Happy 2014 Everybody!! And what perfect timing, at long last, I hit 300! To celebrate, have this dorky crossover!

Thanks for making this possible! I hope you’ll all stick around for awhile, even as I attempt my New Year’s resolution of getting back to drawing my original characters more (who have yet to appear on this blog, lol).

Here we are,the big thing I’ve been talking all week about!!!! It is a crossover of two of my favorite Disney things; Wreck it Ralph and the Haunted Mansion!!! I have been wanting to start a series of these for a year now, and the wir-fandom-event’s character appreciation week has given me the perfect opportunity lol! I am super stoked to have drawn this, and expect more in the future for sure!!! OH and a nod to mr-nonsensology for the brick-style boxers x’D!

My WIR Secret Santa for mr-nonsensology, one of my favorite WIR bloggers~! Also, this quite possibly might be my most ambitious traditional all-felt-tip-media-based project to date! I still can’t believe it turned out as nice as it did, especially since my scanner stopped working and I have to take a photo of it.

The prompt was Ralph bonding with the Sugar Racers, so I hope this counts! What’s a better way to bond than sneaking presents in the night before X-mas and stealing cookies while the kiddies fail to snap a picture of Santa?

Happy Holidays Alex. Hope your Christmas was memorable, and Happy New Year! :)


The Disney Company failed us yet again, so this year’s Wreck-It Ralph ornament set from me is the cast in gingerbread form!

Each rectangle is 8.5 inches by 9.5 inches, so the ornaments are quite large. You can even print them out to use as cookie templates!

Happy Christmas Eve! With love from Nonsensology.

P.S. Last year’s set, for those who are interested.

In one month I gained 50 new followers. *sniff* I love you guys.

A lot of you are from the Wreckling fandom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you guys are the best!! I hope you’ll stick around for a long time and enjoy my original art, too! Thanks again!

Wow. I did not expect that last picture to be as popular as it was. 1000+ notes, I mean, WOW. Interestingly though, I only got 5 new followers from that. I don’t get how that works out.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the people that do follow me. I’m now at 55! A majority of you are from the Wreckling fandom, and I’ve got to say, this is the best fandom ever! I have some pretty amazing people following me that I never expected to notice me. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks. I do hope you’ll stick around for a long time and enjoy my non-Wreck-It Ralph stuff, too!

Love you guys!