I am working to open a youth center in South Los Angeles in which young women will work to address rape culture as well as other social justice issues they feel passionate about. Please LIKE our page and share. We need as much support as possible to make it happen. Also, if you’re in the LA area, stay tuned for ways you can help out!


These Dogs Are Being Trained To Sniff Out Elephant Ivory

Will Powell has being training animals that fit the bill for more than 20 years. In the past, he’s been focused on land mines and bombs buried throughout regions ravaged by war. But a new initiative launched by the African Wildlife Foundation, a nonprofit conservation group, aims to use the dogs’ uncanny sniffing ability in the fight against a different sort of enemy: poachers.

Meet the snouts on the front lines of the war against poaching here.

(Photo credit: African Wildlife Foundation)


Baby owls will be slowly trickling back into the shop! The first one is the brown baby owl. *hooray!* He can sit on your desk or even hang out among your plants. Really he can be wherever and still look super cute! 

10% of the proceeds for any baby owl purchase will go to the Second Chance Wildlife Rehabilitation Center, which is a non-profit that uses 100% of the donations to treat and return injured, sick, and orphaned animals to their natural habitat. The money is used for medicine, vet visits, and food.

Available at Sparkle Me Happy:

Have you heard of @herorats saving lives everyday? APOPO is a nonprofit organization that trains rats to sniff out TB and landmines - Please check out @herorats to find out more info on how these adorable rats are #heroes !
ALSO -stay tuned for a cool Q&A I just did with APOPO! I got a lot of the questions from the rattie community… So it’s a fun interview! Rats Rule ! Photo by: @ericsobo in IG.

The moment I entered the system I felt my identity ebb further and further away, no longer a name to my body, no longer an address, no longer a mother, no longer a brother, no longer a host of dreams attached to my body. My body was a number. My body was assigned to a social worker. The social worker was responsible for lots of bodies, not just my body. And yet deep, deep inside I was certain that, if these people could just meet me—if they could hear me and listen to me and talk to me—they would know that I was different. I was special and articulate and to be handled with some kind of care. I did not deserve to be poor. I did not deserve to be forgotten. I wasn’t yet aware that no one did.
—  Melissa Chadburn via this week’s Things I Read That I Loved

How to Inspire Millennials, According to Millennials

Millennials are unlike any generation of donors. We expect to engage with nonprofit organizations through technology, transparency and hyper-connectivity. Once inspired, we can become loyal supporters who drive your mission forward.

1. Communicate Your Mission Clearly
2. Explain Where the Money Goes
3. Understand the People You Serve
4. Stay Grounded in Your Communications
5. Show What Sets You Apart
6. Craft a Compelling Story
7. Prioritize Your Website Design
8. Show Off the Community Behind Your Brand

(via How to Inspire Millennials, According to Millennials | Classy)

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ITS HAPPENED!!! Brothers and sisters, I have set out the groundwork for the nonprofit organization I want to create, Gaia’s Children. Gaia’s Children will provide Wiccan and Pagan youth with emotional, spiritual, and educational support. We provide a safe haven for these youths who are not being supported by their families because of their religious beliefs.

I am in the process of creating a Facebook page and an email address. If you have any advice, comments, or criticism please message!

Please reblog and spread the word that we exist!

Blessed Be )O(

Hilary Lavenderwhisp, artist and witch, creator of Gaia’s Children
Click here to support #SaveTheKidneys by Derek J. Yates
HELP ELLEN'S NEW GARDENER #SAVETHEKIDNEYS! Hey, what's up? For those of you who may not know, my name is Derek Yates and I was featured on The Ellen Show a few months back. On her show I was competing in a contest and won the title that so many guys were after, Ellen's New Gardener (video link a...

We are nearing the halfway goal for my GoFundMe campaign to raise money for the Kidney Foundation to ‪#‎SaveTheKidneys‬! And there are plenty of Rewards left as well!

“Hey man, you open?” “I heard the City shut you down?!?” “Yeah, well the did for about three weeks. I had all kinds of meetings with city officials and spent countless hours in the library, City Hall, and online researching, etc.” “nothing helped, no matter how compelling the evidence was?”
“But once I reached out to the community and got a petition going the city called me to let me know that it was all a big misunderstanding and then they sent a letter stating I was allowed to reopen "as is”. But they also clarified that “this was not a political issue.” Go figure?!?! But it’s not over yet. Please check out the what’s, why’s and how’s of everything we have to do to keep our doors open at: #supportsmallbusiness #smallbusiness #nonprofit #lhooqbookstore #lhooqbooks #books #bookstore #artistnonprofit #exrealismgallery #exrealism Oh yeah, and don’t forget. We are open now do come in to see what’s been happening and maybe pick up some cool books & #art #artlife (at Lhooq/exrealism)