lame story about friends srry

yeah so like
i dont really know how to start this off, but i’m the type of person that’s used to being treated anything but well. honestly, i couldn’t care less about how people treat me, but i legitimately do not know how to react when people treat me well. the people i have now, all of my friends, fuck, even my teachers, they’ve been treating me very well and i’ve NEVER been treated like this before. and i just want to make sure that everyone (they know who they are) knows how much i fucking appreciate it. i know i can be a sad piece of shit a lot, but i want to treat you all like royalty because you deserve it so much and i love all of you guys with a fucking passion i want to marry all of you. like you mean SO much to me and like????? y’all make me blush so much + give me tons of butterflies and you always say nice things that make me gush and squeak and like„„ you all make me as happy as can be and i appreciate you all so much and i knOW i said that already but i dont think i can say it enough!!! the past few nights i’ve been in tears over a lot of things (including the fact that i have people that care about me so much nowadays) + like

fuck im so speechless honestly just

i love you all. so. much.
thank you for everything you’ve done for me.

A reminder

If your gender or sexuality didn’t exist before 2007, Tumblr made it up and it isn’t real. 

Side note: if you didn’t know you felt like [insert nonsense thing Tumblr makes up here] or didn’t know you had a particular sexual orientation that doesn’t make sense (aromantic demisexual, for instance, super contradictory as shit and made up) before you got on Tumblr and saw it, you are lying to yourself to fit in with a crowd that will only turn you into a sociopathic horror. 

This has been a PSA

  • jesse gets punched/attacked physically:no my sweet boy my precious son the love of my life little ladybug strawberry face let me get you a bandaid and a cigarette and a hug and a coffee and a bubble bath, you've suffered long enough
  • walt gets punched/attacked physically:i warned u fuckboi that's what you get for starting shit