of underestimating your opponent. You should never go easy on them and assume they’re weaker or easier to beat. It could end in your defeat, as you witnessed. So partner up and start sparring lightly while I tend to the Lieutenant.”

           "Yes sir.“ Everyone replied and split up.

           "I don’t know if I want to go with you…” Tae’s eyes rounded with worry as you approached him.

           You laughed and pulled him into a playful headlock.

           "Fuck you, Jungkook.“ Yoongi hissed.

           Jungkook grinned and leaned down to help his comrade. "I warned you she’d embarrass you if you kept bullying her.”

           Yoongi coughed as Jungkook lovingly patted his tailbone.

           "You know why I’m doing this…“ he growled.

           "I know. But this one is different from the other girls you chased away, hyung.” Jungkook exhaled. “Unfortunately, she only rises higher the more people push her down.”

           "That’s cause you’re helping her!“ Yoongi glared.

           "I want you to help her too, hyung. Please.” Jungkook smiled sadly.

           "Even after everything that happened…“ Yoongi frowned.

           "Please.” Jungkook pleaded. “So it doesn’t happen again. We need to train them as best as we can.”

           Yoongi exhaled and threaded his hands through his hair. “Well that bitch knocked me down. I can’t exactly kick her out after that.”

           Jungkook grinned. “You must be so embarrassed.”

           Yoongi playfully strangled and shook Jungkook. “Just cause you’re friggin Leader doesn’t mean you can keep acting like a brat to me!”

           "They look close.“ Tae pointed at Yoongi and Jungkook.

           You chuckled, "They have a bit of history.”

           "Hm.“ Tae nodded. "Interesting.”

           "Don’t let your guard down.“ You poked his forehead and sweeped his legs from under him.

           Tae coughed as he hit the ground, and frowned. "I reallyyy don’t want to partner with you.”

           You laughed as you helped him up.

           Later that night, you and the other soldiers decided to go drink and eat at Jin’s house in celebration of your victory over Yoongi, and yours and Tae’s full integration with the rest of the unit.

           So Jungkook took to the gym because it felt weird being in the room without you. He was just finishing up when he was greeted by his friend at the entrance of the gym.

           "Jungkook.“ Namjoon called.

           "Hm?” Jungkook glanced over at his friend as he wiped his sweat away, grinning. “What’s with the unexpected visit, hyung? Missed me?”

           "You need to come to HQ right away.“

           You returned to the room a few hours later in high spirits. You were surprised that Jungkook wasn’t back yet, but you were grateful, since you smelled like grilled meat and alcohol. You hopped into the shower hurriedly and you proceeded to hum happily, recollecting on all the things that happened throughout the day. You were stuffed, satisfied, and content.

           Suddenly, you flinched as you felt cold air reach your skin, and you realized that the door to the shower had been opened. You hadn’t heard anyone come in, but you without a doubt, felt a daunting presence behind you. Hurriedly, with your heart pounding inside your chest, you grabbed the gun that Jungkook kept inside the shower, and spun around.

           You were disarmed in mere seconds and your eyes widened when you came face-to-face with none other than your best friend, Jungkook.

           "Yah!” You grabbed the towel that you had hung at the top of the shower and loosely covered your front parts. “What’re you doing here? I’m…I’m…”

           The running water trickled down his face and soaked his white t-shirt, but he simply outstretched his arms, cornering you in the tiny space.


           But your words were cut off by his lips latching onto yours.

           You dropped your towel in surprise, but he continued kissing you. And you no longer had the will to resist the moment. Your lips began dancing against his feverishly. You weren’t quite sure if this was a vivid dream or reality, but it sure felt heavenly.

           He broke the pleasant kiss, which had you gasping for air. Then simply, he turned and shut the shower off, causing you to shiver as the cold air began seeping in. Then his lustful gaze returned to you, and you were mesmerized.

           "Jungkook…wh–” You began, unsure of what was happening. You weren’t opposed to it obviously but you were still a bit overwhelmed by its suddenness.

           He reached out and caressed your face, not breaking eye contact. Your eyes were searching his for an answer to his strange behaviors.

           "I love you.“ He whispered, yet it echoed around the shower.

           You inhaled sharply.


           "I love you.“ he smiled gently. "Ever since we were little.”

           You blushed and hugged yourself. “Well um…you couldn’t have picked a more…umm romantic moment to confess? I mean I’m naked right now and we’re in a shower…”

           He chuckled, “You’re doing it again.”

           "What am I doing?“ You backed up as he approached you, not that the shower was a big enough space for you to go anywhere.

           "You’re avoiding things by talking about something else.” he smirked as he slipped an arm around your bare waist and pulled you flush against him.

           His entire outfit was soaked and you were shivering– you weren’t sure if it was from the cold or from the nervous-excitement you were feeling. Your cheeks warmed as his eyes bore deeply onto your face.

           "What am I avoiding?“

           "Are you going to answer me?” he grinned. “Or do I have to keep kissing you?”

           You blushed. “I’d prefer the kissing…”

           Jungkook chuckled but soon enough obliged your request, capturing your lips with his once again. But this time, you were ready and more than willing to reciprocate. He knew you loved him; this stupid best friend of yours just wanted you to say it out loud, but you didn’t want to give him the satisfaction.

           His fingers trailed its way down your back and you wrapped your arms around his neck to deepen the kiss. He inhaled needily and pinned you against the glass wall. Your tongues began wrestling against each other and things began to get heated. But Jungkook, being Jungkook, stepped back shyly all of a sudden.

           "I’m sorry…“ he whispered. "I just…needed to say it…and I just umm…”

           You chuckled as you reached for his shirt. “You’re going to catch a cold if you stay in wet clothes.”

           His eyes widened as you pulled it up and he raised his arms up to make it easier to take off. Your height difference made it difficult though, but he enjoyed seeing you tip toe just to undress him. You stumbled forward as you successfully did so, and he caught you, grinning widely.

           "I always knew you were the seductive type.“

           "I always knew you were the perverted type, peeping at me in the shower.” You retorted teasingly.

           He stared at you lovingly as he cupped your face. You leaned into his touch, reveling in the way he looked at you.

           "I can’t describe how happy I am that you’re alive and that we found each other again.“

           "I think I can understand the feeling.” You smiled gently, because you felt the same way too.

           Jungkook leaned down and you tiptoed to meet his lips eagerly. But unexpectedly, he scooped you up during the kiss and stepped out of the shower, throwing you down onto the bed.

           You blinked as you sat up, shocked.

           "But you hate your bed getting wet!“

           He dropped his pants and boxers as he chuckled. "A worthy sacrifice, don’t you think?”

           You blushed at seeing him fully nude for the first time, but you couldn’t look away from the sight. He caught you staring and smirked.

           "Your first time?“

           You averted your eyes, bitterly. "Probably not yours though.”

           You were suddenly pushed down on your back roughly. He was on top of you, on all fours. Leaning down, he kissed you sweetly as he intertwined his fingers into yours.

           "I wouldn’t have anyone else but you.“ he whispered as he pressed his forehead onto yours.

           "Oh? Am I the chosen one to bear your sons and daughters and to continue your great lineage?” You giggled teasingly.

           He scrunched his face. “This is NOT the time to bring those girls up.”

           "Well…what time is it exactly, Jeon Jungkook?“ You fluttered your eyes seductively.

           He tilted his head to the side and left butterfly kisses all over your neck, travelling downwards. You sighed and melted at his touch, leaning your head to one side to provide him better access to your neck.

           He whispered into your ear playfully.

           "I think it’s better if I show you what time it is.”

           You moaned as his fingers slowly traced down your wet skin and you couldn’t help but get turned on at the way his muscles tensed while he held himself up over you, at the way his damp hair fell over his lidded eyes, at the way he bit his lip as if to suppress the urge to completely ravage you. And oh, how much you wanted him to. You tilted his chin up so that he faced you and you kissed him intensely, showing him how needy you were for him.

           He smiled into the kiss and worked his way down to give you what you wanted. Your heart raced as you watched him travel to your core. You loved him so much you thought your entire body would explode into flame-ridden butterflies. His touch engulfed you in flames but also fluttered your heart crazily.

           You saw white-hot waves of pleasure as his tongue entered your center. You had never felt like this before, and no one had ever made you feel the way Jungkook did in your entire life.

           You two spent the night writing out your love for each other through your bodies, through the symphony of your groans and moans, your wandering fingers and lips, your burning gazes. You learned more about each other through the honest needs of your bodies, and you loved each other more than you could ever imagine loving a single persson.

           It was passionate as much as it was sweet. Just like Jungkook himself.

           You smiled when you stirred the next morning. Sheepishly and giddily grinning to yourself, you turned to greet Jungkook, but your smile immediately faded when you realized he wasn’t there.

           Instead of seeing the love of your life beside you, there was a single envelope placed where his sleeping figure was supposed to be. A sense of dread coursed through your veins as you reached for the envelope. Your heart sank deeper and you fought back a sob when you pulled out its content.

           Inside was a shining silver dog tag that read: Jeon Jungkook.