I’m always on the search for inspirational stories. I stumbled upon and began following Amy Purdy the co-founder of Adaptive Action Sports years ago after seeing a very moving and heartfelt presentation she gave at an actions sports conference I attended.

Amy Purdy is a model, actress with her most relevant and important work being done alongside her boyfriend, Daniel Gale, in which together they started Adaptive Action Sports.

Her determination and perseverance was dominated by her dream to once again snowboard after losing both legs at the age of 19 to bacterial meningitis.

“I dreamed about snowboarding on a daily basis and went on a mission to figure out a way to do it again – what type of feet work, what type of sockets work, how do I even keep these detachable body parts attached to my body in the first place (this reality came with some pretty funny experiences, I’ll just leave it at that).”

ADACS is the first adaptive snowboard and skateboard specific non-profit that creates skateboard, snowboard and other action sport camps, events and programs for youth, young adults and wounded veterans living with permanent physical disabilities, TBI and PTSD.

Together they have put in such tireless efforts to the impassioned initiative bringing joy, hope and new dreams to others. They set on a mission and achieved getting the paralympic competitions and hosting the first X Games adaptive boardercross event.
As of recent Amy Purdy and the ADACS has been quickly rising to the well-deserved attention of mainstream media.

Congratulations to Amy, Daniel and Adaptive Action Sports. I love your work that you do.

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