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Does anyone on tumblr remind you of certain characters? kind of like how you remind me hazel. or maybe piper

nonsie you have no idea how much that means to me like honestly i’m so touched that i remind you of two of my fave girls to exist ever jfc

okay well kiohne and faizhang both remind me of blue sargent from trc 

bisexualparrish actually reminds me of adam parrish lmao

carterkanee reminds me of hazel (probably bc they’re both cinnamon rolls who can kick ur ass)

greekhalfblood really reminds me of silena beauregard idek

ofc nicodorkangelo and nico-di-angelato remind me of Nico (maybe it’s the urls but I think it’s kinda their personalities too) 

plpabeth is definitely a mix of piper and annabeth which is really ironic lmao

noahcszerny always makes me think of noah czerny and this isn’t even bc of the url, she’s just the real world noah don’t fight me on this 

okay so a lot of people remind me of a lot of people and this got longer than I planned but whatever 

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Hanbee confessing to his crush?

Yes, ‘Nonsy, you get me!!! This is my shit.

It’s quite possible that Hanbee had never felt so nervous in his life. He didn’t deserve these feelings, he told himself time and time again. Just who was he to feel this way about that person? It took months of awkward small talk–sometimes they’d approach him and sometimes he’d come to them–and lots of encouragement (and sometimes teasing) from Suzuya, but he finally felt like he couldn’t sit there and say nothing. 
It was lunch when he approached them, his eyes darting nervously. They looked up, smiling. 
“On break from work, Hanbee-san?” They asked, dropping what they were holding. He met their eyes, feeling more nervous than he ever had felt. 
“Um, yes…just for a little bit…” He could feel his face flushing, and he felt awfully nauseous. They looked a bit worried, and held his hand. He really, really felt like he didn’t deserve to have these feelings, but he didn’t know what to do. 
“I wanted to say something to you.” He felt the words force their way to the surface as he sat by them. They seemed curious, and they sat straight, ready to listen to him. “It might not matter to you, but…I love you.” The words rushed out and he felt immediate regret as he watched their face for a reaction. 

However, the disgust he was expecting to show on their face never came; instead he saw a smile, and they took his hand. “I’m glad.” He felt his mind grind to a halt. 
“You are…?” They nodded, and squeezed his hand. 

“Of course I am! I feel the same way, you know…” His face flushed again. 

“Really? Then would you like to…go out sometime?” They nodded with enthusiasm, and stood up with him. 
“I’d really like that, Hanbee-san.” 

As he went to leave, his crush’s number in his hand, he felt joy bubble up in his chest that rose above his normal balance of relief and fear. Smiling to himself, he decided that he should go thank Suzuya for his help.

Friday’s night in Bangkok after 9 p.m. 😱 ออกจากตึกเอ็มไพร์สามทุ่มกว่า แวะต่อราคาร้านขายเสื้อบน sky walk อีกนิดหน่อย ถึงบ้านสี่ทุ่มครึ่ง คือเหนื่อยมาก…แต่กลับนั่งเม้ามอยกับแม่จนพ่อเดินมาถามว่า “ตีหนึ่งแล้วทำไมยังไม่ไปอาบน้ำนอนกันอีก??” เอ่ออ สงสัยวันนี้หนูกับม๊ะจะอัพเดตชีวิตกันดึกไปซินะ 55555555 😂😂 #audittraineelife #fridaynight #bangkok #nightlight #night #traffic #latesleeper (at Chong Nonsi BTS Station)

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Trc for the fandom thing

OTP: pynch

BROTP: bronan.

NOTP: kavinsky+death

fave character: RONAN LYNCH

least fave character: barrington whelk step forward and fight me

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how are you?

I think I’m okay. I’m happier when I’m at school because living at home is always a challenge, and there’s someone I’m trying to cut out of my life right now! But I’m doing my best to stay positive, I move back up north in a little over a month <3 :) 
How are you, ‘nonsy? I hope you’re taking care of yourself! <3 

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If requests aren't open please feel free to ignore this! :) I'd like to request anything with my bae Yomo and his SO. You can make it fluffy or angsty, whatever your in the mood to write.

Of course!! <3 
Yomo had to admit he was more excited than normal for his day off with his partner. They needed a break from their normal work, and he needed to spend some quality time with them. Everything was perfect; they’d have a nice breakfast, go see a movie that his partner wanted to see, and then the day would be topped off by taking a drive at night to see the city lights and cuddle for a bit. He never told his partner about his plans–oh, god, that’d be the most embarrassing thing he’d ever have to deal with. 

He was just getting the breakfast ready when he heard his lover coughing. Dropping what was doing, he walked to their bathroom where they were getting medicine. Noticing him, they sniffled a little. “Renji!!” They said, a little exasperated. “I’m sick!” They outstretched their hands to ask for a hug, and he brought them into his arms. They looked up a bit, and mumbled, “I wanted to spend the day with you, too…” His expression softened, and he looked back at the breakfast he was making. 

“You’re still with me,” He said, leading them to the couch. “I don’t mind, I’ll take care of you today.” They smiled, feeling gracious. 

“You’re the best, Renji, I love you.” He smiled, giving their hand an affectionate squeeze. 

“I’ll get you some eggs to eat…and some soup.” He went back into the kitchen. There goes my plans, he thought. However, as the day passed with watching TV with his partner resting and being cared for in his arms, he realized that maybe it wasn’t such a bad day off after all. The plan could always wait for another time. 

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Question time! If you could go anywhere, where? What do you do for fun? Do you like school? Are you in school? Do you have a job? What would your dream job be?

Oh ‘nonsy you’re pretty great <3 

  • I really want to go everywhere!! But lately, I’ve been homesick for Bobcaygeon, Canada–it’s a town my dad grew up in! It’s 2 hours from toronto in the wilderness, population 2000 town, I really miss it! I’d also want to go to Scotland, I love how the country looks. 
  • For fun, I do a lot of things to keep busy! I draw, play instruments (Piano, tuba, banjo), write, and make films! I also play video games a lot! 
  • School’s okay! I’m not the greatest student because I’m not good at test-taking, but I normally just go with the flow! I usually get B’s and the occasional A or C, so that’s good for me! I’m out for the summer right now, but I’m a film student (hence my url) in Northern California! 
  • I just finished a job at my university where I was an RA! My job was mainly throwing events and keeping people safe. I’m trying to find work now haha. 
  • My dream job would be a director haha. It’s definitely a long shot, but I just really like working with actors and making sure a shoot is successful! 

We came as trainees, not knowing each other before, and we became friends since then. I’m sooo happy to know you. Since I was a kid, I never had a friend who went to school in the morning and went back home in the evening with me. But you went to work and went back home with me almost every day for 3 weeks. We share our stories on the way and you may not realize that you usually hold my hand when we cross a road bc I’m not careful enough sometimes. Massive thank you for this lovely friendship. 😘 ปล. เราขอโทษที่ทำให้ขิมอดใจไม่ไหวจนต้องซื้อไก่ทอดตอนไปยืนรอเราซื้อขนมที่กกท.นะ 555555 #audittraineelife #trainees #friends #love #thankyou (at Chong Nonsi BTS Station)

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What helped you feel more confident with your body? You are very beautiful by the way.

D’awe thanks Nonsy! That’s very sweet of you. To be honest, I’m not entirely comfortable with my body… I have flaws (just like everyone does), and I don’t take them lightly. But a big part of feeling confident is being healthy. Not eating too much junk food and drinking soda… plus I do yoga and different forms of performance art to help keep myself //healthy//. It makes me feel loads better about myself because I know I’m treating myself right, and the more I //feel// better, the better I start to look to others too (: 

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Can I have a scenario where Ayato and Nishiki is fighting over the same girl but they found out that said girl is dating Amon

Yes you may, ‘Nonsy~ 

Nishiki was used to being irked at people who would cross into his territory.  It pissed him off to no end, but he always got the person back for taking what he considered his. The problem was the person stepping into his territory was none other than Ayato, who wouldn’t have a hard time killing Nishiki if he was determined enough. This only added flame to the fire, as Nishiki couldn’t stand having someone younger than him disrespect him this way. And this time, the trespasser was invading his love life. 

Ayato and Nishiki were both equally aggressive in trying to get the person to notice them. Nishiki would try to get the upper hand on Ayato, but because Ayato was a stronger ghoul Nishiki had a hard time fighting against him physically. Ayato was definitely more vocal about trying to find out more about this person, but he was awkward in continuing the conversation further. However, Nishiki was an expert in finding things to talk about. They’d be good love rivals, but that would all change the second they saw the person of their affection meeting Amon for a date. For both of them, it would be an instant deal-breaker and they’d give up; it was important to stay away from CCG involvement as much as possible.