Meet “Alex” , my avatar/role-play character.

“Alex” is basically an idealized, alternate-universe version of me. 20-years-old, takes on the appearance of a 9-year-old. He hails from Wonderland. He is never seen without his bag, which happens to be bottomless, and contains a vast collection of Wonderland products and artifacts. He is now journeying across different dimensions to gain more knowledge, add to his collection of curiosities, and help others in need. “Alex” is generally more calm, mature, and well-composed than I am in real-life, though I may occasionally end up just speaking as myself than as “Alex”.

Here’s a collection of his most common outfits… I wish I really did have those outfits in real-life.

If any of you wanna RP with me, feel free to at mr-nonsensology, my other tumblr.

In one month I gained 50 new followers. *sniff* I love you guys.

A lot of you are from the Wreckling fandom. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: you guys are the best!! I hope you’ll stick around for a long time and enjoy my original art, too! Thanks again!


My friend Able (nonsensology/mr-nonsensology) had some extra Disney Infinity discs, so he sent them to me, along with two lovely drawings on the envelope of Sorcerer Mickey and my Space Marine Ralph and his character Alex together. :D

Thanks again, I really appreciate the discs and the wonderful drawings! ^_^

Wow. I did not expect that last picture to be as popular as it was. 1000+ notes, I mean, WOW. Interestingly though, I only got 5 new followers from that. I don’t get how that works out.

Nevertheless, I’m grateful for the people that do follow me. I’m now at 55! A majority of you are from the Wreckling fandom, and I’ve got to say, this is the best fandom ever! I have some pretty amazing people following me that I never expected to notice me. So from the bottom of my heart, thanks. I do hope you’ll stick around for a long time and enjoy my non-Wreck-It Ralph stuff, too!

Love you guys!