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pls draw tsukishima

PSA: pls blacklist “drawing meme” if u don’t want to see these asks. i know that stuff like this may not be everyone’s cup of tea and might be really annoying so! i’ve been tagging everything in case people don’t want to see it!

anyway here’s the last one for tonight: 

strawberry prince is full of regrets

More Galra Commander Shiro

I’m having way too much fun with this also in case any one is wondering what Commander Shiro is all about then I will try to explain as best as I can :>

SO rather than Shiro ever escaping his imprisonment,Zarkon brought him into his inner circle of commanders.Zarkon has high hopes for the earthling however this infuriates Sendak to no end,there can only be one favorite of Zarkon’s…
As for the rest of the gang,Keith is leader and pilot of the black lion instead and Allura is piloting the red lion. Shiro manages to take over the castle of lions however his memories of his past that Haggar erased come back to him when he encounters Pidge,reminding him of the person he was before,he uses being close to Zarkon to his advantage to help his former friends but for how long before the Galra emperor discovers his betrayal?

Immured and silenced, o heart of glass
Filled of woe, too full to last
Breathe in pain, too shallow, too fast
And find yourself free, the chains surpassed

Death is the door, o heart of lead
The skin is the cage from which you’ve fled
Behind the flesh and tears and ache
Beyond all the things they thought to take
You have shattered and you have bled

The unwanted life you’ve let yourself shed
But following those broken, tattered threads
A new life paints a picture in startling red.

glory from @feynites looking glass 

A bunch of doodles from Twitter in my adventures of being An Awful Person™

oh also!!!!!!! i forgot to mention that i made a new oc while i was in the hospital!!!!!! (i know, i can’t stop)

ok so this is what i know

  • dragon age universe
  • she’s an elf
  • she’s an assassin
  • she has an eye patch
  • long, dark hair
  • particularly detailed in what she does, follows orders exactly
  • probs based out of orlais