We have had a couple of people asking us about Raven’s birthday, and it gave us an awesome idea! For a while, we talked about getting a P.O. box so people could send Raven stuff directly if they wanted to, but with the hate that has been floating around lately, we decided that anything that had even what town we live in would not be safe for Raven or our family. So we came up with another option: to create a crowd-sourced fund for Raven’s birthday! If there is something specific you would like us to buy for her, feel free to donate the exact amount and shoot us a message with whatever it is that you want. Otherwise, it doesn’t really matter. Donate a penny, donate a lot of pennies, donate none, the whole point is to make a little girl’s birthday extra special.

PS: If you can’t donate, don’t worry too much. Raven is not going gift-less either way! We (and mom 2’s mom) bought her a couple of small things already!

We plan to post photos of Raven on her birthday obviously, opening and playing with her presents.  Also, we’ll probably post shopping photos if we go anywhere physically (we like to order things online a lot).

ADDITIONALLY: Anyone who donates five dollars or more will receive (if they want one) a coloring page by Raven and both moms and signed by the three of us in the mail.  Just send us a message after donating!


Trying not to be down on myself for stress eating and not working out because my life has been so busy. It hasn’t been particularly bad or stressful, but between Jett not sleeping, the hardest semester of my college career getting progressively harder close to finals, and trying to do all the fun holiday stuff, I zombie crawl to bed at night and barely remember half my day the next day. In the back of my mind I know that eating better and exercising would make me feel better despite the stress but I’m kind of at a loss for making it all fit right now. But like I said instead of beating myself up over it like I did in the past, I’m reminding myself that this is just a phase. I’m actually having a good time. Despite my brain turning to mush from statistics homework tonight, we went to my school’s lights festival. It was very family oriented so the nontrads felt welcome but also helped the traditional students feel at home. Some students from the study abroad program helped Z with some ornaments and they barely spoke English but kept handing him treats and saying “kawaii” to him and nodding. He loved it, my little flirt. So. Tired. School stressed. Busy in a good way. But loving it.