Mr. Case–

  I would like to start out by acknowledging that you aren’t personally responsible for the contents or creation of the homework that you’ve assigned.

Now, with that being said… 

  My daughter believes that these two top images are the same as one another. I also believe that this is quite possibly the answer that the homework is looking for. However, the top two images are not the same despite the fact that they are identical objects. The image on the right is a mirror image of the image on the left–as in, if you inverted the image, the small piece of fruit would be in front of the large piece of fruit. (If you tried to arrange it so that it was an exact match to the image on the left) Which would then obviously show two separate arrangements of fruit and two separate images.

  I would just like to be clear about what is required, because if I am incorrect, and the correct answer to one is that they are not the same– then I will not worry about such things in the future.

  However, if the correct answer is suppose to be that they are the same– I am not comfortable teaching my daughter false information. 

Thank you for your consideration.

anon: tbh i’m dying for a fic where derek begins attending the university stiles is at, and they’re dating and living together, then on derek’s first day of school all these students are telling him about this amazing guy and how he swears he has a boyfriend which is why he turns everybody down and then derek sees stiles in the cafateria then *boom* pda and everybody realises that stiles is actually taken.

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I’ve decided to make a post of FAQ’s that I’ve come across so far since posting about my daughter and her hair.

The post is here.

I might need to update it in the future, but here goes:

(FYI: these are links–in case you didn’t know)


Will you redye her hair or keep it natural?

Isn’t dying a child’s hair bad/damaging?

What color did you use?

Why didn’t you tell her that she shouldn’t throw things at the cashier?

Personal choices and social norms–I don’t let my daughter do anything she wants:

Raven Marie fan art:

How do I convince my parents to let me bleach/dye my hair?

Your story is bullshit/I don’t believe you because you’re not allowed to have unnatural colored hair in school:

Why the name Raven Marie?

Who’s the bio parents / you’re straight, or…?

More pictures/stories of Raven?

Were you raised in a nontraditional home/environment?

Advice for new/teen mommy’s-to-be: