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Do you know any nontrad medical students on Tumblr or in real life? My grades in undergrad aren't strong enough to make me a good applicant so I want to do what I can to make me a better applicant, but it's hard sifting through the different options to see what 1) would look the best 2) fits me the best & there's no one really accessible to talk to. Thanks!

I know lots in real life! But if you’re looking for someone to talk to on tumblr, the best is to check out wayfaringmd‘s medblr spotlight! 

Just completed all of the questions for the longest secondary ever AND within the character limit.

Phew. I’m a rockstar. Time for a smoothie.

P.S. Anyone else feel that each subsequent secondary gets stronger and wishes they could go back and adjust previously submitted secondaries? Quasi-perfectionist problems? Anyway. Smoothie time.

Nontrade Concerns Cloud Obama's Pacific Deal

The administration’s push to clinch a sweeping Pacific trade deal this week faces stiff opposition over concerns—ranging from human trafficking to antigay laws—that have little to do with trade.

Up since 6AM, which hasn’t happened in a while. I’ve done so much around the house!

Today’s morning weather is crisp, just like Autumn. I’m relishing it in a clean room with my softest blanket and my laptop in front of me. A few more secondaries to tackle from this week.

Enjoy the snapchat shot of my breakfast this morning :) it was delicious. I picked up a box of organic spinach from Costco yesterday and have consumed 2 handfuls in the last 12 hours between a smoothie and my scrambled eggs. Iron and greens and all good things!

Hoping to get a nap and a workout in before I head to the city, but probably just a nap 😛 glad I got a solid workout in last night.