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Leonardo DiCaprio: Transcript of His Earth Day 2000 Speech (April 22nd, 2000) 

Ever since I was a little kid, environmental issues have sparked my interest.

Let me start off by saying that the problem with doing a speech on the environment is that there is so much to say about so many issues. So let me first take a step back and tell a story that comes from my family.

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Okay just

  • Adrien getting upset over a spat he has with his father
  • He turns into Chat Noir because really he needs an escape and what better than becoming one of Paris’ heroes? Maybe he’ll even see Ladybug!
  • Chat not seeing her anywhere, but when he stops looking he smells the scent of vanilla and fresh-baked bread at a nearby bakery, and recognizes it as the one Marinette’s family owns
  • Chat, desperate for the warmth of other people, for the warmth of a real home, walking right inside
  • Marinette working the register because it was a busy day and her parents had needed help. The crowd was gone now, but she still manned the register while her parents were cleaning up in the back
  • Marinette gaping at Chat Noir for a moment before quickly recovering and giving him a sly, slightly forced smile.
  • Chat walking up to the counter and giving her one of his confident, flirty grins. Marinette’s smile dropping because she can see his doesn’t reach his eyes like it so often did.
  • Marinette turning around and grabbing a few danishes and muffins before walking out from behind the counter.
  • Asking Chat if she can do anything for him, shoving all of the treats into his arms.
  • Taken by surprise from her kindness, Chat accepting them and not knowing what to say. His shoulders hunch a little, and his posture is stiff, and he’s about to shake his head and leave… but those eyes, Marinette’s eyes, they’re filled to the brim with kindness and genuine concern.
  • He sighs, and takes a deep breathe to let the tension leave his body. When he appears more relaxed, he tells her, “Just have some home issues. Nothing to really worry about, though, Princess.” He looks into her eyes and after a moment of hesitation, he tacks on, “I need someone to talk to. About anything.”
  • She watches him for a moment and then glances at the clock. “The shop closes in about seven minutes,” Mari tell him, “and I can talk with you if you want to wait around.”
  • Pleased by this information, he gives her a smile that does reach his eyes, and he gives her a nod. He leans against the counter and takes a bite of one of the items she handed him, but he doesn’t really notice the great taste because he’s watching Marinette, who has a sudden smile on her own face.
  • “What’s up, Purrincess?” This pun of his makes her smile turn into a smirk, and she just shakes her head for a moment.
  • “Nothing, nothing. I was just thinking… anything in particular you’re wanting to chat about?” She pronounces chat like Chat, and holds back her own laughter, waiting for Chat Noir’s response.
  • He blinks at her once. Twice. Did she just… oh, he’s pretty sure she did. Once it registers in his mind what she did, a small laugh comes from his lips, and quickly evolves into a real, hearty one. He nearly doubles over, because he’s already feeling so much better, but also because he hasn’t heard another person even try to use puns on him. It was usually a one-way practice, that way being Chat Noir.
  • Marinette finding herself laughing too now, because his laughter is happy is infectious; how could she not join in? Even though she internally grimaced at the pun she had made, it was worth it, for this.
  • After she closes up the bakery, she shouts to her parents that she’s going to her room to talk to a friend, and after getting an ‘okay’ from Sabine and Tom, she brings chat up, near her room. She asks for a moment to tidy up, and after going in and hiding all of her Adrien things, she invites him in.
  • They talk for a while; they talk about the bakery, Ladybug, school classes, homework, Mari’s designs, what Chat would like to do in the future, until finally Chat’s ring starts to beep. He now has five minutes, and he stands.
  • He thanks her a few times, because she managed to cheer him up and she didn’t want an autograph or a picture. No, she was concerned for him and wanted to make sure he was okay. She gave him her time, and Chat knew how precious time was. It was a nonrenewable resource, and was very important to many people.
  • Shaking her head, she tells him “No, no, you don’t need to thank me. Even a hero needs to be rescued sometimes, right?” She asks him to wait there, for just one minute, while his ring beeps again.
  • She digs through one of her drawers and pulls out something from the bottom. It’s black, the same black his suit is colored, and she hands it to him. “I… used to do a bunch of designs for you and Ladybug. I never did much with them, but I did use some of the designs for practice. This is one that came out of that. Keep warm, okay?”
  • She throws it around his neck and ties it, and he looks down at what it is, exactly. His face wears a small look of shock, seeing a scarf now adorning his neck. His face breaks into another smile, a soft one, and he whispers ‘thank you’ one more time. His ring beeps again, and he’ll be turning back to normal soon. 
  • For a moment, he’s tempted to stay, to release the transformation to keep in her company. So that he, Adrien, can tell her his problem. But he doesn’t, because a civilian knowing his civilian self? That could lead to danger for Marinette, for himself.
  • Marinette leads him out to her balcony, earning one mroe smile from him before he turns and begins to hop building from building. She gives a small wave, the slightest look of content on her face.
  • When she goes back inside, she sleeps easily, because she was able to help her partner as her normal self. The problem might not have been with an akuma, but it was with something just as important. She smiles in her sleep, having no nightmares for once. Maybe black cats weren’t bad luck after all.
  • Chat Noir, after running a fair distance away with the minute he had left, landed in his room just as his transformation wears off
  • He’s got an air of happiness around him, and even sarcastic Plagg doesn’t try to ruin the mood. His boy didn’t get many moments like this, after all.
  • Adrien gets ready to retire to bed himself, giving Plagg the cheese necessary for his re-energizing, and lays down. A content sigh escapes him, and he makes a mental note to get to know Marinette better. Yes, his heart still held Ladybug, but why on earth should that mean his heart can’t be open to others?
  • He falls asleep, smile on face, his thoughts not even needing to return to his father. There was no reason for him to dwell on the sadness and emptiness that had existed so long in his house, not when it could start to be filled with a lively feeling of joy.

And to think, I started thinking about this purely for the chat pun. Woops.Got carried away though :’D Somebody stop me pls

It was not long before I realized that the problems facing the chimpanzees are closely connected with problems facing Africa. And i soon came to understand that, in many cases, these problems could be laid directly at the door of the unsustainable lifestyle of the elite societies around the world. A lifestyle hatched in the Western world and exported, along with its values (or lack of them) and its technology, to the developing world. To help my chimpanzees, therefore, I have to start thinking about ways of opening the eyes of those who were, unknowingly, robbing the natural world of more and more of her nonrenewable natural resources.
—  Jane Goodall (Introduction to Harvest For Hope: A Guide to Mindful Eating)

If you constantly complain about how horrible and selfish the human race is for using up natural nonrenewable resources, this is what I want you to do.

I want you to permanently switch off your laptop/pc/phone, stop using hundreds of litres of clean tap and toilet water per day, turn off your heating, stop using electricity altogether, and quit using all kinds of transport that physically require nonrenewable resources.

Because, well, if you’re so concerned and have so much hatred for the human race, why not stop being hypocritical and stay true to your own beliefs, eh?

So we're on the way to get some pizza earlier...

when my roommate starts talking about how recycling plastic isn’t really worth it because it’s more expensive to recycle than to just make new plastic products so in the end you’re losing money…

so i said something along the lines of, well, even if that’s true, why does it matter what it costs…and that things like recycling and even health care shouldn’t really have a price on them, ideally, because the value our planet and lives can’t really be measured like that…

and of course, she’s like - nuh uh…and thinks i mean doctors shouldn’t get paid, blah blah blah, and says doctors deserve to get paid so much because they worked so hard to get their education, sacrificed their own time/social lives in the process, etc… okay. that’s all fine and dandy. and i never said they shouldn’t get paid. no matter where you go, doctors get paid pretty damn well, even in socialized medicine contexts…and that’s fine. whatever. i just don’t believe their effort is worth an arm or a leg or a life or even anyone’s well being…and one would hope doctors would be in it for more than the money, even though i’m sure in many cases that is not the case at all. 

anyway. back to the planet. then she starts talking about how it doesn’t matter what we do any way, who cares if the planet heats up a couple degrees in a few generations, nothing we can do right now will fix it, and that we should cross that bridge when we come to it…

but really, what she’s saying is she doesn’t care if the bridge burns and crumbles into cinders after she crosses it…

climate change and resource depletion doesn’t work like that…if you want to make a change, you have to think long term and not immediate results…it’s like taking vitamins or something…maybe you don’t feel the immediate effect of taking them but in the long run you are better off and healthier for having ingested them regularly…

why do people care so little, and have this well…we can’t change it over night, so what’s the point attitude…

why do we obsess over this thing we made up that may as well be worthless except for the value we say it has - “money.” why is it more important than the well being of or planet and lives…

why the fuck is everyone so selfish and short-sighted…

i’m sure there are better and more informed methods of presenting the issue, and it’s by no means an unfamiliar one…

but seriously, people… ;[ you can’t wait until the last minute to give a fuck and then be surprised when it all starts tumbling down..