There’s nothing like the fair. Visitors can engorge themselves with deep-fried Oreos, hot beef sundaes and heaps of cotton candy. There are rides, craft displays, and, of course, barns full of animals that non-farmers rarely get to see. Yet there’s one day of the fair that’s bittersweet and, for some, downright heart-wrenching. After a year of training, feeding and caring for an animal, auction day is when many 4-H kids must say goodbye.

Every year there are photos circulating online of crying children on market day. Unlike farmers who often have dozens, if not hundreds, of animals, 4-H children work closely with one or two animals for a year, or even longer if the animal, such as a steer, takes more time to raise.

Today there are nearly six million participants in the nonprofit 4-H in the United States. The four H’s stand for “head, heart, hands and health” and as part of the 4-H pledge, members vow to use these four things for the betterment of “my club, my community, my country and my world.”

For 4-H Kids, Saying Goodbye To An Animal Can Be The Hardest Lesson

Photo: Darren Huck/The Washington Post/Getty Images


We’re happy because Mateo is feeling better! Baby goats create beautiful feelings (and they love to chew our hair! 😂). 🐐❤️
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Entry, Camron-Stanford House. Built 1876. by Melinda Stuart
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The 405th will be at Sci-Fi Valley con, June 9-11 in Altoona, Pa! It’s always a great con and a fun time!! Krystal’s Hope and WDUN Paranormal Team will be there as well!!!!! Come support us and support the awesome con and other awesome vendors as well!!!!! :) 

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In honor of Trump’s 100th Day, I am donating the $300 raised through my Etsy to a charity that provides rescue aid to refugees. The money was largely raised through bumper stickers ridiculing Rep. Darrell Issa of California’s 49th District and Dana Rohrabacher of the 48th District. I will be donating the money in honor of them and Trump. Their hostility to basic values of decency and compassion have energized a constituency fired up to remove them from office. Even though $300 is a paltry amount given the desperate need for humanitarian aid, it’s probably more good than anything Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress have done in 100 days. 

Donating to nonprofits is more important now than ever before due to the Trump administration cutting funding to programs that save and transform lives. However, nonprofits cannot and should not take the place of government that has a duty to build a foundation where justice and equality can flourish. 

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Happy 50 followers! To celebrate our first milestone, I want to tell you a little bit about Surviving Indie.

My name is John, and I wear lots of hats in the indie industry.

^das me

I have the absolute honor and pleasure to be a independent professional in the video game industry. I have worked with Materia Collective, Obsidian Entertainment, composed music for 3 games, and lots more. My most recent project is Sound APE, my audio editing and voice over service.

I am currently developing my first game that is planned to be released for PS4, Xbox One and PC sometime between 2018 - 2019. Sound APE is a subsidiary of my main company, Affinity Pixel Entertainment, LLC located in Bryan, Texas.

Surviving Indie is going to be a non-profit organization that helps indies who are struggling find their way. We’re going to tour all over the nation holding panels at gaming conventions to promote local game developers and share their experiences with their neighbors. We’re making our debut at OtakuFair 2017 in San Antonio, Texas on the first weekend of November. I gathered some of the best talent from Austin, Texas who are ready to share their story with you. Every panel we hold will be filmed and archived on our future website.

Thank you for following us! I’ll share more information at our second milestone - 100 followers. ;)

Nonprofit Gothic

-You stare wistfully out of your office window. There is no longer a window. Windows have been eliminated due to budget cuts. You forget the feeling of sun on your skin.

-You are on a conference call. You can’t remember when it started. You will always be on the conference call. The voices on the other end rasp painfully in a language you cannot comprehend. 

-“For the grant.” you murmur as you file endless stacks of paperwork. “For the grant.” You mutter as you pass your colleagues in the hall. “For the grant.” They reply, eyes fixed forward.No one smiles.

-The message notification beeps on your computer. Then again. You navigate to your email, but the computer is not turned on. The computer has not worked in six months. The notification beeps again.

-The donor shrieks, flapping against the bars of its cage. Your heart pounds in fear, and you swallow nervously around the lump in your throat. “And in the figure on page two-” you begin. The donor shrieks again. It does not want numbers, only blood.

- Sounds of anguish fill the hall. The coffee is gone. Only herbal tea remains. The time has come. Prepare another sacrifice.

Don’t be an Activist

Don’t be that dirty A word: Activist
Like a viral disease
It always starts in college
took that sociology or ethnic studies class
joined that outreach recruitment center for
underrepresented youth of color
you wanted to hold it down for the struggle
at the rally for undocumented student rights
and then it happens
you become an activist
the symptoms will kick in fast and heavy

Your parents will tell you to get a real job
Fox news will tell you you’re unpatriotic
Your friends will call you too sensitive
Your family will call you too liberal
Your community will call you too communist

You’ll work at a non-profit organization
cause you said you want to make a difference
cause you certainly aren’t making any money
even though your official job title is just program coordinator
You’re really also the organization’s social media director
youth outreach manager
office technician
staff personnel therapist
grant writer
program assessment evaluator
and in-house cultural competency trainer
You’ll wonder how many top ramen will it take before you give up
on your close to impoverished 50hrs a week
$800 Americorps monthly living stipend
You will buy extra lip balm for all the future ass kissing 
you will do to potential grantees and funders
all in the name of community
…and to keep you job
…cause your grant contract ends by the 2017 fiscal cycle
way to stick to the man

You’ll feel guilty for listening main stream hip-hop
and that your favorite song is Tyga’s Rack City
even though that song represents everything that you stand against
misogyny, male patriarchy
the commodification
and dehumanization of womyn
that beat is still so DAMN good
rack city, rack rack city
I mean Sac City, Sac City…ssstitch

Don’t be an activist because you’ll just be angry
angry because you learned that everything evil in this world is rooted
from colonialism, white patriarchy and capitalism

Paulo Friere called it
when they made the matrix
once become conscious, you can never go back
and with liberation comes burden
that burden sits heavy like asthma

Ignorance must really be bliss
because it’s exhausting
looking through Facebook newsfeed
without saying “gooddammit this shit is fucked up”
without seeing white people throw peace signs and make squinty eyes in pictures with the #asianpose
without having another “conversation” with your
well-intentioned but racist ass friend
who commented on your scholarly post on
“microaggressions in the classrooms”
without seeing another fraternity throw another
cinco de drinko “cross the border” party
without seeing another newscaster blame the victim
and defend the rapist
without another black body being shot
by another gunman named officer

and feeling
like you can never do anything
ironically enough
you try to brush it off
so you can procrastinate on your 8 page sociology paper
on institutionalized racism in the California prison system

It will hurt
it will hurt because
it will come from your own people
they tell you, you too cocky
that you’re an opportunistic
that left South Sacramento for a job at UC Davis
and that you a sell out
and so you buy into their thinking
and they said you were never REALLY down
and so you tell yourself that you were never REALLy down
and they called you out for saying something problematic
so you think of yourself as a problem
you didn’t get enough petition signatures
you didn’t stay long enough at the town hall meetings
you didn’t mentor enough youth
you weren’t there for your community when they needed it most
and so you questions everything that you are
everything that you stand for
you hit this point of confusion
of what it all means
and you succumb to self-doubt
and burn out
you get tired
of being tired
and you tell yourself
“I just want to be normal
just like everyone else”

That heavy anxiety sitting on your shoulders
makes you want to scratch your skin off
but then you realize
normal is that bystrander effect
that MNC chokehold that stops you from raising your voice
and forces you to turn you head away from injustice
and face down at iphones screens
Normal is making it easier for you
to keep up with the Kardashians
than to keep up with the sake of humanity
Normal is that basic shit!
Normal is that stuff that makes people cynical
cause being cynical is always easier than critical
Normal is making society a status quota
number of soldiers pulled out
the dowe jones down
unemployment up
climate change doesn’t exist
Racist republicans still do
and so we confuse normal
for this substance that cynicism made ugly
validation, acceptance, love

and you finally realize that it was never about you
and it wasn’t about them
but it was about everybody
It was about humanness - Ubuntu
a justice that institutions are incapable of achieving
so you’ve been forced to dream
you check your privilege for low paychecks
to implement your social justice
be the monkey wrench in the machine

activism is not a sprint
it is a lifelong marathon
and your most crucial asset in your run
is the not the power in your legs
but the strength of your heart
so you must protect it
You must pace to it to give it resiliency
you will be your biggest critic
but the minute you look far too much
in your own steps
you will lose vision
so you must keep your head upright
never lose sight of your finish line

this world does not need normal
it needs relentless unafraid pursuit of compassion
every action or inaction
disrupts or perpetuates that power of oppression
but you choose
to upset the set up
disrupt the corrupt
stand against the standardization
hunger strike for the hungry

you were meant to be different
you are greater than Normal
you are more than an activist
you are deeply and truly necessary

Success Story: WASH Program

In order to promote hygiene and improve school health infrastructure, J/P HRO established the USAID-funded Water, Sanitation, and Hygiene (WASH) project to serve as a model for health-related best practices.

The goal of our WASH program is to strengthen knowledge, attitudes, and interests of the 25 schools in Delmas 32. Our beneficiaries total roughly 3,500, including directors, parents, students, and support staff.

In phase one of the project, 10 schools were equipped with modern sanitary facilities. Remonne Etienne, 15, has memories of her old school toilets. “It was just a hole dug in the floor. The space was nauseous and dirty, with streaks of urine everywhere and we had to stand in line because it was a single latrine.” Remonne also explained how she caught an infection due to these conditions, which required 5 days of antibiotic treatments.

Many students in the beneficiary schools experienced poorly maintained toilets and facilities, such as these, prior to our WASH program implementation. For Aldy Cherestal, a 17-year-old at the l’Institution mixte de l’Espoir, the old toilets were “a nightmare.” Aldy says that even in the classrooms the odor from poor sanitation infrastructure prevented students from concentrating.

Despite the challenges and constraints, the WASH program has been able to provide improved sanitation for girls, boys, and staff in 10 schools.

The new sanitary facilities mark a new era. Teachers and students speak of “before” and “now.” The new sanitary blocks are: more hygienic, more spacious, more comfortable, cleaner, and more beautiful as described by the beneficiaries. Many used the word pride when speaking of this project.

Pierre Marie Wilda Charles, Director of l’Ecole Bethléem, says that raising awareness to keep these facilities clean has been made easier. In several schools, student committees have been set up to promote peer education and ensure proper maintenance of facilities.