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Camera:HASSELBLAD 500C/M Lens:C Planar 80mm nonT Film:FujiFilm PRO400H

The Spine
Transistor OST
The Spine

Transistor OST - The Spine

It’s just skin and bones
Nothing inside
Sleeping alone
Fingers tied themselves
In knots around the heart
It beats in time

I see the spine of the world
Sparkle and shine light the inside
I see the spine of the world
I know it’s mine, twisted and tied

You always go
Walking on coals
Walk away slow
Feel the fire
Light your way to me
My siren song for you

I see the spine of the world
Sparkle and shine like the inside
I see the spine of the world
I know its mine twisted and tied
I see the spine

So come with me
We’ll fly right over
Right over

Watch it break
If we get closer
Much closer

I see the spine of the world
Sparkle and shine light the inside
I see the spine of the world
You know it’s mine twisted and tied

“Aprovecha tu soledad. Acuérdate de todos los que queremos estar solos.
Verdadero martirio es no poder estar nunca solo. Pero tu pequeño cuarto y tú en tu pequeño cuarto es el mundo. Allí está todo. En tu corazón está todo: descúbrelo, sorprendente, ámalo. Ve de milagro en milagro de sorpresa en sorpresa a lo largo de ti misma.
Estás triste es cierto, pero tú no eres tristeza, tú eres alegría y serenidad y paz.
No mires solo un aspecto de ti misma, un accidente de tu propia substancia, tú eres todas las cosas juntas, y el mar y las estrellas y las rosas se anuncian en ti.
No mires tu miseria, nonte comoalzacas de ella; hazla a un lado, apártala y cultiva lo que todos tenemos de divinidad dentro”
- Jaime Sabines #sabines #cartasaChepita #poeta #poema #carta

Major George Nonte Jr. (1926-1978) US Army ordinance, weapons expert in the JFK assasination investigation, professional target shooter, and prolific gun writer who wrote for American Rifleman, Guns & Ammo, The Handloader, American Handgunner, The Rifle, and Guns.  Editor and Chief of Shooting Times magazine.

Saw someone on Twitter shared that Phi//chit’s name in the storyboard was “Non-chan”

We thought it was from his last name Chu//la//nont at first, which is cute, even though Thai people don’t call others by their last names.

But apparently it came from “Unknown Skater.”

Seriously, could you be any lazier with your own story -__-


*I heard winter steps. by niko**
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MAFIA FATHER LEN, dude ever since that one gifset with mob boss Len from coldflashweek I have had a need for Len to be that. LIke, an au or something where Barry, still as a csi, somehow gets seduced by a mob boss until he's welcomed into the family but he has no idea how that happened cause he's like, uh im kinda a cop, but they dont care and Len's happy cause he always gets what he wants and now he has barry. i dunno man i just need a fic like yesterday

OMG yes! Like Len is the mafia boss that even if he and his family do criminal things it actually makes the city better, so there’s a sort of a stand still with Central, but Len sees CSI barry Allen one day and just wants him, lusts after him, will do anything to have him. 

Then, Barry gets caught in the crossfire of one of the mafia family wars and it’s Len that saves him. Barry is thankful, but somehow ends up seeing Len everywhere now. It seems the other family’s have targeted Barry after Len’s stunt and Lisa’s furious because he made the kid a liability to them. He’s jsut a kid Le. You should have left him alone. He doesn’t need to be in this life.

“He chose to enter this life when he decided to work for the CCPD.” Is Len’s only reason. 

So Len continues to seduce Barry with expensive gift, food, clothes and barry wonders when he picked up  sugar daddy. he finally tells Len that he likes the gifts but gifts don’t make a relationship.

“So we’re in a relationship now? If I remember correctly you blatantly shut me down.” Len says as he hands Barry a wrapped box.

Barry blushes. “I thought about it and decided you were right. We are in some sort of relationship. It’s a bit complicated though, isn’t it?” 

“It doesn’t have to be.” 

“But it is. I’m a CSI. I work at CCPD. I have my job that I’ve been working my whole life for because of-” 

“Your parents right?”

“How did you know?” Barry hadn’t told Len anything about his parents. 

“I’m the head of a mafia family, Barry.” 

Barry splutters. “Y-you’re the head?” 

“What did you think I was?” 

“A- a member?! Len this is bad. The head of the Cold Family Mafia cannot be my boyfriend.” 

“We’re boyfriends now?” Len perks up. 

“Not the point, Len!” 

“Calm down, Barry. I told you you were a target. You need to be safe.” 

“But I’m only a target because you…. That’s why I’m a target. They’re using me to get to you.”  

“I didn’t mean for that to happen.” 

“I know you saved me, but this just got even more complicated.” 

“It’s not, Barry. Just join the family.” 

“Len- Len I can’t.” 

“At least get my mark. People will know to leave you alone. That you belong to me.”

“Len, I like you a lot, but this is a huge leap in such a short time. I just admitted we were in a relationship 5 minutes ago and now you want me to done your mark? I may be in a relationship with you now, but what about if we break up?”

“I’d never hurt you, Barry. Even if we did break up the mark means you are under my protection no matter what.” 

Barry bit his lip as he looked at Len. This was bad. Iris knew about Len and so did Joe knew he was having relations with someone from the mafia, but nont the mafia head. He hoped he wouldn’t regret this later. THese things were permanent, but he trusted Len. He’s saved his life multiple times in the past 6 months already. 

He looked Len in the eye for a few seconds searching for something. “Okay.” he said softly.


High with me - Calum Smut
*Mild Drug Reference*

“Babe you got flour on your face…” Calum screamed through giggling like a school girl in you face which was only inches from his as his eyes obviously gave up on calculating distance.

“Food fight!” Taking the flour from the bowl you tipped it over his head, joining his laughing fit, proud of yourself.

“Fuck me!”

“Haaaa you look cute!”

“Your gonna pay for that baby cheeks”

“Cheeks? I think you got it mixed up… Its… Baby girl…AND…sweet chEECKS…” The words tangled in your throat as you corrected his mistake through laugher.

You were perched on the end of the kitchen counter. Only Calum’s shirt and some underwear covering your skin, but hey nobody had told you how hot it is when you get high. He had started off in sweats and a band tee but that ended up on the floor somewhere when the warmth took over his body. Your attempts at making brownies with the armature amount of pot you’d somehow been landed with totally failing. Probably would have helped if neither of you had smoked half of it first, you still remembered the cheeky smile Calum wore when he practically sprinted through the door with it. Stating a simple ‘get high with me’ and here you both were, blissfully wasted.

“Fuckk… Its hot!”

“Your hot…”

“Don’t bite you lip Cal, you know what it does to me you little shit”

“Oh really, entighten me”

“EnLighten..” You corrected again throwing your head back. Surprisingly leaning against the cold marble counter refreshed your body a little. Through the haze you could feel Calum stare at you. Pushing your body up you met his body, standing between your legs hanging from the counter. You both stared for a moment before it was too much for either of you to bare.

“Fuck me”

“My pleassssure…”

Grabbing his face your lips collided together. A burst of heat between you both, muttering curses between interlocking lips. You were pushed back to lay against the counter again, his body hovering over yours. Feeling down his abs you arched your back against him hearing him groan against your mouth. His hands pulled at the buttons of his shirt you were wearing, taking no cate he pulled it open, a few buttons bouncing off the floor.


“Mmmm, ima make you feel so good babe” his mouth trailed down your neck sucking harshly on the skin undoubtably leaving marks. Your breasts were being fondled with so skilfully while he licked his tongue down the valley, butterfly kissing your stomach. He was now standing on his feet again, pulling your underwear off and pulling your legs apart.

“Mmm, all for me” you pushed your body up to watch him but were thrown back against the counter top as his lips pressed against your inner thighs and moved to kitten lick your heat.

“Mmm.. Cal” you were breathless, his mouth working wonders and your pleasure only being heightened by being intoxicated so well. Hips bucking upwards, back arching, your body squirming beneath him as he used his hands to hold your hips down, eyes never leaving yours. Biting down on your lip so harshly you could almost taste blood, never feeling so good.


Your body gave in, panting and gasping out for air. Almost numb as you could feel him clean you up, never wasting a bit. Your fingertips hurt as they had been gripping onto his arm leaving half moons and one in his hair pulling it out of place. You would feel bad for whatever pain you had caused in the morning but for now you bathed in the pleasure, your legs still shaking around him.

“Fuck baby….neighbours are gonna hear you…” You could hear him moan against you briefly through your spinning head. He pulled away obviously watching you so vulnerable beneath him.

“So beautiful..” He whispered and you let out a little whimper as if to thank him.

“Come here” he pulled you up, supporting you as he kissed your lips again, moulding them together in a hot mess.

“Mm you taste good don’t you baby..”

“Mmm, you tryna kill me”

“Truyna?” He chucked “trying to?” He was now the one to correct you who was too weak to promote words properly. If the pot wasn’t playing with your head he definitely was.

You were lifted off the counter and over his shoulder as he stumbled around the kitchen, falling into the doorframe and missing your head from hitting against it so closely. You both chucked together as he attempted to carry you up the stairs, failing you were pushed up against the wall.

“I nont av the enargy to bow you”

He chuckled again. “I think i just about understood that babe, ima fuck you so hard though”

His shirt was now pulled completely off your body, him almost ripping his sweats off, stumbling around as he got his boxers caught round his ankles. And he didn’t let you down, he pushed you back up against the wall. Your legs around his, hands in his hair as he supporting you against the wall. Going so hard your eyes rolled, his lips around your neck again. Feeling adrenaline run through you, you pushed him over on the stairs to ride him but failed miserably as you both fell down into a heap on the floor.

You both giggled together at the clumsy situation. He looked up and your eyes followed his and he stared at the mirrored cabinet in the hall way biting down on his lips.

“Stand up baby” he groaned and you felt a rush of heat run to your core. Holding onto the cabinet he stood behind you, holding your waist with one hand and leaning down to kiss your back, the other hand in front of you. Pushing into you again you both moaned loud knowing you were close. Your sweaty, exhausted bodies fighting for release.

“Watch. me. fuck. you..” He gasped as you looked up at the mirror. Moving your hips back against his you could see the strained expression on his face as he reached his climax, closing his eyes shut and throwing his head back.

“Fuck” he growled thrusting deep and hard, the sight of him enough to make you cum. An inaudible scream leaving your lips, shaking and contracting around him.

“Thats it baby…”

You collapsed on the floor as you came down from your high. His body over yours as he left small kisses down your shoulders. “Holy shit…” You could feel the rush of your high wearing off, your body becoming weak and tired, laying tangled up together.

“I fancy brownies for breakfast” he mumbled out softly, his face nuzzled into your neck.



150mmCarl Zeiss T* Sonnar C 150mm F4