nonsense approach

  • Sherlock: *lying on the sofa, in his mind palace*
  • Mary: *sighs*
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: The posh boy loves the pathologist.
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Mary: Aren't you listening to me?
  • Sherlock: Nope.
  • Mary: You can't ignore it.
  • Sherlock: *still in his mind palace* Yes, I can. See? This is me. Ignoring it.
  • Mary: The silver fox has been barking up that tree for years.
  • Mary: Meat Dagger's keeping an open mind.
  • Mary: And then there's the consulting criminal-
  • Sherlock: *through gritted teeth* He's dead.
  • Mary: *scoffs* So am I. Doesn't stop me getting in your head.
  • Sherlock: *sighs; sits up* Fine. What do I do?
  • Mary: *shrugs* Not sure. But you might want to hurry up. Silver fox is taking hot doctor death to dinner.
  • Sherlock: *stands up* What? Why didn't you tell me?
  • Mary: *gestures* Coke-brain, remember?
  • Sherlock: *huffs; runs out the door*
  • Mary: COAT!
  • Sherlock: *runs back and grabs his coat; leaves*
  • Mary: KEYS!
  • Sherlock: *hurries in and takes his keys; annoyed* Anything else?
  • Mary: Yeah, don't forget to snog her.
  • Sherlock: *rolls his eyes* See you later, Mary *leaves the flat*

The Many Faces of Victor Nikiforov - Episode 5

This episode actually had a lot more of Victor than you’d initially think and he seems to go through quite a range of emotions during just this competition. Let’s take a peek at what’s going on and why he fluctuates as much as he does!

So what I’ll actually start with commenting on with this first gif is Victor’s coaching. None of the other coaches at the competition are wearing anything more than semi-formal wear but Victor breaks out the entire three-piece suit. Why? Does he feel the need to impress Yuuri or the press? No, I think it’s more about his How to Coach 101 point of reference – Yakov. A lot of his habits can be traced back to him – his gruff way of giving feedback, his no-nonsense approach to learning, and even his dress. All of this makes sense considering his longest-term coach has been Yakov (with an obvious touch of Lilia, though she made her mark more on his skating and mannerisms). It also makes sense that he would test run his serious competition coaching as soon as possible – in this case, at Regionals.

For this second gif, I’d like to talk a bit about Victor’s expectations. He starts off overly excited, everything he says and does is overflowing with joy. However, that only lasts until Yuuri takes to the ice for his warm-up (and blows Victor’s enthusiasm off entirely), which causes Victor to start realizing that it isn’t going to be as simple or straightforward as he thought. Perhaps he thought that it could be like he’s seen from others – that he’d give Yuuri a quick pep-talk, Yuuri would get fired up, and then he’d go out and skate with minimal errors through the power of motivation… or something like that. That quite obviously doesn’t happen because Yuuri gets stuck in his own head so deep that he ignores everything else around him until he’s forced to pay attention. So Victor is immediately shown that coaching in reality is not going to be like when they’re in private or how it’s worked for him as a skater and he’s going to need to adjust his expectations to suit it.

This back hug… there’s a lot I could say about it but I’ll actually start with the buildup to it. I felt like I understood immediately what Victor was feeling when he was being grumpy and then ordered Yuuri to turn around, only to hug him. Which, when said out loud brings to light that the emotional tone doesn’t really match up. But I think it shows that Victor’s brain is working; he’s trying to find the best way to shake Yuuri out of his nerves. He knows that hugging has seemed to help before, and so does surprising him. So why not combine both, along with some advice whispered in his ear in an attempt to ground him? And it does work, for the first half anyway (Victor isn’t a cure-all, Yuuri does have his own things he needs to work through to relax more). As for why Victor tells Yuuri to turn around while being so grumpy and then sends the opposite message by hugging Yuuri and telling him to seduce Victor, I feel says that Victor feels frustrated that he can’t seem to get Yuuri to understand what he’s trying to tell him non-verbally. He wants Yuuri to turn around and is annoyed that Yuuri isn’t just doing it without being told – which is obviously an irrational wish because Yuuri can’t read his mind – but that doesn’t stop him from being frustrated anyway and turning it into an order. Along with Victor feeling ignored when Yuuri brushed him off earlier, this hug arguably isn’t only for Yuuri as well.

For this fourth gif, I’d like to focus on what Victor says. In this clip, he says “skate like you’re trying to seduce me” which tells us a few things. Firstly, it tells us that Victor is aware of who Yuuri is skating that particular program for. Secondly, it shows that Victor is aware of Yuuri’s reciprocated romantic and/or sexual interest. And thirdly, it shows us that Yuuri and Victor have talked about Yuuri’s interpretation of the Eros story in words. So any thought that Victor doesn’t know Yuuri is interested by this point in the series is disproven with this simple line, as well as the idea that Yuuri and Victor don’t talk about the meanings behind Yuuri’s individual programs. So by that, we can imply that everything we as viewers know about the meanings behind the programs, unless told otherwise in-show, both Yuuri and Victor know as well.

This fifth gif actually strikes me as particularly interesting because of Victor’s expression of displeasure. The clip before where he’s lecturing Yuuri shows him with a cutesy smile but then we get this next one with a more serious expression. I think that it’s not just Victor emulating Yakov’s coaching style, but that he really is unimpressed by Yuuri’s performance. Overall, it wasn’t a bad skate – he did get a score that would place him in the top 10 in the world – but Victor is aware of what potential Yuuri has and he was genuinely unhappy that Yuuri didn’t seem to get close to grasping that considering there was nothing around to really bother him or shake his confidence. Victor really is invested in Yuuri, and he’s aware of what things Yuuri can achieve when he actually applies himself and performs his best and Victor is invested in getting that best result.

For next one, we see Victor jumping in front of Yuuri/answering questions in front of the cameras for him again. This is actually something that started in episode 3, when he put his arm around Yuuri on the podium. Victor has gotten the impression that any time Yuuri is nervous in front of the camera, he can/needs to jump in and help. In a sense, this shows that Victor doesn’t really trust Yuuri to handle himself in front of the media. I’ve talked about it at length here before so I’ll spare the repetition but we can really see that Victor can get extra protective of Yuuri when he feels like anything is even slightly starting to go downhill.

I absolutely adore the intimacy shown in this seventh gif. The way that Yuuri sits back and lets Victor take care of him, the way that Victor is checking the small things like his hair being in place or his lips being chapped, and the way that there’s no actual pep talk between the two of them tell us that they’re absolutely on the same wavelength – a complete 180 from how they were the day before during the short programs.

Ahh, the Makkachin tissue box. This entire episode, Victor can hardly be spotted without it. Even when he’s upset the day before, he slams the skate guards down and walks off with it still in hand (though logically it’s Yuuri that would need it the most). But even more interesting than his attachment to it as an object, is the fact that he quite often uses it as a shield. He hides behind it, or uses it to talk, or says that it’s the one sending a message often enough that it makes me wonder if this is how he comforts himself when at competitions (as in, he looks at the box and sees Makkachin cheering him on or that the box is a stand-in for her and not just a cute tissue container). If something works to comfort the self, people tend to try it as the first thing they do when trying to comfort others. The concept of the box being a comfort for Victor can also be applied to how he hides behind the box, using it as a way to comfort himself (as well as Yuuri). Interestingly, he may use it as a wall a lot in this episode, yet it seems to lose that particular use past this particular competition.

“Oh, it’s me!” This clip sticks out to me as having 2 very obvious implications. The first meaning is the literal one that Victor states in his monologue, that he’s wondering where Yuuri gets his rebelliousness from in regards to not listening to his coach and trusting his own instincts first and foremost (which, interestingly, is a departure from how he was pre-Victor – but that’s a topic for another time).  The second comes from the message Yuuri’s program and final pose send, that his program (and thus his skating in its entirety) is a dedication to Victor. Put these two together, and you get a more overarching meaning to Yuuri’s program and the fact that he insists on taking the reins with it – that everything all come back to Victor. “Oh, it’s me!” indeed!

And for this last gif, I just love his shocked face. I think what’s shocked him the most is that he’s hearing Yuuri say things that would otherwise be left for more private settings – not just in regards to the romantic implications (Victor being the first person he wants to bond himself to) but also the fact that he’s admitting publicly that he struggled on his way to seeing and accepting the love around him (a topic that before now was only talked about at the beach with the specific mention that Yuuri hid it from other people in an attempt to not appear “weak”). Yuuri put a lot out there in this press conference so it makes sense that Victor would be so surprised by it and then not be able to process all of it fast enough to be able to form a response appropriate enough for in front of Yuuri’s family and friends better than commenting on his clothes!

As you can see, Victor experiences quite the range of emotions and reactions to things this episode! There ended up being a lot more of him here than I initially expected going in but I hope everyone has enjoyed this short journey with me! See you all next week when we finally get to go international!

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Bonus because if this isn’t the most relatable gif then I don’t know what is:

the isolate lovers 

scorpio venus- the fly on the wall. feminine, fixed water acts as an iceberg heart. under the immovable glacial surface that appears closed off and harsh lies warm, cleansing water. a tendency toward obsession is masked by a facade of indifference, isolating themselves for intimacy. a plutonian venus needs to evolve with a partner, and is unconcerned with how they must achieve this.

aquarius venus- the misfit. masculine, fixed air feels like a dense fog in love; it is slightly difficult to navigate the ebbs and flows of their wants. they isolate to preserve individualism, and enjoy a reckless, bordering on nonsensical approach to potential suitors. they can act fairly indifferent toward who they want, and may feel turned off by getting bogged down to something serious. uranus influence charges this heart, making it electrified, mandating a certain distance, except for the brave.

both are definite outsiders when it comes to romance; it is almost as if they never got the memo on what they were ‘supposed’ to do, so their methods are entirely unique. their hearts are of gold, if you can traverse the obstacles they set around them.

can we talk about the fact that doug eiffel’s Ultimate Secret Weapon is just to make minkowski laugh? like

post-mutiny, she’s at a loss for what to do. everything she knows is falling apart around her, and she’s so, so sorry because she couldnt save them

so eiffel does a terrible, honestly embarrassing, hilariously bad impression of his badass space pilot commander, and she laughs. she calls him an idiot, and they start adjusting to their new situation. she’s able to take a deep breath and say “okay, what do we do next?”

and now, in the wake of the devastating revelation that theyre all dead to everyone they love, minkowski is literally out for blood, because through the hazy goggles of pure fury, that seems like the most logical thing to do

and eiffel just pulls a completely incorrect bullshit protocol out of his ass in the most serious voice he can manage and pronounces minkowski’s name right, because that is honestly the most ridiculous thing he can think of, and it works. the spell is broken, and minkowski laughs, and she looks at her friend and says “so what’s the new plan?”

i love, love, love the dynamic between these two. they balance each other out so well. and they make each other laugh

The people of Ankh-Morpork had a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to entertainment, and while they were looking forward to seeing a dragon slain, they’d be happy to settle instead for seeing someone being baked alive in his own armour. You didn’t get the chance every day to see someone baked alive in their own armour. It would be something for the children to remember.
—  Terry Pratchett - Guards! Guards!
Riverdale: Jughead Jones [INFP]

OFFICIAL TYPING by bookwormbanshee

*May contain spoilers! I did try to keep things as vague as possible.*

Introverted Feeling (Fi): Jughead is very loyal to his own value system and to those he cares about. When he knows Archie’s huge secret, he remains true to his friend and does not share it with anyone. Though he does encourage Archie to do the right thing, as he has a very strong moral system, he still supports Archie in the end regardless of his previous decisions. Jughead is very individualistic and he doesn’t conform or try to be someone he isn’t. He doesn’t seem to mind spending a lot of time alone. His feelings are something he keeps to himself and he is not shown discussing them with anyone. 

Extroverted Intuition (Ne): Jughead’s ability to piece together the puzzle is what helps him to excel when investigating with Betty. He expresses himself through his writing. Jughead is great at verbal sparring when it is inspired – like when Reggie Mantle takes a jab at him. He’s quick to offer a sarcastic remark or quip. He’s creative and seems to interpret a lot of different pieces of information from various sources to form his opinions and the story he is writing. He shows that he’s adaptable, as well. “I’ll figure it out … I always do.”

Introverted Sensing (Si): Already, Jughead has shown a bit of a sentimental streak. Of course, pending spoilers, his love for the drive-in and his desire to save it is very understandable. He shows that he does miss Archie and their friendship. Jughead seems to gravitate toward the tried and true in some aspects – the most literal being his beanie and the more abstract being his hanging out at Pop’s so frequently as it’s somewhere comfortable and familiar for him. He has a great memory and can recall details pretty well.

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Jughead shows that he does have a concise and direct side when it becomes necessary. As a situation calls for it, like with Dilton Doiley, he can be very to-the-point and matter of fact. Jughead’s default, however, is not a no-nonsense or pragmatic approach. 

D&D 5E NPC - Eideard MacGille  - Master Blacksmith

Art by: Hyunsuk Jin

Name: Eideard MacGille
Race: Human
Gender: Male
Height: 6ft 3′ / 1.90m
Age: 49 
Class: Fighter (Master Blacksmith)


Level: 4

AC 17 (Chain mail), Hp 37 (4d10 Hit Die), Proficiency +2, Speed 30ft,

Alignment: Chaotic Good

languages: Common, Dwarven, Elvish,

Ability Scores:
Str 20 (+5) Dex 9 (-1) Con 15 (+2) Int 16 (+3) Wis 13 (+1) Cha 11 (+0)

Attacks: Warhammer (+8 to hit, 1d10+6 bludgeoning damage)

Spellcasting: 4th level Eldritch Knight, spellcasting ability is Intelligence (spell save DC 13, to hit with spell attacks +5)

Cantrips (at will): Control Flames, True Strike,

1st level (3 slots): Shield, Grease, Tenser’s Floating Disk, Chromatic Orb,

Skills: Arcane, Athletics, History, Perception,

Equipment: Chain mail +1, Warhammer +1, Blacksmiths tools, Dungeoneer’s Pack,

Class Features: Fighting Style (Great Weapon Fighting), Second Wind, Action Surge (one use), Martial Archetype (Eldritch Knight),


Eideard MacGille is a towering man who’s as strong as the steal he forges. He takes a no nonsense approach to most people and situations.

Ideal: My craft is more important to me than anything else.

Bond: I’m getting on in my years and have yet to complete my Magnum opus, I must travel to far off lands and hire talents adventures to find the required materials.

Flaw: I have many customers and people who hold my craft in high regard but few friends i can turn to in times of need.

justa-freaking-fangirl  asked:

are there any fics where steve is having a really really hard time adjusting to 21st century life? (in which tony has to comfort him or something)

I’ve had a couple of requests for fics along these lines, so here are some suggestions for Tony helping Steve adjust to life.  


Below the cut because apparently I really like this trope.

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a house made of this
(vic, liv, aaron/robert)
outsider pov, grief, mentions of someone dying offscreen. 

soft fic for @escapingreality51 because she needs some love today. i know you wanted soft fic, and i hope there’s that in here, but i also hope this is what you wanted to read. i love you, my darling, and i’m here if you need me <3

The Mill feels lived in

Vic loves the house, the driveway always impeccable (Robert’s no-nonsense approach with the landscaper), and usually one or both cars parked haphazardly in the driveway whenever she pops round. The gravel crunches underfoot as she shifts the box under her arm to reach up and ring the bell. 

The stained glass door shimmers with a shadow, someone coming down the hall to meet her, and she grins when Aaron tugs open the door. 

“Alright?” Stepping aside to let her in, Aaron frowns at the box. “What’s that for, then?”

“For Robert,” Vic says, hefting it back to her front. “It’s the last box from my place. I was doing up the attic and I thought he’d want it back.”

“Having a clear out, eh?” Aaron asks, waving her in. 

Vic appreciates that he doesn’t try and take the box from her, and steps into the living room. The stupid vespa chair is still propped up against the wall, and there’s a pile of bags in the doorway. “Liv’s home then?”

“Yep,” Aaron grins, gesturing at the floor next to them. “Drop it there, Robert’ll take it up later. A brew?”

Vic nods, drops the box carefully down next to Liv’s bags. “Where is he?”

“Walking the dogs,” Aaron says, snorting. 

Robert will tell everyone in earshot how much he hates the dogs, “they get hair everywhere,” mixed with, “Laika peed in my shoes,” and “the cats would never.” That doesn’t fool anyone that knows him, or who spends more than five minutes in the Mill. 

It looks lived in; Vic moves the remote and Aaron’s phone onto the coffee table. It’s piled high with magazines (from Auto Trader to Sci-Fi Now), coasters, and a pencil case that’s half open, spilling it’s contents onto the glass. 

Sometimes Vic feels the press of pride in her chest when she thinks about Robert being this happy, light in his eyes and the warmth in his voice whenever he talks about home. 

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The White Princess: Margaret Beaufort [ENTJ]

OFFICIAL TYPING by Charity / the Mod

Extroverted Thinking (Te): Margaret has a tough-talking, no-nonsense approach, which exerts itself in excessive “control” over the enemies that threaten the throne; she wants to impose strict restrictions and rules on the king’s enemies, which means placing Elizabeth Woodville under house arrest, then instilling her in an abbey, away from her allies. She has  a directive style, and her son looks to her for council and diplomatic advice, when making decisions that impact the welfare of his reign and the stability of the kingdom. She is an effective decision maker, able to put her own feelings aside to establish alliances.

Introverted Intuition (Ni): She has a specific vision she has followed her entire life, first for placing her son upon the throne and then keeping him there. Margaret has razor-sharp insights into other people; she quickly sees who is with them and who isn’t, she correctly suspects Elizabeth’s motives are underhanded. Her forward thinking led her to eliminate the York boys in the Tower as a threat; when her secret almost comes to light, she acts in her son’s future interests, by preventing the truth from coming out. She urges Henry to focus on the future, in establishing a strong presence, in securing allies and alliances, in ensuring they will all be stable, for years to come.

Extroverted Sensing (Se): Her dominance manifests itself in a strong physical presence and her willingness to “get her hands dirty” when need be; Margaret wastes no time in inserting herself into the finer things the kingship has to offer (she takes the queen’s chambers, dresses to impress, and insists on being called “My Lady, The King’s Mother”). She smothers a man when he threatens to reveal a sordid truth; she is willing to take risks, in dealing with traitors, and notices subtle changes in her son and his wife’s behaviors.

Introverted Feeling (Fi): She cares very much about her son, and for Jasper, but does not articulate these feelings well; it manifests more often through her behavior. She can be ruthless against those she does not like, and tries to impose her values and beliefs on others, through Te-dominance. She is so disconnected with her own moral ethics, she commits murder to protect her son / the throne, then excuses it as being “God’s will.”

Note: As an enormous fan of the historical Margaret Beaufort, I cannot let this typing pass without comment. First, she is written not with an ACTUAL ENTJ mindset, but from what feels like an inferior Ti idea of what dominant Te looks like. In other words: a total lack of understanding about extroverted thinking, so she just comes across as “logical and MEAN!! with NO FEELINGS!” This totally wrong for a real life EXTJ.

The real Margaret Beaufort was bad-ass, in all the right ways. She was indeed an EXTJ, but she had a playful sense of humor; people enjoyed being around her. She knew how to organize the world but also laugh and have fun. She was logical, but loved her family. She was a humanitarian who had at least a dozen homeless people in her house at any one time; she would take them in off the street, rehabilitate them, educate them, and find them employment.

She established multiple universities / colleges, and priory schools in England, including one (the first of its kind?) that allowed poor children to receive an education, regardless of their sex (this was unheard of in the early 1500s; only very wealthy sons were educated). Her confessor, John Fisher (later martyred by her narcissistic grandson, Henry VIII) could not sing her praises enough at her eulogy; he called her a devout, reverent woman, capable of great kindness. England’s educational system would not be the same without her.

The real Margaret was a rape-survivor, married off at twelve years old; it was customary at this time to wait to “consummate” the marriage until the girl was older, but her husband ignored that unspoken law; the traumatic experience of birthing a child at 13 left her unable to bear further children, and nearly killed her and Henry VII. Her later behaviors (including her decision to take a vow of chastity inside her last marriage and her insistence her granddaughter and namesake, Margaret Tudor, not be sent to her husband James in Scotland before a certain age) suggest psychological trauma, but she never let it stop her from aiding her son to the throne, from imposing mass change upon the educational system, or from enforcing humanitarian policies.

This woman was a survivor.

Contrary to what this miniseries states, Margaret Beaufort did NOT murder the Princes in the Tower. She was NOT a religious “fanatical” psycho. She did NOT order Henry to rape Elizabeth of York to “test her fertility.” (Why???) She did NOT smother Jasper Tudor.

It annoys me that thanks to this book/television series, many people will loathe her fictional guts, and carry over that hatred onto one of the strongest feminists that ever lived.

I feel better now.

Reveling in Richonne

#13: The “Want” (6x10) 

Throughout this episode Rick and Daryl are chasing a guy with a fake beard and flat ironed hair and Michonne is figuring out what she wants thanks to Deanna’s question to her in 6A. I was pretty indifferent about Deanna’s character overall, but she always gets credit in my book for seeing the clear chemistry and pairing of Rick and Michonne. 

Deanna is the homie since she put them together in their job positions and helped Michonne think about her own wants. I know Deanna saw Michonne as a woman who was putting everyone before herself and she wanted Michonne to find her own personal happiness as well. This is why I respect Deanna, cuz she gave Michonne a much needed reminder that she deserves to be happy and taken care of too. And I think Deanna knew Rick was the one who could do that for her. 

Deanna is one of the first characters in the show to actively see the potential of Richonne and try to aid it along. Thanks, girl! 🙏 🏽And I love now knowing in retrospect, that when Deanna adamantly asked Michonne “what do you want?”, the word that came to Michonne’s mind in that moment was “Rick”. And by the end of 6x10 she’d have what she wanted. 😊 

Like I said, Richonne going cannon was my first spoiler, so the whole episode I was just eagerly awaiting how it would all go down and seeing Spencer ask Michonne if she had figured out what she wanted yet and her saying she’s “working up to it”. It was so blatant that not only would R&M be an item soon but that being together was something the two of them truly wanted by this point. Michonne’s response was very revealing as to how she was approaching this next step in the relationship. It was something she wanted but had to work up the courage to just go for and I can totally relate to that. 

They had been friends so long, and she had been so independent for so long before meeting him, so I can imagine it was going to take a big leap of faith to take the next step in the relationship. But it was literally the most reasonable next step, as by this point, I’m sure the love they felt for each other could no longer be denied or downplayed like before. Whatever happened in those two months was bringing their love all the way to the surface and the only thing left was for it to all pour out. Going cannon was the next natural step in the progression of their relationship and it would have required a lot of effort on their part to keep ignoring that. 

I know a lot of people, myself included, were surprised that Deanna hadn’t been torn up by that pack of walkers in 6x8 and that she was able to turn into a walker and make it out of ASZ. Logistics aside, I feel like she turned and showed up just so she could remind Michonne one last time, as a walker, that “Girl! If you don’t get your man like I’ve been trying to help you do!” lol jk. But a girl can speculate. I just know by the end of this episode Deanna’s wonderful Richonne-trash-self was up in heaven like…

Originally posted by ledanna

Aside from the Richonne elements in this scene, I also really like this scene for reminding us what a caring and nurturing person Michonne is in general. Like she starts off on guard over ASZ, looking like a straight up 👸🏾, and then she sees Spencer. They aren’t necessarily friends and Spencer can be trifling sometimes but Michonne takes it upon herself to look out for him and treat him like family. He so badly needed someone to see him and let him know they care and Michonne is so good at that. 

I liked that we got to see her on leader duty as she essentially reminds Spencer that he doesn’t have to be alone, something Rick helped her realize for herself. It made me realize that the reason R&M are so unstoppable as co-leaders is because Rick is very good at doing the “no nonsense” leadership approach and Michonne is very good at the “bring you into the family” leadership approach. And while each of them are capable of doing both approaches by themselves, one is stronger in each. And you need a bit of both in the apocalypse so together they make the perfect balance. 

But anyway, it was really sweet of Michonne to spend this time with Spencer and let him know how much she respected his mother. And also, I love that Spencer essentially tells her that she still has family in ASZ. It reminded me of when our girl, Sasha tried to tell Michonne “it worked out for you”. These outside characters saying this stuff to Michonne is so great cuz one; they’re helping to wake her up to the love that’s so clearly right in front of her and two; because it lets you know that everyone pretty much knew, even before cannon, that Michonne was a Grimes. 

This gif below is what Michonne wanted ⬇️ And now it was just a matter of her realizing she already had it. ☺️

Originally posted by alwayseverythingrichonne

[Positivity Day] Gen Fic Recs

In honor of Voltron Positivity Day, I’m sharing some of my all-time favorite Voltron fics with you! This batch is all platonic. If you’re looking for something shippy, I have a list of shippy fic recs right here.

Note: Please read the tags and descriptions before reading any of these. Some of them contain important trigger warnings.

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Serendipity (1/1)

Summary: Ryan’s not big on things like fate, but even he has to admit there has to be something to it when he just happens to keep running into the Golden Boy.

Notes: For @miss-ingno who asked for Ryan and Gavin being impressed  impressed by the tales they’ve heard about each other being stuck somewhere together where they swap stories that’s just thinly veiled flirting. :D????


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Earning the right to call him “Noct”

The meeting finally concluded several hours overdue, yet two members of the committee continued to chastise him about his declining grades right there in the hallway. He was the prince, but the prestigious high school will not accept him easily if he did not show extraordinary potential.

Impatient, Noctis extracted himself gradually but persistently, walking backwards and offering curt nods to indicate his farewell, promising that he will ‘definitely do better’ throughout the rest of the semester. He dropped the act the moment he rounded the corner and escaped their judgmental watchful eyes, and made for his private quarters.

There were no new messages on his phone, but the digital watch on his wrist blinked the time 11:53 PM. It was super late at night, he only hoped his last appointment wouldn’t suffer from the unexpected delay. 

Ignis would wait for him, wouldn’t he?

Every step came quicker than the one before it, his shoes knocked loud against the polished marble floors of the royal wing, Noctis all but jogged to his living room and barged in, with only his key card buzzing to undo the lock and a dying apology on his smiling lips.

“Sorry I’m late!” He announced not even halfway through the door, but the vast room ahead was silent and dim; empty.

The persistent wheezing escaping his slack mouth filled the silence, and then the door eased closed with finality. He yanked on the uncomfortable tie and undid the top button of his lapel, dejected.

His downward gaze caught on a piece of paper left on the entrance table, the handwriting elegant and crisp. “I had to leave after forty minutes. Scientia.”

The sigh that escaped his burning lungs was interrupted by a knob rattling open, and then one Ignis Scientia walked out of the wash room. “Oh, My apologies.” He said simply, “I had to use your facilities.”

Noctis stared, “The paper said you left.” and showed it to him before tossing it back onto the table and placing his hands on his hips.

“Yes, I had intended to leave immediately after writing it, but I have a long ride ahead and couldn’t afford to be late anymore than I already am.” He adjusted his glasses and studied the young man currently fighting to regain some breath. “Is something the matter?”

Noctis opened his mouth to say something, but the sight of his busy advisor focused solely on the screen of his phone made him reconsider. “Everything’s fine.”

“Are you sure?” Ignis typed a short message and slipped his phone back into his pocket, “Your message said you had something to talk about.”


Pressed for time, Ignis shifted his weight to the other leg and fixed the boy with a lengthy gaze. “You had me wait forty minutes over nothing?” He waited for a response but there was none, “Couldn’t you send me an indication that I could proceed to my next appointment? I hadn’t begun my drive and I’m already late.”

“My bad.” Noct shrugged and turned to look out the large windows overlooking the city, the night view cast golden lights on his stiff silhouette.

“Well, then. Excuse me.” Ignis bowed and made to the door, remembered the suit jacket he forgot on the couch, and made to grab it before leaving.

Hearing the door close shut, Noctis allowed his shoulders to drop and his frustrations to come bursting out. “I just wanted to see you…”

“Excuse me?”

Noctis turned in surprise, hair flying everywhere, face noticably flushed. “I thought you left!”

“I forgot my jacket…” Ignis said slowly, “Are you… crying?”

“I’m not!” Noctis snapped and turned his head back to the window. “It’s- It’s nothing.”

The straining in his chest didn’t sound like ‘nothing’ to Ignis, his phone vibrated again, the King’s advisor was getting impatient.

“Hello, this is Scientia.” He said to the secretary on the other end, his eyes fixed on the defenseless back of his ward. “I’m afraid my business holds me longer than anticipated, I cannot make it to tonight’s meeting. Yes, I do not know when I will be able to, so i must reschedule. I understand. You have my sincerest apologies. Have a good night.” 

Noctis watched the exchange through the reflection on the glass, and only turned to look directly at him when the phone call ended. “I thought it was important.”

“It was.” Ignis admitted with a sigh, “But you are more important.”

The phrase was meant to put the young prince’s mind at ease, but it only seemed to upset him more. He whipped his head back to the sleepless Insomnia below and tightly crossed his arms.

“What did you mean you ‘only wanted to see me’?” the kindness in his words did nothing to fill the cold silence that followed, it was uncomfortable for both of them. “Prince, please explain. Have I done something to upset you?”



“It’s nothing.”

The conversation had reached a dead end. Ignis had been here on several occasions; the prince would put up his walls high and mighty, and there was nothing anybody could do to get through to him, not even the king himself.

It was the first time Noctis had put up his guard because of him, though, and that left a bitter taste in his mouth. usually he’d let things run their course and when the mood started to look up again, he would sweep in and comfort Noctis with whatever he could offer. Sometimes it was baked sweets, other times a road trip to the nearest arcade, he was supposed to be the fixer-upper of any disagreement. 

Now, though, it almost felt like there would be no returning from this.

Noctis was shutting him out personally, and it was almost… maddening?

“I thought you were my friend.” Noct sighed, admitting defeat. “I just wanted to hang out… Nothing serious. But… You’re so busy and I’m… so…” He released another shaky sigh and brushed an annoying strand of hair off the back of his neck. “I won’t bother you again.”

“Nonsense.” Ignis approached and laid a comforting hand on the shorter one’s shoulder, drawing his attention to look at him directly. “I’m honored to be your friend.”


He smiled, relieved that this skinny nerd was upset over something so trivial it never crossed his mind. “I apologize for not addressing your insecurities earlier, but I consider you a dear and irreplaceable friend. The only one for whom I would ditch a private dinner with the King’s advisor, in fact.”

Big blue eyes watched him speak every word with growing relief. “Then why the heck were you being a jerk about it!” 

“I am under a lot of restraints as well!” He busied himself with undoing the prince’s badly knotted necktie. “With your grades and health fluctuating this last month, the grown ups are becoming anxious. Everybody needs me to tell them what they want to hear, and i could not possibly burden you with my rants when you’ve barely begun to recover from your last bout of flu.”

Noctis watched with furrowed brows as his right cuff link got undone, and then the other. “Still, lately you’re treating me less like a friend… and… more like a burden.”

Ignis couldn’t help but flinch at the sharp words, from the one person whose opinion meant the world, nonetheless. “I never meant for it to be that way; I only assumed my presence would stress you more in these trying times and made to reduce my presence in your private space.”

“Yeah, no, don’t do that anymore.” He shook his head dismissively, and actually reached up to undo Ignis’ bow tie. “Now that it’s cleared up, I have a request.”

“Yes, your highness?”

“Stop calling me ‘your highness’ when it’s only us.” He ordered with a small smile, his face slightly flushed from the awkwardness of the whole ordeal. “Just call me Noct.”

“As you wish… Noct.” He was the first person to have that honor be bestowed upon him, at least for a little while. “Now that my schedule is cleared, would you like to watch that tv show I kept recommending?”

The prince scrunched up his nose, “You mean historical documentary? Ehh… sure, why not.”

“You mean: Why Noct.“


It would only be another semester before Noctis joined Ignis in his public high school, having been rejected by the first royal option because of his mediocre grades (it was on purpose) and only then did they meet another freshman who would join the small circle of actual friends who were allowed to call him ‘Noct’.

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I don't know if anyone has thought of this before but in a parentlock type situation, Sherlock would watch tons of kids movies with Rosie, which means he would have seen The Bee movie at some point. Imagining him being super excited about a movie about bees then huffing and critiquing it the whole time while John flicks his ear or something to shut him up is hilarious to me. Also, now that I'm thinking about Sherlock watching kids movies I'm wondering who his fav Disney princess is. Maybe Belle?

ADFASCASFSADASD NONNY OMG. Listen, I’m not big on parentlock but totally can see this ASDFASDF.

And then he’s criticizing the logistics of the whole movie, LOL. We all know Sherlock secretly wants to be a disney princess, and he was waiting for his prince to come (ie. JOHN). Hmm, I dunno which princess he would like? Maybe Belle, because she’s so brilliant and doesn’t take shit from anyone… though I think maybe also Merida because he loves her no-nonsense approach to life and her desire for freedom and her taking the initiative to take control of her own future. Hee hee.

Hmmm! What d’yall think?

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Akashi, Kuroko, Midorima, Kiyoshi, Nijimura trying to get their s/o to cry because she always keeps her feelings inside and acts tough even when things get difficult~

This request caught my eye~ Here you go anon! 🌸

Thank you for requesting! 💋


“Do you not trust me?” his voice was unbelievably cold, she couldn’t help but look up from her desk. He made his way over to her and placed his hand on her table. “Talk to me, (Name).”

She sighed, closing her eyes shut before opening them again. “What do you want.. Seijuro?”

He wrapped his hand around her wrist and pulled her close to him, whispering in her ear. “Do you know have any idea how much it pains me.. seeing you so miserable?”

“What about it?” she yanked her hand away and stepped back. “Seijuro, I have so much to do. I can handle this. I swear I can.” she forced a smile and raised a hand to caress his cheek.

“Go back to sleep.” she insisted.

He placed a hand on top of hers, intertwining them together and planting a kiss on the back of her hand. “Shouldn’t I be telling you that?”

“I’ll be fine.”

“Alright.” he lets out a sigh, closing his eyes for a while before opening them again, a different gaze landing upon her. “Then leave.”

“What?” she tried not to stutter, the words that came out of his mouth repeating itself over and over again in her mind. “Seijuro-“

“I’d rather see you leave.” he stated, inching away, before turning his back to her, not even continuing his sentence.

And then she broke down. It was the first time he heard soft cries coming from her, it made him regret saying things he didn’t even mean.

But she needed to release her stress and feelings. She needed someone, and knowing that Akashi could help her, why not?

He turned on his heel and without any more hesitations, embraced her tightly. “(Name).. you know I don’t mean any of the words I have said..”

She didn’t reply. Instead, she continued to snuggle in his chest. She was so vulnerable, Akashi didn’t want to let go of her.

“Love..” he planted a kiss on top of her head. “Don’t keep your emotions to yourself. I’m so sorry for what I did. But I had to. It pains me more seeing you so tired and needing someone when I’m here.”

“Now please..” he whispered, pulling away and lightly tugging on her hand. “Go to sleep. Let me take care of you.”

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Apodyopis - The act of mentally undressing someone

As Callen stepped out from behind the curtain, pulling on the lapels of his suit jacket, all eyes were immediately on him. “So, do I look like a corporate executive?” He asked cockily..

Sam gave a passive shrug. “More like a stuck-up rich kid, but I guess it’ll do.”

“Nonsense.” Hetty cut in, approaching Callen and slapped his hands away before pulling on the coat herself. “With a blue tie, you’ll look as corporate as they come.”

Callen smirked before looking to you, ready to ask your opinion on his undercover look. But he frowned at the expression on your face. Or rather, the lack of it. Your eyes were moving over his body. It was easy to catch. “I’m guessing you like what you see?”

Immediately, you snapped back into reality. And Callen couldn’t stopped himself from smiling. “Uh, yeah.” You answered dumbly. “You look… nice.”

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shallureith- They go to the Space Mall for one reason, and one alone: sparkly things.

Thank you for the prompt! Honestly? She doesn’t deserve one single sparkly thing. She deserves multiple sparkly things.

In which Shiro goes along with Keith’s idea that a dagger was a proper sparkly gift and Coran most certainly brings another Kaltenecker home.

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