by alittlebitlove

Louis Tomlinson is a contemporary dancer who never thinks he’s good enough, even though his best friend Zayn keeps telling him otherwise. Harry Styles is probably the most famous contemporary dancer and he’s looking for someone who’ll dance to his new choreography. And Louis tries. And even though he thinks he doesn’t stand a chance, maybe Harry will see something in him. And maybe he’ll stay long enough to try to show Louis that perfection is him. But, the question is, will Louis start believing him or will he stay in his shell, never breaking free?

Ao3, Chaptered, WIP
Hearts Buried in the Sand

by paradise (october)perfect-porcelain (kathleenhasfeelsandwords)theperksof (corruptedlungs)

High School!AU - Five boys come together during their first day of kindergarten, forging friendships and rivalries in the sandbox. Throughout the years, their friendship is tested, strained, and broken until the illusion of innocence is shattered, leaving various scars buried deep in their hearts, fresh in their minds. As their collective union disintegrates, their personal struggles intensify, leaving five former friends-turned-strangers facing their many insecurities on their own. Only through their downfalls may they realize that all they ever really needed was each other.

Chaptered, WIP, Ao3