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Summary:  Tony accidentally steals a stranger’s shopping cart, and they start a conversation that turns into something more.

Rating: NR (but I’d say maybe Teen)

Thoughts: This is just a really fun AU idea. I love how they work together. I love that the relationship is built up in little details that make you feel how well they mesh even though they’ve just met. I love Pepper and Sam in this a lot too.

Tony + Steve + Tattoo!AU

So yeah, a few days back, I sent this headcanon to @tonystarktogo about Tony being this kind of crazy tattoo parlor manager who just hired random guys and girls, and mostly helped them get out of bad situations.

The result was a beautiful text that you can find right under this post, but I couldn’t get this idea out of my head, and I had to write about how everything began, with homeless, scrawny Steve.

It’s rushed and not very good, but I needed to write a fun thing after a day writing about assisted suicide, honestly.

If you thought about it seriously, this crazy project actually was Steve’s fault.
Because scrawny, tiny, very young Steve had unfortunately decided that, when homeless, Tony’s front porch was the best place to sleep.
So, every time Tony went out, he passed Steve, who never ever begged for money, but was always there, silent but with avert eyes which looked at everybody and everything around him. And always with the same sketchpad on his knees, accompanied with an old and very small pencil which had both seen better days.
His eyes were so gentle and so blue that not two days had passed before Tony began to bring him sandwiches and bottles of water; sometimes a cookie that Rhodey’s mom had baked for him, sometimes a whole McDonalds meal when he had had the time to stop there. At first, Steve had actually tried to refuse them – his freaking pride, for fuck’s sake – pretending that someone else probably needed it more. So Tony had bought twenty sandwiches and given them all around the neighborhood (a habit that he had actually kept; he asked Peter Parker to make the distribution when he couldn’t do it himself) before coming back to Steve and giving him his sandwich with a blank stare.
Steve had finally accepted in exchange for a quick look at his sketchpad (and things were so unfair, because this kid had a huge lot of pure and simple talent) and things had simply became… more, somehow.

Winter had came, and with it the freezing temperatures so typical of New York. Tony had stopped for coffee and hot chocolate at the Starbucks around the corner, distributing about ten of them around and always keeping the last one for Steve.
Then hot chocolate was simply not enough anymore; every time he went back home, he found Steve shivering, lips blue and fingers too numb to draw. So he had nervously babbled about how he had a lot of free space in his flat that he would gladly share, but Steve had refused, and nothing he could say could make him change his mind. The next best step was to go to the closest sports shop and ask for them to give the best sleeping bags and blankets to as many homeless people as they could; he had kept the fluffiest and warmest one for Steve, dropping it on his lap on his way home with a small pillow and two blankets.
The gift hidden inside it – brand new sketchbook with a small selection of pencils – had never been discussed, but Tony had discreetly smiled when Steve was totally focused on a drawing the next morning.

And then, a few days after that, he had disappeared. The only proof of his presence was a drawing, carefully put in his mailbox, a truly impressive and stylized skyline of Manhattan, the words “thank you for everything, Steve” written under it.
He totally panicked, he was not ashamed to admit it. Rhodey was the only one capable of mildly calming him, giving the hypothesis – which, as he would find out, was the right one – that Steve had probably been reported by one of the neighbors who was tired of finding a homeless kid on their doorstep.
Tony had done everything that could be done: visited every homeless center, asked everybody he knew about Steve, walked at night for hours, looking for the tiny guy. But he had never found him.

And then, just as he had put the final point to his crazy project – Tony, you are going to regret this! had said Pepper again and again, without any success – and as he was leaving what would now be his tattoo parlor, he had seen a very familiar frame turning a corner a few meters away.
He knew now, looking back, that running after Steve was probably not a very smart idea, and that he probably deserved the shouting part and the I’m-trying-to-kill-you-with-a-pencil part too (he loved this scar, such a great story), but the thing was, he also knew that it was the right decision.
Because after the thousands of “You’re kidding, right?”, Steve had accepted, albeit a bit reluctancy, the job offer, and had followed him back to the new parlor.
And now, Tony knew that Steve was always safe and sound, eating more than enough, sleeping in a warm room, and never scared of being shouted at by cops or spat at by some asshole.
And he also knew that Steve was one of the best tattoo artists in the city, that people waited for about two years to get one of his masterpieces on their skin, and, more importantly than anything, that Steve loved his job.

Alex comes with Kara to Earth-1 and helps out in their fight against their next big threat. After seeing Alex in action, no one on Team Flash or Team Arrow believes that she’s only human because of how well she can keep up with metahumans and aliens. They have a betting pool going on whether Alex is a metahuman or an alien, and they keep it going no matter how many times Alex insists that she is a nonpowered human.

WinterIron / Tony x Bucky, NonPower AU + Puppies

‘’Hello!! Can I request some winteriron? Non powered AU, Bucky surprises Tony with a puppy for their anniversary. Super fluff and cute.’’

So, I had this wonderful prompt from @tony-luvv and I melted. Yes, literally. My love for puppies is not a secret anymore, and Tony, plus Bucky, plus puppies? Yes please. I had so much fun writing this, thank you so much for this prompt! There are probably a lot of mistakes, because it is almost 2AM here and I’m freaking tired, but I wanted to post it today, cause I’m not here tomorrow.

Aaaaanyway. Here come puppies! Hope you enjoy it :)

When Tony woke up, surrounded by soft and warm sheets, Bucky wasn’t there. Which, even on the normal days, totally sucked. He liked to wake up next to Bucky, close to his furnace-warm body, his arm heavy and comfortable around his waist. He liked to snuggle close to him, to listen to his breathing, to kiss his neck and slowly wake him up. He also liked to be woken up by kisses – wherever they were – and particularly loved morning sex. Beat all alarms in the world.
But on their two-year anniversary morning, Bucky wasn’t there. And the sun was awfully bright for such an… early hour?

“Friday, time?”
“Good morning, boss. It is 9AM and it will be a beautiful sunny day.”
“Yeah, figured that out. Ugh,” he groaned, snatching one of Bucky’s pillows to escape from the light.

He drifted in and out of sleep for a few minutes, vaguely wondering where Bucky went, but not awake enough yet to really worry. And the delicious smell of coffee and bacon answered the question before he could think too much about it. He cautiously peaked from under the pillow – and its delicious Bucky odor, God did he smell nice – and grinned when he saw his boyfriend carefully carrying a tray full of food to the bed. Bucky froze when he saw him awake and smiled sheepishly.

“Sorry. Didn’t think you’d be awake already, I wanted to surprise you…”
“Did you make pancakes?”

Bucky nodded and put the tray down on the bed, lying down next to Tony and pulling him in his arms. He nuzzled at his neck for a while, deposing kisses as light as a feather, while his fingers gently massaged Tony’s scalp, making him moan softly. Bucky smiled against his skin and looked up, winking at his boyfriend before kissing him on the mouth, tenderly and slowly – and shit, Tony should probably be worried about morning breath and that kind of stuff, but that was so good, oh… He cupped his face in his right hand and stroked his cheek with his thumb, while his left hand played with the short hair on his neck, making him shiver delightfully.
Without even thinking about it, Tony pulled him closer and began to grind slowly against his leg, but Bucky huffed a laugh in his mouth and very gently pushed him away.

“Not yet, sweetheart… Got a surprise for you.”
“It can’t wait? I had plans. Really, really great plans, like, mind-blowing plans.”
“Nah, it can’t.”
“Not trying to make you change your mind or anything, but they involved you getting naked, and me getting naked too, and my tongue and my hands, and–”
“Tony. Eat,” reprimanded Bucky, but the sparkle of lust and amusement in his eyes was unmistakable.

(Mind the ‘’Keep Reading’’!)

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The sexism and internalized misogyny involved with the purposeful exclusion from Felicity Smoak in gifsets like “dc ladies + supporting each other” and “nonpowered dc ladies” is so glaringly obvious and also disappointing because Felicity Smoak has actually been the most supportive of women out of all the ladies. Felicity Smoak actually built relationships over time with Lyla, Thea, Laurel, Iris, Sara, Caitlin, and so on. She has given them advice. She has comforted them. She has given them strength when they were in doubt. Even the male heroes have sought Felicity’s advice- Ray, Oliver, Barry Allen who went to Felicity for advice when he was at a loss because of Flashpoint, Cisco, and so on.

Felicity is the one who told Laurel to stop worrying about trying to be her sister, and to just be her own version of a hero, she’s the one who gave Laurel the strength to be her own Black Canary especially considering no one else believed in Laurel, and the one who went to Laurel to mourn when Oliver “died” after Ra’s Al Ghul. She’s the one who took care of baby Sara when Lyla needed it, the one who comforted and guarded over Thea when Oliver was “dead”, the one who shares dresses with Iris West, the one who forged a bond with Caitlin, who pushed past her envy of Sara to really see the hero that she is, who comforted Sara and made Sara feel like someone who isn’t a monster, who mourned Sara when she too died. It’s just crazy to me because Felicity is actually the only female character in the Arrowverse with that many relationships with the dctv ladies and there’s an abundance of scenes and context to support it and the fandom erases her because of a stupidly raging need to hate Felicity for no reason.

Like okay you wanna hate Felicity? Cool whatever. But erasing the narratives of these female characters you DO like and prefer when Felicity actually canonically played/plays a significant role in their lives, when she has been in favor and support of these women at their lowest points (while mind you, none of these women ever comforted Felicity except Laurel) is disgusting. The fact of the matter is, you’re erasing the true narrative of a Jewish woman in STEM who is the glue between these women’s lives just because you don’t like her. These women like Felicity, these women LOVE Felicity. Y’all are always the first people to cry about the importance of “canon” but are the same ones who are selective and dismissive about it. Y'all are hypocritical and messy af.

anonymous asked:

I loved your steve/tony nonpowered fic rec list - do you have any more nonpowered fic recs? :D

Sure thing! I’ve definitely found a couple more since I made that list. They’re all kinda multi-chapter or just longer because I live for the long fics.

Dangerous Kitchen Tools by ladyshadowdrake - 18K - Cooking AU, Smut/Fluff

Engineering prodigy, billionaire, and heir to the Stark Industries empire, Tony Stark turned the business world on its head by opening a restaurant and burying himself in the kitchen. Years later, he covers an informal evening cooking class for his friend and fellow molecular gastronomist, Bruce Banner, where he meets famously camera-shy comic artist Steve Rogers.

Place Your Bets by RurouniHime - 36K - Tony pretends to be a prostitute

Steve Rogers may or may not have just picked up a prostitute. This may or may not be Tony Stark’s fault.

Happy Ending by Robin_tCJ - 28K - Seeeeeeeex

Steve is a mobile massage therapist, and Tony is a stressed billionaire. What could go wrong?

Let the More Loving One be Me (Or: Aw, Crap) by willowswhiten - 53K - wow this one is feelsy but the ending is so cute

Captain Steven Rogers-Carter has just come back from Afghanistan, struggling with PTSD and memories that haunt him. When he’s introduced to his adoptive mother’s godson, engineer, mechanic and billionaire Tony Stark, there’s a lot of yelling. Things are never entirely simple when two broken warriors realise exactly what they need to put themselves back together.

It was the Fourth of July by seratonation - 12K - Angst and Fluff, The Proposal AU

Based on The Proposal. Steve has been Tony’s assistant for 3 years when he finds out that Tony is actually not American and is going to be deported. Tony talks Steve into getting married but Steve insists on seeing his family first. Tony invites himself along to make sure his plan doesn’t go awry, but unfortunately Steve’s family is actually pretty amazing.

The Weight of Water by citsiurtlanu - 32K - The Titanic AU that ends exactly how you don’t want it do.

Tony Stark is a rich socialite who’s reached a dead end in his life.   Steve Rogers is a poor artist who works from job to job.  Both of them are passengers on the biggest ship in the world.  Yup, it’s a Titanic AU.

Also because I know ^that one will break your soul have this one to feel better:

and he looks up by theapplepielifestyle - 25K - Titanic AU with a happy ending (for Steve and Tony)

Tony says, “You jump, I jump, right,” with barely any breath left, and Steve can’t do anything but stare.

Tony touches his face, cups his cheek, runs his fingers over the back of his neck like he’s not going to get another chance, and Steve says, “Right,” and kisses him before burying his head in his neck, kissing whatever he can reach.

(Or, the steve/tony Titanic!AU with a happy ending for the Avengers.)

You can check out my Rec List for more fics!

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Nonpowered!AU - Tony's cat often sneaks using the emergency stairs to the apartment below and Tony's been feeling kinda jealous here, so he attaches a message on her collar to whoever's been bribing his cat with expensive cat treat. To his surprise, he got a reply and he began corresponding with the guy who turned out to be interesting and smart. One day there's a knock on his door and it's the mystery guy with his cat and an invitation to dinner. (and maybe there's kittens?)

A/N: Didn’t get the kittens, but I hope you still enjoy! - Taylor

You can also read this on Ao3!

“Jarvis!” Tony rattles the cat bell again and strides into the kitchen. “Here, kitty, kitty!” The expected jingle of Jarvis’s collar and the light click of his nails over the tile floor doesn’t come, and Tony’s frown deepens. It seems his cat’s snuck off yet again.

Resigned, Tony crosses to the east wall of his condo and heaves one of the windows open to reveal the fire escape. “Jarvis!” He calls again. For another moment, there’s no reply.

Then the metal stairs creak lightly and Tony grins at the sight of his cat trotting up them. “Hey bud,” he says as Jarvis jumps gracefully back into the apartment. “You’re giving me a complex here. I spend tens of dollars on cat toys and it’s still not good enough for you? What does that dude have that I don’t?”

Jarvis sniffs gracefully and proceeds to ignore Tony in favor of curling up in a patch of carpet warmed by the sun. Tony rolls his eyes and sits down at his drafting table. Rent’s not going to pay itself, after all.

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nonpowered au where forensic scientist barry keeps getting cases where they think len is the culprit, but he always turns out to be innocent (as a running gag). it gets to the point that barry automatically assumes he didnt do it, but eventually its revealed that all these cases themselves were meant to distract the police while len did OTHER crimes. hes totally innocent of those prior crimes, but hes still a criminal mastermind. conflict bc he and barry got close bc they had to talk so often

ohhhhhh that’s actually a rly interesting au?? I love that

But also the running gag bit made me think abt this taking place in a sitcom??? Like the flash au where it’s actually a sitcom like that ep of supernatural where Gabriel sticks them in that sitcom and they have to keep following their roles and what I’m trying to say is maybe fuck ass music meister dude comes back or maybe some other dude bc I know Darren Criss is Problematique but anyway they stick them in a sitcom and that’s the overall plot of the show and everything is played up for laughs and they have a laugh track after everything that’s said and I want this au right now where is it @ berlanti

DCU: Drabble: Flyball

Some Hal/Barry that came to me randomly today.  It’s a Non-Superhero!AU.  Pretty much they have the same civvy jobs, but they’re not superheros. XD


“How many fingers am I holding up?”

Barry squinted up at the hand hovering over his face, using one of his own to block out the sun.  “Seven and a half.”

There was a man with chestnut colored hair crouched next to him, chuckling softly.  He stood up, and offered a hand.  “Well, it seems you’re going to be fine.”

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anonymous asked:

Hi!! Sorry to bother you but you're my fave cherik blog and i was wondering if u had an fic recs / what your favourite fics are? :D Thank you!!

asdlfkj well it’s about time i throw together another cherik rec list i suppose. (sorry they’re all pretty short.)

(just for reference this is my last big rec list, and this is one specifically asking for old!cherik)

(also. my fics. which i just remembered existed.)

  1. With pulses that beat double - 40k, semi-nonpowered 19th century AU, “It has been thirteen years since Charles watched his beloved childhood companion walk out of his life. Now, in fin-de-siècle Paris, a chance overheard remark may lead them to each other’s sides once more.” I love this fic sm I went around telling everybody about it
  2. Setting the Date - 1k, Charles and Erik know there’s at least one thing to look forward to in their future.
  3. Magneto’s Redemption - 2k, Erik loses his supervillain mutant terrorist reputation by accident. This one’s hilarious.
  4. I can’t leave him - ~2k, Erik comforts Charles after the xmfc confrontation in Russia.
  5. Gravity - 2k, Charles has been holding onto a shard of the submarine ever since he pulled Erik from the water.
  6. Body Heat - 2k, Charles wears pajamas. Erik sleeps naked. V cute and domestic.
  7. And If You’ll Come I’ll Take You Somewhere To Go - 11k, Charles and Erik bodyswap, there’s some learning that has to be done.
  8. Through His Eyes - 6k, powered AU, Charles was born blind and meets Erik at university, where he offers to be his eyes. SHMOOPY
  9. Cotton Walls - 6k, Charles struggles with all the minds in NYC. (Warnings for domestic abuse mention as one of the thoughts he picks up on.)
  10. The Internet is for… 12k, nonpowered college AU, Erik stumbles across a gifset on tumblr that becomes his newest porn obsession and guess who it is. It it’s Charles it is most certain l y
  11. Subject E - 45k, powered AU, Erik has been a lab subject his entire life and finally manages to escape when he stumbles upon Xavier’s School for the Gifted. Erik is quite feral in this fic but it’s very sweet and a good read.
  12. serendipity - 16k, nonpowered AU, Charles texts the wrong number.
  13. Worry Not, Sweet Prince (a prequel to The Hug-A-Drop-Bear Program) - 6k, drop bear!Erik and koala!Charles. I’M SCREAMIN. THIS IS SO CUTE. THEY’RE BOTH MARSUPIALS BUT STILL SO IN CHARACTER I LOVE THESE FICS !!!
  14. Dress Your Family In Plaid and Skinny Jeans - 10k, powered AU, really sweet single dads Erik and Charles fic.
  15. Buried a Second Time - 1.5k, Persephone!Charles and Hades!Erik.

PWP/Kink recs under the cut:

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anonymous asked:

Imagine nonpowered!AU Tony as a major cat person who can't keep cats because of one way or another (maybe he's too busy, maybe he's afraid he can't take care of them when he can't take care of himself, etc etc) so he visits this cat cafe T'challa works at almost daily to play with the cats.

You can also read this on Ao3!

The bell over the door jingles, and T’Challa looks up from the espresso machine. “Hello, Tony,” he says, smiling when he realizes who’s walked in. The man grins and slips off his sunglasses.

“What’s up, your highness?”

T’Challa huffs out a laugh at the nickname. “If you keep calling me that I’m going to get a complex.”

Tony shrugs, unrepentant. “Hey, it fits. With how these cats treat you, you might as well be the cat king.” T’Challa rolls his eyes as Tony’s attention is drawn down to the cat twining herself around Tony’s legs.

“Hi, Okoye,” Tony coos, crouching down to pet the smug creature. “How are you doing, huh, babe? T’Challa been giving you plenty of treats?”

T’Challa slides a bemused woman her espresso before turning back to Tony. “I hardly need to, with how much you pamper her.” Tony looks up at him, a guilty expression crossing his face as Okoye happily nibbles at the treats he’s holding in his cupped hand. “Caught red-handed.” T’Challa raises an eyebrow. “She’s going to get fat at this rate.”

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Stony Prompt #54

Anonymous sent:  “Steve is ace, but he doesn’t know that there is a term for it, or what it is in general. He thinks he is broken and goes to a party where he gets smashed in order to have sex with someone. He meets Tony, and Tony is pretty eager to have sex with Steve, i mean have you seen him? So they stumble to some room, but Tony notices that something is wrong, and Steve finally, for the first time in his life spills it all out. Tony listens to him, comforts him & maybe afterwards asks him out? “

So, a few things: I know jack-shit about asexuality. So apologies in advance if I got something wrong. My dear @bloody-bee-tea explained it to me and the definition Tony gives is taken from here. So, I did my research but yeah, apologies nonetheless in case of any weirdness.

This is a sort of nonpowers!AU.

Steve glances around the bar, blue eyes sweeping over the crowd. It’s bursting with people, all in various states of drunkenness – it won’t be difficult to find someone to take home tonight.

Which is… actually a thought that makes Steve’s skin prickle, but not with excitement. He should be excited to have sex, right? All of his friends talk plenty about it, talk about how good it feels and Steve feels as if he’s broken, like he’s weird for not wanting it.

But, there is another thing and that is the constant teasing of his friends. Once they found out he’s 22 and hasn’t had sex yet, they haven’t stopped reminding him of how weird that is. He can’t stand it anymore, doesn’t want to hear more jokes about him and being a shy, prude virgin.

So tonight he wants to do something about it.

(And blatantly ignores the feeling of unease in his stomach, blames it on the alcohol that gets him hopefully loose enough to go through with his plan.)

The alcohol definitely helps to ease his nerves a little. Maybe he can do this. Maybe-

“Hey, handsome.”

Steve snaps out of his worries and turns, coming face to face with an attractive young man. His new company has brown, slightly curled hair and warm, brown eyes. The goatee is a bit weird, but Steve has seen stranger things. He tries a smile.

“Hey yourself”, he says and just like that, he’s met someone who will hopefully put an end to the endless jokes.

The stranger introduces himself as Tony Stark, pays for Steve’s next drink and then takes him home.

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natasharomxnov  asked:

hi ending!!! I've read all of your fics on ao3 and I absolutely loved them, especially the rom-com-ish ones (I just finished rereading Favorite Mistake)! I was wondering if you have suggestions for similar rom-com cherik fics that you've read? xoxo

Anonymous said: darlin’ I need your help!! CHERIK BOOTY CALL, can you rec me some ff? something along the lines of “paper monsters”, fluff, precious cinnamon roll Charles, “i don’t care but i actually do care” Erik…

My dears, you’ve come to the right place. Rom-coms give me life, so I’m going to try to keep this list under control, but… yeah….pardon me if it gets away from me!

Still Life with Cookies by stlkrchck (E, 17k)
Charles is a nude model, and Erik is an art student.
Ending’s Comment: Erik is quite thick in this, but it’s hilarious so I’m all for it. Charles is such a darling and seriously, the cookies. The whole thing is adorable.

From The Start by treasuredleisure (E, 11k)
They were once childhood friends who bonded over their love of the same sport. Years later they reunite, but as competitors. And Erik’s still harbouring feelings for his old friend that he’s certain he can no longer hide.
Ending’s Comment: Delightfully cute soccer fic with an utterly smitten Erik, which is my favorite thing in the world.

‘tis a far far better thing doing stuff for other people by whichisgolden (M, 26k)
The X-Men: First Class Clueless AU that you didn’t know you always wanted. Charles is a spoiled Beverly Hills telepath, Erik is his pretentious ex-step-brother, Emma is his best friend because they both know what it feels like for people to be jealous of them, etc.
Ending’s Comment: I grew up with the movie Clueless and it was always a favorite so finding this fic was like striking gold. Cher!Charles works shockingly well.

A Nice Boy (The Family Matters Edition) by pocky_slash (T, 20k) 
Erik’s not sure whether the problem is that he doesn’t want his parents to meet Charles or that he doesn’t want Charles to meet his parents. Either way, he never invites Charles to brunch. Why should he? It’s not like they’re dating.
Ending’s Comment: Brand new fic from the recently finished remix. Gets into some deep issues that are a bit dark, but over all is a light fun read and I looooved how charming Charles was in this. Also Erik’s family is hilarious.

Downtown (everything’s waiting for you) by so_shhy (E, 13k)
Charles is a rich CEO, Erik is a hooker with a heart of gold…
Ending’s Comment: A Pretty Woman AU that works so, so well and made me laugh and then get emotional. Really loved Charles in this one.

The Opposite of People by kaydeefalls for afrocurl (T, 9k)
In retrospect, it probably didn’t help that the first time Charles met Erik Lehnsherr, the man was up a ladder in well-worn, close-fitting jeans. Modern!nonpowered!AU where they all work in the theatre, Shaw is still a bastard, and Charles is doing his best to get this damn show open with his sanity (relatively) intact.
Ending’s Comment: Featuring annoyingly sexy tech director Erik and an endlessly harried stage manager Charles trying to make sure the show comes together. The emails are funny as hell and Cherik’s interactions are adorable.

Sprich Mit Mir | Talk To Me by papercutperfect (E, 23k)
When Charles meets Erik on a midnight train to London, it’s like all of his Christmases and birthdays have come at once – until Erik opens his mouth, and reveals he cannot speak a word of English. It isn’t easy to pursue a relationship with someone you need to play Pictionary with just to chat to, but with a little help from Charles’ telepathy, the two language-barrier lovers are determined to make it work. 
Ending’s Comment: As someone who was in a long term relationship with a boyfriend who spoke zero English, this story really spoke to me lol. It’s fun and sweet and really all about love overcoming barriers.

Love Runs Out by ikeracity (M, 24k)
Hammer Bay, one of the most mutant-friendly apartment buildings in all of Manhattan and affectionately nicknamed the Hub by its residents, is home to an eclectic mix of families, broke college students, scientists, artists, and high school dropouts. Charles Xavier, new arrival to apartment 3K, catches the attention of everyone on the third floor but he only has eyes for one: cranky author Erik Lehnsherr who lives directly across the hall in 3B.
Ending’s Comment: Light and cute and fun. I love how all the neighbors interact and the whole atmosphere of the building is awesome. I’d totally move in if I could!

Impulse Decisions by listerinezero (E, 41k)
Erik wakes up in Las Vegas with a hell of a hangover, a telepath in his bed, and a ring on his finger. Now what?
Ending’s Comment: Fake married is the most important fic rom-com trope, and though I’m pretty sure everyone’s already read this fic, I have to include it!

Charles is Totally (Not) the Mother by Unforgotten (M, 8k)
In which Charles and Erik meet for the first time at the urinal, and somehow years later end up basically co-parenting Erik’s baby daughter. [A How I Met Your Mother AU featuring Charles as bi!Ted and Erik as gay!Barney.] 
Ending’s Comment: Erik is hilariously outrageous in this. This fic also manages to hurt quite a bit in the angsty parts.

Our House, In The Middle Of Our Street by Clocks (E, 50k)
Charles is a social worker who fosters troubled kids, and one day he meets Erik, an ex-convict, who reluctantly agrees to stay for only a while, but ends up staying for good and helping Charles to raise the kids. Awkward parenting ensues.
Ending’s Comment: Funny, cute, a bit heart-wrenching, plus sexy handyman Erik. I especially love Erik’s relationship with the kids. 

Not So Much the Teacup by thehoyden (9k, E) 
“Charles is basically the bride whisperer. It’s like he can read their minds.” (wedding planner AU)
Ending’s Comment: Fandom classic for a reason. I keep going back to this one. Quick and sweet read.

Also, I’m shamelesly linking to my fic too since it was mentioned and it’s very much rom-com:

Favorite Mistake by endingthemes (M, 19k)
Charles Xavier doesn’t think anything of it when he sneaks out without even saying goodbye to his latest one-night stand. What he doesn’t expect is to walk into his new position in the Xavier Industries marketing department and find that his latest hook-up is now his new boss.

I hope you enjoy :D

My other fic rec lists are here!

mamudoons  asked:

‘we’re two thirds of the threesome we had last night and we’re walking awkwardly out of the last persons’s apartment together’ au. any ship. ENJOY

peggy/steve/bucky modern nonpowered au

Peggy pulled the door to behind them with a quiet click, heels in hand, as Bucky stepped out. Weak sunlight filtered in from the small frosted mirror at the end of the hall, just enough to paint the hallway in gray light. Bucky looked down and tried in vain to tug the wrinkles out of his button-down shirt. Peggy was still wearing the ghost of last night’s lipstick over half her face.

“I’m beginning to think holding down nine-to-five jobs ain’t exactly conducive to having wild threesomes,” Bucky joked, shooting a glance at Peggy as she stepped into her shoes.

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Suicide Squad Book Recommendations

Suicide Squad comes out in theaters this week and I can’t wait to see it.  Here are some books you should read in preparation for or even after you see the movie.  I will recommend several Suicide Squad books and then tomorrow I will post a list of Suicide Squad characters and will open my inbox for you guys to recommend books featuring those characters.

Suicide Squad was originally this Silver Age book consisting of a group of nonpowered adventurers fighting Sci-Fi monsters.  After Crisis on Infinite Earths the title was revamped by John Ostrander to be the more familiar concept of super-villains commuting their sentence by going on suicide missions led by Rick Flag Jr. and masterminded by Amanda Waller.  

These are the first 4 volumes of Ostrander’s run on the series.  Really I’d recommend all 66 issues but these are the only ones that have been collected in trades.  Heres the link the Comixology page.  The following are some memorable issues.

Just some bits of trivia: Barbara debuted her Oracle persona in this series and Grant Morrison appears as a character in #58.

Now onto more modern Suicide Squad books.

This is actually a Secret Six trade but Blackest Night sort of resurrected the Suicide Squad title for issue #67 and it ties in with Secret Six.  The benefit of this is you get a story cowritten by Gail Simone and John Ostrander.

This book collects Convergence: Suicide Squad #1-2

And finally we have New Suicide Squad (2014).  I purposefully skipped Suicide Squad (2011) because I have read it and would not recommend it.  New Suicide Squad is up to 22 issues (much more than just these 2 trades).  The link to the Comixology page is right here.  I included the second trade because I particularly liked that story.  The squad infiltrates a group that is supposed to be a stand-in for ISIS.  Back in Ostrander’s series they also got polical (except back then it was Soviet Russia) and that was part of what made it so good.

Cherik fic rec (searching)

I hope someone can help me to find this fic I’ve been looking for:

It’s an nonpowered historical au, I think it develops in the desert. Erik is traveling with a maiden, I don’t remember if they captured her or he was hired for it. He is a gruff man, who doesn’t have a concubine and he feels drawn to this mysterious and always fully covered woman. He ends up asking her for marriage and she agrees, but because she’s a very shy woman, they wait until the wedding night to consummate their relationship. On their wedding night, Erik doesn’t think too much about her flat chest, but when he discovers his “wife” has male parts when he slips his hand up her leg to her crotch, he jumps up immediately and demands for explanations. 

Turns out his “wife”is confused, too. The boy had been raised thinking he was a woman, and he is scared, heartbroken and confused about Erik’s rejection. Erik feels betrayed, but realizes he was not played by the boy, and feels responsible for him, so he brings him along.

Of course, as time passes, Erik falls in love with Charles, and then starts the slow path into their homosexual relationship in a time when it was forbidden.

I vaguely remember they have sex using some kind of scented oil Erik had given Charles as a gift before discovering he was not a woman, and someone gives them unscented oil, saying something like “two men shouldn’t smell like (scent) oil”?

I hope someone remembers this fic, please help me!
The Forever-Nighter - by Wordsplat
By Organization for Transformative Works

Summary:  When Rhodey decides that Tony’s been slacking lately and drags him along to the gym, Tony’s fully prepared to duck right back out the door the first time Rhodey turns around. Then he sees Hot Blond Guy.

Rating: Teen

Thoughts: This is adorable. So adorable. It’s just a really fun AU with them being dorks and getting together.